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🏛 | Tossed about the Kawabe River dam problem Itsuki Village Residents are confused [Kumamoto]


Voices of confusion from residents of Itsuki Village at the Kawabe River dam problem [Kumamoto]

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I want a decision that is closer to the villagers than a decision that confuses the villagers with a dam. "" I have a very big question about the construction of the dam now. " I'm afraid that Kimura will decline, "and questions were raised about the rekindling of the dam construction.

Governor Kabashima listened to the opinions of the residents about the hydraulic control of the Kuma River on the XNUMXnd, and for more than XNUMX years, he was at the mercy of the Kawabe River dam problem (... → Continue reading

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Itsuki Village

Itsuki Village(Itsukimura) isKumamotoIn the south ofvillageso,Kuma-gunBelongs to. "Itsuki LullabyIs the birthplace of.


Located in the southern part of Kumamoto prefecture, the northern part of Kuma-gun, adjacent to Mizukami-mura and Taragi-cho in the east, Toyo-cho and Sakamoto-mura in Yatsushiro-shi in the west, Yamae-mura and Sagara-mura in the south, and Izumi-cho in Yatsushiro-gun in the north ..Since the entire village is located in the mountainous area of ​​the Kyushu Mountains, it is characterized by a series of mountains with an altitude of 1,000 m or more, very few flat areas, and steep terrain with deep canyons running vertically and horizontally.The village areaKyushu mountain areaIt is a part of the forest, and forests occupy 96.2% of the total area.

Almost all habitable areas in the village, including the central areaKawabegawa DamDue to the planned submergence site, alternative sites were constructed in various places and relocated in sequence.[1].

  • Mountains: Mt. Nokehara, Mt. Takatsukayama, Mt. Shirahama, Mt. Kunimi, Mt.
  • river:Kawabe River・ Itsuki Ogawa, Kajiwara River, etc.
  • cave: Kuorise-dong

Adjacent municipalities

Place name

Although there is no large character, the village is divided into three districts, A, B, and Hei, which are used for address notation.


Modern times

  • 1889 The city system and the town / village system are enforced, and Youra Village and the union office are set up in Youra Village Tashiro.
  • 1893 Itsuki Post Office opened (bad 2805)
  • 1896 Classify union offices and place Itsuki village office in Shinizumi Temple
  • 1902 Hitoyoshi-Unskillful Bashamichi is completed.Itsuki copper mine closed
  • 1907 Hitoyoshi Police Station Itsuki Village Toji Police Box newly established
  • 1924 Kuryo district fire (23 burned to death, 2 half burned to death, 23 cows and horses burned)
  • 1925 Opening of a horse-drawn carriage between Unda and Itsuki
  • 1926 Completion of the head bridge
  • 1927 Completion of Nicchitsu Takenokawa Power Station
  • 1928 Completion of Nicchitsu Konzern Power Station
  • 1931 Hitoyoshi-Itsuki bus opened
  • 1937 Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc. Kawabegawa Daiichi Power Station completed (Sakasegawa)
  • 1940 Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc. Gokigawa No. XNUMX Power Station completed (Hirano)
  • 1947 Established Itsuki Junior High School (south, west, north, Shimokajiwara branch schools)
  • 1949 Judith typhoon invades, Nonowaki, Miyazono Bridge washed away, road
  • 1952 Kyushu Sanko Bus Hitoyoshi-Heading-Miyazono started operation.Kyushu Sanko Bus Headquarters-Hirase section started operation
  • 1953 New construction of Itsuki Village Government Building completed
  • 1954 Disaster caused by Typhoon No. 5 (12 outflow houses)
  • 1955 Kuorise forest road opened (between prefectural road and Kuorise)
  • 1956 Prefectural road Itsuki Miyanoharu line opened
  • 1957 Kyushu Sanko Bus Hirase-Kotsuru service started
  • 1960 Kyushu Sanko Bus Miyazono-Kami Wasteland operation started
  • 1961 Itsuki Village Hall government building burned down
  • 1962 Itsuki Nakakita Branch School becomes independent as the second junior high school
  • 1963 The entire village is hit by heavy snowfall (1.2m of snow).Disasters caused by torrential rain (11 dead and missing, 143 houses spilled, 45 partially destroyed).Miura Elementary School building washed away
  • 1964 Disaster caused by Typhoon No. 14 (4 houses completely destroyed, 10 partially destroyed)
  • 1965 A disaster occurred due to torrential rain (25 houses were completely destroyed and 13 were partially destroyed).Introduction of electricity in Shimokajiwara area (outskirts measures project)
  • 1966 Forest road Hirasawatsu line (Izumimura Shimotsuru-Shiiba) opened.Kawabe River dam construction plan announced
  • 1967 Introducing electricity in the Tankaino area
  • 1969 Forest road Shirakura line (until Shimokajiwara branch school) opened
  • 1971 NHK TV Itsuki relay station opened (Masugatayama)
  • 1972 Prefectural Hitoyoshi High School Itsuki Branch School opened, Akira Itsuki established
  • 1973 Local group telephone opening
  • 1974 Forest road Sema line opened (between Miyameki and Semeki).Uchiya dam completed.Kyushu Sanko Bus Kozuru-Uchitani service started
  • 1975 Shiramizu housing complex completed (village reorganization project). RKK, TKU TV Itsuki relay station opened (Masugatayama)
  • 1978 Itsuki station telephone automation opened.Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc. Kajiwara Power Station completed.Forest road Shirakura line opened (to the pass)
  • 1981 Kozuru tunnel opening ceremony.Kawabe River dam general compensation standard concluded.
  • 1982 Local group telephone general independent automation.Prefectural road Hitoyoshi-Itsuki-Tomochi, promoted to National Route 445
  • 1984 Large-scale landslide disaster in Takenokawa area (15 dead, 1 missing)
  • 1986 Disaster prevention administrative radio station opened throughout the village
  • 1987 Forestry Center training meeting facility completed
  • 1988 Forest road Shirakura line opened (Itsuki-Minakami Village).Forestry Center Health Promotion Facility (Gymnasium) Completed
  • 1990 Sculpture competition held with Itsuki Lullaby
  • 1991 Forest damage caused by typhoon No. 19 (370 hectares)
  • 1992 Commenced computer service for resident's card.Minami Elementary School closed.Odoritoge Park opened
  • 1994 Large-scale forest road Kikuchi Hitoyoshi Line Itsuki Sagara section opened (28 km)
  • 1995 Junior high school integration (Itsuki Junior High School)
  • 1996 Agree to start construction of Kawabe River dam body
  • 1997 Formulated Itsuki Village Renaissance plan.Thistle valley forest fire
  • 1998 Replacement National Route 445 Kamiyashiki-Takenokawa section opened
  • 1999 Damage caused by typhoon No. 18 landing.Prefectural road Miyahara Itsuki Line Odoritoge tunnel opened.54th National Athletic Meet Mountain competition (climbing) held
  • 2001 Replacement National Route 445 Shitaya-Tojidaitaichi opening
  • 2002 Joint inauguration ceremony of government office building, clinic, health and welfare general center 3 facilities at Tojidaitaichi
  • 2003 To the new school building of Itsuki Higashi Elementary School (school building, gymnasium, pool, playground completed). Established Komoriuta no Sato Itsuki (3rd sector).Completion of the Traditional Culture Heritage Museum
  • 2004 Roadside station "Komoriuta no Sato Itsuki" opened.Road broke due to the construction of National Route 16 due to typhoons 18 and 445.
  • 2005 Replacement village road, headland-Takano section completed
  • 20054/1 As part of administrative reform, village mayor departments are integrated into 3 sections
  • 20057/6 Sediment spill damage to 3 households in the Irigamo area due to the Baiu front
  • 20058/4 Replacement national highway / replacement village road (total 2,346m) between the headland and Kakehashi is in service
  • 20059/2 Forestry association office completed (Tojidaitaichi)
  • 20059/6 National highway 14 (Tsukiri district) collapsed due to typhoon No. 445 Fully closed (November 11, one-sided alternating traffic).One inundation above the floor and two inundation below the floor in the crane area.Established disaster response headquarters
  • 20063/31 Miura Elementary School closed
  • 20067/21 Road collapse on National Route 445 (Tsukiri district) due to heavy rain on the Baiu front (August 8 one-sided alternating traffic).Rockfall in the crane ground of the village road Dokaihira line pond.Koyaebashi-Takanobashi section is completely closed
  • 200610/19 Health Business Promotion Achievement Award from the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare
  • 200610/31 Prefectural road Miyahara Itsuki Line Odori Pass improvement section started operation (approx. 870m section including loop bridge completed)
  • 2007July 7 Road collapsed on National Highway No. 6 (Takenokawa, Tsuikiri) due to heavy rain on the Baiu front.Chisso Co., Ltd. dam washed away.
  • 20079/1 Itsuki Junior High School, Hitoyoshi High School Itsuki Branch School Starts classes at the new school building (October 10, inauguration ceremony)
  • 20083 Itsuki Junior High School, Hitoyoshi High School Itsuki Branch School Former school building dismantling work begins
  • 20084/15 Route 445 (Tsubakibashi-Kuorise area 1,053m) in service
  • 20087/25 Forest trunk road Sagara Itsuki Line (Motoidani-Sagara Village Shiiba, total length 16km) opened
  • 20089/11 Kumamoto Governor announces opposition to Kawabe River Dam
  • 20092 "Kumamoto Prefecture Itsuki Village Promotion Fund" established
  • 20099 Formulation of "Furusato Itsuki Village Creation" plan
  • 201010/1 Kyushu Sanko Bus Kamiwachi-Shiihara Clinic (Gokanoshō・OldIzumimura) Start of operation
  • 20194/1 Reorganized public transportation in the village into Kyushu Sanko Bus, community bus and relay bus (described later).Kyushu Sanko Bus Headland-Uchiya / Headland-Kami Wasteland-Shiihara Clinic abolished



Population distribution by age in Itsuki Village and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Itsuki Village (2005)
■Purple-Itsuki Village
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Itsuki Village (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


  • Village Mayor: Joji Kinoshita (inaugurated in 2019, 1st term)


high school

Junior high school

primary school



Railway line

Bus route

There are 7 round trips a day between Hitoyoshi and Tochi.[2].
  • Community bus / relay bus
    • The service started on April 2019, 4.In addition to alternative transportation between the headland-Uchiya / headland-Kamiarashi area of ​​the Kyushu Sanko Bus withdrawal section, it also handles the transportation of vacant lots of public transportation in the village.All flights are closed on Saturdays and holidays.
    • There are 5 community buses and 1 relay bus.[2], Passengers are limited to villagers on all routes, and users outside the village cannot board this bus.


General national road

Prefectural road

Express Bus

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Sights/historic sites/tourist spots

  • Roadside Station Komoriuta no Sato Itsuki Bussankan "Yama no Sachi"
  • Roadside Station Komoriuta no Sato Itsuki Itsuki Exchange Center "Yumeuta" (hot springs / restaurants)
  • Lullaby Park
    • There are a thatched-roof house, a lullaby sculpture, and a monument that were relocated from the planned submergence site.
  • Ginkgo tree in Miyazono
    • A natural monument designated by Kumamoto Prefecture.
  • Shirataki Park
  • Otaki Natural Forest Park
  • Odoritoge Park
  • Crested Kingfisher "Yamasemi"
  • Handmade workshop "Donguri" (Kunebu cake, marmalade bread, homemade smoked food, tableware from Itsuki Yakibata Unno kiln, small items using old cloth are exhibited and sold)
  • Gogiya Honpo (Sales of mountain sea urchin tofu, handmade miso and tofu)
  • Tankaino Natural Forest Park (Tankaino Branch School Building)
  • Seme Park
  • Direct sales office "Shiki no Sato"
    • We sell handmade special products such as roasted umeboshi, dried plums, tea, honey of local bees, kraft tape baskets, yuzu pepper, and nata bean tea by the Itsuki Village Silver Human Resources Center.
  • Tomb of Byadon (Kinobeinosuke)
  • Edo Sumo wrestler Kumagatake Inosuke's grave

Festivals and events

  • Itsuki Lullaby Festival
    • The largest festival in Itsuki Village, held every November.Demonstrations of traditional performing arts, Itsuki Lullaby, etc.
  • Itsuki's Fresh Green Festival
    • Held every May.Showcasing traditional performing arts and Itsuki Lullaby, selling special products, and experiencing Kamairicha with new tea.
  • Aso Shrine Spring / Autumn Festival
  • Hall Festival
  • Madara Forum


  • Itsuki tea
  • Log Shiitake (raw / dried)
  • Itsuki garlic
  • Auction
  • Dried rice
  • Dried bamboo shoots
  • Dried vegetables, edible wild plants (warabi, mainspring, radish, bitter melon, etc.)
  • Handmade miso
  • Mountain sea urchin tofu
  • Yamame fish (kanro-ni, grilled with salt, frozen)
  • 鮎
  • Venison (frozen, venison gyoza, venison hamburger, venison jerky, venison croquette)
  • "Mansai Itsuki" series
  • Itsuki Lullaby Doll
  • Itsuki Yakibata Unno Kiln



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  2. ^ a b Bus timetable (community bus, relay bus, industrial bus)Itsuki Village HP Retrieved November 2020, 11

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