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🏛 | Missile Defense, Exclusive Defense-Oriented Defense Ministry's proposal highly evaluated

Photo Nobuo Kishi, Minister of Defense, announced a policy of "promoting the implementation of Aegis Ashore radar and launchers on mobile offshore platforms."

Highly praised by the Ministry of Defense for missile defense and exclusive defense

If you write the contents roughly
It seems that there are many new issues in the offshore response plan, including new burdens on the Maritime Self-Defense Force and facility security, but I hope that the people will be satisfied and feel at ease.

An alternative to the land-based interception missile system "Aegis Ashore" was presented to the ruling party by the Ministry of Defense on the XNUMXth.Nobusuke Kishi ... → Continue reading

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Offshore response plan

Resident security

Facility security(Shisetsuibi) is a private sectorSecurity companybysecuritybusiness.Formally called facility security workSecurity LawBecause of the work stipulated in Article XNUMX, item XNUMX, it is also called No. XNUMX security or No. XNUMX work.

What is facility security work?

What is facility security work? A private security company responds to the demands of others.Security guardIt is a business to dispatch and make them resident and watch out for the occurrence of incidents. In particular,Intelligent building,Shopping center,Department store,Financial institution,Playground, Company,Government office,Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricular,Important protection facility, Luxuryhousing complex,Gated community,Parking LotResident in etc. Responding to the demands of others means exchanging security contracts, and in accordance with this, security guards are always assigned to facilities subject to security contracts.

Business contents

The important task of facility security is to be wary of crimes and prevent them from happening.Crime prevention, Prevent fires, etc. in advance and minimize damage "Disaster preventionHowever, there are many incidental tasks.

The main business contents are as follows.

  • Disaster prevention monitoring work
  • Fire protection equipment daily patrol work
  • Security monitoring / patrol work
  • Patrol patrol business
  • Entry / exit management work (reception work)
  • Postal parcel receipt inspection business
  • Key (security card) management business
  • Emergency response
  • The identity of the person in need of rescueEmergency servicesTemporary protection before handing over to
  • Collection of cash, securities, etc., management witness business

And so on. (* There may be some differences in business names depending on each company, etc.)

Difference from guard

With facility guardsGuardThe difference is that the facility guardsContracts are made according to the demands of others, and security guards are assigned.Is. The guard is the land and buildingEmploy directly to managersIt is a person who is engaged in security and security work (eg, guardian of the government office-there is a guardian office regulation in the municipal regulations).

Security guards are entrusted with authority within the contracted range according to the demands of others (Facility management rightEtc.). The guardsSecurity LawUnder the restrictions of (hereinafter referred to as the "law"), they wear uniforms and equipment stipulated by the law, but the guards are directly employed by their managers to carry out security and security operations, so there are no various restrictions by the law. Uniforms may be worn as specified in the regulations.

Since the guard is not a guard, equipment and use are not restricted. Also, because the guards are not regulated by law,Security guard(Early education conducted from April 4st to September 1th of the current year, late education conducted from October 9st to March 30st of the following year, etc.) Absent. For this reason, it is difficult to seek improvement in business knowledge and skills, and in recent years the number of industries that request security companies has been increasing. Security guards must comply with each lawcomplianceIs half-mandated, but there are no mandatory defensive provisions. Could not be equipped in the pastSasumataCan now be equipped by the revision of the law on July 21, 7.

Work status

  • Most of the traffic guidance guards and crowd control workersSecurity companyBelongs toPart-time jobOrContract employeeHowever, unlike the No. XNUMX business guard whose income is not stable due to the presence or absence of on-site work, the No. XNUMX business guard is fully equipped with social insurance.EmployeeIn many cases. Even so, the treatment is often very different from that of a small number of in-house employees. For example, there is no bonus or the bonus is a small amount of outside employee status. For this reason, many security guards secure a certain amount of income in exchange for long-term detention.
  • Security companies usually organize detachments such as members under the captain and deputy captain (large-scale site) at each site. It is desirable that the captain and deputy captain of the contingent should be a security guard certification level XNUMX or XNUMX holder or higher, but an unqualified captain may be used as long as the contract conditions are not met.
  • National qualification holders under the Security Business Law are provided with qualification allowances and post allowances for captains. Most of the security companies provide qualification allowances to other disaster prevention center personnel and qualification holders such as senior lifesaving. Most of the facility guards hold qualifications such as disaster prevention center personnel, senior lifesaving, and self-defense firefighting technology.

Qualifications related to facility guards

Since the facility security business has a wide range of work, there are various qualifications related to each site work, but please refer to each item for details.

National qualification under the Security Business Law

National qualifications, private qualifications, technical certifications, etc. that are directly or indirectly related to the security industry

Qualifications related to all security regardless of facility security

  • drivers license(Required qualifications for machine security patrols and armored car crews)
  • Ordinary motorcyclelicense
  • Land special radio engineer
  • Variousmartial arts-Martial arts-Fighting sports OfSegmentOr something similar to this (it may be necessary for security guards who perform "No. 4 work". It is said that it is useful to have "No. 1 work" or "No. 3 work" in case of emergency, and leisure time There are many security guards who are personally trained in martial arts.)
  • VariousLanguage test, Language ability (skills required for security guards who interact with foreigners or perform security services for foreigners, such as airport security and personal protection for foreigners)

Related item

This was in 1994,Nagoya Stadiumso,Professional baseballCentral League OfChunichi Dragons(Chunichi) andYomiuri GiantsIt was a match in which (Giants) played in the final match under the condition that "the winner is the winner". Here, with the following background, security was also noted.
  1. Local Chunichi is "last time" (1988) When the fans winGroundAvalanche and injured[1].
  2. 1973 years,Hanshin TigersWhen the Giants decided to win the "Final Battle" between (Hanshin) and the GiantsHanshin fanBecame a mob and the ground at the end of the match (Hanshin Koshien Stadium) Was a big mess such as the suspension of raising the body. Some of the giant players at the time later stated that they were full of escape at the end of the match.[2].
In front of the stadium, fans were lining up the night before, and due to safety concerns, the gate had to open at 11:18 (the game started at 00:XNUMX). Outside the stadium, many fans who couldn't get the admission ticket remained, and inside the stadium, the situation was such that Chunichi fans tried to rush to the giant fans and cause a riot (general including strengthening alertness). It was also reported on the social side of the paper[3]). On the stadium side, security is strengthened in cooperation with security companies, and there are no major problems such as ground intrusion or fan brawl, and the winning team (giant) safely raises the body on the ground and the celebration venue (the celebration venue (Nagoya city内 のHotel). A security officer on the stadium side said, "I'm relieved that it's over safely. Before the gamestomachWas tingling. I'm glad I didn't have any trouble (such as fan brawls). "[4].


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