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🏛 | "Chairman quits but city council continues" Tamana City Chairman Nakao [Kumamoto]


"Chairman quits, but city council continues" Tamana City Chairman Nakao [Kumamoto]

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Since Congress has already unanimously passed a vote of no confidence in the chair, it is expected that the chair's resignation will be officially decided at the regular parliament scheduled for 30th.

Chairman Yoshio Nakao (XNUMX), who received a brief order of a fine of XNUMX million yen for bribery application over the election of the chairman of the Tamana city council, is XNUMX ... → Continue reading

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Unanimous(Zenkaiichi,English : unanimities) Is to collect and adopt an opinion in a group without any opponents.unanimousAlso say.


For some groups, adopt only unanimously accepted conclusions as votesUnanimous principleMay have been adopted.

As for the interpretation of "whole group," all members of the group are in perfect agreement (absenceAbstentionIn some cases, it may be sufficient to agree with those who have absentee/absentees (have expressed their intentions) among the members. In the case of Japan, for example, the Cabinet is the formervoteIs the latter. The latter example is "All members”, for example, even if the opposition absent from protest due to the vote of the Diet and only 6% of the seats are present, if all of them agree (standup) at the time of the vote, the record will be It is treated as "all members" and "approved unanimously".

However,Majority voteHowever, in the case of unanimous consent, there is also a system that invalidates the voting and returns the discussion to the beginning. If everyone agrees or disagrees, it is thought that somewhere the minority abandons his or her thoughts and is in tune with the majority.

Due to swift proceedings, resolutions that confirm conventions and are expected to be unanimous in proceedings and appointment of executives(English edition)I often do it in. Especially in the Japanese parliamentVoting without objectionIs recorded as unanimous.

Example in which the principle of unanimity has been (or was) adopted

However, in recent years there are increasing opportunities to break unanimous practices.
However, it is customary that general affairs that cannot be agreed upon will leave the seat after the opposite speech and will not participate in the vote.
Although the voting itself is based on the majority vote, swift deliberation cannot be done unless the procedures under the rules of agenda are omitted by unanimous resolution.


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