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Portal field news


🏛 | The prefectural office is busy due to the absence of Governor Hase.

A meeting of the Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters was held without Governor Hase, the head of the headquarters, at the prefectural office.

Governor Hase's absence, prefectural office fluctuating.

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Regarding the fact that the governor was not at the prefectural office in an emergency, some prefectural officials expressed their understanding, saying, ``It is normal for the chief to fly around, and if he is criticized for his absence, he cannot go anywhere.'' The forecast was out in advance.

Descending the mountain is also stopped, and instructions are given to upgrade at the trailhead On the 4th, when record heavy rains hit mainly in the Kaga region, the prefectural crisis management at the prefectural office... → Continue reading

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