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🏛 | “Doumori” usage guideline request evasion politics and commerce


"Doumori" usage guideline request evasion politics and commercial affairs

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Nintendo's public relations person's scrutiny "Illegal employment individual case critique".

[Kyodo News, November 11th] Japan Nintendo Co., Ltd. 19th Face-to-face home-use game console "Nintendo Switch" Human game game software << Meeting!Animal Crossing >> Animal Crossing Corporate Promulgation Guideline, Request Evasion Table Political Claims Japanese Guidance Gamer Shopping Site.This is a clear rule of existence, and a game of enjoying the game of the landlord.The guideline is applied overseas.Nintendo display, suspension of requests for illegal acts, prohibited use of software.During the play of "Doumori", uninhabited islanders who became gamers, can fishing fish or Shukenboya, etc., visited Yacan and other islands like gamers.In March of this year, the game was accompanied by a new type of coronavirus poisoning epidemic, which was a “household demand” -like assistance.Nintendo's guideline requirements, evasion and childhood inconvenience and violence, violence, evasion and exemption coupons, coupons and prizes, etc. "Doumori" can be played during the game.Used during the Democratic Party's election campaign during the Mikuni Soviet election this year.Former Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic Party, Shigeru Ishiba, used significantly.Nintendo's public relations blame person's sparse display "Illegal employment individual case critique". (End) → Continue reading

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