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🏛 | Ishikawa Prefecture, Nanao Mayor Election Mr. Chatani, who breaks the current position, is elected for the first time


Ishikawa Prefecture, Nanao Mayor Election Mr. Chatani, who breaks the current position, is elected for the first time

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Many issues remain for Nanao City.

The mayoral election in Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture, due to the expiration of his term, was voted on the XNUMXth, and a new tax accountant, Yoshitaka Chatani, won his first election ... → Continue reading

 MRO Hokuriku Broadcasting

Hokuriku Broadcasting is a radio and television broadcasting station headquartered in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. It has been supported by viewers for more than half a century as the first private broadcasting station on the Japan Sea side of Honshu.
Our mission is to broadcast programs that show the current (current) state of Ishikawa on radio and television, to plan events that make people happy, and above all, "close to the community."

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Nanao City

Nanao City(Repair) isHokuriku regionLocated in the western part ofCityso,IshikawaNoto districtIs the central municipality of.


Located in the central part of Noto PeninsulaToyama Bay,Nanao BayFacing the city areaNotojimaincluding.2004(Heisei16 years)May 10,Merger of municipalitiesBy the new city systemNanao CityWas launched. The origin of the name "Nanao" is said to be from the seven ridges (Kikuo, Kameo, Matsuo, Torao, Takeo, Umeo, Tatsuo) of the mountain where Nanao Castle was located (commonly known as Shiroyama).[1].


Located in the central part of Nanao Bay due to the mergerNotojima Town, Nanao West BayNakajima Town,Tazuruhama TownThe area is included in the city area and surrounds Nanao South Bay.The eastern part faces Toyama Bay, and the Sakiyama Peninsula, which extends northeast along the bay, is at the tip.KannonzakiFacing Noto Island.Wakura Onsen, Akaura Onsen,Akasaki OnsenThere are many hot springs.


Highest point
  • Mt. Zao (Mt. Akasaka) (507.5m)

IshitoyamaThe altitude is higher, but the highest point (mountain peak) is next to it.Nakanoto TownBelong to.

  • Sakiyama Peninsula
  • 赤蔵山(179m)、伊掛山(252m)、石動山(564m)、蔵王山(赤坂山)(507.5m)、鞍馬山(60m)、国造山(63m)、後藤山(84m)、城山(300m)、天行寺山、風吹岳(354m)、別所岳(358m)、遍照岳、虫ヶ峰(296m)、四村塚山(196.8m)
  • Otani River, Otsu River, Kasashi River, Kawajiri River, Kawachi River, Kumaki River, Kumaguchi River, Kosaka River, Komaki River, Sakiyama River, Sakura River, Takaai River, Takada River, Torigoe River, Nishitani Uchi River, Daily River, Ninomiya River , Funao River, Mio River, Yawata River, Wakabayashi River
  • Nanao Bay, Toyama Bay
  • Akauragata, upper bank, Urushiya pond, shell pond, lower bank
  • Qingdao, Oshima, Oshima, Oshima, Karasujima, Kannonjima, Kuroshima, Kojima, Koshikijima, Kobejima, Sarushima, Shigejajima, Terashima, Tachigashima, Tanegashima, Kumajima, Kijima, Nakajima, Notojima, Buddha, Matsushima, Mizukoshi Island, Metz Island, Spiral Island, Yomeshima
Cape (nose)
  • Ipponki nose, Ueki nose, Ukiishi nose, Akizaki, Enoki nose, Ogi nose, Osugizaki, Otachizaki, Otomari nose, Kasaguri nose, Katsoozaki, Kamasaki, Kama nose, Kannonzaki, Gyosha nose, Kotani nose, Koizumizaki, Shirasaki, Joga nose, Niizaki, Sen nose, Sowaji nose, Taura nose, Take nose, Tachiga nose, Chojaga nose, Donoshita, Street nose, Toga nose, Toriga nose, Nagasaki, Nagashima, Tofusaki, Tofu cape, Fujiyoshi nose, Tattered nose, Maki nose, Matsuga nose, Matsu nose, Manzaki, Mizutari nose, Miyazaki, Yada Shindezaki, Yokosa nose, Yoshigaura nose, Yonogi nose, Bayzaki

Adjacent municipality


Administrative district

  • Sodegae
  • Gyo
  • Tokuda
  • Yadago
  • Higashiminato
  • Nishiminato
  • Ishizaki
  • Wakura
  • Southern drink
  • Kitaonomi
  • Sakiyama
  • Higher floor
  • end
  • Tatsuruhama
  • Akakura
  • Soma
  • Kanegasaki
  • West Bank
  • Natauchi
  • Kumaki
  • Toyokawa
  • Kasashiho
  • Nozaki
  • Kunime
  • Mukita
  • Western part



ancientNoto countryNoto-gunNoto in the land ofKokufu,KokubunjiIt was the center of Noto Province, where is located.Going back further, it is the land governed by Noto Kunizo.Total length 52mThe Yada Takagimori tumulus (keyhole-shaped tumulus) and the 42-meter Yada Maruyama tumulus (keyhole-shaped tumulus) are said to be involved in the Noto burial mounds.On the opposite bank of Noto IslandEnki ceremony internal companyIt is rare in Iya Hibashi Shrine and in JapanGoguryeoHave a ceremony stone chamberSoso Ezo Cave TumulusThere is.

It became Kashima-gun in the Middle Ages.Noto during the Warring States periodMr. Hatakeyama Nanao Castle7th generation owner based inYoshitaka HatakeyamaIn the era, the magnificent "Hatayama culture" prospered under Nanao Castle and reached its heyday.

1577(Tensho5 years),Kenshin UesugiHatakeyama was destroyed by the invasion ofOda NobunagaServeMaeda ToshiieOccupied the entire Noto area.Some in the Edo periodHeavenExcept forMaeda OfKaga DomainBecame part of.


Transition of administrative district

Flow of Nanao city area after the Meiji era
Before 18891889th of February 41889 - 19451945 - 19541954 - 20042004 -
Municipal system not enforcedKashima-gunNanaochoKashima-gunNanaochoNanao CityNanao CityNanao CityNanao City
Higashiminato VillageHigashiminato Village
Yatago VillageYatago Village
Tokuda VillageTokuda Village
Nishiminato VillageNishiminato Village
Ishizaki VillageIshizaki Village
Kitaonomi VillageKitaonomi VillageKashima-gunKitaonomi VillageNanao City
Minamionomi VillageMinamionomi VillageMinamionomi Village
Sakiyama VillageSakiyama VillageSakiyama Village
Takashina VillageTakashina VillageTakashina Village
Nakajima VillageNakajima VillageNakajima VillageNakajima TownKashima-gunNakajima Town
Kasashiho VillageKasashiho VillageKasashiho Village
Kumaki VillageKumaki VillageKumaki Village
Nishigishi VillageNishigishi VillageNishigishi Village
Hakui-gunNatauchi VillageHakui-gunNatauchi VillageNatauchi Village
Kashima-gunHigashijima VillageKashima-gunHigashijima VillageHigashijima VillageHigashijima VillageNotojima Town
Nakanoshima VillageNakanoshima VillageNakanoshima VillageNakanoshima Village
Nishijima VillageNishijima VillageNishijima VillageNishijima Village
Tazuruhama VillageWakuramachiTazuruhama TownTazuruhama TownTazuruhama TownTazuruhama Town
Akagura Village
Kanegasaki VillageKanegasaki VillageKanegasaki Village
Soma VillageSoma VillageSoma Village


  • 51,113 (2021(3nd year of Reiwa)May 1Current)
  • Man --24,297 Women --26,816[3]
The number of households
  • 21,944 households (as of January 2021, 3 (Reiwa 1))[3]
Population distribution of Nanao, Ishikawa, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Nanao City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Nanao City (2005)
Purple-Nanao City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Nanao City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan



Former Mayor of Nanao City
Oka Keimaru1939(14)May 71939 year (Showa 14 year)May 9Duties
11Toyokichi Shimizu1939 year (Showa 14 year)May 91943(18)May 9
22Nagayasu MatsukawaMarch 1943, 18 (Showa 9)1946(21)May 10
33Ryoji Kamino1947(22)May 41951(26)May 4
41951 year (Showa 26 year)May 51955(30)May 4
54Pengtaro Uesaka1955 year (Showa 30 year)May 41959(34)May 4
65Kunitomo SotozoMarch 1959, 34 (Showa 4)1963(Showa 38) January 4
76MoriseiichiMarch 1963, 38 (Showa 4)1967(Showa 42) January 4
87Shigeharu AokiMarch 1967, 42 (Showa 4)1971(Showa 46) January 4
9March 1971, 46 (Showa 4)1975(Showa 50) January 4
108Tomonori MoritomoMarch 1975, 50 (Showa 4)1979(Showa 54) January 4
11March 1979, 54 (Showa 4)1983(Showa 58) January 4
12March 1983, 58 (Showa 4)1985(60)May 10Died during office
139Hiroshi Ishigaki1985 year (Showa 60 year)May 111989(XNUMX)May 11
14October 1989, 111993(5) April 11
151993 (Heisei 5)/11/231997(9) April 11
161997 (Heisei 9)/11/232001(13) April 11
1710Bunpei Takemoto2001 (Heisei 13)/11/232004(16)May 9
Successive mayors
Noboru Tsujiguchi2004(16)May 102004 year (Heisei 16 year)May 11Mayor Duty Executor, Former Mayor Nakajima
11Bunpei Takemoto2004 year (Heisei 16 year)May 112008(20) April 11
22008 (Heisei 20)/11/72012(24) April 11
32Toyokazu Fushima2012 (Heisei 24)/11/72016(28) April 11
42016 (Heisei 28)/11/7January 2020, 2 (11nd year of Reiwa)
53Yoshitaka Chatani2020(2nd year of Reiwa)May 11Incumbent

municipal office

Mayoral election

Results of successive mayor elections
TimesElection execution dateVoter turnout
candidateNumber of votes obtained
11947(22)May 4Ryoji Kamino6,848
Kosaku Mitsui4,744
Kunitomo Sotozo3,448
21951(26)May 494.6Ryoji Kamino7,129
Kunitomo Sotozo6,596
Kosaku Mitsui6,313
31955(30)May 492.0Pengtaro Uesaka12,920
Masanori Kamino12,228
Shigeo Tamura269
41959(34)May 491.63Kunitomo Sotozo15,224
Pengtaro Uesaka11,080
51963(38)May 486.23Moriseiichi13,056
Hideo Haruki12,923
Toshio Yasoshima1,585
61967(42)May 488.37Shigeharu Aoki14,357
71971(46)May 494.64Shigeharu Aoki15,328
Hideo Haruki15,064
81975(50)May 494.10Tomonori Moritomo17,094
Shigeharu Aoki14,530
91979(54)May 4/Tomonori MoritomoNo votes
101983(58)May 493.81Tomonori Moritomo19,050
Hero Uesaka13,941
111985(60)May 1189.64Hiroshi Ishigaki15,579
Daine Otomatsu10,140
Noboru Kasashi6,158
121989(XNUMX)May 10/Hiroshi IshigakiNo votes
131993(5)May 10/Hiroshi IshigakiNo votes
141997(9)May 1063.17Hiroshi Ishigaki15,537
Kenzo Yamazaki5,047
Kiyonori Kurosaki2,897
152001(13)May 1078.92Bunpei Takemoto18,338
Hiroshi Ishigaki11,285
16 (1)2004(16)May 1178.12Bunpei Takemoto24,750
Yasuo Nakamura15,399
17 (2)2008(20)May 1071.30Bunpei Takemoto20,667
Kotaro Masaura14,289
18 (3)2012(24)May 1061.63Toyokazu Fushima16,763
Eiki Nishikawa6,201
Sakai Sukemitsu6,098
19 (4)2016(28)May 10/Toyokazu FushimaNo votes
20 (5)2020(Reiwa2 years)May 1063.44Yoshitaka Chatani11,574
Toyokazu Fushima10,762
Shio Moriyama5,301


In 2009, the deputy mayor was arrested on suspicion of bribery for receiving 100 million yen in cash from a contractor in connection with civil engineering work ordered by the city.[4].


Nanao City Assembly

  • Number of people: 18 people
  • Term: March 2017, 11-March 1, 2021[5]
  • Chair: Yoshihiko Kubo (Nadakai)[6]
  • Vice Chairman: Tomoyuki Yamazaki (Nadakai)
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsRepresentative name
Nadakai7Tomoyuki Yamazaki, Yoshihiko Kubo, Tsutomu Sugiki, Takeshi Kakiuchi, Yoshimasa Obayashi, Takeo Katsura, Yuuo Imada
New government4Hidenobu Nishikawa, Masanori Tokuda, Yo Nagasaki, Yosuke Nakanishi
Abandoned7Kazuyoshi Yamazoe, Yoshinori Sato, Takao Kinoshita, Kazunori Isogai, Kazuyoshi Arakawa, Atsuko Ito, Chuichi Sugimoto

Ishikawa Prefectural Assembly

  • Constituency: Nanao City Constituency
  • Number of people: 2 people
  • Term: March 2019, 4-March 30, 2023
  • Voting Date: July 2019, 4
  • Number of voters on the day: 45,005
  • Voting rate: 58.80%
Candidate nameCommentageParty nameOld and newNumber of votes obtained
Shinichi ShimizuThis41Independent9,704 vote
Kozo WadauchiThis71LDPNow9,561 vote
Masahiro Takahashidrop44LDPNow6,953 vote

House of Representatives

CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedrepeat
ThisShoji Nishida48LDP80,416 vote
RatioKazuya Kondo43Hope partyyuan78,306 vote
Kota Suzuki36Japan Communist Party5,212 vote

公共 機関


Police box (3)
  • Nanao station square police box
  • Mishima police box
  • Wakura police box
Residential police box (12)
  • Tokuda police box
  • Three-room police box
  • An office
  • Hanazono police box
  • Ishizaki police box
  • Soma police box
  • Tatsuruhama police box
  • West Bank Representative
  • Fujise police box
  • Nakajima Substation
  • Shiotsu station
  • Noto Island Representative Office


Fire department (2)
  • Nanao Fire Station
  • Wakura Fire Station
Detachment / Detachment (3)
  • Nakajima branch office
  • Notojima branch office
  • Nadaura Branch Office


Independent administrative agency
Medical Corporation

Water supply

Public water supply
  • Nanao City Water and Sewerage Division


Public sewerage (specific environmental conservation public sewerage)
  • Nanao processing area
  • Wakura processing area
  • Nagaura processing area
  • Nakajima processing area
  • Tatsuruhama processing area
  • Notojima processing area

Waste treatment

  • Nanao City Environment Division


Zip Code
  • 926-00 ・ 01 ・ 02 ・ 03 ・ 08 (former Nanao City, Notojima Town Area)
  • 929-21 ・ 22 (former Tatsuruhama Town / Nakajima Town area)
Post office (35)
  • Ishizaki Post Office
  • Iori Simple Post Office
  • Ikuromachi Post Office
  • Ushirobatake Post Office
  • Enome Post Office
  • Japan Post Post Office
  • Kanegasaki Post Office
  • Hokkaido University Post Office
  • Sakiyama Post Office
  • Sazanami Post Office
  • Tatsuruhama Post Office
  • Tokuda Post Office
  • Tokuda station square post office
  • Toyokawa Post Office
  • Nakajima Post Office
  • Nanao Post Office
  • Nanao Ota Post Office
  • Nanao Tsumugi Simple Post Office
  • Nanao Fujihashimachi Post Office
  • Nanao Fuchu Post Office
  • Nanao Matsumoto Post Office
  • Nanao Mani Post Office
  • Nanao Yada Post Office
  • Nanao Yata New Post Office
  • West Bank Post Office
  • Nishijima Post Office
  • Japan Post Post Office
  • Notojima Post Office
  • Higashijima Post Office
  • Mangyo Post Office
  • Japan Post Post Office
  • Minamigaoka Post Office
  • Mimuro Simple Post Office
  • Yawata Post Office
  • Wakura Onsen Post Office
Branch office
  • Kanazawa BranchPatriaInner branch office

National administrative agency



high school

Ishikawa Prefectural (5)
Private (1)

Junior high school

Nanao City (4)
* The numbers in parentheses are elementary schools in the school district.

primary school

Nanao City (10)
* The numbers in parentheses are the administrative districts within the school district.
  • Komaruyama Elementary School
    (Mikare, Nishiminato)
  • Sanno Elementary School
    (Sodegae, part of Yadago)
  • Tenjinyama Elementary School
  • Higashiminato Elementary School
    (Higashiminato, Kita-nomi, Sakiyama, Minami-nomi)
  • Ishizaki Elementary School
  • Wakura Elementary School
  • Asahi Elementary School
    (Tokuda, higher floor)
  • Tatsuruhama Elementary School
    (Hata, Tatsuruhama, Akakura, Soma, Kanegasaki)
  • Nakajima Elementary School
    (West Bank, Kumaki, Kumaki, Nakajima, Toyokawa, Kasashiho)
  • Notojima Elementary School
    (Nozaki, Kaname, Mukita, Western)

Special school

Ishikawa Prefectural (1)
  • Nanao Special Needs School

Vocational school

Private (3)

Junior college

Facilities other than school education

Sports Facilities

  • NGF Okui Golf School
  • Sports Gather 770
  • Nanao Korosa Ski Resort
  • Nanao City Health Promotion Center Athlon
  • Nanao City Shiroyama Athletics Stadium
  • Nanao City Shiroyama Swimming Pool
  • Nanao City Shiroyama Gymnasium
  • Nanao City Komaruyama Tennis Court
  • Nanao City Komaruyama Gate Ball Field
  • Nanao City Mt. Atagoyama Sumo Ground
  • Nanao City Futatsuda Athletic Field
  • Nanao City Budokan
  • Nanao City Minato Fureai Sports Center
  • Nanao City Tatsuruhama Gymnasium
  • Nanao City Tatsuruhama Tennis Court
  • Nanao City Tatsuruhama Indoor Gateball Field
  • Nanao City Tatsuruhama Multipurpose Ground
  • Nanao City Tatsuruhama Budokan
  • Nanao City Nakajima Gymnasium
  • Nanao City Nakajima Budojo
  • Nanao City Nakajima Baseball Stadium
  • Nanao City Nakajima Sumo Ground
  • Nanao City Nakajima Gathering Square
  • Nanao City Notojima Budokan Tateno
  • Nanao City B & G Marine Center
  • Nanao Shiroyama Athletic Park
  • Nanao Shiroyama Baseball Stadium
  • Nanao General Civic Gymnasium
  • Notojima Golf and Country Club
  • BIG-S Nanao
  • Minacle 70
  • Wakura Golf Club

Lifelong learning facility

Job training

Ishikawa Prefectural (1)

Driving school

Designated driving school (2)





General national road

The Kawaramachi intersection in the city is Route 159 (--end point,Kanazawa), Route 160 (--End point ・Takaoka), Route 249 (- Wajima City ――It is the starting point of the three national roads where (end point, Kanazawa City) gathers.[7].

Main local road

General prefectural road

Road Station


Bus company
Community bus
  • Marin
  • Yamabiko
  • Round 7
  • Nakajima Genki Bus
  • Tatsuruhama Community Bus
  • Notojima community bus
Bus terminal



Important port

Local port

  • Wakura Port
  • Hannoura Port

Fishing port

  • Iori fishing port (Iori, 1 species).
  • Ishizaki fishing port (Ishizaki, 2 species)
  • Unoura fishing port (Unoura, 1 species)
  • Emari fishing port (Enotomari, 1 species)
  • Kurosaki fishing port (Kurosaki, 1 species)
  • Sazanami fishing port
    • Kamisasami fishing port (Kami Sazanami, 1 species)
    • Shimosazanami Fishing Port (Sazanami, 2 species)
  • Higashihama fishing port (Tonohama, 1 species)
  • Hyakukai Fishing Port (Domi, 1 species)
  • Mimuro fishing port (Mimuro, 1 species)


  • Industrial population
    • Primary industry 6.0%
    • Secondary industry 25.3%
    • Tertiary industry 68.7%

(27 census)

Agriculture, forestry and fisheries

Fisheries processing industry


  • Vitec Farm Nanao Co., Ltd.


Manufacturing industry

Commercial / Other

Commercial facility



tv set



  • Mid-January-Wakura Onsen Winter Fireworks
  • Late March-Heikoku Festival (Oide Festival)
  • Sunday near April 4-Mibiki Shishimai
  • 4th Saturday of April-Sumiyoshi Taisha Festival
  • June 5-3- Qingdao Festival(Seihakusai)
  • Late March- Monterey Jazz Festival in Noto
  • Late July-Nagoshi Festival
  • First Saturday of July-Mutual City Festival
  • Third Saturday of July- Nanao Gion Festival(Nanao Gion Festival)
  • 7th Saturday of July-Shiotsu Kagari Fire Love Festival (Shiotsu Summer Festival)
  • January 7th and 19th- Nanao Port Festival(Noto Yosakoi Festival Will be held)
  • July 7-Mukaida Fire Festival (Koda no Hi Matsuri)
  • Early August-Wakura Onsen Summer Fireworks
  • Third Saturday of July- Ishizaki lantern festival(Issaki Hoto Sai)
  • August 8-Shingu no Uryosai
  • August 8-Himuro no Kamamatsuri
  • Early June- YOSAKOI SoranSea of ​​Japan and venue
  • 9rd Sunday of September-Nanao Castle Festival
  • September 9-Okuma Kabuto Festival
  • Early November-Nanao Autumn Big City (Otoki City)
  • Mid-December-Cormorant Festival




local specialty

Works set in Nanao City



Anime light novel


  • "Nanao City and Commerce and Industry Guide" (Nanao City, March 1952)
  • "History of Nanao City" (edited by the Nanao City History Compilation Expert Committee, 1968-1974)
  • "Detailed classification map of Nanao City and Kashima District" (Japan Geopolitical Association, May 1981)
  • "National Treasure, Shorin-zu byobu: 10th Anniversary of Opening, New Nanao City Birth Memorial" (Nanao Museum of Art, 2005)
  • "Noto Nanao Castle / Kaga Kanazawa Castle: Medieval Castle / Machi / Mura" (edited by Yoshihiro Senda and Toshifumi Yada, Shinjinbutsusha, March 2006,ISBN 4404032803

Famous people

Before the Meiji era
Politics, bureaucracy, military personnel

City exchange

sister city

Goodwill city

Tourism exchange city


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注 釈


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