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🏛 | ``Political leadership'' different from Japan's Massachusetts governor's press conference, intermittent exchanges [close voices/distant voices day ...

Press conference of the Governor of Massachusetts.There was no administrative staff at the venue, and the governor continued to hold press conferences = June 6, Eastern Massachusetts Legislative Assembly

``Political leadership'' different from Japan Massachusetts governor's press conference, exchanges [close voices, distant voices] Japan ...

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Depending on whether or not the state legislature passes the law, life will change greatly, and the distance between the residents and the legislature will be close.

On June 6th, Governor Charlie Baker of the eastern state of Massachusetts, in the United States, held a press conference, saying that he and the media had just broken off... → Continue reading

 Kumamoto Daily Newspaper

The Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun is a local newspaper in Kumamoto. Full of information about Kumamoto such as news and sports.

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