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🏛 | Mayor Arida in hospital attends city council with permission to go out

Mayor Mochizuki expressing his belief at the photo session

Mayor Arita in hospital attends city council with permission to go out

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According to Arida City, Mayor Mochizuki is undergoing rehabilitation at the hospital, so the date of discharge has not been decided so far.

Yoshio Mochizuki (Mochizuki ...) who has been hospitalized for knee arthritis after winning the fourth election in the Arida mayoral election last month (September). → Continue reading

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Arita City

Arita City(Arida) isWakayamaLocated in the central partCity.Arita mandarin orangeplace of origin,Mosquito coilIt is the birthplace.Kumano KodoPasses north and south through the eastern part of the city.旧OldArita-gun.


Located in the central part of Wakayama prefecture,Kii ChannelFacing.市中央を流れるFlowing through the city centerArita RiverAn alluvial plain is formed along the area, and the urban area and fields are widespread.The northern part of the city is a series of steep mountains such as Mt. Shirakura, Mt. Myojin, and Mt. Atagoyama, and becomes a plain near the port town.The southern part of the city is also lined with mountains derived from the Nagamine Mountains, but the altitude is lower than in the northern part, and a pass is formed near Senda, and the forest is interrupted.As it goes further west, the altitude rises again and sinks into the Kii Channel at Miyazaki's nose in the westernmost part.

In the Hatsushima district in the northwestern part of the city, there is a plain that seems to have been formed by sandbars and subsequent wetlands.沖に地の島、沖の島の2島が浮かび、苅藻島は以前干潮時のみ地続きとなっていたが、東亜燃料(現Two islands, Jinoshima and Okinoshima, float off the coast, and Karumojima was previously connected only at low tide, but Toa Fuel (currently)ENEOS) Is now completely continuous due to land reclamation accompanying the construction of the factory.


Looking at the population increase / decrease from the previous survey from the 27 census, it decreased by 6.98% to 28,470, and the rate of increase / decrease was 30th out of 18 municipalities in the prefecture.The population density is 773.01 people / km2, which is the third highest among 30 municipalities in the prefecture.

Population distribution of Arida, Wakayama, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Arida City and the whole country (2005)Arida City's population distribution by age and gender (2005)
■Purple-Arida City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Arida City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan





Constant: 15[1](0 of them are women and 0% of the members are women.)


  • Hatsushima-cho (Hatsushima-cho beach, Hatsushima-cho village)
Minatocho district
  • Port town
  • Minoshima
Miyazaki district
  • Part of Miyazaki Town
Central district
  • Shindo, part of Miyazaki Town, Koemi, No, Mountains
  • Yamadahara, Shimonakashima, Tsujido, Hoshio, Senda
  • Miyahara Town (Miyahara Town Takigahara, Miyahara Town Waterfall, Miyahara Town Shinmachi, Miyahara Town Road, Miyahara Town Hata, Miyahara Town East, Miyahara Town Sugai)
  • Itogacho (West of Itogacho, Middle number of Itogacho)



Sowakaju Orchard

Japan Post Group

(As of 2012 year 12 month)

Japan Post Co., Ltd.
  • Minoshima Post Office(Minoshima) --Collection and delivery station.
  • Arida Fukushima Post Office (Minoshima)
  • Arida Yasuda Post Office (Tsujido)
  • Arita Tatsugahama Post Office (Miyazaki Town)
  • Arita Hatsushima Post Office (Hatsushimacho Hama)
  • Miyahara Post Office (Shinmachi, Miyaharacho)
  • Ooi Simple Post Office (Miyazaki Town)
Japan Post Bank
  • Osaka Branch Okuwa Minoshima Branch Office (Shindo) (ATM only / Holiday service)
Other ATMs have been installed at each post office except the Oi Post Office, and the Minoshima Post Office offers holiday services.

* The postal code in Arida city is "649-03xx""649-04xx(Both are in charge of collection and delivery at the Minoshima Post Office).


high school

Junior high school

primary school



In addition, on the same routeKii Arita StationIs not our cityHigashimuro-gunKushimotoLocated in.



Tourism / culture / festivals


Ruins and historic sites

  • Hajikami Kofun (Hatsushimacho Hama)- ENEOS Wakayama RefineryIn
  • Jinoshima Kofun (Hatsushimachohama) --There is a replica of Ishimuro in front of Hatsushima Public Hall
  • Ruins (Sugai, Miyahara-cho)
  • Hoshio Ruins (Hoshio)- AkieOne of the Kii Kishu ruins
  • Nail scraping Jizo (Miyahara Town Hata)- KukaiThe legend that he drew with his nails remains

Sports team


  • Cherry blossoms in Ueno Park
  • Onna no Ura beach
  • Jinoshima beach
  • Kuma no Kodo History and Folklore Museum

Works set in Arida City

Famous people


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