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🏛 | Ministers are asked to report on the relationship with the former unification Prime Minister

Photo Prime Minister Kishida said, "As far as I know, there is no relationship with the former Unification Church (Family Federation for World Peace and Unification)."

Cabinet ministers are requested to report on the relationship with the former reunification

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He also said, "In addition to strictly dealing with religious groups that deviate from the law, the government must work together to do everything possible to deal with illegal activities such as fraudulent business practices and provide relief to victims." .

At a press conference on the XNUMXth, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said, "A new system, or something... → Continue reading

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Acts deviating from laws and regulations

    Bad business law

    Bad business law(Akutokushoho) is for companies and business ownersImproprietyIProfitTo getSocial beliefThere is a problembusinessCommon name for the method.National Police AgencyThen, "a commercial transaction that is carried out systematically and repeatedly for general consumers, in which illegal or unjust means / methods are incorporated in the commercial law itself".Malicious business lawCalling[1].Problem commercial lawAlso called (Mondaishoho).


    Affinity fraud

    "Unlisted stock"Investment in overseas business" "Absolutely profitable", etc.[1]..The number of damages reported to consumer service centers in various parts of Japan decreased by 2011 (2013%) from 7539 to 68.0, but the ratio of elderly people (65 years old and over) increased from 68.5% to 70.5%.[1].Consumer Affairs AgencyAccording to the survey up to 2012, the number of life consultations on the Affinity fraud is increasing, which is suspicious.Corporate bondAnd foreign currencies with poor cashability (Iraqi dinar,Sudanese poundThe number of cases of making transactions (such as) has increased sharply.[2].

    Appointment Commercial Code

    A method of sending consumers to a designated place in the name of receiving a free gift or joining a good-value club, and making a relentless solicitation at that place to make a contract.[3][4]..In some cases, it is a confinement commercial law that does not allow you to return until you sign a contract.[5].. Many young victims from March to May[5]..In 2007, the Tokyo Metropolitan Consumer Affairs Center announced that there are increasing cases of secondary damage such as being contacted again after being enrolled in a club and being paid an admission fee, and the membership fee has not been paid.[6].

    Inspection business method

    Visiting homes under the guise of "inspecting the house for free", "the pillars are cracked", "TermiteA method to convey information that is contrary to the facts, such as "there is a house" and "the house will collapse as it is", and to make a high-priced contract such as termite extermination and reinforcement work.[7][1]..Consumers can cancel the contract if they are falsely explained or if they are not intentionally told important matters such as price and performance.[8].

    List in alphabetical order

    Comprehensively post scams, malicious commercial laws, illegal acts, and illegal acts.

    Patriotic business
    Malicious reform
    affiliate(→Information productsWhat deals with)
    Appointment Commercial Code
    Questionnaire business method
    House without housing
    インターネットOnMouse lesson
    Eurian / Picture seller (→Art student scam)
    Owner business method
    Negative options marketing (→Negative options)
    Push buying
    Thank you business method
    Good luck business method
    Overseas lottery
    Art student scam(Eulian / Art Student)
    Degree commercial law
    Furniture leasing finance
    Empty rental
    Camouflage display
    Catch sales
    Recruitment Commercial Code
    Educational Commercial Law
    Cressara problem
    Health Commercial Code
    Betting ticket forecasting company
    In-kind false business method
    Wilderness business method
    Lover business method
    Workshop Commercial Law
    Complex business method
    Hypnosis commercial law
    Rod bamboo business method
    Ground raising shop
    Shishoho (Qualification Commercial Code)
    Experimental commercial method
    Debt part-time job
    Employment Commercial Code
    Referral shop
    Information products
    consumer loan
    Information sales
    System finance
    Men's Record Commercial Law
    Newspaper extension
    Stealth marketing
    Spam mail
    Power saver
    090 Finance
    Zero zero property
    Seminar Commercial Code --Advertising class sales (close to the Hypnotic Commercial Code)
    It was
    Experience story business method
    Tying business
    Ticket finance
    Online Shopping
    Commercial method one after another
    Sold one after another
    Dating business method
    Inspection business method(Dangerous Commercial Code)
    Exhibition Commercial Code
    Telephone solicitation sales
    Capital (1) Finance
    Winning commercial law(Fukubiki Commercial Code, "Actually it was 2nd prize" Commercial Code)
    Specific continuous service provision
    Drop shipping
    In-house business law
    Secondary solicitation
    XNUMX Commercial Code
    Negative options(Cash on delivery commercial law / Negative options trading method)
    Mouse lesson
    Network business
    Pension mortgage finance
    Bible business method
    Halo effect
    optical lineSolicitation
    Piggyback business method
    Welfare business method
    Paper business method
    Circumcision surgery business method
    Home party business method
    Door-to-door sales
    Non-payment of insurance claims
    Ponzi scheme
    Summary blog
    Multi-purpose business
    Unlisted stockPurchase solicitation
    Sample Construction Commercial Code
    Infinite chain
    Free trial commercial law
    Monitor Commercial Code
    Loan shark
    Depositary business method(Aquaculture fraud)
    Et al.
    Affinity fraud
    Make Money Fast
    Reform scam(Malicious reform)
    Inspired business
    Chain sale transaction
    Loco London Gold Trading
    Japanese beef business method(Anhui Farm)
    One-click contract
    One cut
    ESCO business
    GNP Commercial Code
    MMF (Make Money Fast)
    M fund
    SF Commercial Code
    spam mail


    If any one of the following characteristics is applicable, it can be considered as "scam".[Source required].

    Those with problems with advertising, solicitation, contract methods, etc.

    • WillOne-sidedly even though there is no matchAgreementThose who insist on the establishment of.
      • Those that take advantage of the flow of contracts and make them purchase extra products (accessories, etc.) that they do not need (accessories, etc.)Bait-and-switch).
    • SolicitationThings that hide their purpose and approach or invite them. ―――― Winning commercial law,Dating business method,Greetings Commercial Codeetc.
    • Items that are sent unilaterally even though you have not applied.
    • Waterworks-Fire department-Power company-NTT-NHKCompanies such asGovernment office・ Those who deceive and approach the employees (staff) of the group.
      • Uniforms and ID cards (employee ID cards, to misrepresent their identitiesBusiness cardEtc.) is also included.
    • The business of a name-only sales office.
    • Those who deceive and approach as if they were a major company (or its affiliated company).
    • False, exaggerated or intentionally misleading vague explanationsAdsetc.
    • Those that advertise or solicit in a definite tone even though the effect or result cannot be determined. ―― "You can lose at least 2kg", "The XX stock will definitely go up", etc.
    • Financial instrumentsな どriskProducts withServicesFor example, those that emphasize only the expected benefits and do not explain the predictable disadvantages or "the occurrence of disadvantages is at your own risk".
    • AgreementThose who do not give sufficient explanation about the contents or give enough time to consider, and press for the early conclusion of the contract.
    • Even if you refuse to solicit, you will be solicited again.
    • Obsessive,scamThose that conclude a contract by means such as.
    • Sales OfficeEtcImprisonmentOr obstructing the move-out to conclude a contract.
    • Those who stay at home and conclude a contract without moving out.
    • They are solicited at times that are inappropriate in terms of social conventions, such as midnight and early morning.
    • Abnormally upliftedpsychologicalThose that conclude a contract in a state. ―――― Hypnosis commercial law(SF Commercial Code) etc.
    • Advertising in annoying ways. ―――― spam・ Sales solicitation by telephone to the office during working hours.
    • Under 18Children-Senior citizens-dementia -Persons with intellectual disabilitiesOr, to have a person who does not fully understand the contract contents, such as an adult without specialized knowledge, conclude a contract (one-sidedly write a contract). --For elderly people and dementia patients who have no judgment住宅 OfRenovation(Renovation) etc.
    • MLM,Multi-purpose business.
    • inspirationA product that arouses consumers' anxiety and sells products with a typical explanation or a pseudo-medical explanation.
    • Forcibly as "winning" in Fukubiki or lottery (in many cases, 2nd place)Mobile phone,Cable broadcasting(Actually, it is also called the "second-ranked commercial law").

    Items that have problems with products or services

    • Inferior products and services (Strategy scam, Information Commercial Code,Power saverCommercial law, etc.).
    • Goods and services that are significantly more expensive than their original value (BottariSuch).
    • Those who obtain "qualifications" (usually private qualifications) that have no value in the conventional wisdom.
    • Sakura (decoy)What is there (Dating siteSuch).
    • False quality indications for product raw materials, production areas, expiration dates, etc.

    Those that have problems with contract fulfillment or cancellation

    • No contract for goods or servicesFulfillmentThose that do not, or that do only dishonest or incomplete performance.
    • CancellationIt is misunderstood that it cannot be canceled even though it is possible.
    • Accepts cancellation, but unreasonable cancellationFees,penaltyThose that require such things.
    • Cancellation isCall centerAlthough it is stated that it will be accepted at, the call center will only repeatedly play guidance calling for "the phone is busy right now, so wait for a while" and will hardly connect (consumers will give up cancellation in situations where it is difficult to connect).
      • Cancellations can only be accepted by phone, and there is no email or other alternative contact method available.

    Items with problems in handling personal information

    • I learned about solicitations and transactionsPersonal InformationTo be leaked or sold for no good reason.
      • Of customer informationRoster(There is no change even if you transfer it free of charge).

    Crimes or potential crimes

    As a result, there are some that overlap with each of the above items,crimeWhat is.Things that can be criminal due to ignorance or reluctance of the law.


    Companies / organizations / incidents

    The crimes that a general company committed in "organization"Corporate crimePlease refer to.

    Major incidents

    As an example of Japan with a large amount of damageAnhui FarmIncident (4330 million yen)[9],Toyota Trading Case(About 2000 billion yen)[9][10],Tenka family meeting(About 1896 billion yen)[11],Nationwide Yaba Logistics(Approximately 1600 billion yen[12], 1500 billion yen[9]),Enten(L & G) Incident (1000 billion yen)[9]),Yamato city administration(About 1100 billion yen)[12], KKC (Economic Revolution Club) Incident (350 billion yen)[9]and so on.

    Frequently handled products

    Products and services that are often handled by scams.Not all are vicious and illegal, but the heavy use of vague or exaggerated expressions often poses a problem.Basically, the ones that are difficult for ordinary people to understand immediately are selected.

    High-priced products

    At first glance, it is difficult to understand the original reasonable price, or products whose authenticity cannot be distinguished by appearance are sold at a high price, and an exorbitant profit is obtained.

    Life-related products

    Sell ​​unnecessary items or ineffective items at a high price, which arouses psychological anxiety such as "bad for health".In many cases, pseudoscience is incorporated.


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