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🏛 | It is essential to verify Abe's politics even under the Yoshihide Suga administration ...

Photo: Yoshihide Suga, Secretary of State (at that time / left photo), who was elected as the new president by the LDP presidential election on the afternoon of September 9 (photo: Getty Images)

Verification of Abe's politics is indispensable even in the Yoshihide Suga administration ... Window dressing and concealment that are exposed one after another even in the countermeasures against the new corona infection

If you write the contents roughly
The fact that the US military surplus has been assured of huge military demand is also fresh in my memory.

Who was the 7 years and 8 months of fatigue and suffering for?A book summarizing the "achievements" that the Abe Cabinet and the administration sympathizer show off ... → Continue reading

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