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🏛 | Reminiscences of former Prime Minister Abe "Dad, you have a good camera" "Personality" shown in the region you visited

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (at that time) pulling the hand of the eldest daughter of the photo reporter = June 2014, 6, Takenouchi Danchi, Sakaiminato City, Yume Minato Tower

Reminiscences of former Prime Minister Abe "Dad, you have a good camera."

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The Century of Shinagawa number is next to the doorway.

It seems that another person remembers former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (67) who was shot.The moment I heard the news of the incident, eight years ago ... → Continue reading

 Sanin Chuo Shimpo

San-in Chuo Shimpo delivers news from both Sanin prefectures

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Tokyo Transport Bureau

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    Tokyo Transport Bureau(Tokyo) isMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism OfLocal branch officeIsTransport branchOne of the.Kanto Transport BureauOf the work ofTokyoResponsible for the land and maritime department operations in Japan.The land transportation departmentShinagawaIt has the main government building and four local agencies (automobile inspection registration office).The maritime department is handled by the Aomi Government Building.



    Land transportation department (vehicle registration)

    License plateAt the beginning of the system, TokyocapitalTherefore, the Chinese characters representing the place names were not added and only numbers were used.

    • Nerima Land Transport Bureau-Northwestern Special Wards of Tokyo
    • Adachi Automobile Inspection and Registration Office-Eastern Tokyo Special Ward
    • Hachioji Automobile Inspection and Registration Office-Western Tokyo, Tama Area
    Local number

    Within the jurisdiction of the Tokyo Transport Bureau, "Setagaya" and "Suginami" from November 2014, 11.[12][13]Two local numbers have been issued,2020In May, three local numbers, "Koto," "Katsushika," and "Itabashi," were issued.[13][14][15].

    For local numbersPrefectural office locationThe place name is often used, but there is a requirement to introduce the local number that "the number of registered vehicles in the target area exceeds 10".Tokyo Metropolitan GovernmentSince the location of Shinjuku Ward does not meet this condition, "Shinjuku number" has not been introduced.[13]..Shinjuku Ward is different from Setagaya Ward and Suginami WardResidential areasNot as populous as both wards[13][16],City centerBecausePrivate carThe reason is that the ownership rate is low[13].

    In Machida City, we were considering introducing "Machida Number" as the first local number in the Tama area.[17][18], The application was not submitted based on the fact that the understanding of the citizens was not obtained, and the introduction was postponed.[19].

    Maritime department

    The Aomi Government Building is in charge of maritime operations in the following prefectures.

    • SailorLabor supervision work-Tokyo
    • ShipInspection, ship registration work-Tokyo,Saitama
    • Employment Security Work for Seafarers-Tokyo, Saitama Prefecture,Tochigi,Gunma
    • Other business --Tokyo


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