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🏛 | Governor Kabashima's policy change for basin residents (Kumamoto)


Residents of the basin to change the policy of Governor Kabashima (Kumamoto)

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I don't know if it's really good to swing from right to left in 12 years. " Accommodation owner) [Sagara Village] "Sorry.

It is the reaction of the residents of the basin who were affected by the policy change of Governor Kabashima XNUMX years after the withdrawal of the blank paper. [Hitoyoshi City] "Complex. The disaster is temporary ... → Continue reading

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Sagara village

Sagara village(Saramura) isKumamotoLocated in the south ofvillage.. We are promoting community development with the theme of love as a "village that goes well together"[1][2].


Place name

  • Kawabe (former Kawamura)
  • Fukamizu (former Kawamura)
  • Yanase (former Kawamura)
  • Youra (former Youra Village. The ground is further divided into east and west)



  • 1956(31)9/1 --Kawamura and Youra Village merge to form Sagara Village[3].


  • Village Mayor: Keiichi Yoshimatsu (2020st term from 1)



  • Major industries
  • Industrial population

Specialty goods

  • Rice
  • Tea (the highest production in Kumamoto prefecture)
  • Leaf tobacco
  • Youra Konjac
  • melon
  • 鮎
  • Long bean sprouts




Sagara Village and National Population Distribution by Age (2005)Sagara Village Age / Gender Population Distribution (2005)
■Purple-Sagara Village
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Sagara Village (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Junior high school

primary school

  • Sagara Village Sagara Kita Elementary School
  • Sagara Village Sagara Minami Elementary School


Railway line

Transit Bus


There is no highway interchange in the village, but the nearest isKyushu ExpresswayHitoyoshi Interchange.

General national road
Main local road
General prefectural road

Sister cities/partner cities


sister city

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Sights/historic sites/tourist spots

  • Mt. Nokeura Hat (Mt. Ichifusayama, One of the three famous mountains of Kuma along with Mt. Shiraga)
  • Amemiya Shrine(Enshrined in "Amemiya no Mori" (commonly known as Totoro no Mori), which was selected as one of the XNUMX best views of Kumamoto Green)
  • Toshimasugawara Shrine(Designated as a national important cultural property in 6)
  • Kitadake Shrine

Festivals and events

  • Kitadake Shrine / Toshimasugawara Shrine Autumn Festival (September 9 every year)
  • Sentokuji Doll Festival
  • Cycle Festa
  • Sagarappa Festival

Native celebrity


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