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🏛 | Transport training with an interpreter app Assuming reports from foreigners suspected of being infected


Transport training with an interpreter app Assuming reports from foreigners suspected of being infected

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Since July last year, the Tsushi Fire Department has introduced a system that allows three-way calls between the whistleblower, the command center, and the interpreter center, and a dedicated interpreter app that supports 7 languages. I was listening carefully to the situation.

On the 8th, a transportation training assuming a report from a foreigner suspected of being infected with the new coronavirus was held at the Tsu City Fire Department in Mie Prefecture ... → Continue reading

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    Interpreter app

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      Tsu City Fire Department

      Tsu City Fire Department(Tsushishobohonbu)MieTsu CityFire Department (Fire Department).



      • Headquarters-Fire General Affairs Division, Prevention Division, Fire Emergency Division, Communication Command Division
      • Fire department

      Main machine

      As of July 2017

      * The Tsu City Fire Department has been developing its own original small fire engine and equipment since 1988 due to regional characteristics (roads are complicated and narrow), etc., and it is known as "Tsushi type" among firefighters. Has been done.しかし総務省(旧自治省)の規格外のため国庫補助が受けられず、100%市の予算で購入されていたが、最近はHowever, because it was out of the standards of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (former Ministry of Home Affairs), it was not possible to receive national treasury subsidies, and it was purchased with XNUMX% city budget, but recentlyEmergency fire support teamDue to the increase in national treasury subsidy and technological progress due to the registration in, the Naka Fire Department and the North Fire Department, which have jurisdiction over the area of ​​the former Tsu city, also introduced general fire engines in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. The number of "Tsushi-type" fire engines is decreasing.

      Fire department

      Fire departmentAddressimageBranch officeDetachment station
      Medium fire departmentKotobukicho 14-20
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      Nishi: Isshikicho 257
      South: 1631-10 Kumozuhongocho
      Misato: 372-1 Misato, Misato-cho
      Ano: 2097 Kawanishi, Ano Town
      Karasu: 1862-1 Karasucho
      North fire station816-2 KurimanakayamachoNorth Fire Station of Tsu City Fire Department.jpgKawage: 3824 Ueno, Kawagecho
      Geino:Ginomachi Mukumoto6136 – 1
      Hisai Fire DepartmentHisaimyojincho 2276Tsu City Fire Department.JPGIsshi: 345-1 Tajiri, IchishichoSakakibara: 5824-1 Sakakibara-cho
      Hakusan Fire StationHakusancho Minamiya Castle 294Hakusan Fire Station of Tsu City Fire Department.jpgMisugi:Okitsu, Misugi Town910 – 1None


      • 29 edition Tsu City Fire Department Annual Report (Tsushi City Fire Department Headquarters)


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