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🏛 | Secretary of State Suga "I have to raise the consumption tax" Remarks How serious are you?Experts point out that "the issue of the presidential election is crushed"


Secretary of State Suga "I have no choice but to raise the consumption tax." How serious are you? Experts point out that "the issue of the presidential election is crushed"

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Mr. Suga explained the reason why the tax increase is necessary, saying, "In such a declining birthrate and aging society, no matter how hard we try, we cannot avoid population decline."

Secretary Suga, who appeared on a TV Tokyo program yesterday on September 9, said, "Thinking about the future ..." about the current 10% consumption tax. → Continue reading


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Low birthrate and old age

Yoshii Kan

Yoshii Kan(Suga Yoshihide,1948〈Showa23 years>May 12 -) isJapan Of政治家.LDPBelongingMember of the House of Representatives(8rd term),Prime Minister(99rd generation),Liberal Democratic Party President(26th generation).

Yokohama City Council(2rd term),Vice Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications(Third Koizumi remodeling cabinet),Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications(7nd generation),Minister for Special Missions, Cabinet Office(Decentralization reform),Minister of Postal Privatization(3nd generation),Acting Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic Party(2rd generation),Chief Cabinet Secretary(79nd generation-80nd generation-81nd generation), Minister in charge of reducing the burden on Okinawa bases,Abduction MinisterEtc.


From birth to political advancement

AkitaOgatsu-gunAkinomiya Village (laterOgachi TownAkinomiyaAfterYuzawaAkinomiya) A family of teachers who had their parents' home along the old national highway in the central part, strawberriesFarmerBorn as the eldest son of[5].. Current address is Kanagawa Prefecture横 浜 市Kanagawa kuKinkomachi1 chome[6]..The family consists of a father, mother, two older sisters, and one younger brother.Being a father(Chinese version) TheSecond World WarTerminal stage,South Manchuria RailwayAt that time as an employeeManchuria(CurrentNortheastern China) Was the capitalTonghua CityでSurrender of JapanWelcomed. After retrieving, engaged in farming at Akinomiya in his hometown. "Autumn PalaceStrawberrySucceeded in branding "Akinomiya Ichigo Production and Shipping Union President, Ogatsu Town Councilor, Yuzawa City Ichigo Production and Shipping Union President.201022 years old (92)[7]When I die inOrder of the Rising SunHave been honored[8]..My mother, uncle, and aunt are former school teachers, and my two sistersHigh school teacherBecame[9][10][11][12][13].

Ogatsu Municipal Akinomiya Elementary School (currentlyYuzawa City Yukatsu Elementary School) After graduation, Ogatsu Municipal Akinomiya Junior High School (currentlyYuzawa City Ogatsu Junior High School). Nearest home after graduating from junior high schoolAkita Prefectural Yuzawa High SchoolI spent two hours commuting to school, and in the third grade I belonged to the higher education group. later,"Friday』From" My sister went on to school, not a particularly outstanding gradeHokkaido University of EducationI took the exam but failed."Mori IsaoIn an interview with Suga himself, he said that he did not want to be a teacher at that time and did not take the examination at Hokkaido University of Education.From my fatherAgricultural collegeI was advised to go on to school, but refused and moved to Tokyo after graduating from high school. "TokyoI went to Tokyo with the dream that if I go to something, it will change, but I will have the same days as the Akita eraTokyoItabashi kuAfter spending time working at a corrugated board manufacturing factory (company name unknown), he retired from the factory in two months, keenly aware of the harshness of reality.There is a discrepancy in the media about the process leading up to entering Hosei University about two years later.Asahi ShimbunReporterYasuaki Oshika 2009According to a record when he interviewed Suga's parents, Suga, who retired from the factory, returned to his parents' home in Akita and began studying for entrance exams with the aim of going on to university.Beside that,Uchikawa OfSweetfishWon the fishing tournament and received a rod from the Governor of Akita Prefecture[14]..一方、一部週刊誌では、菅は東京に留まり、朝はOn the other hand, in some weekly magazines, Suga stayed in Tokyo and in the morningTsukiji Market,at nightShinjuku ward Of restaurantでPart-time jobIt is said that he lived and was studying for entrance exams in the meantime.[15].

Two years after coming to Tokyo, because "the tuition fee was the cheapest"Hosei UniversityFaculty of LawDepartment of Political ScienceGo on to[15][16].. In addition,weekly magazineAlthough it is reported that he is from the second part (night school),2016In an interview with him, he said, "I wrote in the media about two night graduates of Hosei University, but it's noon."[3], Actually from Part XNUMX (daytime)[17]..While attending Hosei University, while receiving remittance from my parents' house[18],Security guard,Newspaper company,curryI earned living expenses and school expenses from a part-time job at a shop.On the other hand, of the universityKarate clubHas been in the company for 4 years and has earned XNUMX ranks[15][19].1973, Graduated from the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Law, Hosei University, and joined Kenden Equipment Co., Ltd. (currently Co., Ltd.).

1975,政治家The 57th generation from Hosei University who was born in Hosei University in the Hosei University Employment DivisionChairman of the House of RepresentativesUmekichi NakamuraWas introduced toLDPAnd it was the same factionMember of the House of RepresentativesKokonoki HikosaburoWill be the secretary. Served as secretary for 11 years[9][Source required].1983, KokonokiMinister of International Trade and IndustryServed as Secretary of Secretary for the appointment[20].

Yokohama City Council

1987,Kanagawa OfYokohama City CouncilFor parliamentary electionsNishi-wardRun from the constituency and win for the first time. After that, he served as city council for two terms. After the death of Kokonogi, who had a great influence on Yokohama's municipal administration, despite the fact that he was elected only twice, as a de facto substitute for Kokonogi, he used his personal network of political and financial officers cultivated during the secretary era to wield his arms.Takanobu HidenobuIt was called the "Mayor of Yokohama in shadow" because he often received consultations from the mayor on personnel matters.[9].

Member of the House of Representatives

1996 Of41th House of Representatives general electionToKanagawa 2 WardsからLDPOfficially run,Budding partyOfficial recognitionKomeitoRecommendedAkihiro Ueda,Old Democratic PartyCertified newcomerGreat awardDefeated them and won the first prize[21].

1998 OfLiberal Democratic Party presidential electionI belonged toHeisei Study GroupChairman'sKeizo Obuchi(Chief Cabinet Secretary when the era name "Heisei" was announced to replace Showa on January 1989, 1, when the era was changed due to the demise of the Emperor Showa and the succession of the throne of Prince Akihito:Takeshita remodeling cabinet), Not as a teacherKajiyama ShirokuBack out of the faction[22].. afterwardsHiroikeJoined the.2000 OfSecond Mori CabinetNo confidence resolutionAroundKato no Ran""Koichi KatoHe was absent in the vote of the distrustful idea in synchrony, but in the subsequent division of the Kato faction, the pro-Kato factionSmall school(Chairman:Sadari Kozato), not the anti-Kato groupHoriuchi school(Chairman:Horiuchi Mitsuo)participated in[22].

Vice Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications

Heizo TakenakaMinister of Internal Affairs and Communications(Third Koizumi remodeling cabinetUnder)Vice Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications(Telecommunications,Postal serviceResponsible[23]) AsMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsInternal controlWas in charge of the top of the[24].

Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications

2006January,NHK Shortwave Radio International BroadcastThe broadcast items defined in the broadcast instruction toJapanese abduction issue by North KoreaThe policy is to add concrete contents such as ". JapaneseBroadcasting lawArticle 33 states "Implementation of international broadcasting, etc."commandThere is an item such as "etc."Minister of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsCan instruct the association to perform international broadcasting by specifying the broadcasting area, broadcasting items and other necessary matters."2007It was changed from "order" to "request" by the revision of the broadcasting law in December).

May 11In the broadcast matter, "north koreaTo pay particular attention to the issue of Japanese abduction byNHKIssued to[25].. On the other handFreedom of the pressMust be protected. It does not indicate the content of the program or the number of broadcasts."[25].. In Article 44 of the Broadcasting Act, there is an item "editing broadcast programs, etc." regarding "editing rights", in which "NHK must provide appropriate comfort to overseas fellows when editing broadcast programs for international broadcasting." I have to do it." Also, at that time we were broadcasting from overseas,Shortwave broadcasting"Shiokaze],Wireless station licenseWas issued and opened the way to broadcasting from within Japan (all licenses of broadcasting stations were approved by the Ministry, licensed by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications).

2007Found onPension record problemThen,Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare OfYasuo YanagisawaThe Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, Kan, was in charge of the verification.[26].

Japan PostPresident OfShoji IkutaAfter the meeting, Ikuta announced that he had resigned as president. After that, the successor to Japan Post President,Sumitomo Mitsui Banking CorporationFromYoshifumi NishikawaWas announced to take office. Ikuta has never asked the government to resign.[27][28].

2006,Re-Challenge Support CouncilParticipated in the founding of.This parliamentary group is actually a postKoizumiTo elect2006 Liberal Democratic Party presidential electionToShinzo AbeBecame a driving force to support[29].. result[Source required], Abe wins the presidential election. Established in September of the same yearFirst Abe CabinetThen just four timesMinister of Internal Affairs and Communications(Minister of Postal Privatization(Concurrently), he will enter the cabinet for the first time. December of the same year,Minister for Special Missions, Cabinet Office(Decentralization reform) Received the resignation of the assistant.

2007,21rd House of Councilors ordinary electionLiberal Democratic Party defeated inCabinet remodeling(Second Abe remodeling CabinetInauguration)Director General of LDP Election MeasuresWas appointed to.

Held in September of the same year, following the retirement of Prime Minister Abe2007 Liberal Democratic Party presidential electionThen.Fukuda YasuoContrary to the policy of the Hiroike Society that supportsTaro AsoIn support of, the name was added to the recommender.Fukuda administrationUpgraded the election director general underElection measures chairpersonToMakoto KogaWas inaugurated, Koga bought his skill, and he continued to take measures for the House of Representatives election as the vice chairman.[Source required].

2009July, KogaTokyo congressist electionResigned to take responsibility for the defeat. Since it was after the announcement of Aso's dissolution, he will be in charge of the general election as a deputy chairman[Source required].

In 2009, when Suga was the vice chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party's election measures, he tried to introduce hereditary restrictions under the same slamming Makoto Koga, the chairman of the election measures committee. Specifically, the House of Representatives election manifesto (administrative pledge) clearly states that "candidates from the same constituency for relatives within the third degree of kinship are prohibited (from the next House of Representatives election)." However, due to opposition and resistance from hereditary lawmakers within the party, he disappeared from his pledge.[30].

Prime Minister Taro Aso's Liberal Democratic Party is defeated and the Democratic Party (Yukio Hatoyama Cabinet) In August of the same year when the change of government took place45th House of Representatives general electionThen in Kanagawa 2 wardDemocratic Party OfKazuya MimuraDespite being chased by, he defeated Mimura by a narrow margin of 548 votes and made 5 elections (Mimura revived proportionally).Of the Liberal Democratic Party that became the opposition2009 presidential electionWithdrew from the Hiroikekai[31].

2010,Sadakazu TanigakiUnder the party presidentVice Chairman of the LDP National AssemblyAnd became the deputy general manager of the public relations headquarters.2011, Became the head of the Liberal Democratic Party organization movement headquarters.

2012April, Democratic administrationNoda Third Remodeling Cabinet(Yoshihiko NodaPrime MinisterPostal privatization lawOpposed against the Liberal Democratic Party's policy in favor of the amendment[32].

2012 Liberal Democratic Party presidential electionPrior toAmari AkiraHe called out to Shinzo Abe and planned to return to Governor Abe, and brought in Taro Aso to make Abe bloom again.[33].

In September of the same year, Shinzo Abe replaced Sadakazu Tanigaki.Liberal Democratic Party PresidentWith the appointment,Acting Secretary-General of the LDPWas appointed to.In December of the same year, the Liberal Democratic Party regained power for the first time in three years and Abe reappointed as prime minister.46th House of Representatives general electionNow let’s take MimuraProportional revival6 selections without breaking even.

Chief Cabinet Secretary

2012XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Noda Third Remodeling Cabinet(Yoshihiko NodaPrime Minister) Total resignation andFirst Abe Cabinet(Self-public coalition,Shinzo AbeWith the inauguration of the Prime Minister)Chief Cabinet SecretaryIs appointed to.

2013,Privatization of postal servicesIs not in line with the idea ofJapan PostThe presidentAtsuro SakaHe retired after only six months in office and was dismissed from the advisory position. Occurred in the same yearAlgerian hostage caseThen,Ministry of DefensePush the opposite of, unprecedentedJapanese Government MachineWas dispatched[9][10].

2014January,Cabinet Personnel DepartmentWas appointed as the directorKazuhiro SugitaInstead ofKatsunobu Kato(Later, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, Chief Cabinet Secretary under his own administration) is said to have been appointed.[34].. ExCabinet Counselor OfYoichi TakahashiAccording to the director's personnelOfficialsUnder the control of "the best information gathering ability among the Chief Cabinet Secretaries"[34].. It appeared in July of the same yearNHK"Close-up modernAbout the contents of the broadcast to NHK after the broadcastofficial residenceIt was reported that he exerted pressure indirectly through, but denied his involvement if it was not the case.[35].. Furthermore, in November of the same yearDissolution of the House of Representativesby47th House of Representatives general electionI recommended execution to Abe[36].

2016On July 7, the Cabinet Secretary's tenure was 7 days, recording the number of days in office for the first time in history[37].

2019May 4, EmperorAkihito(Emperor) Abdication (transfer) andCrown Prince Naruhito(Naruhito)'s 126th emperor's coronation (Succession from Akihito to Tokujin)byChangeIn the same yearMay 5New to be enforcedEraabout,Cabinet Order to Change the Era(Cabinet Order No. 31 of 143) was promulgated on the same day.Prime Minister's OfficeAt a press conference atThe new era"Reiwa(Reiwa)"IsWas announced.

It will be the first time since he became Chief Cabinet Secretary on May 5-9 of the same year.The United States of Americavisit. From the first dayMike PompeoSecretary of State,Patrick ShanahanActing as Secretary of Defense (immediately afterSecretary of DefenseNomination), on the 10thMike PenceVice PresidentI had a meeting.Donald TrumpPresidentAlthough he did not meet with him, it was reported as an exceptional hospitality that he was able to meet with three people in the field that is running the administration. After moving to New York,S & P Global,Bank of AmericaVisited and had contact with top American business circles,United NationsHe gave a keynote speech at a symposium held at the headquarters.[38].

In June of the same year, a policy study group "Rewa no Kai" was established by 6 LDP faction members close to Kan, and Kan was invited to hold the first meeting on 13th of the same month.[39][40].

In the "Monthly Hanada September 2020 Issue" released in July 7, Prime Minister Abe pointed out that "there is no doubt that he is one of the leading candidates (of post-Abe)" about Suga. There is a problem that Prime Minister Suga does not have Secretary of State Suga, "he added, referring to the evaluation of competence as Secretary of State and the absence of a candidate for Secretary of State to replace Suga.

2020May 8Announces resignation of party president and prime ministerShinzo AbeDecide on a new president to replaceLDP presidential electionIs the party secretary who intends to runToshihiro NikaiTold[41][42][43].. Later in the evening of September 9, he officially held a press conference and announced his run.[44][45][46].

Prime Minister and Liberal Democratic Party President

2020May 9, By the General Assembly of both HousesLiberal Democratic Party presidential electionIs executed,Fumio Kishida(89 votes),Shigeru IshibaYoshihide Suga, who defeated (68 votes) and received 377 votes, was elected.As a LDP president who is not a dynastic parliamentarianMoriAs the Liberal Democratic Party president who has not inherited the election ground since thenToshiki KaifuSince then.Two days later, September 2thPrime Minister Nomination ElectionWas nominated as Prime Minister by[47].. At 6:17 pm on the same dayImperial PalaceEmperor at the palaceTokujinFirst byPrime Minister Appointment CeremonyInaugurated as the 99th Prime MinisterYoshihide Suga CabinetWas established[48]..As the successor to Suga, the Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan slipped sideways to the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare.Katsunobu KatoWas appointed (to the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare,Norihisa TamuraWas appointed).

In the history of constitutional politics (including the former Chief Cabinet Secretary), the former Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan was appointed as Prime Minister.Ichiro Hatoyama,Eisaku Sato,Masayoshi Ohira,Yoshiyuki Suzuki,Noboru Takeshita,Kiichi Miyazawa,Keizo Obuchi,Fukuda Yasuo,Shinzo AbeIt will be the 10th person following.

August 2020, 9,Prime Minister's OfficeAt the inauguration press conference in Japan, the catchphrase was "self-help, mutual assistance, public assistance, and ties," and as a "cabinet working for the people," the internal affairs looked at the post-corona society.Digital AgencyIn terms of diplomacy and security, such as the establishment of a new social security system and the construction of an all-generation social security system, the promotion of the Indo-Pacific is free and open (→The arc of freedom and prosperity) Etc. as the main policies[49].

After September 9thUnited Nations General AssemblyVideo speech at Suga, telephone talks with the leaders of each country, and the start of "Suga Diplomacy"[50],May 10It is the first overseas destination after taking office as Prime Minister.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euTo visitNguyen Xuan PhucTalk with the Prime Minister[51],Defense equipment transfer agreementAgreed on the conclusion of[52].May 10IsIndonesia OfJakartaVisited.Prime Minister SugaJoko WidodoTalk with the presidentSpread of new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection500 billion yen based on the impact ofYen loanAnnounced policy to provide[53].

2021May 1,Expansion of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)In response toTokyoGovernorYuriko Koike,SaitamaGovernorMotohiro Ohno,ChibaGovernorKensaku Morita,KanagawaGovernorYuji KuroiwaAt the request ofTokyo,Kanagawa,Saitama,ChibaNext for 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefecturesMay 1からMay 2(Since the previous administration of Abe)Emergency declarationAnnounced to reissue[54].

14th of the same monthOsaka,Hyogo,Kyoto,Aichi,Gifu,Fukuoka,TochigiIt was decided to add a total of 7 prefectures to the declaration.

May 2Announced that only Tochigi Prefecture was lifted for the 10 prefectures for which the state of emergency was being issued, and that the state of emergency for the 10 prefectures was extended until March 3.[55]..In addition, the infection status was gradually released from the prefectures where it improved,May 3The state of emergency was completely lifted due to the cancellation of 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures.[56].

May 2Around, by the eldest son of SugaHigh-ranking bureaucratic illegal entertainment problem Weekly BunshunReported by[57].

May 4からMay 5Will be up toMiyagi,Osaka,HyogoFor the three prefectures of the new coronavirusPriority measures such as prevention of spreadWas announced[58]..In addition, since the number of infected people is increasing in areas other than these three prefectures,May 4ToTokyo,Kyoto,Okinawa3 prefectures,May 4From May 5th (Tokyo only)May 5Up to), and added to the range[59][60].. On April 4, Suga was at the House of Representatives Settlement Administration Oversight Committee, and the applicable area was expanded to 12 prefectures from the same day.WaitFocusMeasureWas mistakenly said many times as "priority measures to prevent spread"[61][62].

President of the United States at the White House in the United States on the afternoon of April 4 (before dawn on the 16th of Japan time)Joe BidenTalk with.About the situation in the East China Sea and South China SeaPeople's Republic of ChinaThey agreed to oppose attempts to change the status quo by force and intimidation of others in the area.He also discussed the issue of Taiwan, where the People's Republic of China is increasing military pressure, and emphasized the importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait in a joint statement.The joint statement of the Japan-US summit touched on Taiwan.1969(44)Eisaku SatoとRichard NixonThis is the first time since the joint statement of Japan-China, and the first time since the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China.[63]..China expressed "strong dissatisfaction and decisive opposition" in response to mentioning Taiwan, which is regarded as "core interest", and expressing serious concern about the human rights situation in Hong Kong and Uighur, and pressure on Japan. Shows an attitude to strengthen[64].





  • 2014 OfSankei ShimbunとFNNAccording to a joint public opinion poll, it was ranked No. 2 in "the second most evaluated cabinet in Shinzo Abe Cabinet"[77](2st place isShinzo Abe[Note 2]).
  • In an interview with the Nihon Keizai Shimbun after the resignation of the Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe described Suga as "a person who came out of Akita Prefecture and has continued to win in the small constituency of Yokohama, an urban area with many floating votes. It ’s very good to scoop up what he ’s thinking. ”[78].
  • Yukio Edano"In (political) bargaining, Mr. Suga is a genius. I wish he could use his coordinating power for the people ..." "Because it is neither a second generation nor a hereditary, it is difficult in the political world. There is no doubt that they have done it, but those who have made efforts and succeeded are climbing up at their own risk, so they may have low sympathy for those who did not work on their own. (...) "Winners" I feel that there is not enough perspective for people who are not, and who are close to the truncated side. "[79].
  • Former Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsAutonomous Tax DepartmentAkihide Hirashima, the chief, said, "Mr. Suga never listens to stories that hurt his ears. Therefore, bureaucrats will follow him. It is natural that he will make a mistake if the correct information does not come in, Corona. I feel that the aftermath of the measures is also an inevitable result. "[80].



  • Katsuei HirasawaAccording to him, Suga rarely appears on the table himself, and he is a type who listens to people without talking much. Was a high school classmateJumonji Town(Currently Akita PrefectureYokote City) Suppose that the former mayor, unlike Suga's father, was a less conspicuous student and had the impression that he was trapped in his own shell. In addition, Suga himself has a sober and serious personality, especiallyperformanceIs not good at[10][11].
  • 2016May 4RegularPress conferenceAtApril FoolWhen I was asked by the reporter if there was a joke associated with him, he said, "I am a very solid person, with no humor, and each statement is steady," and the position of the Chief Cabinet Secretary Yes Answers that refrain from lies and jokes[90][91].
  • HobbyMountain stream fishing,Golf,TravelingIs[92].
  • Motto of motto"There is a road if there is a will"[92].


Yoshihide SugaNicknameAs a typical example, the surname "Suga" was turned over.GarsuThere is.Chief Cabinet SecretaryFrom the attitude of calmly answering questions from reporters in the times, "Stable Garsu" and "Iron Wall Garsu" on the net[93]And so on2017In 8 monthBS FujiSuga, who was asked if he knew about this name on the show, said, "I know it's called'Garsu'."[94].. August 2020LDP presidential electionThen, he laughed at his nickname, saying, "I don't feel bad at all. Ghasu, it's official."[95]..Launched in the same monthYoshihide Suga CabinetThen,Takuya HiraiMinister of State for Digital Reform"The slogan is Government as a Startup. (To take the acronym) the result is GaaSu (same as Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga's nickname)," he said. At first, such as inviting laughterNet slang"Garsu" was becoming more and more popular in politics[96]..Kan was self-introduction as "is Hello. Gasu" even when you appeared on the Internet program in December of the same year 12 days[97]But at that timeNew coronavirusAs the infection was spreading, criticisms such as "insensitive" were raised on SNS and opposition parties.Taro KonoMinister for Administrative ReformHowever, the ripples spread, such as defending Suga, saying, "Is there any problem? You don't have to worry too much about things that are close to fried gait."[98][99].

Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan on April 2019, 31 (Heisei 4)4th Abe 1nd remodeling Cabinet) As a new enforcement on May 5 of the same yearEra"Reiwa(Reiwa) ”was announced, so“Uncle ReiwaThere is also a nickname of "[100][101]..Suga said he was "surprised" for being called "Uncle Reiwa".[102].

During his time as Chief Cabinet Secretary, he was in control of the executive personnel of each ministry and agency, so among bureaucratsDarth VaderIt was also whispered as "Girth Vader"[103]..In addition, SNS users who are critical of Kan say that human resources are powerful.Joseph StalinThere is also a name like "Sugarin", and it is reported that this name may be used in government offices after the inauguration of Prime Minister Suga.[104][80].

President of the United StatesJoe BidenIt is called "Yoshi" from. In a telephone conversation with Biden in late January 2021, he said, "I want you to call me Yoshi. Can I call you Joe?"[105][80].

Political funds

Office costs for owned buildings

The Liberal Democratic Party branch and the supporters' association represented by Suga both set up a "main office" in the building owned by Suga himself,Political fund balance reportIt was reported in 1956 that a total of about 2007 million yen in office expenses had been posted.[106][107].Shioda UshioAccording to the report, the inauguration of the Chief Cabinet Secretary in the first Abe Cabinet was postponed.[10].

Political funding party when the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications was in office

Income from the party held during the term of the 1st Abe Cabinet Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications was 3180 million yen,Political fund balance reportIt is reported that[108][Note 3].. The political party branch represented by Kan isMinistry of AgricultureCity which received grant decision of subsidy ofSouth wardFrom landscaping companies in 2011-2013DonationIt is reported that it was revealed that he was receiving[109][Note 4].. In addition, it was reported that the branch had received a donation of 2014 yen from a contractor in Yokohama City, which had received an order for public works in the country, immediately before the announcement of the election of the House of Representatives in 15.[110].

Fill in a blank receipt at a later date

I received a blank receipt for the cost of attending another party's political fund party and filled in the amount at the office. Regarding the reason, "I wrote down the actual date, address, and amount of money accurately with the understanding of the party organizer," and "If you ask all hundreds of attendees to write the address and amount of money, it will be accepted. I'm confused."

Political Funds Control LawHave jurisdiction overSanae TakaichiGeneral affairs ministerSaid, "There is no regulation on how to prepare a receipt. If you get the consent of the organizer, there will be no legal problem."[111].. According to the guidance of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, it is inappropriate for the recipient side to add to the receipt[112].

2016May 10, The Liberal Democratic Party should state in advance the necessary items such as the amount of money when issuing a receipt to all Diet members who belong to the party.NoticeWent[113][114].


  • My favoritepancakeSo bigSweet toothIs[92].
  • Do not drink sake (so-calledShimodo),tobaccoDoes not smoke[92]..My daily routine is "morning activities" where I move my body in the morning, collect information, and meet various people.WeekdayWakes up around 5 am andAbs exerciseAfter that, while organizing the news in the morning newspapers and "NHK News Good Morning Japan", TokyoAkasaka OfParliamentary dormitoryFrom about 40 minuteswalkWhile doingPrime Minister's OfficeHead to a nearby hotel. hereVegetables,fruit,YogurtLight soup, drink, etc.breakfastWhile gathering information, talk with politicians, bureaucrats, and business people to gather information on the movements of the world. Expand acceptance of foreign human resourcesImmigration Control and Refugee Recognition ActThe move to the revision was triggered by hearing of a serious labor shortage in the nursing care industry on this occasion.[115].
  • "Abe is one of the most trusted aides"[116],First Abe CabinetBecame more confused by the minister's scandals and problem statements[117].Decentralization Reform Promotion LawIn addition to enacting 19 bills such asFurusato tax paymentOf thePension record problemMinisterial scandals continued, including the establishment of a ministry committee inFirst Abe CabinetThere was a stable presence. Of 2012Liberal Democratic Party presidential electionOn that occasion, he moved to Abe from an early stage, and was appointed by the Chief Cabinet Secretary, which was a long-cherished desire in the second Abe Cabinet.[84][118].
  • Hit Kan's seniorHiranuma YoshioWhen he returned to the LDP,Security bill"I think that the Liberal Democratic Party has been judged among various problems and that the party has been repatriated," he said after evaluating his support for[119].
  • Local office carnumberIs "548". This is because the Liberal Democratic Party suffered a big headwind in the 2009 general election, and it was difficult to forget the strictness of the election because it was a difficult victory with a 2 vote difference to the second place.[120].
  • Self-authored "Politics' Resolution""It is natural that the government keeps all records in good condition, and the minutes are the most basic material. Failure to make them is a betrayal of the people," August 2017, 8. When I was asked by Asahi Shimbun's Minami Akira at a Japanese press conference, saying, "Do you know who and what the book is about?"[121]..After that, the above description was deleted in the revised version released on October 2020, 10.[122].
  • Even when I visited the United States in 2019, I could keep the US guards connectedニ ュ ー ヨ ー クI took a daily walk in the city[123].
  • At a press conference on November 2019, 11Cherry blossom viewingToantisocial forcesReversing the answer admitting the fact that he was inviting the person, he answered that the antisocial forces had "no unique definition".[124][125]..Regarding this statement, the government announced in 2007, "Guidelines for companies to prevent damage caused by antisocial forces."[126]The contradiction with was greatly criticized.

Bureaucratic personnel

  • In 2014, the director of the Autonomous Tax Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (at that time)Akihide HirashimaSuga, who was the Chief Cabinet Secretary at the time, gave his opinion on hometown tax payment.[80].Furusato tax paymentWas a policy that was set out during the time of Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Kan, but the negative aspects of the system became apparent, and it was pointed out that the higher the income earners, the more profitable they would be.[80]..In November of that year, Hirashima brought a book called "11% Profitable Hometown Tax Life" and the materials he created, and when he visited Suga, he said, "Only those who (publish) such a book." I didn't even try to listen to the story.[80].. "Before the summer of the next 15 years,High city(Sanae) When I went to the Minister, he said, "What happened to you, Suga-chan?When I brought the personnel case, I was told that only you were "x", "Hirashima said.[80]..And HirashimaLocal Autonomy CollegeTransferred to the principal and regarded as a "replacement" within the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications[80]..After that, corruption cases over hometown tax payment and excessive competition for rewards occurred.[127][128].
  • 2016 year 9 month,Imperial Household Agency OfNoriyuki KazaokaThe secretary, contrary to the intention of the official residence, of the emperorAbductionWas dismissed in retaliation for not being able to stop expressing "feelings" over[129]..The transfer of the Imperial Household Agency executives is usually done in the spring, and the default route was until March of the following year when Kazeoka turned 70, but he was forced to quit half a year earlier than planned.[129].
  • In 2016, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries promoted the dismantling of agricultural cooperatives, which Suga was focusing on.Masaaki OkuharaThe director of the management bureau was promoted to the administrative vice-minister, the director of the food industry bureau who stood on the side of protecting farmers was retired, and bureaucrats were sent from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to succeed.[129].
  • On September 2020, 9, before the formation of the Cabinet, "First Abe Cabinet(Shinzo AbeEstablished by the Prime Minister)Cabinet Personnel DepartmentYoshihide Suga did not intend to change the system of the Cabinet Personnel Bureau, and said, "We (politicians) were elected." There is.I decided what to do, but if I disagree, I will move"[130]..On the other hand, the oppositionSocial Democrats OfMember of the House of CouncilorsMizuho Fukushima"It's the first step in the reign of terror, because I declared that I would do dictatorship."JournalistKiyoshi ShimizuCriticized, "This is a dictatorship."[131]..Former bureaucratRikkyo UniversityProject ProfessorAkihide HirashimaCriticized that "it is not a law-abiding country, but a human rule" and "it does not understand the purpose of the Cabinet Law and misunderstands political leadership."[132]There were criticisms such as doing.
  • On March 2021, 3, Yuko Mori, a member of the Constitutional Democratic Party, quoted Suga's book "Preparation for Politicians".[133], "In the book (to the bureaucrats who made statements that did not suit their intentions)[133]) He wrote that he exercised his personnel rights and created a sense of tension among bureaucrats, but what is "tension"? "[134], Suga said, "At that time, I wanted to reform NHK, but the section chief in charge said that it was different from my policy."I changed.It is a fact that it caused tension in the government office.I explained[134]. "For those who oppose the policy, since he became a minister as a politician with the policy (changed the person in charge), isn't it natural to realize the policy?I also said[133]..In response, Yuko Mori pointed out, "If I were a bureaucrat, I would only say what I liked. The harmful effects are apparent." "It's better to stop around, but everyone only tries to say what they like, so maybe they're straying now," he questioned.[134].

Appointment of Science Council of Japan members

2020 year 9 month,Science Council of JapanOf the 105 new member candidates recommended by, six were excluded from the appointment.It is an unusual case in the past that Prime Minister Suga refused to appoint and the recommended candidate was not appointed.[135].

"The six people who were denied the appointment of members of the Science Council of Japan by Prime Minister Suga (under the former administration of Abe)Security law,Specified secret protection lawIt is a person who has disagreed with the government's policy, and it seems that he intends to exclude people who do not agree with the government's intention. "[136].

Regarding this issue, the Kan Cabinet has not disclosed the reason for non-approval, and on October 10, the Science Council of Japan submitted a request to the Kan Cabinet to disclose the reason for refusal of approval and to withdraw the refusal of approval.[137]..In response to this issue, "contradiction with past Diet responses"[138]"Unconstitutional" "Illegal"[139][140][141]There are many indications such as.JournalistKimura MasatoCriticizes "Red Scare"[142].

November 2020, 11, DietHouse of RepresentativesAt the Budget Committee, Prime Minister Suga criticized the selection of members of the Science Council of Japan as "closed and vested interests" and emphasized the need for reform.[143].

Appointed media personnel as assistant to the Prime Minister

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga2020May 10With frontKyodo NewsEditorial WriterK. KakizakiAs one of my aidesAssistant to the Prime MinisterAppointed to.Kakizaki is a news program etc.First Abe CabinetHe has been harshly criticizing the policies and attitudes since then, and has been in the Abe Cabinet for about eight years.Chief Cabinet SecretaryIt was the first time in history that he became a prime minister's assistant to the media, who had no political experience, and was a nemesis for Prime Minister Suga.

JournalistShinichiro Suda"The critical officials commented,'Why are people who have been anti-Abe for the past eight years and who have eaten up with criticisms and writings against former Prime Minister Abe now become prime ministers?'" "From the perspective of the leftists, there was a negative reaction from both sides, such as" This traitor! "," And "Mr. Suga is a scary person." Talking[144].

General affairs bureaucratic entertainment problem by the eldest sons

Suga2006When he took office as Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, he appointed the eldest son of an unemployed Suga (25 years old at the time), who was an unknown bandman and had no working experience, as a ministerial secretary, and made contact with many general affairs bureaucrats.[69].2008The eldest son is a supporter of KanBanjiro UemuraWas founded byTohoku ShinshaJoined the company and became in charge of "Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications"[70].

Uemura2012,2014,2017,2018Was making a total of 500 million yen in personal donations to Kan[145]..Suga explained, "The years 12, 14, and 17 were the time of the dissolution of the House of Representatives, and it was a sympathy for the election."[146]..Certainly, the donations for 2012, 2014, and 2017 were all around the time of the House of Representatives election, but there were no elections before and after the personal donations of 2018 yen on October 10, 3.[147]..Chaired by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and executives of TohokushinshaSatellite Broadcasting AssociationImmediately after the meeting of experts was put into a dormant state, there was a personal donation of 2018 yen for 50, and from this time Tohokushinsha was on the offensive to entertain the general affairs bureaucrats of the meeting members.[148].. In December 2020, the conference compiled a draft report that would be beneficial to the association, such as reducing costs for businesses.[149].

2016After the illegal entertainment of high-ranking bureaucrats by the eldest son from and Uemura's personal donation of 500 million yen to Kan, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications announced in 2018 that it was a subsidiary of Tohokushinsha.Go/Shogi Channel"ofCS broadcastingCertified business[69]..The eldest son of Suga was also a director of "Go / Shogi Channel"[57].. Of the 2018 programs from 12 companies certified as CS broadcasting business in 16High definitionWhile only "Go / Shogi Channel" was certified as unsupported, some programs were rejected even if they were compatible with HDTV.[150].

The eldest son worksTohoku ShinshaAffiliated companyBroadcasting lawDespite the fact that it is engaged in the licensing business ofMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsIs an executive ofYasuhiko TaniwakiGeneral affairs deputies2020The problem of entertaining at a high-class restaurant many times from October to December2021Around February 2BunshunReported[57].Yasuhiko TaniwakiIn addition to the General Affairs Deputy Director, Masato Yoshida, the General Affairs Deputy Director (in charge of international affairs), the head of the Information Distribution Administration Bureau, Yoshinori Akimoto, the director of the Information Distribution Administration Bureau, and his subordinates, Hironobu Yumoto He was a deputy director of the same bureau.In addition to being charged a large amount of food and drink (Yumoto claimed to have paid for himself), they also received taxi tickets and high-quality bread and chocolate as souvenirs.[70]..The dinner was attended by the founder's son-in-law, Tohokushinsha President Kiyotaka Ninomiya, and the general manager of the Media Division, which conducts broadcasting-related businesses.[151]..In addition, the dinner is a subsidiary of Tohokushinsha "Star channelIt was revealed that he was concentrating just before the license renewal[152].

Suga, who was pursued by an opposition member at the House of Representatives Budget Committee on February 2021, 2, said, "(The eldest son) is about 4 (years old) now. I rarely meet with my eldest son. I don't think there's anything wrong with connecting them. I'm a completely different person, so I'm already. "[70].

Ryota TakedaAt a press conference on February 2, the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications announced that Yoshinori Akimoto and Hironobu Yumoto, who had been entertained by the eldest son Suga, would be transferred to the secretariat on the 19th.[153]..Takeda said, "(The entertainment issue) has nothing to do with this personnel change," denying the view that it is "virtually a change of money," and "while we have to ask for deliberation of important bills, the right person is in the right place. It's done as an arrangement. "[154].

総務省は2月22日、既に判明している幹部4人以外に9人、計13人の総務省職員が、2016年7月から2020年12月にかけて東北新社側から計39件の接待を受けていたと明らかにした[155]..The eldest son was present in more than half of the 21 cases.Among the 13 people who were entertained, he was a general affairs deputy officer at that time.Makiko YamadaA Cabinet Public Relations Secretary is included, and Yamada was in Tokyo on the night of November 2019, 11 when he was a General Affairs Deputy Director.ToranomonThe president of Tohokushinsha, the eldest son, and four others received a dinner with a unit price of 4 yen per person.[156]..The largest amount of entertainment was Yasuhiko Taniwaki, who received a total of about 4 yen for food and drink, taxi tickets, souvenirs, etc. at four dinners.[157]..The total amount of entertainment provided by Tohokushinsha was over 60 yen.[158]..The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications says about 13 out of 11 peopleNational Civil Service Ethics CodeWe decided that it would fall under the standard "entertainment from interested parties" or that it was highly likely, and decided to take disciplinary action, but one of the 13 staff members at the section chief level was "interested." I removed it from disposal because I thought it was not[159]..Yamada has already retired from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and has a special job.government officialTherefore, it is not subject to disposal[155].. Ironically, Yamada's husband was the Deputy Director-General, Hiroshi Yoshida, who succeeded Yoshinori Akimoto, who was virtually removed on the 20th.[156].

Suga apologized at the Budget Committee on February 2, saying, "I am very sorry that my eldest son was involved and as a result I violated the act. I apologize to the people."When the eldest son got a job, he said, "I told him to keep a distance from the relationship with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications."[155]However, it contradicts Bunshun's report that he allowed his eldest son to get a job at a licensed place of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications after giving contact with many general affairs bureaucrats in 2006.[69]..In addition, the eldest son has a different personality, which is inconsistent with the previous answers that he said he did not know about the contents of his work.[157].

1998OldMinistry of PostAt the time of entering and leaving the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the Constitutional Democratic Party, who was an assistant chief of the Satellite and Regional Broadcasting Division of the Information Distribution Administration BureauHiroyuki KonishiA member of the House of Councilors said, "I haven't heard of this kind of entertainment for 12 years at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and I don't think Kasumigaseki is doing it right now. It's a big incident. "" It's not a big deal because it's my former boss, but of the four executives named this time, two are my former bosses. I really respect them both in terms of ability and humanity. However, I don't think I should receive entertainment on my own. However, the Cabinet Personnel Bureau is exercising personnel rights in a powerful manner, and Prime Minister Suga has also replaced the chief section chief of the Broadcasting Policy Division, which I was in when I was the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications. If the son of a politician who does such a thing says, I can't refuse as a bureaucrat. That kind of haze has become a concern. "[160].

On the 24th, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications dismissed 11 people due to the issue of entertainment by the eldest son of Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga.[159]..The disciplinary action, which is a heavy punishment, was 9 people, and 7 people including Yasuhiko Taniwaki, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, were reduced in salary, and 2 people were warned.The remaining two were treated as non-disciplinary dispositions and equivalent to admonitions, and Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Ryota Takeda announced that he would voluntarily return three months' worth of ministerial salaries.[159]..Makiko Yamada, Cabinet Public Relations Secretary, is 1 yen, which is 10/6 of the monthly salary.[161]Will be voluntarily returned, and the food and drink charges, which are estimated to be about 7 yen, will be refunded to the Tohokushinsha side.Katsunobu KatoI told the Chief Cabinet Secretary that he would continue his position as a public relations officer.[162].

Yamada's public relations officer is the policy that Prime Minister Suga himself has shown, and on the night of the 24th, Suga replied to the reporter, "I have high expectations as a female public relations officer, so I hope you will continue to do your best in your duties."[163].

On February 2, Yamada was pursued by the opposition at the House of Representatives Budget Committee, where a witness was invited for the first time.[164]..Yamada replied, "I think I had exchanged business cards with (the eldest son of Suga) before this meeting," while Masato Imai, a member of the Constitutional Democratic Party, recognized that he had an eldest son when he went to dinner. Yamada replied, "I was in a situation where there was almost no interaction, so if I was aware of it in advance, I think it wasn't."[163][165].. Yamada continued his stray answer, saying, "I think they were side by side, so I didn't talk about them. I couldn't remember who they were."[163][164]..When Imai asked, "I don't know if there was a son of the prime minister after having a dinner with five people," Yamada said, "Why don't you meet me, whether at work or in private?" I don't think it has much to do with the relationship with the son of the person. "" I don't know if this is appropriate for Mr. Suga, but it was a big fact for me. I think that is not always the case. "[165]..In response, there was a scene in which Yamada's husband Hiroshi Yoshida, who was appointed director of the Information Distribution Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications six days ago, sent out a rescue ship.[163].

On February 2, Tohokushinsha announced that President Kiyotaka Ninomiya, who had participated in illegal entertainment with executives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, resigned from responsibility.[166]..The eldest son, Suga, who is the general manager of the media division, also changed to the personnel department and dismissed the two executive officers who participated in the dinner.[166].

On February 2, the "Meeting Against the Amendment of the Public Prosecutor's Office Law" formed by citizens of Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture suspected of bribing 26 executives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and 13 members of the Tohokushinsha side including the eldest son and the president. On suspicion of bribery,Tokyo Inspection Special Investigation DivisionAccused[167].

On February 2, Cabinet Public Relations Secretary Makiko Yamada was hospitalized after being diagnosed as "needing hospitalization for about two weeks" due to poor physical condition.[168]..Yamada announced his resignation on March 3, and the government decided to resign at a cabinet meeting in the morning of the same day.[168].

March 3, "TohokushinshaForeign capital regulation"Broadcasting Law Violation Problem"House of Councilors Budget CommitteeIn, a former general affairs bureaucrat and a member of the Constitutional Democratic PartyHiroyuki KonishiMore pointed out[169]..TohokushinshaBS4K OfSatellite backbone broadcasterIn March 2, two months after being certified as a foreign capital, the foreign capital ratio reached 2017%, and it was highly possible that it was against the regulation that the foreign capital ratio should be less than 3% at that time.[170].Broadcasting lawAccording to Article 103, Paragraph 1, the certification must be revoked when it violates the foreign capital regulation, but the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications did not revoke the certification.[169][170]..The certification was not revoked, and six months later, TohokushinshasubsidiaryMakeBusiness successionWas letting[171]..Regarding this, Konishi said, "I think he didn't revoke the certification because he was the company where Prime Minister Suga's eldest son worked. Isn't the subsequent succession to a subsidiary an illegal act to evade regulatory violations?" Inheritance[171]..At that time, the final settlement of the business succession was at that time.Information Distribution Administration BureauFormer Cabinet Public Relations Secretary Makiko Yamada[171].

Yasuhiko Taniwaki and Makiko YamadaNTT OfJun SawadaShukan Bunshun reported on March 3 that he had received a large amount of entertainment from the president and former president Toshio Iwamoto of the subsidiary NTT DATA.[172].. NTT is managed with approval from the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, such as business plans, and it is suspected that it would violate the National Civil Service Ethics Law for executives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to receive entertainment from the NTT side.[173].

On June 2020, 6, Yamada and Eiji Makiguchi, Director of the International Strategy Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, visited a restaurant operated by an affiliated company of the NTT Group.[173]..The entertainers were NTT President Jun Sawada and Executive Officer Ryota Kitamura, and the total food and drink charges for the four were about 4 yen (before discount).[173].. NTT and other member companies pay an annual membership fee of 100 million yen to the store, and in the case of member companies, the price is discounted by 4[173].

The government expressed its intention not to confirm the facts with Mr. Yamada at the Upper House Budget Committee on March 2021, 3 about the fact that Makiko Yamada was reported to have had dinner with the presidents of NTT and others in Shukan Bunshun.[174]..Yoshihide Suga didn't know about the dinner with NTT presidents when Yamada resigned on March 3st.Japan Communist Party OfTomoko TamuraAsked and answered, "I didn't know."[174]..When Tamura asked, "I will of course confirm the facts with Mr. Yamada," Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato replied, "I am not in a position to confirm the facts because I have already retired."[174]..When Tamura asked, "Why isn't the facts confirmed?", Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato explained, "Because I have already retired and have become a general public, the government is not in a position to confirm."[174]..When Tamura pursued, "Then the Suga administration is not in a position to investigate the entertainment issue," Suga insisted that "there is a firm response based on the rules."[174].

On March 3, Eiji Makiguchi, director of the International Strategy Bureau, admitted that Yamada was also present at the entertainment from NTT, and explained that he had paid the 5 yen required by NTT as a membership fee.[175].

On March 3th, at the Budget Committee of the House of Councilors, in response to a question from Representative Hiroyuki Konishi, "Did you talk to your eldest son after the bureaucrats of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications were punished?" "There was an initial call from my eldest son to me that I'm sorry," but he said he didn't talk about what role he played in the entertainment venue. I don't talk about work and I don't interfere with each other, "he emphasized that he has a different personality from his eldest son.[176].

On March 12, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Ryota Takeda announced a policy to revoke the certification of BS's Western-style painting channel "The Cinema XNUMXK" in Tohokushinsha's satellite broadcasting business, but "Go / Shogi Channel" Became a continuation[177]..He admitted that there was a "serious defect" in the January 20 procedure approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, despite violating the regulations of the Broadcasting Law and having a foreign capital stake of 2017% or more.[177].

On March 3, President Nakajima of Tohokushinsha, who attended the Budget Committee of the House of Councilors, testified that he had previously reported the fact of violation of foreign capital restrictions to the Director of the Radio Department of the General Communication Infrastructure Bureau. The director of the distribution administration replied, "I think there is no report," and denied.[178].

On March 3th, the director of the Radio Department of the General Communications Infrastructure Bureau, who attended the House of Representatives Budget Committee, said, "If I had heard an important story such as a violation of foreign capital regulations, I should have remembered it and received such a report. I have no memory of the facts. "[179][180]..The director of the radio wave department of the General Communication Infrastructure Bureau repeatedly answered, "I don't remember," etc.[179][180]..Constitutional Democratic PartyYuichi GotoWhen asked by a member of the Diet, "Have you met? And how long have you met?", The director of the Radio Department of the General Communication Infrastructure Bureau said, "I remember greeting you at the time of the year-end and New Year holidays." I answered[180]..When asked by Goto, "Have you ever met at a dinner place?", The director of the Radio Department of the General Communication Infrastructure Bureau said, "As far as I can remember, I have never had dinner with such people, including Suga's eldest son." Answered[180].

On March 3.[181]..According to Soichiro Okuno, Deputy Chairman of the Constitutional Democratic Party, as a result of analyzing the broadcast video of the House of Representatives Budget Committee on the 16th, when the director of the radio wave department of the General Communications Infrastructure Bureau answers whether the Tohokushinsha side reported a violation of foreign capital restrictions. It was confirmed that Takeda seemed to have called out from the ministerial seat, and the director of the radio wave department of the General Communication Infrastructure Bureau immediately answered, "I have no memory."[181].

On March 3, Ryota Takeda explained that he had no intention of giving an answer, saying that he might have said it, regarding the suspicion that he had instructed him to say that he had no memory.[182]..Takeda explained, "Because of the repeated exchanges (from before) over the word'I have no memory', that word may have come out."[182].





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