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🏛 | The Constitutional Democratic Party Niigata Prefectural Federation holds the "Constitutional Niigata Political School" to discover candidates for local assembly members


Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan Niigata Prefectural Federation holds "Constitutional Niigata Political School" to discover candidates for local assembly members

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It is not just for the purpose of discovering candidates, but the unified local elections are a time when political momentum is heightened, and it is the timing when many people who are thinking of taking on challenges appear.

Ken Obuchi, secretary-general of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan Niigata Prefectural Federation Secretary-General Takeshi Obuchi held a conference on the XNUMXth to discover candidates for local assembly members... → Continue reading

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    Candidate(Rikkouho) is the state of "candidate" of "selection / selection" performed when selecting a person, group or group in a specific position. Used as a predicate as "candidate". When "selection / selection" is performed, any individual, group, or group, regardless of self-recommendation or other recommendation, is "waiting for selection (election) through formal procedures" as if they are in that position.

    Candidacy is sometimes likened to ``running''.Although it is a slang term, it is sometimes used in newspaper headlines or in texts after explaining that it is a 'candidate'.

    There are many ways to select and select.Voting systemelectionIs one form of it.ExpertThere is also a selection by.

    Public officeFor candidacyPublic office election lawIt is stipulated in detail in Article 68.Proportional representationIf it's not an electionVotersCan only vote for those who run for it, if you list any other nameInvalidIt is stipulated that it will be.In order to run for a candidacyRight to voteIn addition to having the above, it is stipulated that the notification of the person himself / herself, the recommendation by others, and the notification by political parties, etc. are required.

    OlympicSuch,EventsAt the stage when is plannedcityHowever, it may be a candidacy to raise the name of the venue of the event.

    Entertainment worldThe word candidacy is also used in, for example.AKB48When the work of is produced, the selection of the person who will appear in it is an election (AKB48 32nd Single Selection General ElectionEtc.), and I would like to appear in itMembersAfter running for a candidacyFansIs calling for a vote.

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