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🏛 | Honkon Yoshihide Suga said, "I wanted to breathe the same air as Mr. Abe."

Photo Honkon (Tokyo Sports Web)

Honkon Yoshihide Suga said, "I wanted to breathe the same air as Mr. Abe."

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Appeared on the 13th broadcast "Prime News" (BS Fuji) in a state of resentment.

Honkon of the talent updated his YouTube channel on the XNUMXth.Yoshihide Suga for the shooting of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ... → Continue reading

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Prime news

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    "Prime news』(PRIME news) IsFuji Television Network, IncandBS FujiIt is a news program that was broadcast as a unified brand from April 2018, 4 to March 2, 2019.[1].. "BS Fuji LIVE Prime News] As a unified brand for terrestrial and Internet distribution.It is the first time in 1984 years since 34 that the brand of news programs has been unified on Fuji TV.The title logo is different between terrestrial and BS, and the terrestrial "Prime News" has created a new title logo with a unified design, and BS Fuji's "-Prime News" continues to use the existing logo and telop design. rice field.

    Programs that make up "Prime News"

    Fuji Television Network, Inc

    Noon[Note 1]
    • FNN Prime News Days --Every Monday from April 2018, 4 to March 2, 2019 --Friday 3:31 --11:30, every Saturday and Sunday 11:55 --Weekday in the band's news program that was broadcast at 11:50 teeth"FNN Speak, On weekendsFNN Speak Weekend』Successor program.
    evening[Note 2]
    Weekday midnight final version[Note 3]
    • FNN Prime News α - 2018å¹´4月2日から2019å¹´3月30日まで毎週月 - 木曜日23:40 - 翌0:25、土曜日0:10 - 0:55(金曜日深夜)に放送されていた報道番組で、2017å¹´10月2日から2018å¹´3月31日まで放送していた『THE NEWS α] Is a renewed program.
    Sunday morning[Note 4]
    • Press Prime Sunday - 2018å¹´4月8日から2019å¹´3月31日まで毎週日曜日7:30 - 8:25に放送されていた報道番組で、『New press 2001』Successor program.
    Spot news at affiliated stations

    BS Fuji / BS Fuji 4K

    Weekday night
    • BS Fuji LIVE Prime News - 2009å¹´4月1日から(BSフジ4Kでは2018å¹´12月3日から)毎週月 - 金曜日夜(現在は20:00 - 21:55)に放送している、帯の大型報道番組。BSフジ4K開局後は4K制作を実施。
    Saturday night
    • Prime News SUPER --From October 2016, 10 (from December 1, 4 on BS Fuji 2018K) Every Saturday from 12:1 --21:00.Positioning of the Saturday version of the above strip program.See the same section.

    Web deployment

    • From 2018:4 on April 2, 11, the FNN News portal site "FNN.jp Prime Online" opened.


    • Use common graphic design and studio set for 4 programs.We are conscious of accumulating it as an asset of Fuji TV over the long term, and we are also working to improve efficiency and cost performance at the same time.[3].
    • In any program, "InfodockAn information frame with a common design called "is displayed.[Note 5]..The time, date and day of the week, the weather in each region, today's news headlines and sports results are switched and displayed.Usually translucent light gray, red at breaking news[3].
    • All the programs are the theme songsSeiji KamedaThe image is unified by[4]..By making the basic melody line the same and arranging it, it is used properly for each program.Also, in "Days" and "Evening", some with and without "Prime ~ ♪" chorus were made, and the latter was used in the net station. 


    It was reported in February that "Evening (weekday version)", which was also regarded as the flagship, will end in March 2019.In addition, "Days" in the daytime and "α" in the evening will end at the same time, and Osamu Sorimachi, who was also the main caster of "Evening (weekday version)", will return to "BS Fuji LIVE Prime News". rice field[5].

    Along with this, the common brand also became "Live newsIt was decided to be changed to.See the same section for details.As a result, "Prime News" has ended as a unified brand for terrestrial broadcasting, BS Fuji, BS Fuji 4K, and web distribution.[Note 6]..Also, "Days" in the daytime and "α" in the evening were taken over after the change to "Live News".In addition, Sunday morning "Sunday" will end at the end of March 2019 when the unified brand development ends, and from April of the same year as a successor program "Sunday coverage THE PRIME』Broadcast.In addition, BS Fuji / BS Fuji 4K's "BS Fuji LIVE-" and "Prime News SUPER", which are the origin of the brand name, have continued to be independent of BS Fuji / BS Fuji 4K even after the same month when the unified brand development was completed.

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    • FNN News Report --Fuji TV's news-wide program that was once broadcast.This was also a unified brand for day, evening, and night (however, since there was no BS digital broadcasting at this time, only the terrestrial Fuji TV series.Sunday TOP informationAnd 'Slashing the world of Kenichi TakemuraThere was a news / discussion program such as ", but it is excluded from the target).
    • PRIME NEWS Weekend --Sunday noon version of "BS Fuji LIVE Prime News" that was once broadcast.See the same section.This program has been completed by 2017 and is not included in the programs that make up "Prime News".
    • Hodokyo --A news channel dedicated to the Web, which has been in operation since 2015.The text and video content developed in Hodokyoku is gradually being transferred to the website "FNN PRIME".
    • Live news --A unified terrestrial day, evening, and night brand that has been broadcast on behalf of "Prime News" from April 2019, 4.
    • NHK News ――For a long timeNHK general TVAlthough it was the title of the regular news, it was renewed to a unified brand of news and news programs from April 3, three years after the end of this program (however, unlike this brand, the news wide program that has existed for a long time < ""Good morning japan], [News 7], [News watch 9] Etc.> titles are still used).


    [How to use footnotes]
    1. ^ Prime News Evening Freshly picked Fuji TV Updated on February 2018, 2, viewed on February 8, 15.
    2. ^ At the time of reorganization in January 2019, normal time, ``Exciting TV Sukatto Japan"(Monday),"Potential test"(Tuesday),"Hayashi Osamu's Nippon Drill"(Wednesday),"A miracle experience!"(Thursday),"Friday Premium"(Friday),"Celebrity thought seriously! Surprising GP"(Saturday),"Denjiro's THE experiment] (Sunday) is applicable.
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    注 釈

    1. ^ TV Miyazakiexcept for.In some areas, the title may be replaced with a title containing the station name, or the broadcast time may be different.
    2. ^ The title and broadcast time will differ depending on the region, but when greeting, they will call themselves "Prime News Evening."
    3. ^ TV Oita・ Excluding TV Miyazaki.The Friday version will be broadcast before dawn on Saturday.
    4. ^ Excluding TV Oita and TV Miyazaki.
    5. ^ Except for "News Prime Sunday", it is displayed only in the Kanto area.The original info dock is used even in the Iwate area only in the evening time. A minor change was made on May 2018, 5.
    6. ^ At affiliated stationsTV New HiroshimaとKochi-san TVOnly since April 2019, the titles of "Prime News" and "Prime" have been continued.

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