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🏛 | Is there a cabinet entry for former Prime Minister Suga "Deputy Prime Minister"?Prime Minister Kishida aims to direct "unity of parties" in cabinet reshuffle personnel

Photo Will it be the "restoration" of former Prime Minister Suga? (C) Nikkan Gendai

Is there a cabinet entry for former Prime Minister Suga "Deputy Prime Minister"?Prime Minister Kishida aims to direct "unity of parties" in cabinet reshuffle personnel

If you write the contents roughly
A group of 80 to 90 people will be formed if the non-faction members who yearn for former Prime Minister Suga, the second-class members, and the Moriyama group gather.

Former Prime Minister Suga's "restoration" is drawing attention within the LDP. Prime Minister Kishida ... → Continue reading

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Volunteer association

Liberal Democratic faction > Volunteer association

Volunteer association(Suikai) isLiberal Democratic faction. The popular name isUpstairssend.

The name of the faction is that of the first Secretary-GeneralHiranuma Yoshio MenciusNamed after "Shi is the Marshal of Ki"[Annotation 1].Sabo HallThe office is located in.


Murakami / Kamei school era

199811/30,Institute of Policy ScienceFrom (Nakasone faction → Watanabe faction → former Watanabe faction)Yamazaki TakuThe groupNear Future Political Study GroupFormed (Yamazaki faction) and became independent.The following December, the same factionMasakuni MurakamiBecame the new president and became the Murakami faction, but the faction was inevitably weakened.Was a substantial sectarian ownerYasuhiro NakasoneOn the other hand, Murakami of the territory, on the other hand, due to the line conflict within the factionSeiwakaiI was withdrawn from (Mitsuka school)Kamei ShizukaJoin the group,19993/18Formed a Shishukai.

When the Yamazaki faction was separated from the former Watanabe faction, the members of the House of Councilors belonging to the former Watanabe faction were said to be the secretary general of the House of Councilors at that time.House of CouncilorsThere were few supporters of the Yamazaki faction because Murakami, who was also called the "Pope", put it together.Member of the House of RepresentativesSince most of the mid-career and young people have moved to the Yamazaki faction, many elders and veteran members remain on the former Watanabe faction side, while on the Kamei group side, more than half of the members of the House of Representatives belong to inexperienced young people who are elected three times or less. It occupied.For this reason, both factions agree on the idea as a minority faction whose influence has been reduced, and the factions that are separated and independent are ""Equal mergerThe Shishukai became a large faction of about 60 people at once.

On March 1999, 3, Murakami was appointed as the first chairman and Kamei was appointed as acting chairman.

Eto / Kamei era

In July 1999, after Murakami was elected chairman of the House of Councilors of the Liberal Democratic Party, he left the faction, and Kamei was nominated as a candidate for successor, but he came from the former Watanabe faction.Yamanaka Sadanori,Masaaki NakayamaKamei thought that there were many stubborn heavyweights like this, and he did not have the power to bundle such veterans.Takami EtoI consulted with the chairman and once refused, "I have no money, so I can't accept it."Kamei persuaded Eto by saying, "I will pay the money," and Eto became the second chairman (Kamei is in charge of business while acting as chairman.[1]).20006/25Made in42th House of Representatives general electionThen.Yoshio Sakurauchi,Kensaburo HaraRetired from the former Minister of International Trade and IndustryKaoru Yosano, Deputy political chairmanSakurai ArataCentral members, big-name lawmakers (Eiichi Nakao,Yoshiaki Kibe,Takayuki Sato,Hikaru Matsunaga,Yoshinobu ShimamuraEtc.) were lost one after another, resulting in a significant decrease of 11 people.ChairmanKamei leaked, "The contents hurt more than the number of people."[2]..In the Second Mori Cabinet, which was established after the election, Kamei remained as political chairman.Yoichi Tani Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries,Hiranuma YoshioWas appointed Minister of International Trade and Industry.2001 Liberal Democratic Party presidential electionKamei ran forJunichiro KoizumiLost to.

From the beginning of the faction formation, it was a defensive faction within the party, but MurakamiTakao Koyama KSD caseWas arrested on suspicion of consignment bribery and resigned as a member of the House of Councilors.Kakuji Yanagawa Advance winning.2001Since the birth of the Koizumi administration, Eto and Kamei have been the so-called "" of the reformist Koizumi.ResistanceAs a representative ofKoizumi reformIt became a pioneer to criticize.

Kamei era

Following Eto's announcement of retirement from politics200310/10Kamei was appointed as the third chairman, but shortly after Kamei became chairman, the same year.43th House of Representatives general electionNakasone, who was the highest adviser of the same sect, over the official recognition issue inJunichiro KoizumiThe president forced him to retire after not running in the general election.

It was a long-standing theoryPrivatization of postal servicesFor Koizumi, who strongly promotesHirofumi NakasoneAre strongly opposed to it.However, Kamei's stance agrees with Koizumi reform.Kenichi MizunoCaused their separation.As Kamei clarified the flag of "Anti-Koizumi," some lawmakers left the Kamei faction, but Kamei did not hold back the lawmakers who indicated their intention to withdraw, and said, "(Kamei's trademark) turtle badge. If you put it on, it's disadvantageous to the election, so please remove the turtle badge. "In addition to Kamei, formerChairman of the House of Representatives OfMinsuke Watanuki,PreviousChairman of General Affairs OfHoriuchi Mitsuo, OriginalPostal minister OfSeiko NodaAlso from factions other than the Kamei faction in the House of RepresentativesPostal privatization billThere are a lot of rebels in the vote, but it is passed by 5 votes.However, the bill was rejected by the House of Councilors due to the rebellion of Hirofumi Nakasone and others.In response to this, Koizumi immediatelyHouse of RepresentativesDissolve.After the dissolution, Kamei resigned as chairman of the Shishukai and left the Liberal Democratic Party.Watanuki and YuanCommissioner of the National Land Agency OfHisao KameiTogether withNew National PartyFormed a party.In addition, belonging to the Kamei schoolMinister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries-Yoshinobu ShimamuraBut,CabinetでDissolution of the House of RepresentativesI submitted a resignation in opposition to KoizumirecallWas done.

Former Kamei school era

After Kamei resigned as Chairman of the Shishukai, he was temporarily former.Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry OfHiranuma YoshioWas appointed as the successor chairman, but Hiranuma, who voted against the vote in the House of Representatives, was not officially recognized by the Liberal Democratic Party.IndependentResigned as chairman because he was forced to run in.This will result inIbuki civilizationThe post of the president of the Shishukai was vacant until he was elected as the successor president.

Ibuki school era

20059/15, Ibuki, acting chairman who agreed with the postal privatization bill, was appointed as the next representative of the faction, but there was a voice of opposition within the faction, and the official appointment was postponed.same year12/14By shelving Shimamura, who was opposed to the above, to the honorary chairman, Ibuki was officially inaugurated as chairman.Ibuki et al. Considered changing the name of the "Shishukai" named by Hiranuma in order to dispel the image of the "Kamei faction", but abandoned it due to the opposition within the faction.

20073/15, Shimamura, who was the honorary chairman, withdrew from the faction.This is because Shimamura has been in conflict with Ibuki in the battle for initiative within the faction since Kamei's departure, and ShimamuraPostal dissolutionBecause of the background of opposition to, of the same faction who fought the election as a "thug"Kyoko Nishikawa,Tadashi KagedaIt is believed that the cause was that a feud had occurred between them.

November of the same yearLDP presidential electionIn, the Ibuki faction is an eight faction excluding the Aso faction in cooperation with the Koga faction and the Machimura faction.Fukuda YasuoFirmly support, "Aso siege networkWas laid.However, from the Ibuki schoolTaro AsoThe Ibuki faction was seen as a faction that was not solidified by Fukuda's support, as it issued five nominees for the presidential candidate.Of the 5 members of the Ibuki faction, 28 out of 20 members clearly supported Aso.9/24, Ibuki under the new president, FukudaSecretary-GeneralInaugurated.This is the first time that the secretary-general has been produced by the Shishukai since the faction was founded, and it is the third person including the Nakasone faction, the Watanabe faction, and the former Watanabe faction.Because Ibuki formally left the faction with the appointment of secretary generalNakagawa ShoichiWas appointed as acting chairman.

IbukiFukuda Yasuo remodeling CabinetThen.Minister of FinanceHowever, Fukuda resigned as prime minister in just over a month. 1 people ran for2008 OfLDP presidential electionThen, the Ibuki faction decides the support of the secretary general, Taro Aso, on a faction basis.Nakagawa, who was Aso's ally, quickly announced his support for Aso, and in the same year.9/4That was confirmed by the Ibuki faction board of directors.Aso CabinetWith the launch ofTakeo Kawamura Chief Cabinet SecretaryIn addition, Shoichi Nakagawa took office as Minister of Finance in place of Ibuki (later resigned).

2009 Of45th House of Representatives general electionThen, while the faction members such as Nakagawa, who was the top candidate for the next president, were defeated one after another, and the faction territory struggled, Ibuki, the chairman, alsoKyoto 1 wardsLost inProportional Kinki blockIt was decided to win the resurrection.After the electionHokkaido 7th districtWon for the first time inYoshitaka ItoJoined.

Following the devastating defeat in the general election, the faction's power was greatly reduced, and Nakagawa died suddenly in October of the same year.In response to these changes, the winner of the 10 general election was the chairman.Toshihiro NikaiThere were 1 peopleConservative New PartyForm the flow ofSecond floorAs a result of the search for a merger with11/5With Toshihiro Nikai of the second floor,Shinya Izumi,Yosuke Tsuruho3 people joined the Ibuki school.Ibuki insisted on maintaining the party name because he did not change the name of the faction. January 2010,Keiji FuruyaIs a member of parliamentary groupNozomiHe announced his participation in the event and took a break, effectively leaving the Ibuki faction.2010 Of22rd House of Councilors ordinary electionIzumi did not run and retired from politics.He was newly defeated in the 2009 general election and ran for the House of Councilors.Satsuki KatayamaJoined after winning.In August of the same year, Hirofumi Nakasone announced that he would run for the LDP House of Councilors presidential election. Nakasone left the Ibuki faction (later returned) because he was running for the "departure faction".

20115/12,Independent OfKishiro NakamuraJoined as a special member without belonging, but the Liberal Democratic Party was not joined (Nakamura20209ToConstitutional Democratic PartyJoined the party).

Second-class era

201212/26Chairman Bunmei IbukiChairman of the House of RepresentativesAfter being elected to, and withdrawing from the same faction by convention, the next12/27Toshihiro Nikai became the successor chairman and moved to the second floor.Secretary-GeneralTakeo KawamuraWas upgraded to a party four-role postElection measures chairpersonWithdrawal from the same faction with the inauguration.The successor Secretary-GeneralKimiya NishikawaIt became.

2014As the second floor of the chairman was appointed as general affairs chairman in the party officer appointment in September, he withdrew from the faction by convention.The chairmanship was vacant, and Kawamura, who retired from the chairman of the election, took office as acting chairman.The external name (common name) remains the second class.In December of the same year, Ibuki retired from the chairman of the House of Representatives and returned.2015,Ishihara factionThe theory of confluence with[3].2016In August, the second floor became the secretary-general faction, and the second floor led the revision of the party rules to extend the term of office of the LDP president from "two consecutive terms and six years" to "three consecutive terms and nine years."[4].

3th Abe 2nd remodeling CabinetThen.Masahiro Imamura,Second Abe remodeling CabinetThen.Takamori Yoshikawa,Yoshitaka SakuradaShowed the ability to push the transfer group from other factions to the cabinet[5]However, Imamura and Sakurada later resigned due to abusive words.[6][7].

Second-class expansion route

UpstairsPostal Assembly Anti-Gumi Repartisan ProblemMembers who left the Liberal Democratic Party inDemocratic PartyActively attracted people from other parties such as.Accept independent members as special members (formerly guest members) and become regular members of the faction after joining the Liberal Democratic Party[8].

Regarding postal issues, I am not affiliated with the LDP.Kotaro NagasakiIn 2013,Ryuji KoizumiBecame a special member of the second class in 2014[8], Returned to the party as a regular member in October 2017[9]..Also, the Liberal Democratic Party was expelledMinsuke WatanukiThe reinstatement of the party was realized by working on the party under the leadership of the second class.[10].

From other parties, left the Democratic PartySou Yamaguchi 2013Joined as a guest member in December2015I joined the party in January. In the summer of 1Tatsuo HiranoyuanMinister of ReconstructionHowever, in September 2017, the originalEveryone's partyRepresentativeKeiichiro AsaoHave joined the Liberal Democratic Party and the second class, respectively.[11][12](However, even if you are from another partyTakashi Nagao(Hosoda school),Takeaki Matsumoto(Aso school),Takako Suzuki(Takeshita school) There are also examples of belonging to other than the second class).

20191/31, OriginalMinister of the EnvironmentFrom the former Democratic Party / Party of HopeGo HosonoJoined as a special member without belonging, but the Liberal Democratic Party was not joined at that time.[13](202110/31Was carried out in49rd House of Representatives election5 days later11/5Joined the party).Same year25rd House of Councilors ordinary electionSo I left the Democratic PartyAtsushi Kumada-Motoyuki OdateLed the support of[14].. same year9/5,Eiichiro WashioJoined[15]..Also, at the same time, an independent former jobSakurauchi BunjoIs also a member[16].2020In 7 monthAkihisa NagashimaJoined[17].

There is strong opposition from some of the other factions about the expansion of the second-class faction, which is willing to fight for official recognition within the party.[8]However, the second floor restrained, "You have to be graceful enough for the LDP to humbly accept it."[18][19].

Shinzo Abeprime ministerWith resignation20209/14Done inLDP presidential electionLet's take over the expansion route of the second classChief Cabinet Secretary-Yoshii KanPave the way for the runHosoda,Aso,TakeshitaThe three main factions of the group struck an avalanche to support Kan[20]..UpstairsKan administrationLeading the birth, the second-class members were treated favorably by the government and party personnel, creating a backlash.[21].

2021Made in februaryPresidential electionAt first, it was in the direction of supporting the reelection of Kan.[22]..But he had announced that he would runFumio KishidaSue made a pledge to limit the term of office of party officers and appealed for de facto "removal of the second floor" to expand support. Withdrew the horse elected by the president because he could not decide the personnel[23][24][25]..The second floor was uncomfortable with Kishida's proposal.[26], Acting chairmanTakeo KawamuraSaid that Suga "digged a grave himself" in an attempt to replace the second floor.[27]..We approached the presidential election with a voluntary voting policy and lent recommenders to all candidates except Kishida.[28]..Upstairs himself did not reveal the candidate for support, but Kawamura, acting chairman,NakasoneExpressed support for Takaichi[29][30]..Once upstairsCabinet distrustAgreeed withMiyazawa CabinetDraw the flow ofKishida CabinetThen.Sou YamaguchiとTakayuki KobayashiTwo people entered the cabinet. 49th House of Representatives general electionThen, due to a series of retirements and defeats, the number of members, which was 47 when the House of Representatives was dissolved, has increased to 37 after the general election.[31]As of the end of November of the same year, he recovered to his early 11s due to the addition of new members and the return of his former position.[32]..Also, the same year immediately after the general election11/5ToGo HosonoWas admitted to the party and became a formal member from a special member.20223/10was elected for the first time, defeating the incumbent of the Liberal Democratic Party in this election.SantanenHowever, he was accepted to join Shisuikai as a special member despite being an independent member.[33].

Scandals of members of the Diet

From 2019 to 2020Akimoto Tsukasa,Kawai KuriWas arrested and prosecuted one after another[21].

Tabata TsuyoshiTo acquaintance women bySemi-forced sexual intercourse-StealWas discovered, and he resigned as a member of the Diet in March 2019.

Takamori YoshikawaSuspicion of receiving cash from Akita Foods surfaced, and resigned as a member of the Diet on December 2020, 12.[21], Then was charged at home[34].


Yasuhiro Nakasone-Kamei Shizuka-Toshihiro Nikai OfThree giantsIs a faction that has gathered twice.Masakuni MurakamiDue toHawkThere is a color,Pro-riceMaintenanceThere is a colorSeiwa Policy Study Group,DoveThere is a colorHiroikeIt was different from such.However, at the time of its launch, it had Nakasone, and at present, the Seiwaken division group hardly remains in the faction.Another feature is that there are cases where you can join by soliciting on the second floor.[35][36], Many people from other parties are also enrolled (the second floor itself is also a return group of the Liberal Democratic Party).The second floor says that those who come will not refuse, those who leave will not chase[37]..The Nihon Keizai Shimbun reports that the good care of junior lawmakers on the second floor is a famous story in politics.[38].

Successive presidents

代PresidentFaction designationperiod
1Masakuni MurakamiMurakami / Kamei faction1999
2Takami EtoEto / Kamei school1999-2003
3Kamei ShizukaKamei faction2003-2005
-Hiranuma YoshioFormer Kamei school2005
-Vacancy※ 12005
4Ibuki civilizationIbuki school2005-2007
-Vacancy※ 22007-2008
4Ibuki civilization2008-2012
5Toshihiro NikaiSecond floor2012-2014
-Vacancy※ 32014-2021
5Toshihiro Nikai2021-

* 1 Due to confusion after the resignation of Hiranuma's chairman
* 2 Due to the appointment of Ibuki's secretary general
* 3 Due to the appointment of the general affairs chairman and secretary general on the second floor

Second-tier member of the current cabinet

Koichi TaniNational Public Safety Commission ChairSecond Kishida Reshuffle Cabinet-
Ogura MasanobuMinister for Special Missions, Cabinet Office

Current configuration

Board Member

PresidentActing as chairmanVice-presidentSecretary-GeneralPolicy committee chairTop adviser
Toshihiro NikaiHirofumi Nakasone
Mikio Hayashi
Yosuke TsuruhoRyota TakedaRyuji Koizumi(Ibuki civilization)

Member of the House of Representatives

Toshihiro Nikai
(13 times,Wakayama 3 ward)
Mikio Hayashi
(10 times,Chiba 10 ward)
Masahiro Imamura
(9 times,Proportional Kyushu)
Katsuei Hirasawa
(9 times,Tokyo 17 Ward)
Tetsuma Esaki
(8 times,Aichi 10 Wards)
Yoshitaka Sakurada
(8 times,Proportional South Kanto-Chiba 8 ward)
Go Hosono
(8 times,Shizuoka 5 wards)
Ryuji Koizumi
(7 times,Saitama 11 Wards)
Ryota Takeda
(7 times,Fukuoka 11 wards)
Koichi Tani
(7 times,Hyogo 5th Ward)
Akihisa Nagashima
(7 times,Proportional tokyo-Tokyo 18 Ward)
Sou Yamaguchi
(7 times,Hyogo 12th Ward)
Eiichiro Washio
(6 times,Proportional Hokuriku Shin-Etsu)
Kaneda Katsutoshi
(5 time, 2 times of the Upper House,Tohoku proportional-Akita 2nd district)
Tadahiko Ito
(5 times,Aichi 8 Wards)
Yoshitaka Ito
(5 times,Hokkaido 7th district)
Youhei Matsumoto
(5 times, proportional Tokyo ・Tokyo 19 Ward)
Toshitaka Ooka
(4 times,Shiga 1 ward)
Ogura Masanobu
(4 times,Tokyo 23 Ward)
Takaaki Katsumata
(4 times,Shizuoka 6 wards)
Takayuki Kobayashi
(4 times,Chiba 2 ward)
Takebe Arata
(4 times,Hokkaido 12th district)
Hideki Miyauchi
(4 times,Fukuoka 4 wards)
Shigeru Kobayashi
(3 times,Kinki proportional-Nara 1 Ward)
Hirohisa Takagi
(3 times,Hokkaido 3th district)
Ikuko Nakagawa
(3 times,Proportional Hokkaido-Hokkaido 11th district)
Jiro Hatoyama
(3 times,Fukuoka 6 wards)
Hirohiko Izumida
(Twice, proportional Hokuriku Shinetsu ・Niigata 5th district)
Hiroo Kodera
(2 times,Shiga 4 ward)
Yasutaka Nakasone
(2 times,Gunma 1th district)
Honestly Ozaki
(1 times,Kochi 2 ward)
National hero
(Twice, proportional Hokuriku Shinetsu ・Niigata 4th district)
Hideyuki Nakano
(1 times,Saitama 7 Wards)
Shoujiro Hiranuma
(1 times,Okayama 3 wards)
Santanen[Annotation 2]
(1 times,Kagoshima 2 Wards)

(35 people in total)

Member of the House of Councilors

Hirofumi Nakasone
(7 times,Gunma)
Yosuke Tsuruho
(5 times,Wakayama)
Eiko Emi
(2 times,Proportional section)
Shindo Kaneko
(Twice, proportional ward)
Toru Miki
(Twice, proportional ward)
Taketo Iwamoto
(1 times,Hokkaido)
Shimizu Masato
(1 times,Gunma)
Masao Miyazaki
(Twice, proportional ward)
Youhei Wakabayashi
(1 times,Shizuoka)

(9 people in total)

person who once belonged to

  • Kamei Shizuka
    In August 2005, he was expelled from the Liberal Democratic Party.
  • Kamei Ikuo
    On December 2005, 12, he was expelled from the Liberal Democratic Party.
  • Hiroyuki Arai
    Joined New Party Japan on August 2006, 8.In October of the same year, he was expelled from the Liberal Democratic Party.

Other National Election Losers/Retirees

*: National election loser, ◆: Retired from politics, ●: Deceased.Figures in parentheses indicate parliamentary affiliation at the time the member ceased to be a member.


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注 釈

  1. ^ at firstMasakuni MurakamiBut"SeikeiI was inventing a "meeting", but "Seikei UniversityIt was rejected because it was unpopular.
  2. ^ Joined as a special member as an independent member.
  3. ^ a b c Resigned during the election.

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