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🏛 | Self-public keeps momentum Momentum that exceeds the majority of the re-election seats The situation in the middle of the upper house election


LDP-NKP maintains momentum Momentum that exceeds the majority of the seats for re-election

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On the other hand, on the opposition side, the Constitutional Democratic Party, the Communist Party, and the Democratic Party for the People are all sluggish, and the number of seats for re-election is decreasing.

As a result of JNN's analysis of the situation in the middle of the House of Councilors election, which will be counted on the 10th of this month, the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito ruling party have changed ... → Continue reading


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Constitutional Democratic Party

Constitutional Democratic Party(Recipients)ConstitutionalismandDemocracyIs the main partyPolitical party.



  1. ^ Although they have the same name, they are legally different organizations.

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