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🏛 | Mr. Hiroyuki, even in the Kishida remodeling cabinet, asked 20 people who had contact with the Unification Church to argue, "A declaration of intent to break up with the Unification Church?"

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Mr. Hiroyuki asks 20 people who have contacts with the Unification Church in the Kishida reshuffled cabinet

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On the same day, Hiroyuki commented on an article published by the Tokyo Shimbun on the 12th, titled, "Contact with the former Unification Church, 20 vice ministers and parliamentary secretaries, even if the cabinet is reshuffled... Deep ties with LDP lawmakers." Contact with the church, 7 ministers.

Mr. Hiroyuki Nishimura (2), the founder of the Internet bulletin board "45channel" and a businessman "Hiroyuki", tweeted on the 13th ... → Continue reading

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