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🏛 | Ishiba, Kishida, and Suga are candidates ... Liberal Democratic Party presidential election


Ishibashi, Kishida, and Kan are running for the election... LDP presidential election

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Mr. Kishida, who was once expected to be a successor to Prime Minister Abe and was appointed to the position of foreign minister and party chairman, was unable to obtain a formal Zen transfer due to his weak communication power. It seems that Mr. Suga, who has been waving, has an overwhelming advantage, but it cannot be said that the turbulence will not be reversed until the ballot box opens.

Mr. Ishiba, Mr. Kishida, and Mr. Suga candidacy ... Liberal Democratic Party presidential election 17 Photos Liberal Democratic Party to be implemented with Prime Minister Abe's resignation announcement ... → Continue reading


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Abe Cabinet

Abe CabinetWhat is (Cabinet of Japan)?Shinzo AbeThePrime Minister, To be the prime ministerCabinet.. In addition, under the same leader11th CabinetIs the highest record in constitutional history.

Second Abe administration

Second Abe administration

Abe reappointed as Prime Minister2012å¹´(24) Resign from December 12th2020å¹´(Reiwa 2 years) The period until September 9 is generally called as follows, but strictly speaking, the order is advancing each time because the dissolution general election and reappointment were held twice during the period.



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