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🏛 | Reconstruction Minister Akiba "On-site principle" Environment Minister Nishimura "Information dissemination" Meeting with Fukushima Governor

Photo Akiba Reconstruction Minister = 12th, Fukushima Prefectural Office

Reconstruction Minister Akiba ``On-site principle'' Environment Minister Nishimura ``Disseminate information'' Meeting with Fukushima Governor

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About 20 senior staff members of the Reconstruction Agency mentioned that there are about 3 orphans and orphans in the three prefectures of Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima who lost their parents in the Great East Japan Earthquake. It's important to follow up to see if there are any."

Reconstruction Minister Kenya Akiba (House of Representatives Proportional Tohoku) and Environment Minister Akihiro Nishimura (House of Representatives Miyagi 2rd Ward), who joined the second Kishida remodeling cabinet for the first time, on the 3th... → Continue reading

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