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🏛 | At the "18th Tokyo-Beijing Forum", we agreed with the Chinese side to discuss peace and order.


At the "18th Tokyo-Beijing Forum", we agreed with the Chinese side to discuss peace and order.

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For this reason, the content of the discussion will be published as an article on the Genron NPO's website, etc., but those involved in the Genron NPO and those who donated to this Fora can listen to the conference itself online or at the venue.

The Genron NPO will hold the "9th Tokyo-Beijing Fora ...", the stage of private diplomacy between Japan and China, which will be held on September 26th and 27th. → Continue reading

 The Genron NPO

Genron NPO is a private-sector-led, neutral and independent think tank that crosses national borders and collaborates with many knowledgeable people around the world. Since its founding in 2001, it has continued to provide a "stage of speech" that confronts Japan's democracy and future challenges by connecting people who are active on the front lines of various fields in Japan.And, in collaboration with the world's major think tanks and many knowledge groups, we are creating a new flow to confront various difficulties in the world and Asia.

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Speech NPO

Specified non-profit corporation Genron NPO(Tokute Hieri Katsudo Hojin Genron NPO,English : The Genron NPO) Is an independent, neutral, non-profit think tank consisting of a network of many experts.Known asGenron NPO(Genron NPO)[1].


2001Was established inSpecified nonprofit corporation.Toyo Keizai Inc.In "Financial Business" and "Controversial Toyo Keizai"Editor-in-chiefYasushi Kudo who served asRepresentative DirectorAct as[2].

Politics,EconomySpeech aboutActivitiesIs unfolding,ExpertDiscussion by[3],eachPolitical party OfManifestAchievement ofVotes[4], Political and economic issuesforum,ConferenceHolding[5][6], VariouspolicyRecommendation,Mass mediaEvaluation for[7], And so on.

CorporationAs a basis for impartiality and impartialityPolitical party,Religious groupSelf-evaluation of speech activities is conducted so as not to be biased toward, and the results are published.[8].. in addition,University Evaluation and Degree Conferring Organization教授Yayoi Tanaka et al.AuditorsIs conducting an external evaluation[9].

Commissioner of the National Tax AgencyBy20056/1~20145/31Has been certified as a "certified specified non-profit organization"[10].



Approximately 500 experts are participating as members[11].Political scientist,economistAcademics such asMinister,Member of Parliament,MunicipalitiesChief such as政治家, OriginalOfficials,Business personEtc. are participating in the discussion[12][13][14]..Those discussionsBook("Speech Diplomacy-Who Solves the East Asian Crisis-"),Blog,forumIt is open to the public by.

Meetings / forums

A "manifest evaluation meeting" has been set up to evaluate the degree of achievement of the manifests of each political party, and conducts surveys by experts and hearings from political party executives.[6], Furthermore, the evaluation is performed based on it, and the result is disclosed.[4]. Also,外交,trade"Asia Strategy Conference" and "Tokyo / Beijing Forum" are set up as conferences to discuss such matters.[15][16].. The "Japan-Korea Future Dialogue" is also held, with the aim of creating an environment for intergovernmental diplomacy by conducting open discussions while constantly grasping trends in public opinion in public opinion polls and disseminating the results. So far, it has been carried out 5 times.[17]..Besides that,Local economyAnd the "Regional Revitalization Strategy Conference" to discuss and evaluate local manifests[6], "Non-profit organization evaluation study group" to discuss the evaluation criteria of non-profit organizations[18].

Some forums will be open to the public, some will only be attended by members, and more.StudentThere are various forms such as those held for members[5].

The activities of forums and events have been featured in various media in the past.[19]

  • [Tokyo Shimbun] Only by learning from negative history
  • [Sankei Shimbun] Asking about the Japanese-Chinese opinion poll
  • [Mainichi Shimbun] 100th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution
  • [Yomiuri Shimbun] Strengthening democracy step by step
  • [Mainichi Shimbun] A world where elections have become a risk
  • [Yomiuri Shimbun] "Inward" politics is not transient
  • [Yomiuri Shimbun] Economy, the importance of refugee response G7
  • [Mainichi Shimbun] Freedom and democracy fluctuate
  • [Asahi Shimbun] Recommendations for "Tokyo Conference" G7
  • [Mainichi Shimbun] Urgent proposal to G7 leaders Genron NPO "Tokyo Conference" formed
  • TBS documentary program "The Power of Speech: The Form of Democracy-To Avoid Hitler"


Being a non-profit organization, most of its incomeDonationIt is covered by. According to the 2011 income and expenditure statement, member contribution income is 23%, forum income is 1.8%, donation income is 67.5%, and donations account for nearly 7% of the income.[20]..As a major donation corporation,Asahi Group HoldingsCo., Ltd.NTT Data,OryxCo., Ltd.KikkomanCo., Ltd.Sompo Japan,Japan Airport BuildingCo., Ltd.Matsui SecuritiesThere are corporations etc.[21].

The advisory board that provides advice on activities is as follows (as of October 2017, 10).


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