🏛 | Hirose Oita Prefectural Governor Runs for XNUMXth term "I haven't come to a conclusion yet" His term will expire in April next year


Oita Governor Hirose Runs for XNUMXth Term ``We Haven't Drawn a Conclusion Yet'' His Term Expires in April Next Year

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In addition, regarding the state funeral of former Prime Minister Abe scheduled for September 9, he said that Governor Hirose had not received an invitation to attend at this stage, and said, ``As long as it is a state funeral, many people will send it promptly. I hope you feel like you want to."

Governor Hirose of Oita Prefecture, whose term of office will expire in April next year, said on the XNUMXth that he had not yet reached a conclusion about running for the next gubernatorial election. → Continue reading

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