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🏛 | Kuma River Osamu “No dam required” Kumamoto Prefecture's opinion hearing, XNUMX opposition groups insist

Photo Governor Ikuo Kabashima and others = XNUMXth, prefectural office hearing opinions about Kuma River flood control from members of civil society groups opposed to Kawabe River dam construction

Kuma River Osamu "No dam required" Kumamoto Prefecture's opinion hearing, XNUMX opposition groups insist

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A group calling for the removal of the Setoishi Dam (Ashikita Town, Kuma Village) operated by Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. in the middle reaches of the Kuma River also participated.

There are XNUMX meetings to hear opinions from four civil society groups that Kumamoto Prefecture opposes the construction of the Kawabe River Dam regarding the Kuma River flood control after the heavy rain in July. → Continue reading

 Kumamoto Daily Newspaper

The Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun is a local newspaper in Kumamoto. Full of information about Kumamoto such as news and sports.

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Power development

Power Development Co., Ltd.(Dengenkaihatsu,English: Electric Power Development Co., Ltd.) Is JapanesePower company([3],Transmission company[4]).Nickname isJ-POWER(J-Power).


Pacific WarAfter the defeat of JapanGHQMade by the instructions ofExcessive Economic Force Concentration Exclusion LawReceived the designation ofJapan shipping lineWas dismantled and split into a regional power company.However, the newly-divided regional power companies are also very poor in capital and cannot supply the electricity needed for reconstruction satisfactorily.Power plantNewly establishedinvestmentSince it was in a state of being unreliable, the Electric Power Development Promotion Law enacted in response to the increase in domestic electricity demand1952Country on September 9thSpecial companyEstablished as (Capital composition 66.69% is Minister of Finance,-laterMinister of Finance, 9 for the restPower companyInvested).

The first big business of electric power developmentSakuma DamHowever, the construction, which takes 10 years, was completed in 3 years by introducing technology from the United States.With this success, Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.Kurobe DamThere is also a story that gave a go-ahead to the construction of[Source required]..Subsequently called "OTM"Okutadami Dam,Tagokura Dam,Miboro DamConstruction of hydroelectric power plants including large-scale ones one after another.Supporting post-war reconstruction from the aspect of electric power (The Sakuma power plant of Sakuma Dam is still the largest hydroelectric power plant in Japan with annual power generation, and these are still one of the largest in Japan).

During the period of high economic miracle, the supply capacity was increased together with the electric power companies that had rebuilt their finances in response to the large increase in electric power demand. It was.On the other hand, power development includes wide-area thermal power plants that can be used by multiple electric power companies, interconnection transmission lines between electric power companies, andSakuma Frequency ConverterConstruction of interconnection facilities such as, long-distance DC power transmission, and large-scale pumped storage power plants.Perform complementary business of electric power companies.

After that, the electric power companies also had a sufficient financial structure and constructed interconnection transmission lines and other interconnection facilities between the companies.For power development, in order to support the domestic coal mine industry, which was declining at that time, we built a thermal power plant dedicated to domestic coal (later changed to overseas coal-fired power plant), and conducted demonstration test plants such as seawater pumping power plants and overseas cooperation projects. It has come to carry out business with a strong national policy, such as actively conducting it.

In 1997Special corporationAfter a preparation period of about 5 years in rationalizationPrivatizationBy doing so, the Cabinet decided2003Abolished the Electric Power Development Promotion Law,2004May 10ToTokyo Stock ExchangeIn the second partListingHowever, all of the shares held by the electric power company and the government-sponsored privatization fund were sold (initial price was 2,795 yen).In addition, the nickname was changed from "Denpatsu" to "J-POWER".

Now in JapanHydraulic power,FirepowerIt has more than 60 power plants in total, and its power generation capacity is outstanding except for the former general electric power companies (10 electric power companies), even when compared with the former general electric power companies.Shikoku Electric PowerEtc.Tohoku Electric PowerComparable to.In particular, coal-fired power generation is the largest in Japan, and hydroelectric power generation is also top class.It also owns a large number of power transmission / substation facilities, interconnection transmission lines between electric power companies, and other interconnection facilities, and in particular, only J-POWER has a transmission network that interconnects Honshu and Kyushu.Previously, only J-POWER had interconnections between Hokkaido and Honshu, between 50Hz and 60Hz, and between Honshu and Shikoku, but now it owns two-thirds, 3%, and 2%, respectively. ..Although it does not currently have a nuclear power plant, it is located in Aomori Prefecture.Oma Nuclear Power StationIs under construction. Wind-power generationAlso aboutTokyo Seaside Wind Power StationIt has 18 points in Japan and is top class (as of the end of March 2011).Even overseasポーランドWe are actively developing, such as participating in the business at Zayatsukobo Wind Farm.

Also, in recent yearsPower liberalizationDiversified business (water supply business, etc.) to respond to the trend.At the same time, so far mainly in the Asian regionConsultingIn recent years, we have been actively investing in overseas businesses that have been developingThailand・ Kaenkoi 2 power plant,The United States of America・ Tenasca Frontier, Elwood, Green Country, etc.), Coal Mine Development (Australia・ It is expanding due to (Claremont Coal Mine, etc.).

On April 2019, 4, J-Power Transmission Network Co., Ltd. was established as a wholly owned subsidiary. The company will be available from April 1, 100J-Power Transmission Network Co., Ltd.The name was changed and the power transmission business was transferred.[5].


(Main equipment operation start time, etc.)

Human Resources (Representative Directors Only, As of June 2020, 6)

  • President
    (Joined Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. in 1980)
  • The president
    (Joined Electric Power Development Company in 1977, graduated from the University of Tokyo)
  • Vice president
    (Joined Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. in 1980)

In the era of special companies, the title of the chief executive was "PresidentHowever, since it was reorganized into a general corporation, it has become the "president".

List of major offices



  • Washington office
  • Kuala Lumpur Office
  • Hanoi office
  • Jakarta office

* (Major overseas corporations)

  • Australia
  • ç±³ 国
    • J-POWER North America Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Netherlands
    • J-Power Investment Netherlands BV
    • CBK Netherlands Holdings BV
  • Thailand
    • J-POWER Generation (Thailand)
    • Gulf Electric Public Co., Ltd.
    • TLP Cogeneration Company Limited
    • Thaioil Power Co., Ltd.
    • Gulf Power Generation Co., Ltd.
    • Nong Khae Cogeneration Co., Ltd.
    • Samutprakarn Cogeneration Co., Ltd.
    • Gulf Cogeneration Co., Ltd.
    • Gulf Yala Green Co., Ltd.
    • Independent Power (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • フィリピン
    • CBK Power Company Limited
  • スペイン
    • SEC HoldCo, SA
  • Chugoku
    • Pow Wow Tile Power Development Advisory (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
  • Taiwan
    • Kae Electric Power Co., Ltd.

Power generation facility

97 locations in total, 1822 kW(As of May 2018, 3)[7]

  • The total output includes the units under long-term planned suspension and regular inspection.Units that have been abolished and units under construction are not included.

Hydroelectric power plant

61 locations, 857kW

  • Major hydroelectric power plants (power plants of 10 kW or more)
Power plantWater systemPrimary tributary
Secondary tributaryPower generation methodAuthorization outputdamLocation & Operation start
Shimogo Power StationAgano RiverAgano River
Dam canal type (Pumping type)100 kWOkawa Dam(Shimoike)
Ouchi Dam(Ueike)
Okutadami Power StationAgano RiverTadami RiverDam type56 kWOkutadami DamFukushima
Agano RiverTadami RiverDam type18.2 kWFukushima1963
Tagokura Power StationAgano RiverTadami RiverDam type38.5 kWTagokura DamFukushima1959
Numappara Power StationNakagawaNakagawa
(Outside the river)
Dam canal type (pumping type)67.5 kWMiyama Dam(Shimoike)
Numahara Dam (Ueike)
Sakuma Power StationTenryu RiverTenryu RiverDam waterway type35 kWSakuma DamShizuoka
Shintoyone Power StationTenryu RiverTenryu River
Osense River

Dam canal type (pumping type)112 kWSakuma Dam (Shimoike)
Shintoyone Dam(Ueike)
Oku Kiyotsu Power Station
Oku Kiyotsu No. XNUMX Power Station
Shinano RiverKiyotsu River
Kassa river
Dam canal type (pumping type)100 kW
60 kW
Futai Dam(Shimoike)
Kassa Dam (Kamiike)
Miboro Power StationShogawaShogawaDam type21.5 kWMiboro DamGifu1961
Tedorigawa Daiichi Power StationTedori RiverTedori RiverDam waterway type25 kWTetorigawa DamIshikawa1979
Nagano power plantKuzuryu RiverKuzuryu RiverDam type (pumping type)22 kWKuzuryu Dam
Washi Dam
Ikehara power plantKumano RiverKitayama RiverDam type (pumping type)35 kWIkehara Dam
Nanairo Dam
Sendai River Daiichi Power StationKawauchi RiverKawauchi RiverDam type12 kWSendai DamKagoshima1965

Thermal power plant (domestic in-house equipment)

7 units in 14 locations, 841 kW

Power plant name燃料 燃料Total outputUnitoutputThermal efficiency (LHV)start operationLocation & Remarks
Isogo Thermal Power Stationcoalnote120 kWNew Unit 1
New Unit 2
60 kW
60 kW


Year ending March 2002
Year ending March 2009
Kanagawa横 浜 市Isogo-ku
Takasago Thermal Power Stationcoal50 kWUnit 1
Unit 2
25 kW
25 kW


Year ending March 1968
Year ending March 1969
HyogoTakasagoNew 1 and 2 units (120 million kW in total) are planned.
Takehara Thermal Power Stationcoal130 kWNew Unit 1

Unit 3

60 kw

70 kW



Year ending March 2020

Year ending March 1983

HiroshimaTakeharaThe existing Unit 1 (25 kW) and Unit 2 (35 kW) were abolished.
Tachibana Bay Thermal Power Stationcoal210 kWUnit 1
Unit 2
105 kW
105 kW


Year ending March 2000
Year ending March 2000
TokushimaAnan City
Matsushima Thermal Power Stationcoal100 kWUnit 1
Unit 2
50 kW
50 kW


Year ending March 1981
Year ending March 1981
NagasakiSaikai CityMatsushima
Matsuura Thermal Power Stationcoal200 kWUnit 1
Unit 2
100 kW
100 kW


Year ending March 1990
Year ending March 1997
Ishikawa coal-fired power plantcoal31.2 kWUnit 1
Unit 2
15.6 kW
15.6 kW


Year ending March 1986
Year ending March 1987
OkinawaUruma City

Nuclear power plant

(1 place under construction)

Power plant nameReactor modelTotal outputstart operationLocation & Remarks
Oma Nuclear Power StationAdvanced boiling water reactorkWAomoriShimokita-gunOma TownOne unit is under construction and is planned to be 1 million kW.

New energy

Power plant namethe wayTotal outputstart operationLocation &
Onikobe Geothermal Power StationGeothermal power generation1.5 kWYear ending March 1975MiyagiOsaki
Wind-power generation0.45 kWYear ending March 2000HokkaidoShimamaki Village
Tomomae Winvilla Power PlantWind-power generation3.06 kWYear ending March 2000HokkaidoTomamae Town
Wind-power generation1.485 kWYear ending March 2001HokkaidoWakkanai
Wind-power generation2.475 kWYear ending March 2001AkitaNikaho City
Tokyo Seaside Wind Power StationWind-power generation0.17 kWYear ending March 2003TokyoKoto Ward
Wind-power generation2.6 kWYear ending March 2003KagoshimaMinamiosumi Town
Wind-power generation0.45 kWYear ending March 2003Yamaguchi Shimonoseki
Wind-power generation2.1 kWYear ending March 2003IwateKuzumaki
Tahara Wind FarmWind-power generation0.198 kWYear ending March 2004AichiTahara
Wind-power generation1.5 kWYear ending March 2005NagasakiSasebo
Wind-power generation1.75 kWYear ending March 2005KumamotoNishihara village
Tahara wind farmWind-power generation2.2 kWYear ending March 2005AichiTahara
Wind-power generation1.2 kWYear ending March 2005HokkaidoSetana Town
Wind-power generation6.598 kWYear ending March 2007FukushimaKoriyama
Wind-power generation0.85 kWYear ending March 2007KumamotoOguni machi
Wind-power generation3.4 kWYear ending March 2010ShizuokaMinamiizu Town
Wind-power generation2 kWYear ending March 2011FukuiAwara City
Wind-power generation2.8 kWYear ending March 2011FukushimaTamura-Kawauchi Village
Kaminokuni Wind FarmWind-power generation2.8 kWYear ending March 2014HokkaidoKaminokuni Town
South Ehime Wind FarmWind-power generation2.16 kWYear ending March 2015EhimeUwajima City

Power generation facilities that existed in the past

Thermal power plant

Power plant name燃料 燃料Total outputAbolition timeLocation &
Wakamatsu Thermal Power Station*Coal, heavy oil15 kW1989FukuokaKitakyushuWakamatsu Ward

* On the site of the Wakamatsu Thermal Power Station, the Wakamatsu General Office was constructed as a research, experiment, and training facility.

Overseas achievements

  • Technical consulting 63 cases in 318 countries / regions (results as of the end of May 2011)
  • IPP (Overseas Power Generation Business) 6 cases in 29 countries / regions (results at the end of June 2010)

Offer program

Main affiliates

Regarding the issue of stock acquisition by TCI

Power developmentIssued sharesOwns 9.9% of英国 OfThe Children's Investment Fund (TCI) expressed dissatisfaction with its management policy, including requesting a dividend increase at the time of the annual general meeting of shareholders in June 2007.[10].. In November 2007, the management was requested to dispatch an outside officer, but on January 11, 2008, the Electric Power Development Board of Directors responded that it opposed the proposal.[11].

Therefore, on January 1, TCI will raise the stake in Electric Power Development to 15%.Foreign exchange lawAdvance notification by[12]Was done.However, the Foreign Exchange Special Subcommittee of the Foreign Exchange Subcommittee of the Customs and Foreign Exchange Council said on April 4 that the acquisition of shares could hinder the maintenance of public order in Japan.[13]Was issued.In response to this opinionMinister of Finance NukagaとMinister of Economy, Trade and Industry AmariRecommendations to stop the acquisition of shares by TCI[6]At the same time, the discourse that "the Japanese government's promotion of direct investment in Japan remains unchanged"[14]Announced and commented on the content that Electric Power Development also allows this recommendation and discourse[15]announced.

On April 4, TCI granted an opportunity for a defense issued by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.[16]The Minister of Finance Nukaga and the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Amari started the procedure for the suspension order under Article 27, Paragraph 10 of the Foreign Exchange Law, and ordered the suspension on May 5.[17]Issued. On July 7, TCI issued a statement to abandon the complaint in accordance with the suspension order.[18].

On the other hand, TCI announced on April 4th that it would develop the power supply in June.Ordinary General Meeting of ShareholdersAtYear-end dividendAnnounced that it will make a proposal regarding the dismissal of the president if the conditions are not accepted.Electric Power Development announced on April 4 that it had received this proposal, and on April 18 the Board's opinion that it would oppose all TCI proposals.[19]announced.After that, letters continued to be exchanged between TCI and Electric Power Development, but the disagreement was not filled, and on May 5, toward the annual general meeting.Solicitation of power of attorneyTCI has announced that it will do so.

At the 6th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on June 26, all shareholder proposals by TCI were rejected.[20]Around that time, TCI is a power development management team.Appeal to pursue responsibilityWe are proceeding with the procedure for filing a request, and request disclosure of the voting results of the voting rights of cross-shareholders.[21][22][23][24][25]The dispute continued even after TCI's shareholder proposal was rejected by the ordinary general meeting of shareholders.

However, on October 2008, 10, Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. announced that it would buy all of TCI's shares, ending a series of problems.Regarding the reason why TCI decided to sell its shares, the business reorganization to incorporate the subsidiary business decided by Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. at the end of July 31 into the main body.[26]Reported by[27]Reported that it was due to the impact of the global financial crisis that occurred in September 2008.[28]There is, and it is complicated.

Sky descent problem

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentSince then, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the electric power companydictateThe problem has been criticized as a structure that loosens the safety standards of nuclear power plants of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, which is the regulatory agency.

Broadcast transmission facility

On the roof of the head officeCommunity broadcasting stationIsCentral FMThere was a transmission station[29],2013May 6ToKabukizaMoved to the tower[30].


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