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🏛 | Former Prime Minister Abe's state funeral has been decided!What is the precedent?expense?What do you think of public opinion?Election dot com channel summary

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Former Prime Minister Abe's State Funeral Decided!What is the precedent?expense?What do you think of public opinion?Election dot com channel summary

If you write the contents roughly
MC Suzuki: “Is the approval rating dropping due to the state funeral and the Unification Church?

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    popularityWhat is (jijirititsu)?prime minister,CabinetIt is a numerical representation of how many people out of the whole nation support such things as[1].Conversely, the percentage of people who do not supportDisapproval rate(Fushijiritsuji).

    The approval rating is a percentage (percent) Is often represented. It is calculated by the following formula.

    Number of people who answered "I support" in the questionnaire ÷ Total number of people who conducted the questionnaire × 100(%)

    It can be said that the higher the number of this support rate, the higher the trust in that person or party.In Japan, the prime minister's approval rating isNews agencywas investigated by and the results aretv set,News (Chinese)etc. will be announced from time to time.

    Survey method of approval rating

    Approval rateResearchWhen doingRandom samplingBy selecting the number of people to be surveyed by the specified number of people,questionnaireThe method of takingpoll). There are the following methods of questionnaire.

    • Interview method-A method of directly visiting and listening to people's housing.
    • Phone Method-A randomly selected phone numberTelA method of taking a questionnaire from one of the people living in the household. in recent yearsPhone bookWithout usingRDD methodThe use of (random number method) is increasing.IP phone,Mobile phoneIt is a weak point that does not correspond to.
    • インターネット - WebsiteMethod using the questionnaire form above. The user cannot be specified, and the user's age is biased (bias) Has occurred, so it is not often adopted.

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