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🏛 | July heavy rain The first meeting of the reconstruction planning committee in Hitoyoshi City [Kumamoto]


Heavy rain in July First meeting of the reconstruction plan formulation committee in Hitoyoshi City [Kumamoto]

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Based on the opinions of the committee, Hitoyoshi City aims to formulate a reconstruction plan within this fiscal year.

The first meeting of the committee to make a reconstruction plan was held in Hitoyoshi City, which was severely damaged by the heavy rain in July.Restoration of Hitoyoshi City ... → Continue reading

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Reconstruction plan

Reconstruction plan(Fukkou Keikaku) is


Hitoyoshi(Hitoyoshi)KumamotoIn the southernmost part ofCity.

Kyushu mountain areaSurrounded byHitoyoshi BasinLocated inKuma RiverIt is famous for the hot springs along the river and the river. In the center of Hitoyoshi/Kuma district,Hitoyoshi ClanSagara Ofcastle townFlourished as.

Kumamoto Prefecture's only national treasure in the city centerAoi Aso ShrineOn April 2015, 4, along with the neighboring towns and villages in Kuma-gun, "Conservative and entertaining culture created by 24 years of Sagara-the richest hidden village in Japan-Hitoyoshi Kuma-" was certified as a Japanese heritage site. Was done.


Kumamoto-shiIt is located about 70km straight south from Kumamoto Prefecture and is the southernmost point of Kumamoto Prefecture. The northern and southern regions are part of the Kyushu Mountains. The southern part of the city is a mountainous area with an altitude of 1,000 mMiyazaki OfEbino CityとKagoshima OfIsa CityTouches. The city center is the western end of the Hitoyoshi basin,Kuma RiverFlows from east to west. Many tributaries such as the Mane River, Yamada River, Kame River, and Chest River flow into the Kuma River in the city.

In the center, the old townscape of a castle town remains,Little KyotoCalled.


Hitoyoshi (1981-2010) climate
Highest temperature record ° C (° F)22.3
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F)10.0
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F)−0.1
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F)−9.8
Precipitation amount mm (inch)73.6
Average monthlyDaylight hours125.0132.0148.5171.1178.5130.5172.5189.7158.2165.9125.9124.71,826.7
Source 1: Japanese Meteorological Agency[1]
Source 2: Japan Meteorological Agency[2]
MonthWind speed (m/s)Wind directionFog days

Because of the inland basin, the difference in temperature is remarkable and the summer is the best.temperatureThere are 30 to 70 days of midsummer days that reach over 80 degrees Celsius, while in winter there are about 50 days of winter when the minimum temperature is below zero. Annual rainfall is 2,500-3,000 mm.

Due to the large river and many tributaries in the basin, almost 100% fog occurs in the morning on a sunny day in winter.[Source required].. The frequency is such that it competes for the number of fog days in Japan every year, but this fog may cause speed restrictions on highways. Since the fog that occurs is hardly topographically discharged, it is not uncommon to remain near noon.

It rains a lot throughout the year, and the humidity does not become so low due to the effects of fog in winter as well as high humidity in summer.

2016On January 1, it recorded a record low of -25 degrees. Wartime 1943The record of the minimum temperature in the place where the relocation has not been carried out is being monitored in the whole country where the influence of urbanization is strong.Meteorological officeIt is very rare in the.

Adjacent municipalities


Hitoyoshi City and Population Distribution by Age in Japan (2005)Hitoyoshi City Age and Gender Population Distribution (2005)
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Hitoyoshi City
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Kamakura PeriodEarly 1193(Takehisa4 years)SagaraIs HitoyoshiGroundI was assigned toMeiji Era OfAbandoned DomainIt was governed by Mr. Sagara untilHitoyoshi ClanSee). After the abandonment of the clan, it passed through Hitoyoshi prefecture, Yatsushiro prefecture, and Shirakawa prefecture and became a city in Kumamoto prefecture.

Modern times

MeijiSince then, the Kuma-gun government office has been set up to maintain its position as the center of the Kuma district.

ShowaMining of hot springs became popular in the early days,XNUMXth win in JapanIt became to be advertised with Kuma River, which became one of the. Around 1933, it became known as "Izumito Hitoyoshi" along with Kuma shochu and Kuma River descent.

1942The municipal system is enforced. 1963The flood damage that lasted for three consecutive years changed the landscape of the city. A new commercial area was formed along the National Highway 3 bypass road (Shimobayashi Bypass/Hitoyoshi Bypass) that opened in the 1970s.

Hitoyoshi, once known as the “Land of Islands”, has continued to decline in population since the 1960s. As measures against this, promotion of tourism, agriculture and forestry, and invitation of companies were raised, and the number of tourists, which was about 70 to 80 a year before the measure, exceeded 1990 million in 100. HoweverKyushu ExpresswaySince it is becoming a “passing city” due to the loss of its hub as a result of all of the above, it is working to revitalize the region by promoting the “Story City Hitoshi” concept.

  • 18894/1 The following towns and villages, which are in the current city limits, have been established by the enforcement of the town and village system.
    • Kuma-gunHitoyoshi・Nisese Village, Nakahara Village, Aita Village, Omura
  • 1933April 4 Hitoyoshi Town incorporates Omura.
  • 19422/11 Hitoyoshi-cho, Nishise-mura, Nakahara-mura and Aita-mura merged equallyMunicipal systemEnforcement.HitoyoshiWas launched.
  • 1954 Flood occurred.
  • 1962-City Hall main building is built.
  • 1963 Flood occurred.
  • 1964 Flood occurred.
  • July 1965, 7 The heavy rain from the day before flooded the Kuma River, flooding most of the city. 3 houses were damaged and spilled, and 1,281 were flooded under the floor. Recorded maximum flood height of 2,751 m. So-called "seven flood damage"
  • 1971 Water damage occurred. Recorded maximum inundation height of 1.1 m.
  • 1972-Route 221 heading towards Miyazaki PrefectureKakuto TunnelOpened. Water damage occurred.
  • 1979 Flood occurred
  • 1982 Two floods occurred.
  • December 1989, 12-Kyushu Expressway Yatsushiro-Hitoyoshi Ma opened.
  • July 1995, 7-Hitoyoshi is the last open section of the Kyushu Expressway-opening between Ebi.
  • 20164/16Occurred inKumamoto earthquake (main shock)((I.e.Due to the influence of (less than 5), the city hall main government office building was closed on May 5, the same year. After each department is relocated to various locations in the city, operations will resume from the 2th day of Golden Week.
  • 20207/4 From the day before(I.e.でKuma RiverFlooded, flooding most of the city.


Incumbent mayor

Successive mayors

ChiefThere are many ways to count the algebra of (successive), but here we will explain it while writing (a) and (b) separately. In the display column, two types are described under the names "a (a)" and "a (b)". The "algebra (a)" is an algebra based on the method of counting each appointment, and the "algebra (b)" is an algebra based on the method of not counting consecutive appointments by the same person. Hitoyoshi City uses the "dai (b)" method (other examples:Kyoto city mayors[1],Mayor of Ogaki City[2]), and many local governments use the “dai (a)” method (eg:Hachioji City,Hirosaki City successive mayors[3],Hamamatsu City successive mayors[4]), (a) and (b) are misunderstood if they are simply compared without recognizing the difference. It should be noted that there is also a method to count the same person 1 even if there is a return, but currently Hitoyoshi City does not apply.

Teens (a)Teens (b)NameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
 Election Mayor
Aiyuki Takashima
1942(17)5/1 1943(Showa 18) January 5Hitoyoshi City was 1942 (Showa 17)2/11Launched.City councilTakashima, who was elected as, was appointed as of May 5. 1 term 1 years not completed.
Choichiro Fuchida
March 1943, 18 (Showa 5) 1946(Showa 21) January 21 term 4 years not completed.
Yamamoto Heisaku
March 1946, 21 (Showa 5)March 1946, 21 (Showa 11)Only 6 months in office.
 Public election Mayor
Koide Masaki
1947(Showa 22) January 4 1951(Showa 26) January 4Completed the 1st term 4 years.
Yoshiki Kuroki
March 1951, 26 (Showa 4) 1955(Showa 30) January 4Completed the 1st term 4 years.
Choichiro Fuchida
March 1955, 30 (Showa 5) 1959(Showa 34) January 4Completed the first 1 years.
March 1959, 34 (Showa 5) 1963(Showa 38) January 4Completed the first 2 years.
March 1963, 38 (Showa 5) 1967(Showa 42) January 4Completed the first 3 years.
Masayoshi Nagata
March 1967, 42 (Showa 5) 1971(Showa 46) January 4Completed the first 1 years.
March 1971, 46 (Showa 5) 1975(Showa 50) January 4Completed the first 2 years.
March 1975, 50 (Showa 5) 1979(Showa 54) January 4Completed the first 3 years.
March 1979, 54 (Showa 5) 1983(Showa 58) January 4Completed the first 4 years.
March 1983, 58 (Showa 5) 1987(Showa 58) January 4Completed the first 5 years.
Kosuke Fukunaga
March 1987, 62 (Showa 5) 1991(Heisei3 years) April 4Completed the first 1 years.
1991 year (Heisei 3 year) 5 month 1 day 1995(7) April 4Completed the first 2 years.
1995 year (Heisei 7 year) 5 month 1 day 1999(11) April 4Completed the first 3 years.
1999 year (Heisei 11 year) 5 month 1 day 2003(15) April 4Completed the first 4 years.
2003 year (Heisei 15 year) 5 month 1 day 2007(19) One day, one dayOn March 5, just before the end of the fifth termBriberyOn suspicionArrestWas done. I was forced to resign from the office on or before the expiration date.
Nobutaka Tanaka
2007 year (Heisei 19 year) 5 month 1 day 2011(23) April 4Completed the first 1 years.
2011 year (Heisei 23 year) 5 month 1 day 2015(27) April 4Completed the second term, four years, and aimed at the third term, but lost to the new candidate, Matsuoka.
Hayato Matsuoka
2015 year (Heisei 27 year) 5 month 1 day
(Current position)
First period. The expiration date is 2019(31) April 4th.

National agency

Prefecture agency

Town name

Hitoyoshi City reorganized the 7 large letters of Hitoyoshi Town and Aita Village/Nisese Village/Nakahara Village into 75 towns by setting the town name during the merger system. Later, 1 town was abolished and 3 towns were newly established, so there are now 77 towns. List these towns by elementary school district. The names in () are the names of the towns and villages before the merger.

Hitoyoshi East Precinct

  • Itsuka Town (former Hitoyoshi Town)
  • Ogami Town (Former Hitoyoshi Town)
  • Blacksmith town (former Hitoyoshi town)
  • Kamishin Town (former Hitoyoshi Town)
  • Konya Town (former Hitoyoshi Town)
  • Kukamachi (former Hitoyoshi Town)
  • Shimoshin Town (Former Hitoyoshi Town)
  • Shinmachi (former Hitoyoshi Town)
  • Carpentry Town (former Hitoyoshi Town)
  • Teramachi (former Hitoyoshi Town)
  • Dote Town (Former Hitoyoshi Town)
  • Nakashiro Town (Former Hitoyoshi Town)
  • Nanukamachi (former Hitoyoshi Town)
  • Fukkamachi (former Hitoyoshi Town)
  • Haikubo Town (former Hitoyoshi Town)
  • Harajuku Town (Former Hitoyoshi Town)
  • Foot Town (Former Hitoyoshi Town)
  • Minamimachi (former Hitoyoshi Town)
  • Ganjoji-cho (formerly Hitoyoshi-cho Ko. Commonly known as the town name, it is divided into Kita-ganjo-ji and Minami-ganjo-ji.)
  • Minamiizumida Town (Former Hitoyoshi Town Ko)
  • Onimachi (former Hitoyoshimachi Otsu)
  • Kitaizumida Town (Former Hitoyoshi Town B)

Hitoyoshi Nishi Precinct

  • Tsuruta Town (Former Hitoyoshimachi Otsu)
  • Kamiaoi Town (Former Hitoyoshi Town Hei)
  • Kawaraya-cho (former Hitoyoshi-cho)
  • Komaida Town (Former Hitoyoshi Town Hei)
  • Shimotaoi Town (Former Hitoyoshi Town Hei)
  • Shiromoto Town (Former Hitoyoshi Town Hei)
  • Naka Aoi Town (Former Hitoyoshi Town Hei)
  • Inoguchi Town (former Hitoyoshi Town)
  • Ainohara Town (Former Hitoyoshi Town)
  • Shimojo Honmachi (former Nishise Village Satsumase)
  • Yadake Town (Former Aita Village Ohata)

Toma Precinct

  • Uehara Town (Former Hitoyoshi Town)
  • Tamachi (former Hitoyoshi Town)
  • Tomigao Town (former Hitoyoshi Town)
  • Kijiyacho (formerly Aita Village)
  • Old Buddhist summit town (between former Aita village)
  • Namitocho (formerly Aita Village)
  • Nishima Uemachi (formerly Aita Village)
  • Nishima downtown (former Aita village)
  • Toma Uemachi (formerly Aita Village)
  • Higashima downtown (former Aita village)
  • Minoru Town (between Aita Village)
  • Akaikehara Town (Former Aita Village Shichichi)
  • Akaike Mizunashi Town (former Aita Village Shichichi)
  • Crab town (formerly Aita village Shichichi)
  • Shichichi Town (Former Aita Village Shichichi)
  • Higashi-Otsuka Town (Former Aita Village)
  • Tano Town (Former Nishise Village Nishiura)
  • Nishi-Otsuka Town (Former Nishise Village Nishiura)

Ohata Precinct

  • Kamirashida Town (Former Aita Village Shichichi)
  • Shimodurushida Town (formerly Aita Village Shichichi)
  • Higashi Urushida Town (Former Aita Village Shichichi)
  • Ohata foot town (formerly Aita village Ohata)
  • Ohata Town (Former Aita Village Ohata)
  • Uedashiro-cho (formerly Aita Village Ohata)
  • Shimoda-shiro (formerly Aita Village Ohata)
  • Dantocho (formerly Aita Village Ohata)
  • Onocho (newly established from the late 1980s to the 1990s.)

Nishise school district

  • Kamisatsumase Town (former Nishise Village Satsumase)
  • Shimosatsumase Town (former Nishise Village Satsumase)
  • Horaido Town(Former Nishisemura Satsumase. 1954, Sagara-cho and Horai-cho divided and disappeared. )
    • Sagara
    • Horai Town
  • Kaname Town (Former Nishise Village Nishiura)
  • Jotokoshi Town (Former Nishise Village Nishiura)
  • Kaminagano Town (Former Nishise Village Nishiura)
  • Shimotogoshi Town (Former Nishise Village Nishiura)
  • Shimonagano Town (Former Nishise Village Nishiura)
  • Yaguro Town (Former Nishise Village Nishiura)

Nakahara precinct

  • Ueharada-cho (former Nakahara-mura Harada. Uehara, Ushizuka, Ozaki, Omagari, iris, horse ice, horse grass field)
  • Shimoharada-cho (former Nakahara-mura Harada. There are characters of Age, Ueno, Uryuda, Sagari, Nishimon, Haneda, and Hori)
  • Nakagami-cho (former Nakahara-mura Nakagami. Oji, Kokaki, Shiromoto, Dan, Danyama, Baba, but only Danzan Nishise precinct)
  • Onsen Town (former Nakahara Village Forest)
  • Kamibayashi Town (former Nakahara Village Forest)
  • Shimobayashi Town (former Nakahara Village Forest)
  • Nakabayashi Town (Former Nakahara Village Forest)



2004The city's gross domestic product (16) was approximately 1,291 billion yen, which is the center of the Hitoyoshi-Kuma local economy.Other major industriestourism-Agriculture:-Brewing.

From the Warring States periodSecond World WarIt was a historically prosperous area until time, and was a transportation hub and resting place connecting central and northern Kyushu such as Kumamoto with the southern Kyushu area of ​​Miyazaki and Kagoshima.Hitoyoshi's character is said to be "sha", which means an inn.Southwest WarAt times, withdraw from KumamotoSaigo TakamoriThis is supported by the fact that the railway has built a camp and that the railway is named "Hisatsu Line".HoweverAfter the warIs the economic development of the coastal areaKyushu ExpresswayIts meaning has declined due to the penetration of the Kyushu Shinkansen, and it is presumed that it will further decline in the future due to the full opening of the Kyushu Shinkansen.

It used to flourish in agriculture and brewing, but in recent years it has lost its vitality due to the decline of agriculture.AgingとDepopulationIs remarkable.

The convenience of transportation has improved markedly due to the opening of highways and the development of city main roads.JuscoLarge suburban stores such as (currently Aeon) and convenience stores have become the center of the store, and the hollowing out of the city center (Hitoyoshi Station-Kokonokamachi) is conspicuous.Also in the tourism industry, the ratio of overnight guests to tourists has decreased (the number of tourists has not changed much), and drive-in typeRestaurant・ There is a problem of closing souvenir shops, but no solution has been found. (Relation:Straw effect)

Major companies headquartered in Hitoyoshi City

Sister cities/partner cities


sister city


sister city
Partner city

Mass media

Based in Hitoyoshi CityMass media.


high school

Junior high school


primary school

Excludes schools that are closed.


Vocational school

Facilities other than school education



City center station:Hitoyoshi Station

Kyushu passenger railwayKyushu passenger railway(JR Kyushu)
Kumakawa Railway



General national road


Transit Bus

  • Sanko Bus
    • Hitoyoshi SankoIs the central base for the city/Kuma-gun circulating bus, and is the starting point for the city andKuma-gunThere are many route buses operating inside.

Express Bus

Hitoyoshi ICWith a stopHitoyoshi Minami Bus StopIs installed. Hitoyoshi Interchange Stop Nagasaki-All the following flights passing through Hitoyoshi IC except Miyazaki (including express flights) stop, and more than 100 high-speed buses arrive and depart per day.

The Hitoyoshi IC stop is covered and barrier-free, with chairs and toilets.There is a bus "Jugrid-go" that connects Hitoyoshi Station and the city center to the city, but taxis are often used due to the operation interval and waiting time.

On the other hand, Hitoyoshi Minami Bus Stop had stopped each of the Nanpu No. stops until September 2017, but due to the timetable revision of the same route, there is no bus to stop, so it is currently suspended.

In the past, many highway buses stopped at Hitoyoshi Sanko, but gradually switched to Hitoyoshi IC stop, and from around 2010, only the highway Hitoyoshi issue was available.Since the highway Hitoyoshi issue also ended on July 2020, 7, there are currently no highway buses departing from or arriving at Hitoyoshi Sanko.

Air route

  • The nearest airportKagoshima Airport.. The above-mentioned Kirishima goes through Kagoshima Airport, and it takes less than one hour because there is no need for transit. In the same prefectureKumamoto AirportI used to use Kagoshima Airport before because it took about XNUMX hours to transfer using an express bus. When the Kumamoto-Kagoshima route of the Kyushu Shinkansen was opened, when the highway bus between Kumamoto-Kagoshima was temporarily suspended, Hitoyoshi-Kagoshima Airport was still in operation (currently full restoration). However, with the full-scale opening of the Kyushu Shinkansen and the introduction of LCC at Kumamoto Airport, the use of Kumamoto Airport has increased, as the number of high-speed buses that allow Kumamoto Airport-Shin-Yatsushiro/Shin-Yatsushiro-Miyazaki and other Kumamoto Airport-Hitoyoshi has increased. There is. There are many routes and trainsFukuoka AirportからHakata Station・There is also a route where you can change trains at the Hakata Bus Terminal and use the Phoenix, which also has a large number of buses.

Sights/historic sites/tourist spots

  • Hitoyoshi Onsen -Besides many inns, there are many public baths in the city.
  • Kuma River(Kuma River) Down-Hitoyoshi Departure-Delivery Depot (Kuma Village) A course with a gentle flow between the two. In winter, there is also a Kotatsu boat service.
  • Rafting -Depart from Hitoyoshi city or the neighboring Kuma village. It is the only southernmost rafting spot in Japan in Kyushu, and currently about 20 companies are operating.
  • Kaname Falls(Top XNUMX waterfalls in Japan)
  • Hitoyoshi CastleTrace- Sagara35's residence. It is also called Sengetsu Castle or Crescent Castle. Maintenance is in progress, and what used to be just the "walls" of the castle walls is gradually becoming more castle-like.
  • Hitoyoshi Castle History Museum-A museum adjacent to Hitoyoshi Castle Park. You can see the remains of the well in the basement stone room. Opened in December 2005.
  • Aoi Aso Shrine - SagaraIt has been earnestly revered and is known by the citizens as "Aoi-san." The current shrine conveys the magnificent architectural style of the Momoyama style,National treasureIs specified in.
  • Sagaro Gokoku Shrine-Hitoyoshi Castle (Chitsuki Castle) Settled at the ruins of the mansion. Of the Hitoyoshi/Kuma area that was martyred for the nationGhostEnshrine.
  • -Settled beside the Sagaro Gokoku Shrine on the site of the Hitoyoshi Castle (Chigetsu Castle) Imperial Palace. The main deity isSagaraThe first to 36th generation successive owners.
  • - Kirishima ShrineIs the same body asTenraishi Kuniraishi Tianjin Hidakahiko Fire GourmetTo the main deity,Sakiya Kanahime,Hiko Fire,Toyoda Himeson,Bird and grass,Tamayoi HimesonEnshrine.
  • Eikokuji Temple -There is a hanging scroll that depicts a ghost that is rare in Japan.
  • Hitoyoshi Station -There is Japan's only brick garage that is currently in use. The railway museum "mozoca station 868" is opened near the station, and you can see the passage of SL Hitoyoshi.
  • SL Hitoyoshi - Kumamoto Station-Hitoyoshi StationBetweenSL HitoyoshiIs operating. SL Hitoyoshi's steam locomotive is located in HitoyoshiYadake StationOne of the two cars that were preserved at the exhibition and maintained by local volunteers. There is "Hitoyoshi City SL Exhibition Hall" at Yadake Station, and another steam locomotive D51 is on display.
  • Hisatsu Line -Hitoyoshi Station-Yoshimatsu StationIn the middle is a train window overlooking the Ebino Plateau from YadakeJapan's three largest car windowsIt is one of. Therefore, a tourist train between Hitoyoshi-Yoshimatsu Station"Isaburo" and "Shinpei"Is in operation.SLs are statically exhibited at Yatake Station on the way and Yoshimatsu Station at the end, and you can take SL Hitoyoshi and change trains at Hitoyoshi Station to see two more SLs.
  • Omura Yokoana group-right behind Hitoyoshi station. There are lateral holes artificially dug on the cliff. Late Kofun period. country'sHistoric siteIs specified in.
  • Hitoyoshi Loop Bridge-Southern city, near the prefectural border with Miyazaki Prefecture on Route 221, the Loop Bridge in the Kakuto Pass. It is 360 degrees x double and consists mostly of bridges, and is said to be the best in the Toyo.
  • Musashi Museum- Musashi MiyamotoThe materials related to this are on display.
  • Road Station Hitoyoshi/Craft Park Ishino Park-The materials related to Hitoyoshi's traditional culture and crafts and Kuma shochu are displayed. There is also a campground and a space with playground equipment for children. Admission to the park is free. It is also possible to experience painting and smithing of Hitoyoshi's specially produced lottery horses and flower boxes (payable, reservation required). Since 2019, it has become a roadside station along with the opening of Hitoyoshi Kuma Smart Interchange, and a social experiment of temporarily leaving is also being conducted.
  • Ohata Umezono-Also known as Hitoyoshi Umezono. About 8 plum trees are planted on the 4,600ha site, and the Hitoyoshi Plum Festival is held every February.

Festivals and events

  • Hitoyoshi Kuma Hinamatsuri: Held in the Hitoyoshi Kuma region from February 2st to March 1st
  • Hitoshi spring breeze marathon: April
  • Plum Festival: March
  • Hitoyoshi Onsen Kuma Shochu Festival: May
  • Hitoyoshi Fireworks Festival: August
  • Kaname Falls Festival: August
  • Okunchi Festival (Aoi Aso ShrineAnnual festival): October
  • Industrial Health and Welfare Festival: November
  • Hitoyoshi Ekiden Tournament: December

Local toys

  • Lottery horse(Kijiji)-Traditional toys in the Hitoyoshi and Kuma regions. Dried honoki and yamagiri trees are shaved into a bonito-shaped elongated shape, a pattern is drawn on the body with vivid colors such as white, red, yellow, green, etc. Pass the string through. Kijima are found in various parts of Kyushu, but Hitoyoshi's one is characterized by a large black "Head" written on its head.
  • Flower hand box -Traditional toys from the Hitoyoshi and Kuma regions. The feature is that a box made of wood is decorated with a black frame and a large, bright camellia flower. It is said that Kijima is for boys, and Hanatsukebo is for girls.
  • Yunsun Carta -Although it was popular all over the country in the Edo period, only Hitoyoshi City has been handed down how to play until now.

Special product

Famous people

Public figures

Businessman/cultural person


Mass media


Person with connection

Works set in Hitoyoshi City


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