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🏛 | Okinawa base burden "The mainland is also being questioned" Citizens' group requested Governor Kuroiwa and Kanagawa, canceled Henoko landfill and basics ...

Photo Ronald Reagan, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier deployed in Yokosuka

Okinawa base burden "Mainland is also being questioned" Citizens' group requested Governor Kuroiwa and Kanagawa, Henoko landfill canceled and basic ...

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I would like Governor Kuroiwa to raise the issue as the chairman of the National Governors' Association. "

Citizens' group "Meeting to take over Okinawa bases, metropolitan area ne ..." in an attempt to bear the US military bases concentrated in Okinawa prefecture nationwide. → Continue reading

 Kanagawa Shimbun

Kanaroko is a news site operated by the Kanagawa Shimbun. As the only local newspaper in Kanagawa Prefecture, we have a news gathering network throughout the prefecture to provide a wealth of information on incidents and accidents, political administration, economics, sports, culture, and heartwarming topics in the region.

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National Governors' Association

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