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🏛 | Election campaign for the first time in XNUMX years Niihama mayoral election voter turnout is lower than last time [Ehime]  


Election campaign for the first time in XNUMX years Niihama mayoral election voter turnout is lower than last time [Ehime]  

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Voting closes at 8 pm, except in some areas, and is counted the same day.

The election for the mayor of Niihama, which was the first election in XNUMX years, was voted on the XNUMXth, and voters cast one vote.Niihama ... → Continue reading

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VotingWhat is (kaihyo)?publicelectionAnd all sorts of similar selections,voteIt is to add up the results.


Vote counting in Japan

Public office election lawSince the enforcement of ( 1950<Showa 25>4/15Later)JapanIn that case, the voting will be conducted in accordance with the regulations regarding the counting of votes described in Articles 61 to 74 of the Act.

At the vote counting place, under the vote counting manager who performs the affairs regarding the vote counting of the election,FraudMonitor forVoterThe vote counting work is underway in the presence of. ElectoralVotersCan view the voting work within the restrictions of the voting manager.

Article 65 of the Public Offices Election Act states thatBallot boxOr the day after it was sent.” Starting the voting after the end of the voting day is called "the same day voting", and starting the voting on the day after the voting is called "next day voting".2000 eraIn the subsequent national elections, in principle, the same day the votes are being taken, but in the local elections,Overtime allowanceBecause it does not occurExpenseSelect the next day's vote that has a saving effectMunicipalitiesThere is also.

Voting work

If the vote is taken on the same day, it may be related to the health problem of the staff in charge.インドネシアで 20194/17In the presidential election held in April, 412 members of the election staff, who were still voting, died. More than 3600 people complained of poor physical condition.Election Management CommitteeCauses many of the causes of death due to work done in extreme heatoverwork,heatstrokeIs supposed to be[1].


  1. ^ "412 deaths in presidential election vote, overwork or heat stroke”. Yomiuri Shimbun Online (May 2019, 5). 2019/5/5Browse.

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