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🏛 | "My father died in battle at the age of 32." Hidehisa Otsuji, Speaker of the House of Councilors, showed his "determination for peace" at the ceremony


"My father died in battle at the age of 32." Hidehisa Otsuji, Speaker of the House of Councillors

If you write the contents roughly
For the rest of my life, I will live as a storyteller conveying the sadness of war.

At the National Memorial Ceremony for the War Dead held by the government on August 2022, 8, Hidehisa Otsuji, Chairman of the House of Councilors (15), said in a "memorial address"... → Continue reading

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悲 し み

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悲 し み(sadness,British: sadness) is a negative感情one of the expressions.with feelings of weakness, disappointment and frustration,chestAlong with the physical sensation of being tightened,comes out,expressionis observed.Furthermore, while shedding tears, she utters an indescribable voice, "cry” is displayed.

Typically愛情,友情,Dependence,Mutual prosperityis seen when the target of is lost.Sadness is expressed as "deep and shallow", and the stronger the connection between the subject and the self, the deeper the sadness.In that sense, the greatest sorrow is for those close to us.deadis.However"target is lost” means not only death, but also a distant existence, that is,恋人parting withhusband OfSingle assignmentIt also includes things like things like that, broken things that you cherish, and events that you were looking forward to disappearing.The extent to which the object is lost is also a matter largely due to the depth of grief.

Initially怒 りStarting with the denial of the fact by thebrainIt is an emotion that wells up as you accept the reality.In the case of grief that is not enough to deny the fact, rejection by anger does not occur.

When you lose a relativefuneralAfter the"It is common to have a period of “submitting to theFreudcalls what he should do during this period "work of grief".

If you are not given enough time to overcome your grief,A humanbecomes suppressed,depression,Social withdrawal,Frigiditysymptoms such asoverworkSometimes the feeling of sadness, such as becoming怒 り,hatredMore than that, it can cause madness in emotions and actions.

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    Storyteller(Kataribe) has been handed down since ancient times.Old tale,Folk tale,myth,HistoryIt refers to a person who is handing down such things to the present age.narratorSometimes called.

    ancientJapanInPartIt was a position that was placed asIn modern Japan,Talk artCentered ontalentOrdisaster,事件There is an example of introducing a person who carries out activities to hand down the lessons of the story as a "storyteller."

    Words of Ancient Officials

    Kataribe (or kataraibe) was probably the word in ancient Japan.漢字Before the import of kotobuki, there was no written record, and it was written as a tribute to Miare and Minie tribute. Even so, there is a specialization in handing down ancient traditions of royal power and presenting them at court ceremonies.Partwas placed asThe currently confirmed distribution of the word part is Totomi and Mino in the east, and Izumo and Bicchu in the west.

    What can be confirmed philologically in Japan isRecord of Ancient MattersInAida HiedaIzumo country style soil recordof Yasugi in[1]It is said that

    The specific presentation of the word part is "Enki ceremony』Also seen inPracticeLarge festivalat the time ofBansukune,Saeki SukuneBut,Mino8 people fromTamba2 people fromTango2 people fromTajima7 people fromInaba3 people fromIzumo4 people fromAwajiIt is said that he played the old lyric (Furugoto) with two verses.Regarding the content, "Sono sound,CongratulatoryIt's just like "Norito"," but it's not clear, but it's probably a tradition that extends to the origin of the imperial spirit and the origin of the succession.[2].

    from abroadReligiousWhen entered, the ancient tradition was Norito, and the one that went down to the private sector wasFestival,Katarimono,StorytellerIt will develop by changing the way it is called and its meaning.

    modern storyteller

    (Hiroshi Hara)
    • 1983 Established "" and serves as representative.
    (Tomita Shokaku)
    • 2003 Established the Kataribu no Kai.
    • In 2004, he founded the "Storyteller Tomita School" and serves as its representative.
    • 2005 Agency for Cultural AffairsSponsored byNational theaterThe storyteller performance was held at


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