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Photo If the Science Council of Japan becomes a member of the government policy with only Yesman, it will not be a proposal for unbalanced government policy follow-up, and it will not benefit the nation and the people.

Government response, highlighting inconsistency Science Council issue

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I attended the Diet and other witnesses and opposed the amendment to the Security Legislation, the State Secrecy Law, and the Organized Crimes Punishment Law, which included conspiracy crimes, which I thought was necessary for the Abe Cabinet. It is synonymous with saying that he refused to appoint such a person as a member.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato answered the question of Yukio Edano, the representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, at the House of Representatives Budget Committee on the XNUMXth, "Recommended members of the Science Council of Japan ... → Continue reading

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Amendment to the Organized Crimes Punishment Law

Abe Cabinet

Abe CabinetWhat is (Cabinet of Japan)?Shinzo AbeThePrime Minister, To be the prime ministerCabinet.. In addition, under the same leader11th CabinetIs the highest record in constitutional history.

Second Abe administration

Second Abe administration

Abe reappointed as Prime Minister2012(24) Resign from December 12th2020(Reiwa 2 years) The period until September 9 is generally called as follows, but strictly speaking, the order is advancing each time because the dissolution general election and reappointment were held twice during the period.


  • Abe Cabinet (drama work): Natsumi AbeTheatrical work starring.2010(22) Premiered on December 12nd.


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