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🏛 | “Hama no Bancho” Daisuke Miura became director of Yokohama DeNA BayStars


"Hama's chief" Daisuke Miura appointed as director of Yokohama DeNA BayStars

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From next year, I will be the 1st Army coach of Yokohama DeNA BayStars.

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Yokohama DeNA Baystars

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Yokohama DeNA Baystars(Yokohama NNA Baystars,English: Yokohama DeNA BayStars) IsJapan OfProfessional baseball team.Central LeagueBelong to. Abbreviation is"Yokohama" "DeNA".

KanagawaTheProtected areaAnd the prefecture横 浜 市Naka-kuIt is inYokohama StadiumThePrivate stadium(Base). Also,Second army[Note 1](Eastern League(Affiliation) is based in the prefectureYokosukaIt is inYokosuka StadiumIs. In addition, there is a training field and training camp for the entire team.Oppama ParkIt is provided inside.

Baseball history

Hayashikane store (laterOcean fishing, CurrentMaruha Nichiro) As a business team 1929Established in May[4] The next 19304th All Japan City Baseball TournamentThen, he played the national tournament despite his first challenge (missed the first match). The following year, he made a record such as being in the best four at the Chinese tournament,World DepressionThe influence of 19326th All Japan City Baseball TournamentHibernate before,BaseballOnly the departmentPacific WarExisted before and after the start[5].. After the war, 1946 June Ocean Fisheries (renamed December 6) was revived as a softball baseball club, and in November of the same year (one theory March 1945) it was changed to a hardball baseball club. After that, in baseball against the city, he became a regular in the national tournament, 1948ToNational bodyAnd win a name[5].

1949With the professional baseball season off, the league expansion policy, each company made a name for participating in professional baseball, and from the Ocean Fisheries Baseball Club,Togura Katsujo-Takuji Kawauchi-Tokushi ShigeruMain players of the new teamOrions every dayWas pulled out. Former president who was passionate about the baseball club[Note 2] Is outraged and proposes a professional participation policy for his baseball team.

194911/22Maruha Team Co., Ltd. was established inMaruha baseball teamAndCentral LeagueJoin.Yamaguchi ShimonosekiTheFranchise,Shimonoseki City Stadium(Shimonoseki Stadium(Aside from) was the headquarters of the earth. Originally of the oceanCompany emblemThe same as "(ha)=ha should be circled and read as Maruha", but it is said that it was written as "Maruha" because there is no such in the typeface of the newspaper.[6].

The Ocean Fisheries Baseball Club as a member of the society baseball team dissolved on November 1949, 11 due to the establishment of the baseball team. The "Shimonoseki" team was formed in a form that the ocean fishing industry called for the players who did not exist, 1951Was active until[5].

Shimonoseki era (former era of Ocean Whales)

1950- 1952

After the start of the 1950 seasonOcean WhalesRenamed the team name to Taiyo Whales (changed the company name to Taiyo Team Co., Ltd. in March),Yomiuri GiantsFrom veteranHaruyasu NakajimaKikuji HirayamaFrom Taiyo RobinsFujii IsamuNaoaki HayashiTake over,Utaka IsaoBy scout activity ofTokyu FlyersからKiyoshi Osawa,Eikichi Nagachimo,Hiroshi KatayamaEtc.Hankyu BravesFromGo Miyazaki,Rentaro ImanishiAlthough he started by reinforcing them, the weakness of the pitcher's power is difficult, and it ended in 1th place in the first year of entering the league, 1951Is 6th, 1952Struggled with 4th place.

In 1951, management deteriorated due to unprofitabilityHiroshima CarpAlthough it was considered to absorb the merger with Hiroshima, the story of the merger with Hiroshima disappeared due to the desperate continuing movement of the members of the Hiroshima team and local citizens. 1952, September 9th against Shochiku Robins (Kyoto City Saikyogoku Sports Park Baseball Field) Fought 20 times in the longest inning record of the SE League at that time, but the team lost the goodbye. From the same yearProtected area (franchise)The system was officially introduced, and although Yamaguchi Prefecture was designated as a protected area, the sponsorship in Shimonoseki was limited to 18 games (60 home games a year). Other games are mainlyTokuyama City3 games at Mori StadiumHofu City Baseball StadiumTwo games,Moji Municipal Laomatsu Stadium2 games, OguraToyorakuen StadiumTwo games,Heiwadai baseball fieldTwo games,Nagasaki Municipal Ohashi StadiumIn addition to 3 games, Saga municipal managementKumamoto City Suizenji Baseball Stadium-It was held in Oita Prefecture, and 39 games were held in Kyushu including Yamaguchi Prefecture. In the Shimonoseki era, it had a strong meaning as a baseball team in northern Kyushu centered on Shimonoseki. Others are Hamada City, former Matsue City,Okayama Prefectural Stadium,Koshien Stadium,Kawasaki Stadium, Kumagaya City, Echigo Takada, Nagaoka, Niigata Hakusan, Utsunomiya synthesis,Miyagi Stadium, Morioka Municipal,Hirosaki City Stadium,Hakodate Ocean StadiumHeld at[7].

Osaka era (Robins era)

1953, 1954

19531/10Arranges for the previous year, "punishing teams with a win rate of less than 3%"[Note 3] Became the relevant team ofShochiku Robins[Note 4] Agreed to an equal merger with Se League to form a team of 6 teams.Ocean shochiku robinsThe name was changed to (Taiyo Shochiku Robins), and in 1954, the commonly known name Yomatsu entered.Yomatsu robinsRenamed to (Yosho Robins).

In the 1953 season, although the mergers and integrations of the baseball teams were decided, the complete merger of the operating companies could not be done in time, and the franchise also hadKyoto CityStand side by side. The management of the baseball team also became an irregular form of running one baseball team with two companies, and the salaries of the players were provided by their respective baseball teams. Hosted games are from a box office advantageOsaka StadiumMade in. After the end of the first year season (12/16)New mergerWas officially merged (the company name at that time was Taiyo Shochiku Co., Ltd.), and the team office was also placed in Stadium, Osaka.

The team performance in the Osaka era was 1953th in 5. In the following year 1954, he won the championship with 32 wins, 96 losses and 2 minutesChunichi Dragons55 games away from and in 5th placeJNR SwallowsIt was a catastrophic defeat with a big difference of 23 games.

Kawasaki era (New Ocean Whales era)


12/11As long asShochikuWithdrew from club management,Kenbu ChubuWill be the owner. The team nameOcean WhalesBack toProtected areaTheKanagawaMoved to. The team office is set up in Nakahara Ward, Kawasaki City.


Kawasaki City OfKawasaki StadiumWas restarted as a new whale based in Japan, but the record was 31 wins and 99 losses. 61.5 games away from the leader and the giant, and the bottom of the list with the 5th place and the national railway also making a big difference.


Meiji UniversityからAkiyama Noboru,Atsushi Doi,Yasuhiro Iwaoka,Hiroshige Kuroki,Mitsutoshi Okiyama5 people joined. It is extremely rare for five players from the same school to join the same team at the same time.Meiji UniversityIt was called and attracted attention. Ace Noboru Akiyama survived every year's abuse and transferred from a giantAota NoboruIs three timesHome runEarned.


1954th consecutive year since 6 in the Robbins era. This year, from 1955, the team became the league's most defeated NPB record (1955Masato Gondo, 1956 to 1959 climbed Akiyama, and Akiyama was the most defeated pitcher in the league for four consecutive years from a newcomer. )


Until the previous yearNishitetsu LionsWas the director ofMiharaInvited. Mihara is a newcomerAkihito KondoAnd during the seasonKintetsu BuffaloEarned fromTakeshi SuzukiAnd solidify the two play areas, Akiyama andGentaro ShimadaPush the pitcher's power centered onShigeru MizuharaPlaying a battle for the championship with the giant headed by the coach, he won the league title from the bottom of the previous year.Japan seriesButDaiei Daiei (Daigo) OrionsFour consecutive victories with a one point difference victory over the opponent. Shined the best in Japan.

1962- 1964

In 1962 and 1964, he struggled to win the championship with Hanshin.

1965- 1972

After 1965, the winning rate of the team did not exceed 1969% until the relocation of the headquarters except for the three years from 1971 to 3. Mihara retired as director in 5. Of the giants from 1967 to 19659 consecutive winsIn the middle, Taiyo smashed the giant pitchers with a strong batting line, but the poor pitchers were often driven in as well, often resulting in a heavy batting battle. At the time, the team that was able to beat the giants to win the battle was the ocean, and the narrowness of the Kawasaki Stadium, home of 89 meters on both wings and 118 meters on the middle level, was not a little involved.


From the start of the game to around June, he was in control of the lead battle with Hiroshima in the mixed-race SE League. However, it gradually slumped around July, eventually allowing the giant V6 to pass and was overtaken by Yakult, who did not participate in the championship competition until the end, and finished fifth as in the previous year.Aota NoboruResigned as director due to poor performance.


The team is 3th for 5 consecutive years.Makoto MatsubaraMarks the batting average of 3% for the first time and wins the most hits.


Finished 4th for 5 consecutive years.


The lowest in 15 years. From KawasakiYokohamaThe Pacific team, which had been planning a relocation plan toKazuo AsukadaBy the mayor of YokohamaNational land plan(CurrentPrince Hotel) Is accepted. As a result,stockThe ownership rate will be 55% for ocean fisheries and 45% for national land plans.


The lowest for the second consecutive year. The owner, Kenkichi Chubu, died in January. The parent company's ocean fishery was inherited by the eldest son, and the ocean team's owner was the third son. MatsubaraKeizaburo YonedaIn addition to defensive masters such asCleat boyer,John Shipin,Felix MiyanIn the 1970s, the ocean infield team boasted solid defense, with foreign players boasting good defense. Even in the 1980sYamashita Daisuke,Kiman,Takagi YutakaWas inherited by.

Yokohama era

The age of Yokohama Ocean Whales

Bepto director age

Yokohama City under the initiative of national land planningNaka-ku[Note 5]Built inYokohama StadiumMoved to[Note 6][Note 7], Put the city nameYokohama Ocean Whales (Yokohama Whales)Renamed to. Setting up a fan club for elementary school students in Yokohama[Note 8] The number of fans has increased due to the changes accompanying the reform of the sales system. This year, the national land planFukuoka Baseball Co., Ltd.(Crown writer lions),Baseball agreementThe company's shares in the Pacific team areNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.Tokyo BroadcastingSold at a 2:1 ratio. Until the beginning of 2002, the shareholding ratio of the baseball team was 55% for the ocean fishery (later Maruha), 30% for Nippon Broadcasting and 15% for TBS.

Beginning in June, a three-pronged battle with Giants will begin with Yakult. The year of the first year of relocation ended in 6th place, but after winning for the first time in 4 years, the number of spectators mobilized was 7, surpassing 143 million for the first time in the history of the team.[Note 9].


For the first time in eight years, he made a leap to second place in the A class. With this year, Betsuto retired as director. The following year, he became the managing director and team representative of the Pacific team.

Doi era

Atsushi DoiBecame the director. 4th place in the first year. This yearDraft meetingThen localTokai University OfTatsunori HaraNo. 1 was nominated, but he could not acquire the negotiation right.


Baseball equipment is stolen in the camp. The opening game was a giant game at home because the opening game against Hiroshima was raining in both games, but the giant lost eight games in a row. Slumped to the bottom at the end of May, then in JuneYamashita DaisukeSeemed to recover after winning the monthly MVP, but it seems that they will recover, but after July they have repeatedly lost and have not reached the bottom, Doi rested on September 7 during the season. It ends at the bottom with 9 games behind the winning giant, 24th place and 31.5 games away on Chunichi.

Sekine era

Nagashima ShigeoHas a friendship with Nagashima as a stepping stone to inviteJunzo Sekine, But Nagashima's invitation failed. Also called juniorHiroshi SekineAbout joiningNissan Baseball ClubNegotiations with him broke. This year ends in fifth place.


After returning to the bottom in April, it gradually emerged and became 4rd place and A class for the first time in 3 years.


Fall to the bottom. Only this yearMasashi HiramatsuRetired. Sekine resigned for the same year.

Director Sadao Kondo

Sadao KondoBecame the director.Takagi Yutaka,Hirokazu Kato,Yayoi OfSuper CartrioWas sold and attracted attention. But,Kazuhiko Endo,Akio SaitoThe requested pitcher team was not improved, and the team's record was solid and ranked 4th.


New yearLeon LeeFired,Carlos PonceDoug RomanAcquired. Although the pitchers had momentum such as winning the Hanshin Tigers three times in a row from the opening game due to the revision of the strike zone, Kato,Tomio TashiroWhen the main force is withdrawn, the thinness of the player layer is revealed[11]After finishing 4th, Kondo retired in 2 years.

Director Koba
1987 - 1989

Led Hiroshima to the 4th victoryTakeshi FuruhaHowever, he did not perform well, such as not being able to enter A class once in 5 years with the 4th, 3th and the lowest, and in 1 he resigned as the director after taking the lowest responsibility for the first time in 1989 years in the season. .. Koba said that he quit in the third year after signing a five-year contract, but due to poor performance and sluggishness from the opening, an article on the issue of going back and forth appeared in sports papers, etc., leading to a recommendation from the baseball team to resign. ing[12].. But during this time 1998It can be said that he succeeded in scouting, such as acquiring a large number of main players at the time of the championship, but in anticipation of the invitation of Shigeo Nagashima's manager in the future, Kazushige Nagashima will be nominated for the first place at the 1987 draft meeting, but the competition At the end, Yakult won the right to nominate, so the story of inviting director Shigeo Nagashima disappeared. Former director Atsushi Doi, former director of OB, will replace KobaYamashita Daisuke, In the external invitationTakada ShigeruWas named, but he has two years of experience as an army coach in the ocean.Yutaka SudoBecame the coach, and the pitcher coachMasakatsu KotaniRevived after 3 years[13].

Director Sudo/Ejiri

In the early stages, he showed a fierce battle with the giant. After that, it stalled and was overtaken by Hiroshima at the end to finish in 3rd place.


In the battle for the lead of the five teams except Hanshin, he took the lead in April, but then stalled and fell to fifth.The main pitcher who was the opening pitcher for the second consecutive year from the previous year on December 5, off the same year.Hiroaki NakayamaBlamed a series of forced obscene incidents on girls in YokohamaKanagawa Prefectural Police(Investigation Department-Kanazawa Police Station)Forced obscene-Public obsceneArrested on suspicion[14], Fired the team on January 1992, 1, after the New Year[15].. Also with this incidentHiroshima KawashimaThe C-League chairman made a statement to all 12 NPB teams, "I request that the player contract be restrained indefinitely until the rehabilitation of Nakayama is confirmed."[16], This statement was withdrawn two years later (December 2) and NakayamaChunichi DragonsPlayed a return to the world[17].


The team that started with the lack of Nakayama in the case described above was sluggish, and Director Sudo took a rest and resigned in May, head coachRyo EjiriIs acting as director. Later, he was promoted to a director and swayed until the closing.Yuuki MoritaKazuhiro SasakiThe double stopper was established and the team recovered, and in the league match, which was a melee battle, he beat Hiroshima for the first time in seven years, and showed a good fight to beat the winning Yakult, but finished in 7th place and there was no contract renewal for Ejiri next season. On the other hand, in this yearJapan seriesThen, because Yakult lost the Japan Series for the first time after losing to Seibu, it was born in 2005 and in 2013.Japan seriesFirst appearance inTohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesIs the only one until it becomes the best in Japan for the first timeJapan seriesIt became a team that has not been defeated.

1993 Of4/1, The parent company's ocean fisheryCorporate identityWith the name change to Maruha by the implementation, Whales also aims to become a community club closely related to the area,Yokohama Bay StarsIt was renamed to (Yokohama Bay Stars). In April of the following year, the company name was changed from the traditional Taiyo team to Yokohama Baystars Co., Ltd. The policy is to remove the company name "Taiyo" from the baseball team name and only give the city name "Yokohama"CIAlthough it was decided at the time of the introduction decision, there was speculation that the name of the team after the name change would be "Yokohama Whales", which is the nickname used inside and outside the company. However, the owner Keijiro Chubu was once the main business of the ocean fishing industry.Commercial whalingPointed out that the regulations of the company have been tightened, "Uchi's company can no longer rely on whales anymore, so we must change the nickname," instructed the company to consider a new nickname .. As a result, the nickname is "Yokohama Bay BridgeWas taken fromBay StarsBecame. It was also confirmed that the Baystars players will not appear in any Maruha commercials.[Source required][Note 10].

Yokohama Bay Stars era

Director Akihito Kondo

Team bareAkihito KondoBecame the director. Due to the change of the team name,Team flag-Pet mark・New mascot character. In the first year of the Baystars, he finished fifth, but overcame the giant for the first time in eight years. Akio Saito retires only for this year. Started off this yearFree agentDepending on the system, after the season endsTokuhiro KomadaEarned. Supported the team for many yearsTakagi Yutaka,Yayoi,Kenichi Yamazaki,Kazumasa IchikawaThe main players were laid off in large numbers.


In addition to the acquired Komada,Takahiro Saeki,Toshio HatameAlthough he tried to rejuvenate the team by using such as, but in the season of the mixed race, as a result, it ended at the bottom of the first time in five years, but he surpassed only the winning giant.


As a result, although he finished in 4th place, he won the first time in 5 years, surpassing the day in China, and achieved a 12% win rate for the first time in 5 years. LaterLeading batterBecomeNaonori SuzukiWas established in the 3rd left, and young people emerged.However, the evaluation of Kondo from the front as a director is not so good,[Source required]He was retired after his term expired for this year.

First Oya era

Battery coachAkihiko OyaBecame the director. Returning April to the top,"The typhoon's eyes in the SE League"Although it is said that it will stall after May and lose to the whole team to finish fifth.


Hiroshi GondoWill be the chief battery coach of the 9st Army. Although it was sluggish at the beginning of the season, the team emerged when they started to prioritize good performance over the performance of the players, and showed a rush to threaten the leader Yakult in the latter half of the season. However, on September 2nd, in a direct confrontation with the leader YakultKazuhisa IshiiWhen he lost with a no-hitter no-run before, the momentum stopped and he finished in 2nd place, but he entered the A class for the first time in 7 years.He defeated Hiroshima for the first time in five years, but lost to the B-class giant and Hanshin this year.Director Oya resigns as a director after finishing a two-year contract.

Director Gondo

Gondo is promoted to director. RestrainedKazuhiro SasakiIt does not stop once you start hitting with the pitchers whose center is immovable"Machine gun batting'Face each other and beat Hanshin for the first time in five years10/8Win the match against Hanshin (Hanshin Koshien Stadium) for the first time in 38 years[Note 11] Played[Note 12].Japan seriesThen.Seibu LionsPlayed against. Shimouma was expected to be advantageous to Seibu,[18], 4 wins and 2 losses will be the best in Japan. Six players will be selected for the Best Nine, and five will be selected for the Golden Grab Award. In addition, there was no army pitching due to injury from the previous year.Takashi SaitoHas revivedComeback award Earned. Draft during the off-seasonYokohama High School OfDaisuke MatsuzakaNo. 1 was nominated but could not be obtained.


RoseThe machine-gun batting line was in excellent shape this year as well, recording 153 RBI and shining as a double crown, and the team's batting average for the season was .294, the Japanese record of the batting average at that time.[Note 13] To update. But the pitchersKawamuraWins 17[Note 14] Although he is activeDaisuke MiuraUpsetHiroki Nomura, The number of heads was not uniform due to the breakdown of Sachihiro Sasaki, and ended up in 3rd place. Off, Sasaki is in the major leagueSeattle MarinersTransferred to.


From LotteSatoru KomiyamaJoined the group.Tatsuhiko Kaneshiro Newcomer KingAlthough he shined in the top two batters, he could not reach the battle for the championship due to disappointment and malfunctions in the pitching and was in third place for the second consecutive year. Gondo retires from the director off. Rose, the main hitter, Komada also left. Farm organization from this yearShonan SealexRenamed and started activities aiming for independent profit.

Mori era

Led Seibu to win the league eight timesMori AkiraBecame the director. The ranking method was different only in this year, and it became A class (5rd place) for 3 consecutive years.Later). Off-seasonTanishige MotonobuHowever, there is a feud with the forest,[19]FAAfter exercising his right, he moved to China. Komiyama, the team's most-winning pitcher, also left the team to challenge the major leagues.


1/26Parent company (largest shareholder) from MaruhaNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.Was to be changed to. However, it was an affiliated company at the time of that Nippon Broadcasting SystemFuji Television(CurrentFuji Media Holdings)ButYakult baseball teamI had a stake of over 20%, so I turned aroundTokyo Broadcasting[Note 15] The transition to was approved by the professional baseball owners' meeting. The team owner is the president of Tokyo Broadcasting at the timeYukio Sunahara(Details areMaruha to Tokyo Broadcasting Shareholder Change(See)[Note 16].. On this occasion, it was lost because Nippon Broadcasting held the exclusive broadcasting right after 1978,TBS RadioThe relay right of is revived. From Yokohama StadiumNight game relayIn addition to the above, a weekend day game other than the Giant game was broadcasted under the title "THE Baseball Baystars". Since this year, the number of Fuji TV affiliates playing baseball at Yokohama Stadium has decreased year by year.

The team has continued to record lows since the opening[Note 17], On September 9, Mori will be forced to rest before the end of the season. The final win rate for this season was .25. Pitcher coachMori Shigekazu, To the Uchino Defensive Base CoachHajime TsujiMori's Seibu era student was appointed, but the team's ERA was 3.75 to 4.09, and the team's ERA was fifth in the Central League.Team missteps also worsened from 5 to 68.Team batting average, scoring, hits, and home runs ended at the bottom of the league, and pitchers, batting, and defense were all sluggish.Mori was in the second year of the three-year contract, but this year will be the de facto dismissal. There were twoCheer teamIntegrated,National Star ChampionshipWas launched.

Director Yamashita

Team bareYamashita DaisukeBecame the director. Active Major LeaguerSteve CoxFrom Daiei with a three-year contract with a transfer fee of 100 million dollars and an annual salary of 275 million dollarsKenichi WakatabeHowever, Cox et al. do not become a force due to injuries, etc., and all the young-oriented and attack-oriented commands are idle. New foreignerTyrone WoodsAnd newcomersShuichi Murata, YoungHitoshi Tamuraら野手陣の活躍はあったものの、勝率も前年を下回る.324を記録。5位・広島からも22.5ゲーム以上離され(2003年シーズン優勝・阪神と5位・広島のゲーム差は20)、優勝した阪神には開幕戦で白星後は16連敗を喫するなど大きく苦しみ6勝22敗と大きく負け越した。45勝94敗1分という惨憺たる成績で、シーズン90敗到達は日本プロ野球では 1970It's been 33 years since Yakult.


Kazuhiro Sasaki signed a two-year contract with an annual salary of 6 million yen and returned to the team from Mariners for the first time in five years. The hitting team was strong and took the lead at the end of April, but then gradually slowed down due to the poor pitcher's team and continued to fight for 5000th place with Hiroshima until the end of the season, but lost the final race and lost 2 ( It is the difference for the first time in 5 years, and the lowest for the third consecutive year has been confirmed. On the other hand, Hanshin, who lost a lot to the previous year, overcame with 4 wins and 5 losses, and the third-place giant had three consecutive wins in the Yokohama Stadium stadium in late September, three wins in a row, with 0.001 wins and 1 losses. It was Yamashita retired as director this year. Off seasonYasuhiro IchibaYukio Sunahara, the owner, resigned after taking the responsibility for the issue of giving and receiving money toTakayo WakabayashiBecame the new owner.

Ushijima era

Kazuhiko UshijimaBecame the director. The pitchers, including Miura, whose main gun Woods was transferred to China on the wrong day, were revived and moved up to 4rd place, which is the first A class in 3 years. Also, for giantsTokyo DomeIn the same card, 3 consecutive wins were recorded, and there was no loss even once, and it was a great victory with 16 wins and 6 losses. A friend of Ushijima as an executive advisorTakaaki Ishibashi(Tunnels) Was selected, and a new fan service was tried, such as playing the role of a pipe between the manager / player and the fans.Sasaki retired from active duty for this year only.


Slumped in April and May due to a series of ups and downs of pitchers and main fielders. From June onwards, Murata's 4th batter was established.Yuki YoshimuraAlthough there was a rise of young fielders, it ends at the bottom. Although the team wanted to continue, Ushijima took the lowest responsibility and was in the middle of the season.9/3Announced the retirement of the director for this year.4/3Aims to contribute to the community through sports activitiesNPO corporationYokohama Bay Stars Sports CommunityThe chairman of the teamOB OfMasashi HiramatsuWas established as7/1, A subsidiary of Baystars Soft Co., Ltd.Absorption mergerTo do. 12/1, Reduce the capital from 6 million yen to 5000 million yen. "Team management supervision"General managerAs an executive in a strategic positionNissan Motor Baseball ClubServed as a directorMurakami TadanoriWas appointed. Of the team's only double-digit win this yearKen KadokuraWas dissatisfied with the annual salary assessment, declared FA and transferred to the giant.

First Oya era

Akihiko Oya returns to director for the first time in 10 years.SoftbankThe young pitcherHayato TeraharaWas a large trade with the main gun, Hitoshi Tamura, and was also a giant second baseman.Toshihisa HitoshiWas earned by trading one player plus money. In addition, as a personal guarantee of Kadokura who transferred to FAKimiyasu KudoJoined the group. Due to the success of the transfer group and veterans, he took the lead in the first half of the game for a while and returned to 3rd place. Although he lost the final race and missed the season victory and finished fourth, he reached 4 wins for the first time in eight years since 1999, and Shuichi Murata as a Japanese player of the team.Takeshi KuwataIt has been 48 years since the first home run for the first time in 2 years and the baseball team has achieved 100 RBI for the second consecutive year. I had.


1/15,Industrial Management UniversityAnnounced to form a business alliance with The aim is to incorporate the efforts of Shonan Seelex of the farm into the sports business class. Hanshin killer Miura was the most powerful opening pitcher, and when he lost the opening card against Hanshin three times in a row, he won no consecutive victories in March and April. , Also recorded once in August, and continued to suffer a slump with 3 draws from September 3th to October 4rd with one draw and 7 consecutive losses and two consecutive losses, while Sweep (5 consecutive victories on the same card) The Beijing Olympics and Kyocera Dome Osaka during the summer Koshien period have only three consecutive matches with Hanshin, and the longest three consecutive wins. Leap into this yearMost hitsEarnedUchikawa SeiichiIt had the most powerful cleanup in the league, such as Murata who won the home run king and Yoshimura who recorded 30 home runs, but since only 12 of the 314 baseball teams were the worst, the team batting average was 2655%. Has a low base run rate, alongside Chunichi and Hokkaido Nippon-Ham who fought the Japanese series in the previous year.316 and 12 teams worst[20].. Moreover, even if I got to the first base, I could not even put pressure on my feet, and the stolen base was 37 and the league worst for 4 consecutive years.[21] を記録し盗塁成功率も.552と67回の盗塁企図数と共に12球団断トツのワースト。またセ・リーグで2番目に喫した広島の594失点から110点以上も離れて706失点、168被本塁打とセ・リーグどころか12球団断トツで少なかった阪神(85被本塁打)の倍近くホームランを打たれいずれも12球団ワースト、与四死球492(与四球がリーグ5位の412、与死球が12球団ワーストの80)はセ・リーグワースト止まりだったがチーム防御率4.74(先発防御率が5.09と12球団ワースト、救援防御率が4.25とセ・リーグワースト)に858奪三振と12球団ワーストを記録。セーブも在籍3年間で84セーブを挙げたMark KroonWas transferred to the giant, and the number of saves in the league was 4th, which was 35th place in the previous year. He scored 27 goals in the first time, including 9 goals in the 52th goal and 102 league goals in the first time, and he was forced to run behind the game with 4 goals in the first inning and 100 goals in the opening. In addition to being able to win the pitcher's right, not even making a game[22] The pitchers mass-produced the worst record of the league or 12 teams together with the batting team and sank to the bottom for the first time in 2 years, recording 2003 losses for the first time in 5 years since 90. Team win rate is .338 and 99 yearsRobert RoseIt is lower than Uchikawa's batting average (.369), which won the top batting average after repainting the right batting average of .378, which he had.This is the first rare event in the history of professional baseball after the division of two leagues, in which the batting average of the top league hitter in the season exceeds the winning percentage of the team to which he belongs.In the off-season, the head and batting coach of the XNUMXst armySumio Hirota, Of one pitcher coachAkio Saito4 coaches were dismissed,Takuro Ishii, Takanori Suzuki and other veterans who have supported the team for many years have left the team.Regular catcherRyoji AikawaExercised FA rights and transferred to Yakult.


World Baseball ClassicDue to Murata's failure at the beginning, he suffered a 6th consecutive loss in the opening season and was sluggish from the beginning.5/18Oya's indefinite rest (de facto dismissal) was announced. Second armyTomio TashiroActed as the coach from the next day, but could not raise the team and suffered 93 losses, ending in the bottom for the second consecutive year.As in the previous year, he had never saved money, and Tashiro was released from the position of acting coach of the first army and was reappointed as the second army coach after the end of the season.Pitcher coachTadashi SugimotoWas dismissed in a year. Team defense rate/goals[23], Batting average and score[24] Finished at the bottom of the league.11/11, Was a giant pitcher coach until this year as a successor coachTakao ObanaWelcome toYokohama portTo go aroundMarine RougeI had an inaugural press conference.

Obana era

Lotte AceShimizu going straightOf Lotte who also acquired FA by trading with multiple people and also declared FA.Hashimoto, Nippon Ham became free contractThamel SledgeWe made large-scale reinforcements such as The initial concept was to hold back from the middle of the previous yearShun YamaguchiTo a starter, and a new foreign pitcherChris BootheI was planning to use it to suppressOpen battleYamaguchi returned to hold back just before the opening because he couldn't finish. Also,Daisuke MiuraHowever, because of the turbulence in the open game before the opening of the race, the army suddenly dropped. With the victory of the Giant match on March 3st, he placed 31rd in the ranking, and at the same time Hiroshima became the single lowest, but this Yokohama's "escape from the bottom" is the 3th match since April 2008, 4 ( It is the first time in 5 days), and the record so far (Rakuten, April 284, 725-March 2005, 4, 9 games) was a major update and was a stop. However, he was forced to engage in a battle outside of the concept at the beginning of the season, and after the exchange battle, he slumped and fell to the bottom. Never surfaced9/7B-class for the fifth consecutive year after losing to the Giants9/25Lost in the match against China and Japan, and the lowest ranks for the third consecutive year are confirmed.9/28Lost against Yakult for the first time in professional baseball history, 3 losses for 90 consecutive years,10/6Lost against the Hanshin Tigers and had a 130-game system 1955Since then, he has suffered 55 losses for the first time in 95 years. This is due to the fact that he was forced to fight out of the above-mentioned concept and that Ace Miura was not able to make a mark in the season. One army head coachMakoto ShimadaResigned in a year after taking responsibility for the slump.Uchikawa transferred to Softbank in FA off. In August, at the end of the 1 season, the professional baseball executive committee approved that the name of the second army "Shonan Searex" would be returned to the same "Yokohama BayStars" as the first army.

9/30,TBS HoldingsThe shares of Yokohama Bay Stars owned byLIXIL Group) Is reported in the media that the sale negotiations are in progress with[25]On October 10, a senior living group executive confirmed the fact of negotiations with TBSHD. On October 5, the Wakabayashi owner (Tokyo Broadcasting Vice President) also commented that the team was "agreement in outline" and officially decided in October on negotiations.[26] However, the actual negotiations are difficult.Eventually, in late October, TBS Holdings terminated negotiations with the Living Life Group, and on the 10th of the same month, TBS HD announced that it would own the team in 27 as well.[27].. TBSHD and the housing group each say "mismatch in terms of conditions" as the reason for the negotiation failure[28] However, on the 28th of the same month, Takao Kaji, the president of the team, explained to the players during the fall training, “The biggest problem is franchise.Niigata,Kusanagi(Shizuoka),京都I continued to insist that I wanted to do it in a different place (on the living side)."[29].. On the same day, Yoichiro Shioda, Chairman of the Living Life Group, said, "There were various things including that. I wanted to do everything from the ground up (baseball team management, etc.), but I couldn't do it from scratch."[30].


FA of Nippon HamMorimoto rareEarned.3/11, During the open battle with Yakult at Yokohama StadiumGreat East Japan EarthquakeOccurs.The entire stadium shook and the match was terminated, and players and spectators were evacuating to the ground.[31].. Initially3/25The official game was scheduled to start in Japan, but due to the impact of the earthquake4/12に延期された。4年ぶりに本拠地での開幕となった中日との3連戦で2000年以来11年ぶりとなる開幕カード勝ち越しを決めたが、5月以降低迷状態に陥り、交流戦ではロードで1勝(9敗2分)しかできず7勝13敗の11位に終わり[32], In July, I can't win consecutive games[33]Returns to the All Star with 25 wins, 44 losses, 6 minutes, debt 19[34]. B class was confirmed by losing against the Giants on September 9 (Yokohama)[35]Lost to the Battle of Hanshin (Yokohama) on October 10th, the lowest rank for the fourth consecutive year has been decided[36]. In the end, 47 wins, 86 losses, and 11 minutes led to 27.5 from the top, 5 games ahead of 11.5th place Hiroshima.[37]. The team defense rate was 6 points for the first time in 3 years, but was the lowest for 2 consecutive years, and the winning rate was stagnant at 1957% for 1961 consecutive years after 50 years since Kintetsu from 4 to 3.[38]. Off, Shuichi Murata transferred to a giant in FA.

On October 10, most of the Yokohama BayStars shares held by TBS HoldingsDNA(DeNA) reports that a general agreement has been made on the transfer[39] After the end of the season's final race on October 10, the rest of the coach Obana and the coach of the 22st army was announced.[40].. November 11, some of the shares held by TBS Holdings (4 shares held by TBS Holdings (voting right ratio 640,000%) andBS-TBSThe two companies formally agreed to transfer 230,000 shares (17.69% voting rights) owned by the company to DeNA on December 12 (subject to the approval of the NPB executive committee and the owner's meeting). (Acquisition price per share: 2 yen, total: 1 billion yen)[41]. On November 11, the dismissal of six coaches, including director Obana, was officially announced.[42]. On December 12, the Japan Professional Baseball Owners' Meeting and Executive Committee approved DeNA's acquisition of Yokohama Baystars and the change of owner company.[43]. The next day, the baseball team's shares were transferred and the trade name changedYokohama DeNA BaystarsIt started anew as ". The team GM has a giant OBTakada ShigeruWas appointed, but on the other hand, supervisory personnel were difficult. at firstTakeshi Shinjo,Kimiyasu KudoThese names were selected as candidates, and Kimiyasu Kudo, who was also a Yokohama OB, was finally selected as a candidate, but Kudo and the team clashed over personnel matters such as XNUMXst head coach, XNUMXst pitcher coach, XNUMXnd army coach, etc.,12/5At a press conference, Takada General Motors said that it was a breakthrough. It was a candidate from the beginning on the next 6thKiyoshi NakahataThe name of12/9The director inaugural interview was held and the new team logo mark was also announced.[44].

In the TBS Holdings era10 times lowest in 8 yearsThe curtain was dropped, leaving the record of battle. This is a tragedy unlike any other parent company that has entered the professional baseball market for a certain period of time. Moreover,The dark era, which changed from the favorable performance of A class for 5 consecutive yearsAnd a strong question mark was attached to the management ability of the parent company.[45].

Yokohama DeNA Baystars era

Nakahata era
 Season slogan: "Hot! Yokohama DeNA"

The uniform, team flag, pet mark, and mascot character have been renewed due to the change of parent company.1/29, Queens Square Yokohama "Queens Circle" "New uniform announcement ceremony" will be held.3/18Has announced the graduation of Hossie Hossina Hossiso, the former team mascot, and the appointment of the new mascot DB Starman.

3/30, The opening game (Kyocera Dome) with Hanshin, which became the first team of Yokohama DeNA BayStars, was a 5 to 5 draw.[46],4/1Won the 3rd round of the opening game 6-2 and named the first white star after changing the name of the team.[47]、続く4月4日から10日、同月22日から5月1日にかけて2度に渡り6連敗するなどした。交流戦は9勝14敗の10位に終わり、7月7日の対中日戦に敗れて借金20となり自力優勝が消滅している[48]..Although he won the same card three times in a row for the first time this season in the last three games against Yakult (Yokohama) in the first half of the game.[49], Finish the first half at the bottom.9/15Lost against Yakult (Jingu) and decided on B class for 7 consecutive years. He won the Giants match (Yokohama) on September 9 and recorded his first five consecutive victories (including two minutes) this season.[50], The 136th game9/30Lost to China-Japan War (Yokohama) and the lowest rank for the fifth consecutive year was decided[51].. On October 10th, he lost a goodbye to the Giants (Tokyo Dome) and ended up with no win on the road against the Giants.[Note 18]Became the first record in the SE League at Tokyo Dome[52]..In the end, 40 games behind the top giant and 5 games behind the 9.5th place Hanshin Tigers, all losing to the 5th team.[53].

Chunichi became a free contract offToni Blanco[54],Angel belt soto,Jorge SosaAcquired 3 people.In addition, three players including Hitoshi Tamura of Softbank who was the main hitter of the former team are Yuki Yoshimura,Shogo YamamotoJoined in a trade with three players. Tamura returned to its old nest after an interval of seven years[55].

 Season slogan: "Win"

The exchange game ends at the bottom with 7 wins and 17 losses[56].9/24Lost to Hanshin Battle (Koshien) 1 to 6,Climax seriesPossibility of advancement disappeared, B class for 8 consecutive years confirmed[57]However,10/1Yakult lost to the giant in the end, and the lowest escape for the first time in 6 years was decided[58]..Although the final result was 5th, it was the first time in 3 years that he had won the Yakult, Hanshin, and Chunichi Central League teams.[59].

Hanshin offKubo YasutomoIs acquired by FA.

 Season slogan: "heart"

Of the cannon in the middle of the seasonYurieski GuglielObtained from Cuba.Although the season failed in the opening dash with 4 wins and 7 losses and a win rate of .18 in April, in MayShoichi Ino,In SeptemberShun Yamaguchi,In SeptemberDaisuke MiuraFor the first time in the history of baseball teams, he won three monthly MVPs in one season.[60](Yamaguchi also won in September and finally 9 times per season[61]), the win rate remained at 5% or more from May to August, leaving the possibility of entering the climax series until September, but the team stalled in September of the game.9/27There is no possibility of entering A class in[62],10/6Lost to Yakult (Jingu) and confirmed 2th place for 5 consecutive years[63].

From the giant offJose Lopez, Gugliel's brother,Luludes Gugliel Jr.Was won. Also, in the draft, it later became known as the "Little Great Genie",Yasuaki Yamasaki(Asia University) Was appointed first place.

 Season slogan: "To THE GLORY TO GHTHER"

1/16The team ownerMakoto HarutaIs also the founder of the parent company, DeNATomoko MinamibaAnnounced that he was replaced byNPBThe first female team owner was born[64][65].. Also, the uniform is dark blue to blue(Common name: Yokohama Blue)Changed to.4/9, Win against Hanshin (Koshien), and lost the same rate until the day before, while China and Japan were defeated, becoming the single leader at the end of 12 games. After taking over 10 games, the single leader was Yokohama Baystars era. 20075/3Approximately 8 years since then, after 2898 days, DeNA became the first independent leader since becoming the parent company.[66]In the early stages, it made a good start.However, in the interleague game, all 6 cards were lost.[67], The team has suffered 2008 consecutive losses since 10 (1 draw between them), and is the lowest of 3 teams with 14 wins, 1 losses and 12 minute. The winning rate, 176, is the worst record of exchange battle history[68].. Even after three consecutive battles in Hiroshima (third race was canceled due to rain), the consecutive losses did not stop, and the losses were extended to "3"[69].. However, he won 6-23 in the Giants match on June 2 and stopped his streak at 7[70].. Former major leaguer in JulyDuane BelowWas won. During the melee after the battle, he often worshiped behind Hanshin and the giants in June and July, but won the last card in the first half of the game in three consecutive battles against giants, regaining the lead from the giant. It was the first half of the first turn since the last victory in 6[71].. However, as the second half of the game entered, the ranking gradually dropped and finally fell to the bottom in late August.TermImmediately afterwards, he escaped from the bottom, but in the final stage it became a bottom battle with China9/3Lost to the Sino-Japanese battle and the possibility of entering the climax series by himself disappeared[72].10/3Loses in the final round of the season (giant game)[73].. It was the first record in professional baseball history (excluding Pa in the second term) to finish the season at the bottom while returning to the top of the first half.[73].. In addition, although the number of home runs was 112, which was the highest number in the league, the team defense rate of the league worst was 3.80, the total goal was 598, and the wild pitch was in 1990.Lotte OrionsIt was about 68 in line with Japan Professional Baseball Thailand. Also,Black feather,Minei,TakagiThe catcher is not fixed, such as by using, and 11 pass balls are recorded. The number of spectators was strong and the team requested an extension of the supervisory contract, but Director Nakahata retired in the form of taking responsibility for the sluggishness. As a result, the Nakahata administration for four years ended.[74].. The successor will be the first foreign coach in the history of the team.Alex RamirezWas announced to take office[75].. At the Jingu Stadium, he could only win two of the two games Daisuke Miura pitched.

10/21, Ramirez's new director appointment officially announced[76].. In addition, announced that the uniform number was decided to be 2 with a two-year contract[77].. In the draft, the left-handed pitcher who was expected as an immediate forceShota Imanaga(Komazawa University) No. 1 Even the catcher who had been a challengeNTT West OfYasutaka TobashiraWelcomed.

Ramirez era
 Season slogan: "WE PLAY TO WIN"

The year before11It has been started inYokohama StadiumOperating company ofYokohama Stadium Co., Ltd. OfFriendly TOBIs a paragraph,1/20WithYokohama StadiumThe company acquired common stock, which corresponds to the majority (71.12%) of the voting rights, for a total of 74 million yen. Therefore, the operating company is a subsidiary of Yokohama DeNA Baystars on 2500th of the same month (DNACompany name).

As a new foreigner before campingJamie Romack,Zach PetrickHowever, the number of persons with disabilities continued during the camp and before the opening.Noriharu YamazakiIs desperate this season due to rupture of left knee ligament[78] Besides,Takayuki Kajiya,Ishikawa Yuhiro,Shun YamaguchiA major player such asYoshioka FujiokaMike ZagerskiIn April, they lost 4 wins and 9 losses as a result of lack of strength in April. In May, the main players who had left due to injuries such as Kajiya also returned,Kendai Ishida,Shota ImanagaHave won all four games in a month (Ishida has scored 4 innings and scored MVP monthly).5/3There were 11 losses at the time5/28Paid off. Although the exchange game was overwhelmedElian EleraJoined in JulyYoshitomo TsutsukaWas the largest Japanese record with 16 homers in a month, two professional baseball records with 6 homes in a month and multiple homers in 3 consecutive games.7/11ToDaisuke MiuraHas achieved a world record for 24 consecutive years as a professional baseball pitcher (Guinness World RecordsCertified by8/22,Yokohama StadiumThe certificate was awarded in 17) and gained momentum, and the first half race A Clusteron was decided for the first time in 2 years. Then in the second half8/25In 4th place Hanshin can be packed up to 0.5 difference but protect the A class until the end,9/19,Hiroshima Toyo CarpAfter winning the 25th round, the A class for the first time in 11 years was confirmed, and the team's first climax series (CS) was decided. The final result was 69 wins, 71 losses and 3 minutes. The day after deciding to advance into CS, Daisuke Miura announced his retirement9/29Pair ofTokyo Yakult SwallowsThe 25th round (the final round of the regular season) was held as a retirement match.Due to Miura's retirement, all the players who were enrolled in the Ocean Whales era and the players who experienced the 1998 league victory and the best in Japan have retired.CSThen, we played against the 2nd place giant in the official game and decided to advance to the final stage with 2 wins and 1 lossHiroshima Toyo CarpHe won the final stage as the debt team in the third round, but lost 3 win and 1 losses. As DeNA advanced to CS and advanced to the final stage, all 4 teams will participate in CS 10 years after the introduction of the CS system.[79], S-League team participated in the CS final stage (second stage).

Off season, as a new foreign playerAudi silico,Phil Klein,Joe Weeland,Spencer PattonWon 4 people. Yakult became a free contractHiroyasu TanakaAnd in FAShun YamaguchiTransferred to the giantPersonal compensationAsKentaro HiraWas won.

 Season slogan: "THIS IS MY ERA." New slogan: "OUR TIME IS NOW"

Reach 5rd place in the first match of May 30[80].. 8 consecutive battles against Hiroshima from August 22 to 24 of the same month. The first match on the 3nd was from the inferiority of 22 to 1 in the bottom of 9thYoshitomo Tsutsuka(2 runs),Jose Lopez,Miyazaki ToshiroSay goodbye with three consecutive home runs. The goodbye game of three home runs was the first time in professional baseball history. On the 3rd of the next day, 3-23 was greeted in the back of the 5th inning, and Lopez's solo homerun from the death made it to the same point and rushed into the extra time, and in the 6th in the back.Takayuki KajiyaIt’s a good-bye, good-bye, and consecutive wins Round 24 on 3th was 9th, batter from second base and second baseToshihiko KuramotoA hit ball with a lot of hits creates irregular bounce and wins goodbye. A sweep was achieved with good-bye goodbye from the situation where all the same cards were being read. It is the first time in 3 years that the Baystars predecessor Whales has won three goodbyes in a row for the first time in 1960 years since it was achieved in 57.[81].. In September, the giants picked up, so there was a fierce battle for the third place with the giants, and the rankings were sometimes changed, but I won the match against Hiroshima on October 9 and fixed the third place.[82].. He finished the official game with 73 wins, 65 losses and 5 minutes, and won the first season in 2001 years since 16.

Climax series (CS)Then, in the 1st stage, defeated Hanshin in 2nd place with 2 wins and 1 loss, and in the final stage lost the first round, and won 1 consecutive wins with 4 wins and 4 losses (including 2 advantage in Hiroshima). Advance to the series. This is the first time for the SE League to advance to the Japanese series from 1rd place. As a result, in the 1 league, in the 3s, the 2010th year after the introduction of the CS system, the entire team advanced to the Japanese series. With SoftbankJapan seriesAfter winning the game with three consecutive losses, he won two consecutive games, but lost the goodbye in the sixth round, losing the first time in the Japan series, which is the third time including his predecessor. I missed the number one in Japan. According to this, Shochiku Robins who participated in 3 and disappeared in 2 and disappeared in 6.Osaka Kintetsu BuffaloesHas experience in participating in Japan series including20st century-ShowaThe 13 teams that were born will have defeated the Japanese series.

From Hanshin as a highlight of off reinforcementFADeclaredYamatoOther than the former SoftBankEdison Barrios, For players with free contracts, start from ChunichiYuta MutoFrom RakutenNakagawa TaishiEarned. For new foreignersNephtari SotoJoined.

 Season slogan: "VICTORY is within US." New slogan: "VICTORY is within US. Hot, hot, stand up."

Since 2011, the team has opened its home base for the first time since it became DeNA.The opening pitcher is the second consecutive yearKendai Ishidaが務めたが試合は3-7で敗れ、5試合で1勝4敗と波に乗れずにいたが、4月6日から同8日の対広島3連戦で今季初のカード勝ち越し、続く対巨人3連戦を3連勝した。翌4月13日の対中日1回戦で逆転勝利を収め、単独首位に浮上すると[83],4/7から15 DayOver 2001以来17年振りとなる8連勝を記録した。しかしここから急降下を見せ、7月、8月と2ヶ月連続で負け越し最下位に沈む。9月に13勝8敗と持ち直したが、ラミレス政権では初のBクラスとなる4位でシーズンを終え、12球団で唯一HeiseiEnded Heisei without hosting a climax series team[Note 19].Taketoshi Goto,Shigeru KagaRetired from active duty, Wieland andSho AranamiBecame a free contract and left the group. Trading in julyNakago Yuhei,Ito Hikaru,Ken AkamaBut off巨人TheOut-of-force notificationBecameDaisuke Nakai, Once belonged to DeNAToru FurumuraJoined. Also on July 7,Australian Baseball League OfCanberra CavalryAnnounced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with[84].

 Season slogan: "Go Beyond the Limit." New slogan: "For a lifetime, for a moment. FOR THE MOMENT THAT WILL LAST A LIFE TIME."

This year to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the formation of the team[Note 20] Limited team primary logo has appeared. The letter "70th" is placed on top of the star mark that has been used in the past, and the ribbon wrapped around the mark is removed. "YOKOHAMA DeNA BAYSTARS" is in the center and the ribbon "Since 1949 SHIMONOSEKI" is under the mark.[Note 21].

Acquired Japanese nationality of director Alex Ramirez in January[85].. Aug. 3,MLB OfArizona DiamondbacksSigned a business alliance with

In April, he suffered 4 consecutive losses for the first time in about 4 years, but has since recovered. He won the Chunichi match on May 10 and escaped from the bottom, and before the All-Star, he returned to 5nd place, 30 games behind the leader. At one point, he showed a fierce pursuit to close the gap with the leading giant to 9.5 games, but the loss in the direct confrontation echoed, and in the end he missed the championship without ever taking the lead. By winning the Chunichi match on September 2th, the second place in the season was confirmed, and it was decided to hold the first CS headquarters. As a result, the entire NPB baseball team has the experience of holding CS at their home base. It is the first time in 0.5 years since 9 when he finished the season in 24nd place or higher.[Note 22].Nephtari SotoStruck out 43 home runs and won the home run king and RBI for the second consecutive year.

Compete with Hanshin who is third in the CS first stage. With 3 win and 1 losses, the team was defeated in the first stage for the first time.

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Yoshitomo Tsutsuka Posting systemOf usingUS Major LeagueOfficially announced the challenge[86].

 Season slogan: "NEW GENERATION IS HERE."

January 1, Yoshitomo Tsutsuka of the US Major LeagueTampa Bay RaysTo the captain who was vacant with the transfer toKeita SanoWas announced to take office[87].

In the spring camp, in the past MLBGold Grab AwardIs a defensive master who has been awarded 11 timesOmar BiskelWas invited as a special coach[88][89]From Arizona Diamondbacks in Strategic PartnershipBarry Enlight[Note 23]Break rally[Note 24] Participated for coach training purposes[90]With Josh Warner from Canberra CavalryStephen ChambersAccepted to practice for a limited time from February 2th to February 6th[91].

New coronavirus infectionbyPandemicDue to this, the official game scheduled to start in March is delayed by 3 months.6/19It started in.First in the history of official professional baseball gamesNo audienceIt was the opening at.

After the opening, Ace Imanaga and new membersTyler austinIn addition to a series of withdrawals from the mainstay of throwing due to breakdowns such as, Sano and others have been active in the A class for a while, despite Soto and Lopez's problems.However, in the beginning of September, he dropped out of the championship front due to the fact that he lost three games in a row against the leader Giants, which was behind by 9 games.After that, it will be a class A battle with Hanshin and Chunichi. After losing 5.5 consecutive losses at Nagoya Dome after October (as a result, 3 consecutive losses since the victory on July 3), he lost to the Hanshin Tigers on October 10 and fell to 6th place from the B class. The B class was confirmed for the first time in two years because he could not escape and lost the match between China and Japan on November 7. Hiroshima lost to Chunichi on November 14th, so the season ended in 11th place. On October 10, Ramirez, who had commanded the team for five years, was announced to retire.In the final round of the season and the final round of the Ramirez administration, he won a come-from-behind goodbye against the giant and graced the final beauty.With this victory, he recorded six consecutive victories against the Giants, and was the only one in the league to not lose (11 wins and 4 losses), blocking the Giants' complete victory.There was also bright material, such as Sano winning the top hitter in the first year of regular.

On November 11, it was announced that Daisuke Miura, the second army coach, will be promoted to replace former coach Ramirez.The uniform number is 17.

Miura era


Team results/records

  • 2 league wins
(1960, 1998)
  • 1 climax series winner
  • Japan twice
(1960, 1998)
  • Class A 18 times
(1960年、1962年、1964年、1969年 - 1971年、1979年、1983年、1990年、1997年 - 2001年、2005年、2016年 - 2017年、2019年)※1
  • Class B 53 times
(1950-1959, 1961, 1963, 1965-1968, 1972-1978, 1980-1982, 1984-1989, 1991-1996, 2002-2004, 2006 Year-2015, 2018, 2020)
  • Most wins 80 wins (1964)
  • Most losses 99 losses (1955)
  • Most draw 17 minutes (1979)
  • Highest win rate .585 (1998)
  • Minimum win rate .238 (1955)
  • Most consecutive wins 10 ( 1964, 1967, 1968, 1998, 1999) * 1967, 1968, and 1998 years have a draw.
  • Most consecutive defeats 14 (1955, 2008) *2008 draw for 1.
  • Maximum match time 6 hours 13 minutes (August 1998, 8 vs. Hiroshima)
  • No consecutive innings 46 (2012)
  • Longest record in consecutive A class 5 years (1997-2001)
  • Longest B class record for 10 years (1950-1959, 2006-2015)
  • 4500 losses in total (the fastest record since the launch of the two league system in the game against giants on August 2012, 8)
*1 In 2001, the rankings of the SE League were not in the order of win rate but in the order of the number of wins.

Other records

  • Minimum game difference 1.0 game (1964)
  • Maximum game difference 61.5 games (1955)
  • Most home runs 194 (2004)
  • 51 home runs (1955)
  • Maximum batting rate .294 (1999)
  • Minimum batting .208 (1956)
  • Highest Defense Rate 2.31 (1971)
  • Minimum protection rate 4.94 (1977)
  • 68 Storming (2015, along with Lotte Orions <1990>, professional baseball tie record)

Team features

Team name

From 1993 to 2011, it was the only team among the 12 teams that didn't bear the company name. After the split of the two leagues at the end of 1949, Hiroshima Carp (2-1950, now Hiroshima Toyo Carp)[Note 25], Tokyo Orions (1964-1968, currentChiba Lotte Marines) There are cases.

Existed during the Second World War with the predecessor Ocean WhalesOcean ArmyHave the same name but no connection at all. The former nickname "Whales" was created by the then parent company, Ocean Fisheries.whalingIt originated from having made the main business. The current nickname “Bay Stars” is a coined word that combines “Yokohama Bay Bridge” and “star”. Since it was coined by a Japanese person, it seems that English native speakers cannot understand it.Japan TimesIn English newspapers issued domestically, such as "," is often abbreviated as "'Stars". At the home of American professional sports teamsTampa Bay(Florida) AndGreen bay(Wisconsin), there is a place name with a "bay" meaning a bay, so the team name is often recognized as "Yokohama Bay Stars" instead of "Yokohama Bay Stars" by some American media. .

Abbreviated name of Pacific League in the Pacific OceanDaiei StarsIn order to avoid duplication with the Orizu Orion of its posterity, the word "West" was used instead of "Large", and it was still used until 1992 even after becoming the Tokyo Orion's. From 2012, the common name will be changed from "Yokohama" to "DeNA". For the abbreviation, "D" is confusing with the abbreviation of the Chunichi Dragons alphabet,Approved to use "landscape" as before [92], On the NPB official websiteDi"Or"DeIs also used[93]. Also,Kyodo News[94],Nikkan Sports[95] Then, it is written as “D” (“Middle” for Chunichi). As of 2012, when the name of the team was changed on TV, NHK was “D”, localtvkIs "horizontal",Sun TVIs "Di", TBS that broadcasts all games on CS is "De", the official video of HanshinTigers-aiIs "de",J SPORTSIt was mixed with "DB" etc. in its own production, but as of 2015, NHK, Sun TV, Tigers-ai also use the "De" notation, and it is being unified to some extent.

By the time it was renamed to "Baystars" in the 1993 season, the teams whose alphabetic abbreviations started with "B" were alreadyOrix Blue Wave(Abbreviation/BW)Kintetsu BuffaloesBecause there were 2 teams (abbreviation: Bu),Yokohama Bay Stars”YBWas used as an abbreviation. From the 2012 season, "Yokohama DeNA Bay StarsDBWas changed to[92]. Orix and Kintetsu 2005Since it has been merged since the season to become Orix Buffaloes (abbreviation: Bs → B), the overlapping state of baseball teams whose abbreviation of the alphabet begins with “B” is still continuing.

マ ス コ ッ ト

Baseball teamマ ス コ ッ トIs "DB. Starman". It's named after the star, "Hama (Yokohama)," and "Star," which are symbols of the team.hamsterIs a motif. Pile up[Note 26] In a uniformYuru Chara. Originally a pet kept by the predecessor, the Hossy Family, who has been active as a mascot since 1993. It was unveiled to the fans at the open game against Softbank on March 2012, 3.

In addition, in order to "fight against all enemies for the victory of DeNA and to maintain the security of the stadium", we will independently carry out enlightenment activities of fan service and stadium watching manners at stands in the stadium and Yokohama Park. The hero "DB. Rider" that was going. The team pays homage to these activities, presents a new costume with the team logo, and is officially recognized as a team character. It was unveiled to the fans in the final battle against the giants on September 2012th, 9.

In 2013, the first female mascot after the change of parent companyDB. KiraraHas appeared

Since 2015, mascot exchanges outside the Kanto area have been no other than the All-Star.

DB. Starman (commonly known as Starman)
Age unknown. Born in Yokohama. It is a hamster (monster) and has a sex of ♂ (male). The charm point is a ☆-shaped face, and the paws are also ☆-shaped. The character is gluttonous and messy. My hobbies are collecting balls and "sleeping". Favorite things are round things, delicious things,Mobage. Height is 5 balls and weight is 10 balls (ideally 5 balls). Lives in Yokohama Stadium. The uniform number is "☆ (1 star)", 2016Only as a 5th anniversary of DeNA Baystars, it was "5☆" (small on the upper right of the number 5 ☆ ・ Same as the DeNA Baystars 5th anniversary logo).
The name "DB." is the initial of "DeNA BayStars", and at the same time it means "Daisuki Bokurano".[96]. The belt has the "Bibon" described below.
DB. Rider
Gender: Male, Age: Not disclosed, Blood type: Not disclosed, Height/Weight: Not disclosed, Hometown: Not disclosed, Activity location: Inside Yokohama Stadium
A character who was active as a "guardian of the stadium" both inside and outside Yokohama Stadium. From August 2012, he appeared on stands and concourses in the stadium, and voluntarily patrolled so that fans could watch the game comfortably and continued to enlighten the spectator etiquette. In honor of this, DeNA presented a new costume with the team's emblem and certified it as a team character. On April 8, 2016, we announced the end of the contract as a team official character and will return to the "defense god of the stadium" again in the future.[97].
DB. Kirara (aka Kirara)
Age unknown. Born in Yokohama. Gender is girl. The charm point is a large ribbon. Bright personality and full of energy. My hobbies are glittering collections. What I like is shimmeringpopcorn. Height is 5 pompons and weight is 10 pompons. No uniform number.
``I went to Yokohama Stadium to support the Bay Stars, longed for glittering diana on the ground and stage, and practiced dance hard to make my dream come true, so I will join Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars as a friend since 2013 It became a setting. Though the Star Man has been thinking about it, he is not interested at all.


Whales era
  • A boy riding a whale-a pet mark when he was based in Kawasaki. In addition to goods, patches were sewn on the sleeves of jumpers and uniforms.
  • Marin-kun (1978-1992)-When I moved to Yokohama,Pet markAppeared as. Since then, used as a pet mark until 1992. Reprinted as part of DeNA Baystars' 2016th anniversary project in 5[98][99][100]. In the reprint, the hat mark has changed from "W" in the Ocean era to "B" in DeNA, and "★ (home run seal in the Ocean era)" next to the hat has changed to "5th (DeNA Baystars 5th Anniversary Mark)" Has been done.
Baystars era
  • Hosshi Family (1993-2011)-Born with the renewal of the team name "Yokohama Bay Stars". For about 20 years since then, he has been active as a mascot of the Baystars, but with the birth of "Yokohama DeNA Baystars" in 2012, the Hossy family will return to the home star, and entrusts Starman, who was kept as a pet, to the rest. As a result, it disappeared from the front stage. "Opening Ceremony" of Hosshi Family was held at the open game against Softbank on March 2012, 3.
    • Hosshey-The eldest brother of the three brothers and a leader.Pet markHas been adopted in many places as a symbol of the baseball team, including.
      • A good child character who speaks with a gentle tone.
    • Hossina-Hossie's sister and middle of the three brothers.
      • A cheerful girl who speaks in a bright tone.
    • Hossiezo-Hossiezo's younger brother and the youngest of three brothers.
      • We often use words with the ending "YO!!" (or "ZO!!" that is hooked on the person's name).hip hopCharacter.
  • Black Hosshi-A black mascot on the back of a uniform, a mysterious character with bloodshot eyes under sunglasses. Joe McCotte was born in the program of the TBS baseball program "Good Play Chin Play". The person inside (Suit actor) Was previouslyHanshin TigersMascot'sTruckeeThe showy performance is gaining popularity as an actor of "," and it has gained tremendous popularity due to the messy action represented by "Meteor Jump". As a team, he was about to start making goods, and in 2004, he took off.Inside"ButRakuten"Unofficial" mascotMr. CarrascoDisappeared after being pulled out as the "inner man". At this time, not only the president of Minegishi baseball team in Yokohama who dropped his shoulders saying "I was caught by Black Hosshi...",Takahiro Saeki(It has been said that he had been interacting with him since he was in the trucky era, and he recommended that someone who had just been dismissed enter Yokohama.)Daisuke MiuraEven the Wakabayashi owner has left disappointing comments. After that, it was held at Yokohama Stadium2008 All-StarIn the second and official games 20103/30Home base opening game (against giants),4/18It has been revived in the Battle of Hanshin and the Battle of Orix on June 6 (Kyocera Dome Osaka). Also, as a fan of poor manners, he has appeared in the VTR asking for stadium manners that flow right after the opening of Yokohama Stadium.
  • New Hossy-The official name is "New Hossie 2001". It literally appeared in the 2001 season. The line of sight always faces the left side of the person, but this is because the design was in line with the official team illustration, Hossi. Compared to the old Hosshi, the face is not a costume (same material as the Shonan Silex mascot lek doll that appeared at the same time) and the size is small, so the figure is sharp and a bit acrobatic movement compared to the existing Hosshi I can do it. It appeared frequently from 2001 to 2004, but since it did not get the same support as the existing Hossy, it disappeared in a few years. Uniform number 2001.

Not a mascot of a baseball team,TBSWhen he was a parent company, he was the TBS mascot at the Yokohama Stadium and visitor stadium in exchange games.BooBo(Boob)"TBS Radio"Excite baseball]'S mascot "Ekibe" has appeared.

In addition,Kaneshige TakashiIs serialized on Sponavi Blog[101] The main character, Bastan, is positioned as the "official "unofficial" character" of the team, and the team has also released collaborative goods.[102][103].

Since 2014, a project to promote community development for people who love Yokohama with professional baseball as an opportunityI ☆ YOKOHAMAThe symbol character BART & CHAPY was born.

Cheering style

Trumpets, drums, cheering songs for each player, wearing uniforms, etc. are the same as many other teams, but musical instruments such as trumpets use duo, which is rare for cheering. The use of cheering megaphones is very small compared to the fans of other teams, and they mainly support by clapping and voice. Also, in some fansGate flagIs being displayed.

In addition, with the change of parent company in 2012, two new support styles were presented by the team. One is "Bibon", which is used instead of a towel and has a special swing.[Note 27]. In addition to being distributed at any time during the event, those with player/manager names are also on sale. The other is when the bottom of the fifth inning ends or the team wins.Soap bubbleIs to skip. This was at Yokohama StadiumJet balloonsSince it was forbidden to use (see the note below for the reason), it was designed as an alternative.

The following are current (since 2013)
  • Many games sponsored by Yokohama (mainly based inYokohama Stadium), in order to secure the time for the event before the match, the cheering party performed the cheering song when the starting members were announced.[Note 28] Following the player announcement (player name call) of the stadium announcement, each player is playing individually (player name→support song→player name→support song repeated). This style is also used by the opposing team.
  • At the time of scoring, "Hot Stars" will be played.
  • When the opponent pitcher changed, under the leadership of the cheering party, while spreading the towel muffler and face towelHotei TorayasuSing the "Brave's Gene".
  • When the substitute hit appears, the "substitute theme" is played only once. Players who have fanfare before the songAlex Ramirez,Takahiro Saeki,Shuichi Murata,Yoshitomo TsutsukaEtc.), the fanfare is prioritized even if they appear as substitutes. However, the player whose call is unique (Satoshi OtosakaEtc.), the specific call takes precedence.
  • Cheering songs for pitchers are played at the pitcher's bat, but in the pastDaisuke Miura,Takashi Saito,Hiroki Nomura,Ryan GlynnFor that, a special support song was played. Of these, Nomura's cheering song is newly used as a general-purpose cheering song for left-handed pitchers.
  • Previously, a support song CD for each player, which was produced by a professional lyricist and composer and was recorded in a pop style or rock style arrangement, was released, and these support songs were also used in the trumpet performance at the stadium. However, due to various reasons, songs newly produced since around 2000 are rarely actually used in stadiums.[Note 29] Therefore, it was not produced in 2003 at the end. For athletes who have a cheering song set around 2000, cheering songs newly created by the cheering party and cheering songs produced for other athletes in the past[Note 30] Is diverted.
  • At the 7th attack, the video of "Hot Stars" will be shown on the home and "WinningIs performed by the cheering party. It is performed in many baseball teamsJet balloonsUntil 2012 normallyYokohama StadiumProhibited in[Note 31] Therefore, in principle, it has not been used for a long time.
  • From 2013 "Star Jet" (the possibility of jumping out of the stadium is low,Yokohama ParkIt is now possible to use only balloons, which are excellent in terms of the environment, comply with the littering prohibition regulations, and have an impact on trains running nearby.[104]. From the same year, Yokohama fans also started using balloons, flying blue balloons after the end of the 7th table, light blue balloons at the time of victory, but those released from 2015 contain only blue, light blue Things are no longer used.
    • However, before this, there were cases in which Yokohama fans exceptionally drew jet balloons at other stadiums. May 2006, 5Skymark stadiumAtOrix BuffaloesYokohama fans were also flying jet balloons commemorating the 2th anniversary of the foundation, which were distributed to the first 50 people by the sponsor Kobe Toyopet in the war. June 2011, 6Sapporo Dome(The use of jet balloons was banned at the stadium at that time, but only this match was experimentally lifted. It turned out that there were no problems, and the use of jet balloons was lifted from the 2012 season)Hokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersDuring the battle, Yokohama fans also flew blue jet balloons.
  • From 2007, the first-time batters at the time of the game, "winning brilliance fanfare" began to be played (initially only visitors).
  • Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesHome ofRakuten Life Park MiyagiSince the use of trumpets and whistles is prohibited, a cappella is used to sing cheering songs, including the mouth trumpet in the melody section. "I'm good ○○ (person's name)" is used when hitting a base or steal, and "Let's Go Let's Go ○○ (person's name)" is normally used when starting a base due to an opponent's mistake such as a four-ball or fielder. Change to and call. Other than at Miyagi stadium, this support will be given after 22:XNUMX, when you refrain from supporting sounding things.
  • When a base is hit, a fanfare (three-three-seven-beat) is followed by the three-call name of the player who made the hit.
  • Enrolled in 2010 and 2011Thamel SledgeIs a support song in the Nippon Ham era and a support song in Yokohama[Note 32] Was played alternately.
  • I was enrolled at the time in July 2010Uchikawa SeiichiCheering song (in the past 1993Takagi YutakaThe song that was produced and used as a support song for)Do my best always believeIs an idol group that debuted in May of the same year.Tokyo Girls' StyleReleased by. The song was actually used at the stadium as the song by Uchikawa himself.
  • Since 2016, four-ball, home run, and fanfare at victoryYokohama City SongSome melody of is used.

Private cheering party

In the DeNA teamNPB special support permissionThe following organizations that received the command will conduct the support.

  1. A group that loves Yokohama Bay Stars
  2. National Star Championship

The following two groups are non-existent cheering groups.

  1. Shonan Sea Boys[Note 33]
  2. Yokohama Bay Stars Shimonoseki fan gathering


  • 1998 Japan SeriesAnd raising the body at Yokohama Stadium (1960 Japan SeriesIs the home of Daiei OrionsKorakuen Stadium), but both league titles were achieved by visitors (both 1960 and 1998)Hanshin Koshien Stadium).
  • As of the end of 2017, the Japan series has participated 3 times. Although it is the smallest of the existing six league teams, there is no defeat until 6 (excluding Rakuten, which was inaugurated in 2016, and has not been defeated). The game win rate of .2005 is the highest record among all participating teams.2017 Japan SeriesThe Black Star in Round 3 was the first Black Star in the base of the Japanese series. Until then, I had never lost in my hometown[Note 34].
  • The only Se League 6 team that currently exists, has never achieved league titles or Japanese series titles under the supervision of a team OB (experienced player).[Note 35].
  • Overall match results have been lost against all five existing S-League teams. The number of A-class 5 teams that currently exist is the smallest (6 at the end of 2019). It is the only team that has recorded 18 losses for three consecutive seasons (3-90), and has recorded 2008 other losses for two consecutive seasons (2010-2). The 90 defeats for two consecutive seasons is the only record among the existing 1954 teams (in the dissolution team in the pastDragonfly Unions/Takahashi Unions,Kintetsu Pearls/Kintetsu BuffaloIs recorded). The 3th loss for three consecutive seasons is the worst professional baseball record ever, surpassing the two consecutive seasons hit by five teams. In addition, the team's 90 losses or more in the season is six times. From 5 to 2, the winning rate was .90 or less for the fifth consecutive year, which is the first record in 6 years since Kintetsu Pearls from 2008 to 2012. The bottom 5 times of the season is the most in all Japanese professional baseball teams including the disappeared teams.
  • Introduced from the 2007 seasonClimax seriesHe made his first appearance in 2016, which was the latest CS appearance in the 12 teams. Also, the final stage of the same year and the first CS breakthrough in 2017 are the slowest in the league.[Note 36].. In addition, we held CS for the first time in 2019 with a sponsored game, which is also the slowest of 12 teams.
  • Only in the six league teamsSeason MVPIt is a baseball team with no fielders selected.
  • Since the batter-friendly Yokohama stadium is homed, traditionally the batting line is not good at small skills such as bunts and steals as represented by the machine gun batting in 98, hitting and hitting home runs, the pitcher is the starting pitcher When the right was obtained, the team was good at a big battle to get down in 5-7 times and entrust it to the relay, but after the parent company became DeNA, the team color was renewed and it became GM.Takada ShigeruWe are working on scouting with a team based on the book "BOS" (baseball operation system) that was adopted during the Nippon Ham era.[105].. For more information on BOSHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersSee.
  • The last year to win the league was 1998, the second farthest in the 12 teams after Orix, and the farthest in the Central League.

Sales/fan service

  • Some of the left side outfield reserved seats are on sale as annual reserved seats for each match card. In 2007, a part of the infield reserved seats on the third base side was also released as a "visitor seat", with annual reserved seats for each match card.
  • Since 2005, the executive adviserTakaaki Ishibashi(Tunnels[Note 37] With the intention ofYokohama StadiumThe net in front of the movable seat (near 2006st and XNUMXrd base) was removed. The distance between the players and the fans has decreased, and it is now possible to communicate with the players before the game or when winning. Since the popularity of seats around this area has been concentrated, the effective ticket price increase has been carried out since XNUMX with the new FA and FB seats.
  • There are many types of events that take place before and during the match, and you can enjoy events other than the match.
  • 2012からYomiuri Giants-Tokyo Yakult SwallowsIn combination withGSDB projectIn addition to holding events for fan club members only, advance sales of tickets in advance of relevant games, mutual visit of stadium DJs, cheer teams, mascot characters, and fan club members will be given points to visit DeNA hosted by Giants/Yakult It is carried out.
    The following are as of 2016
    • Speed ​​Gun Contest (10 players selected from different mounds for each match throw from the mound, and it is customary for the final press of the home to be a media reporter competition.Yomiuri Shimbun GroupFor reporters of each company (Yomiuri Shimbun, NTV, sports news)BooOr the field may fly.
    • BAY Smile Shot (aurora vision photography, several times before and during the match)
    • Baystars Super Bazooka (launches shirts and colored balls for children in the audience, twice during the match)
    • Doc Khan! FLY CATCH (1 or 2 people try fly catch, depending on the game, and if successful, double the amount of hot dog toppings)
    • Happy Star Dance Contest (After the 5th back end. Dance contest using Aurora Vision, prizes will be sent to the most reflected people. 2006 is Globe, 2007 isDescenteAnnual reserved seat pair invitation ticket provided, 2016 isat homeBay blue sheet pair invitation ticket provided)
    • Throwing a sign ball (of the player in the hero interview)
    • At the Yokohama stadium, when the exchange game and the mascot of the opponent team are present, and only in the final race of the same card season (at the main stadium), the support song of the visitor flows seven times.

Shareholder composition

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Date
  1. Ltd.DNA 127 million shares (97.69%)[106]
  2. Ltd.Tokyo Broadcasting Holdings 3 million shares (2.31%)[107][108]

Largest shareholder change from Maruha to Tokyo Broadcasting

200111/16, The parent company at the time when management was deterioratingMaruha(Current:Maruha Nichiro) Was the second largest shareholder in the clubNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.Announced the transfer of team stocks (selling) toNPBAcknowledged this once. But after more than 10 daysYomiuri Giants OfTsuneo WatanabeThe owner said, “Nippon Broadcasting is an equity-method affiliate.Fuji Television Network, Inc Yakult Swallows, And the sale of the Yokohama team to Nippon Broadcasting Co., Ltd. conflicts with the baseball agreement.” Of the third largest shareholderTokyo BroadcastingWas transferred to. At this time, Tokyo Broadcasting was originally one of the Baystars shareholder companies, so it was decided that the “largest shareholder should be replaced”. Based on this judgment, a membership fee of 30 billion yen for receiving the baseball team transfer stipulated in the baseball agreement at that time[Note 38]Payment was not required.

Until then, the sales of clubs were only renewed from the club name to the uniform, but in the case of Maruha → Tokyo broadcasting, both the club name and the uniform were left as they were. The only thing that has changed is the patch with the TBS logo on the sleeve of the uniform. I am also a Yokohama fancolumnist OfRitsuna Tsunashima"The smartest way to keep fans happy is to do this. The team should sell themselves like this," he said.

2005 year 10 month,RakutenBecame the largest shareholder after purchasing a large amount of Tokyo Broadcasting stock. But Rakuten is alreadyTohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesThe possibility of violating the baseball agreement has re-emerged from the fact that the company operates. In November Rakuten side withdrew its management integration and became a capital and business tie-up, but Tokyo BroadcastingCertified Broadcast Holding CompanyRakuten has abandoned the acquisition as it moved to Tokyo Broadcasting Holdings,Stock purchase request rightThe problem was settled by requesting the purchase of all shares held by Tokyo Broadcasting Holdings using.

Broadcasting rights since the era of Tokyo Broadcasting Holdings

Tokyo Broadcasting Systems Holdings (currently:TBS Holdings) Was the largest shareholder (considered to be the de facto owner)subsidiary) Is a broadcasting stationTBS TV-TBS RadioThen, the broadcast other than the battle against Giants that was held on the afternoon of the weekend (sporadicChina broadcastingThe number of visitors (on the net to the local bureau of visitors) decreased from the time when the ocean fishery (→ Maruha) owned it, and it was only sporadic.Except for GiantsAudience ratingListening rateIt was also due to not being able to get. TV relay is usuallyKanagawaWas broadcast alone[Note 39], Do you only own the day games that you do not broadcast on the same station?TV Tokyo series(The Japanese-Chinese battleTV Aichi, The Battle of HanshinTV Osaka) Was supplemented by the relay.Fuji TV also holds the broadcasting rights due to the capital relationship between the past team and Nippon Broadcasting System, but withdrew from its own broadcasting after 2006, and the opponent's local affiliated station (against Hanshin Tigers)Kansai TV, Against SoftbankTV West Japan) It was used for live broadcasting.

Regarding CS broadcasting, even after being transferred from Maruha to Tokyo Broadcasting Holdings in 2002, for the time being only during the national broadcast of the TBS series of giant battleTBS News BirdAlthough it was broadcast on, it was a Fuji TV CS at the time.J SPORTS(LaterSports Eye ESPNAt the time of the merger with, Tokyo Broadcasting also participated in the capital), but there was also an irregular form in which the commentary was given by the commentator of Fuji TV or tvk, and the commentary was given by the announcer of TBS TV. 2008After that, the broadcasting channel was transferred to TBS News Bird, and the production was entirely done by TBS TV. 2014From the seasonTBS channel 2Was moved to[Note 40][110].

TBS radio is the live broadcastCore stationAct asJRN series, Nippon Broadcasting serves as the key stationNRN seriesI was relaying it including back-shipping. It was mainly broadcasted when the anti-giant game was canceled in the rain, or when there was no anti-giant game[Note 41]. Tokyo Broadcasting Holdings has held shares in Baystars since 2012, when it was no longer the parent company, and has continued to broadcast on TBS TV and TBS radio. However, the broadcast of TBS radio was withdrawn only for the 2017 season (only back-off for JRN affiliate stations continues), and currently only TBS TV is broadcast.

Since 2012, when DeNA became the parent company,Live distributionLive broadcasts of games hosted by the service are also available.The deployment status is as follows.


  • A fan magazine from a team affiliated companyMonthly Bay StarsWas released (25th of every month). Suspended with the December 2010 issue.
  • Until the time of Tokyo Broadcasting, the Yokohama Stadium side returned 3 million yen to the baseball team every year as a player reinforcement cost.[113].
  • There are about 40 grocery chains "Bay Stars Mart" (formerly known as "Whales Mart") in Kanagawa prefecture, run by Tobacco Yasube Co., Ltd.

Changes in uniforms

One army

Shimonoseki era (former era of Ocean Whales)

  • 1950 - 1951 White is "WHALES". Gray uses "Whales" and "WHALES" together. The white and gray "WHALES" has the team logo on the left chestSan Francisco Shields[114].
  • 1951 The logo is changed to cursive "W". At the same time, the standard "TAIYO" mark for visitors first appeared.
  • 1952 For visitors with "TAIYO WHALES" written on the chest. I became a director this yearTokuro KonishiAt the timePittsburgh PiratesThis is a reference to the uniform for visitors.[115]. This full letter uniform is off seasonShochiku RobinsIt was used for only one year because it merged with 1959It has been revived for only one year.

Osaka era (Robins era)

  • 1953 Merged with Shochiku Robbins and changed the team name to Taiyo Shochiku Robbins. The hat is a combination of T and S on a black background (T is silver thread, S is gold thread). The black and red logos are for home and for spring and autumn. The sleeveless red logo uniform was for summer. For visitors, the acronym for "Taiyo Shochiku Robins" is taken and the script is "TSR".
  • 1954 Team name changed to Yomatsu Robins. Same design for home and for visitors.

Kawasaki era (New Ocean Whales era)

  • 1955 Shochiku withdrew from club management and the team name returned to Taiyo Whales. At the same time, a uniform with a line in the logo appeared. The "KANAGAWA" mark will appear on the left sleeve.
    • The mark on the left sleeve has four letters K, N, G, and W surrounding A. Established as a new base this yearKanagawaAll four characters of "a"vowelIt focuses on that point and expresses the feelings for Kanagawa.[116].
  • 1955- 1958 Brooklyn Dodgers (now Los Angeles Dodgers)Changed to uniform referring to. The patch on the left sleeve was initially "KANAGAWA", 1957From the parent company, Ocean FisheriesCompany emblemChanged to "Maruha Mark".
  • 1959- 1962 Orange "Whales" logo on cream. Only in 1959, the hat mark uses a combination of "T" and "W", and for visitors it uses "TAIYO WHALES" and all team names. Next day 1960From now on, the hat mark will be "T", and for visitors it will be "TAIYO" again. Since 1960, it has become a white background and has a chest number.1960 Japan Seriesand 1961Has a champion mark on the left sleeve.
  • 1963 Red "Whales" logo (black border) on white for one year only. The "TAIYO" logo for visitors has become thicker and the line has changed from orange to red.
  • 1964 - 1972 Black "Whales" logo on white with red borders and inverted letters. 1968The mark on the hat is cursive "W". This "W" typeface isWashington Senators at the time (now Texas Rangers)Same as hat[Note 42].. It is from this uniform that the name is put on the back. Home use is based on "KAWASAKI"Kawasaki CityFor visitors, the name of the player was used in English letters.[117].. After that, the home version will be used with the player name[117].
  • 1973 The orange logo on white is back for a season. This is also the last for "KAWASAKI" (only for visitors. Player name for home) above the uniform number.
    • The color of the hat is black and orange W. The color of the undershirt, stockings and spike shoes is black. (Spiked shoes have no line) The uniform is white for home and light gray for visitors. The cursive Whales logo for home, the TAIYO logo for visitors, the chest spine number, the name above the spine number is orange in black, and the collar sleeve trouser line is also orange in black. The W mark on the hat has been changed from cursive writing up until that point to an italic design. ○ mark on the left sleeve.
  • 1974 - 1977 Basic color isShonan trainIt will be called color (for details,Later).
    • The hat is green with brim, sky button and orange air holes. The mark is "W" surrounded by white in orange.
    • For home use, non-white background is used. Uses a uniform with a green "Whales" logo (white border) on an orange background.
    • The green color for visitors is the orange "TAIYO" logo (with a white border).
    • Both pants for home and visitors are beltless.
      • 1977From the latter half, the "Maru ni Ha" mark on the sleeve has been changed to an illustration of a boy riding a whale. Also, the chest mark for visitor, the back number, and the white border of the back name are eliminated, and the back number is slightly smaller.

Yokohama era

Yokohama era
  • 1978 - 1992 The headquarters is moved from Kawasaki to Yokohama, the team name is changed to Yokohama Ocean Whales, and the team color is all dark blue. The hat is dark blue and the mark is white with "W".
    • For home use, a marine blue (dark blue) line on a white background. The logo of the base name "YOKOHAMA" (dark blue) on the chest and "TAIYO" (the same) on the left sleeve.
    • For visitors, the jacket is navy blue and white (reverse to that for home), "TAIYO", and "WHALES" on the left sleeve. This is the last "TAIYO" and "WHALES" logo. Pants are gray[Note 43].
    • Spikes are white lines on a dark blue backgroundRawlings(Distributor in JapanASICS) Was used by 12 teams at the time.
    • 1980, Introducing a system to put a star seal (commonly known as a home run star) on the side of the helmet as many times as the number of home runs hit.
Yokohama Bay Stars era
  • 1993 - 2008 The baseball team name has been changed to Yokohama Bay Stars, and the uniform has been updated. Blue called the team color Marine Blue[Note 44] The spikes have the same design and white lines on a blue background. The uniform is a pullover type that can be attached and detached up to the 3rd button (the rest is a decorative button). The uniform number, chest number, and player name use the typeface used in the plate-making industry, which is called the first in the Japanese ball world. Although there were some minor changes along the way, the design was adopted for the longest 16 seasons in the history of the team. The hat has a white "β" on a blue background and three stars behind it.
    • For home use, blue pinstripes on a white background. A white background on a blue backgroundBayStarsLogo. The chest number and jersey number are black, and the player name is blue.
    • For visitors, the jacket is blue and the pants are white, and the sleeve and the pants have two lines (white for the jacket and blue for the pants). The chest goro is white, so it has the words "YOKOHAMA"βMark, player name, uniform number, chest number are white.
      • 1996 - Akihiko OyaAt the same time as the director, the number of ☆ on the mark of the hat was changed from 3 to 1 (The design has β in ☆. The color is white).
      • 2001 -The spike color becomes a blue line on a white background.
      • 2003 -The two lines of the pants are thin.
      • 2004 -The two lines on the sleeve are thin.
      • 2006 -Left chest for visitorsβThe star mark behind the symbol disappears and "YOKOHAMA βOnly The white background for the home becomes brighter, and the pinstripes are printed from embroidery.
  • 2009 - 2011 Home visitors have been renewed in line with the 150th anniversary of the opening of Yokohama Port. Adopted a "Y-neck" on the chest, following the initials of yokohama. In professional baseball 2001Orix Blue WaveThe pull-over type that has not opened since then is adopted. Chest number and uniform number become a typeface like Gothic. The color of the undershirt, belt and spikes is navy. The ☆ mark disappears from the hat mark, leaving only "β".
    • For home use, there is no pinstripe, the mark "β" on the left chest, and the back number on the right abdomen. There are silver star marks on both shoulders. The uppercase "BAYSTARS" logo will be on the left side of the pants. His name is narrow.
    • For visitors, gray background, white pinstripe, cursive "Yokohama" letters on the front, and a uniform number on the left abdomen. The color of the brim of the hat is blue only for visitors. His name is wider than his home.
      • 2010 Only for the first game of the sponsored game, the color of the star mark on both shoulders for home is changed to gold with the meaning of "grab Venus". However, it was actually used in other than the first game, and the "Venus type" became the default.
      • 2011 Captain'sShuichi Murata"C" and "on the uniformAnchorI put a captain mark that is a combination. Right sleeve for home, left chest for visitors.
Yokohama DeNA era
  • 2012 - 2014 The team name has been changed to Yokohama DeNA Baystars, and since it started as a new team, the uniform design has been redesigned. The design concept of the new uniform is "inheritance and innovation" as well as the team logo and primary mark. Designed with the image of elements that fans expect from the team, such as "excitement" and "strength/coolness". New ideas were included, such as the mark on the hat being different for home and for visitors.
    • For home use, following the design used from 1993 to 2008 under the concept of "inheritance and innovation", vertical stripes were adopted for the first time in four seasons, and the design reminds us of the uniform at the time when it became the best in Japan in 4. became. Vertical lines of light blue based on white, with vertical vertical stripes. In addition to the new team logo on the chest, dark blue underarms and light blue lines around the cuffs and neck. The hat is “B”, the team's symbol mark in dark blue.
    • The top for visitors is a single color based on dark blue and the cuffs and neck are light, and the racket line is light blue. Two types of trousers are available, white and dark blue, and dark blue uniforms may be worn at the top and bottom. The uniform number, the chest number, and the letters "BAYSTARS" on the chest have the image of "Yokohama's sea," and the design has a gradation of white and light blue. The hat has a “star” that is a symbol of the team and is colored in dark blue.
      • Appointed captainIshikawa YuhiroOn the upper left chest of the uniform, the captain's mark “C (white for home is red on the edge, visitor is gold on the black edge)” is entered.
      • An event to wear visitor uniforms will be held at the Yokohama Stadium, the base of the match against Giants on July 7-3. However, the socks used are those made for the event (two blue lines on a dark blue background).
  • 2013 -In addition to the home and visitor uniforms we are currently using, a new "third uniform" is now available. From the Sino-Japanese battle on March 3th, wear it mainly for weekend visitor games throughout the year (even the match on Monday).
    • The design uses "Bay Stars Blue" as the main color, reminiscent of the visitor uniform used from 1993 to 2008, and the neck and cuffs are light blue. Team logo on the left sleeve, `` on the chestYOKOHAMA: DeNA, Logo: Chest number under the letters DeNA. The logo, chest number, jersey number and jersey name are white and navy and light blue. The pants are white with light blue lines. The hat is white and blue: De"(Navy and light blue border)[118].
    • In addition, regarding the uniform's spine name currently used,Shoichi Ino (INOH) andShinji Ohara Like (S.OHHARA)Hepburn roman lettersApart from the notation,Ota Auri Like (ŌTA)Ceremonial ceremonyRomaji (formerlyHankyu BravesAdopted) was mixed.
  • 2014-Introducing this third uniform as a new visitor uniform by recording a high average of .575 wins for the third uniform used the previous year. The chest logo is ": DeNAHas been changed to "YOKOHAMA, Otherwise the same as last year's third uniform[119].
  • 2015 -Change home uniform.
    • The design is the same as the home uniform used until the previous year, and the main color has been changed to a vibrant "Yokohama Blue" which is the image of "Sea and Port City" Yokohama. In addition, "Personal slogan" is written on the back of the neck of the uniform, with the slogan and goals that the player cherishes. The hat is "Yokohama Blue" and the team symbol "B".helmet"Yokohama Blue Metallic" is an image of the sea shining under the stars.
  • 2016 - 2019 The visitor uniform has been changed to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the parent company becoming DeNA.
    • Based on the concept of "the city of sea and harbor, Yokohama", the "DeNA" logo that was previously placed on the chest of the visitor uniform was changed to "YOKOHAMA" from the idea of ​​"rooting in Yokohama and walking with Yokohama." Based on the main color "Yokohama Blue" of the baseball team, a design that expresses the clear blue sky and sea of ​​Yokohama by using shades of blue[120].
  • 2018 -Changed cap design for visitor games. With the desire and pride of everyone for "YOKOHAMA" and a strong will to fight in enemy territory, we changed the conventional ":De" to the same design as the "Y" of the visitor uniform chest "YOKOHAMA".[121].
  • 2019 -Changed the primary mark on the sleeves of home and visitor uniforms to the 2019th primary logo for the 70 season only[122].

2020 -New visitor uniform. The concept is "more blue, stronger." The colors are mainly blue, which is the main color of the team, and four types of blue that are vivid like the sea in the port town of Yokohama. Furthermore, by adding a "stripe" movement that expands to the top, the strength of the player is enhanced and the possibility of unlimited expansion is expressed.[123].

Second army

  • 2000-2010 The name of the baseball team of the XNUMXnd army was changed to "Independent profitability of the XNUMXnd army and differentiation from the XNUMXst army.Shonan SealexChange to "and use your own uniform. The hat is navy blue with a white "S" mark and the brim is emerald green.
    • Home use: The shirt has a white background with a racket line from the neck to the chest and a line of cuffs, the emerald green on the chest is a cursive "Searex" logo, the chest number/back name/back number is black, pants Is a turquoise line on a white background, and the undershirt is turquoise.
    • For visitors: Shirt emerald green (no lines), white with cursive "Shonan" logo on chest, white chest, spine name and number, pants on a white background with emerald green lines, blue undershirt ..
  • Most of the uniforms of Japanese professional baseball teams have the uniform number and the uniform name part directly attached (embroidered or printed) to the uniform material, but the uniform name part of the Shonan uniform has its name on the arched fabric. The printed one is sewn on the uniform fabric. This is the encouraging sense that “it will be a problem if it is fixed on Cyrex”, and as of 2012, this is the only case for a Japanese professional baseball team.

Exchange battle limited uniform

  • 2005-2006 For home use, there is no pinstripe on the left chest, "β" is marked, and the right sleeve has a uniform number. TBS logo patch on the left sleeve. For visitors, the letters "Yokohama" are in cursive on the front with a gray background, and the same number is on the right sleeve as for home.
  • 2007-2008 Only for home use, the basic navy blue uniform that does not use any blue team color. The left chest has a "β" mark, and the right chest has a navy blue hemline and gold border. On both sidesYokohama Red Brick WarehouseThe fat color that is the image of[Note 45].
  • It has not appeared since 2009.

Summer limited uniform

Yokohama era

2004Since every year, as a general rule, we have adopted a summer-only uniform, both of which are only held in August. The design has been changed every two years for both the exchange battle and the summer only.[Note 46].

  • 2004-2005 has a "Bay Stars" logo on the front of a white background, with blue underarmsSeibu LionsWas very similar to the design. Both years will be presented to fans with the autographs of the players after the end of the period. The name of the uniform number in Roman letters is not listed.
  • 2006-2007: "BAYSTARS" embroidery in blocks on the front of a white background, jersey number on the upper left side, "yokohama" on the left shoulder, blue number on the back only on the back and marine blue around the shoulder And, the hat is only "B" on the marine blue ground. Called the "beta cap".
  • In 2010, a summer limited uniform appeared for the first time in 3 years (the same design in 2011). The design is usually based on the home, but the raglan sleeve part is blue with gradation and has a gold edging on the jersey number. The cap is usually for visitors, and the mark part is in gold letters.
DeNA era

Since the parent company was changed to DeNA, an event called "YOKOHAMA STAR☆NIGHT" has been held every summer every year, and from 2013 onwards players and managers/coaches wear special uniforms. ..

  • Wearing a player-produced special uniform in the 2013 consecutive games against China from August 8, 2[124].. From the player's thought that “Yokohama's streets and teams shine like stars,” the design is based on blue, with a white star studded across the shoulders, chest, and back in the image of a starry sky shining in the sky. The word "YOKOHAMA" is placed on the chest. The hat is the same as the third uniform, with white letters on a blue background: De"(Navy and light blue border).
  • Wearing a uniform designed in the image of a shooting star that colors the night sky during the 2014 consecutive battles against Yakult from August 8, 8. By designing the players and fans who want to become the brightest star in professional baseball, we designed a star based on blue, which is drawn in white, which means the team color blue or the white star of victory, and the cap is a visitor specification. Was used.
  • From the August 2015, 8 three consecutive battles against Yakult, the design is based on the shimmering water surface of the port, which symbolizes the city of the sea and the city of Yokohama.A refreshing camouflage pattern of light blue, blue, and dark blue. , The silhouettes of 18 small players are also drawn. The cap used was embroidered with "white stars," meaning victory for these three games only.
  • From August 2016, 8, during the three consecutive battles against China and Japan, the design was based on the starry sky shining in Yokohama at night, and the glittering stars in the Yokohama blue night sky were expressed using geometric gradations. For the cap, I used the one worn in a normal home game, but the one that was embroidered as "5th ANNIVERSARY" on the left brim for the 3th anniversary of the team transfer to DeNA.
  • Wearing uniforms with the theme of "Glitter of the Starry Sky x Cityscape of Yokohama" during the three consecutive games against China from August 2017, 8. With the motif of the city lights sparkling overlooking Yokohama at night, Yokohama Blue is the main color, and the glitter of the starry sky is represented by a geometrical design with a dot expression. "Yokohama Stadium" and a baseball complex that opened in March 1THE BAYS,” and other famous places in Yokohama are hidden in the design. The cap is the same as the home uniform.[125]
  • In the 2018 consecutive games against Giants from July 7, 31, a uniform with the theme of "Starry sky in Yokohama shining like sequins" is worn. The starry sky of Yokohama, which shines like sparkles and sequins, is shown in shades of blue based on "Yokohama blue." In addition, in order to express more brilliance in the replica uniform, we have adopted the glossy and uneven material for the first time as a baseball team, sticking to the texture utilizing the unevenness, it has a three-dimensional design like real sequins. It was The cap is the one used during the normal visitor game.[126]
  • Wearing a uniform with the theme of "voyage to space" in the 2019 consecutive battles against Yakult from July 7, 30. The design that treated the various blues included in the team logo centered on the left chest in a concentric oval shape represents the universe and the sleeves are dark blue. The Y mark represents Yokohama, which is the center of the universe, with the center of the ellipse on the left chest and the cap.[127]
  • In the three consecutive battles against the Hanshin Tigers from September 2020, 9, he wore a uniform with the theme of the event "Supernova". Following the sense of speed from last year, the universe that spreads around Yokohama is expressed in various blue colors included in the team logo mark, including "Yokohama Blue". The cap used is the one used in the normal visitor game.[128]

Reprint uniform

  • It was held in August 2010 by a team sponsored by the SE League.Old uniform series"I used a home uniform from the Yokohama Ocean era.[129].
  • August-September 2012, sponsored by a team in the SE LeagueLegend uniform seriesIn 1993-used in the Yokohama Baystars era, used the 2008 championship / Japan temporary visitor uniform[Note 47].
  • 2016, as part of the 5th anniversary of the DeNA baseball team May 5-10 Sino-Japanese battle, June 12-6[Note 48] Held a "We☆YOKOHAMA DAY" in which athletes wore home uniforms from the Yokohama Ocean Whales era against Hokkaido Nippon-Ham[130].. It is the first Ocean Whales reprint uniform since becoming the Yokohama DeNA Baystars.[Note 47].
  • In the opening match with Hiroshima Toyo Carp in the ``2019th anniversary commemorative game of the baseball team'' scheduled to be held at OVISION Stadium Shimonoseki on March 3, 10, wearing a 70 home uniform reprint[Note 47]I was scheduled to play the game, but it was canceled due to rainfall just before the start of the game. This commemorative match and the wearing of the reprint uniform were held again at the open game (Yokohama Stadium) with Hokkaido Nippon-Ham on March 2019, 3.
Besides this, 2006On Fan Appreciation Day, she wears reprint uniforms from the Taiyo and Yokohama Taiyo eras to perform attractions.


  • 2019年4月12・13日の対広島戦、6月22・23日の対楽天戦、8月10・11日の対中日戦を対象に球団創設70周年を記念した「70th ANNIVERSARY GAME」にて、横浜ベイスターズ時代の初代ビジターユニフォームを踏襲した青色とロゴ配置、大洋ホエールズ時代の初代「W」マークを横にしたBマーク、袖とパンツ横に1959年の二本線を踏襲した上で1974年からの湘南電車カラーのオレンジと緑、右胸と背の「YOKOHAMA」を初代大洋ユニフォームをイメージしたフォント、横浜大洋時代を踏襲した背番号ロゴタイプとショルダーデザインといった歴代のユニフォームデザインをモチーフとした「70th ANNIVERSARY UNIFORM」を着用。

Uniform sponsor

All for home. Bold letters indicate sponsors currently posted.

left chest

Sleeve part



Transition of the team flag

One army

  • 1950-1953: Ocean fishing in red on a white backgroundCompany emblem(Also known as Maru mark).
  • 1954: The baseball team name is changed to Yomatsu Robins, and the Maruha mark and shochiku emblem of the ocean fishing industry are combined in red on purple.
    • The upper half is the mark and the lower half is the company logo of Shochiku.
  • 1955-1963: The name of the baseball team returns to the Ocean Whales, the company name of the ocean entered the design before the merger. "Large Western"
  • 1964-1977: Kanji changed to "TAIYO WHALES" and alphabet. "TAIYO WHALES"
    • There was also a version with the word KAWASAKI (Kawasaki) in the early days. "KAWA (ha) SAKI"
  • 1978-1992: "W" in white letters on a dark blue background. Below that is also small in white letters, "YOKOHAMA TAIYO"
  • 1993-2011: "YOKOHAMA BayStars" logo in the center and a small "REACH FOR THE STARS" below it (idiom "Aim for the top"). Blue letters on white background for home, white letters on blue background for visitors. There is a ☆ gradation behind the letters.
  • 2012 -: Two-tone blue and turquoise lines on the top and bottom, blue horizontal stripes on a white background, letters on the star mark around which the blue ribbon is wrapped ("BAYSTARS" in the center of ☆, "DeNA" on the top and "YOKOHAMA" on the bottom) Use the primary mark.

Second army

  • 2000-2010: The Shonan Sealex era. A gradation that imitates whirlpools on a white background, the "SHONAN Searex" logo in the center, and the "REACH FOR THE STARS" slogan underneath it like the one in the army.

Successive homes

※initiallyShochiku RobinsWas the home ofKinugasa StadiumIt was a double franchise of Shimonoseki stadium, which was the home of Ocean Whales, but Osaka Stadium, which was actually the associate home of Shochiku Robins, had a higher ability to attract customers, so it was used more often. ..

In addition, in 2020Tokyo Olympics/Tokyo ParalympicsThe Yokohama Stadium will be used as a venue for hardball (men's) and softball (women's) competitions, and due to preparations and other reasons, some games from June to September cannot be held.Tokyo Dome6 games,Niigata Prefectural Baseball StadiumAndChiba Lotte MarinesHome ofChiba Marine StadiumI was planning an alternative event in[131], All changed to Yokohama Stadium due to postponement of the Olympics[132].

2021 has been postponedTokyo Olympics/Tokyo ParalympicsThe Yokohama Stadium will be used as a venue for hardball (men's) and softball (women's) competitions, and due to preparations and other reasons, some games from June to September cannot be held.Tokyo Dome6 games,Niigata Prefectural Baseball Stadium2 games,Tokyo Yakult SwallowsHome ofMeiji Jingu StadiumWe are planning to hold 5 alternative games at.

Successive directors

TaiziIs the league title, ◎ is the best in Japan

Ocean1Watanabe continent 1950 1950from hereOcean Whales(1st stage)
2Haruyasu Nakajima 19511951/6/30Concurrent player
31951/7/18 1951Senior managing team at that time (no player/leader history)
Western pine4Tokuro Konishi 1952 1953from hereOcean shochiku robins
5 1954 1954from hereYomatsu robins
Ocean6Fujii Isamu 1955 1955Concurrent player
from hereOcean Whales(2st stage)
7Masami Sakohata 1956 1958
8Mori Shigeo 1959 1959
9Mihara 1960 1967
10Kaoru Bettoto(1st stage)[*1] 19681972/8/30
11Aota Noboru 1973 1973
12Go Miyazaki 1974 1974
13Akiyama Noboru 1975 1976
14Kaoru Bettoto (Second) 1977 1979from hereYokohama Ocean Whales
15Atsushi Doi [*2] 19801981/9/24
16Junzo Sekine 1982 1984
17Sadao Kondo 1985 1986
18Takeshi Furuha 1987 1989
19Yutaka Sudo 19901992/5/2
20Ryo Ejiri1992/5/3 1992
Yokohama21Akihito Kondo 1993 1995from hereYokohama Bay Stars
22Akihiko Oya(1st stage) 1996 1997
23Hiroshi Gondo 1998 2000
24Mori Akira [*3] 20012002/9/25
25Yamashita Daisuke 2003 2004
26Kazuhiko Ushijima 2005 2006
27Akihiko Oya (Second)[*4] 20072009/5/17
28Takao Obana 2010 2011
DeNA29Kiyoshi Nakahata 2012 2015from hereYokohama DeNA Baystars
30Alex Ramirez 2016 2020The first of the teamForeign director(Japanese nationality acquired in 2019)
31Daisuke Miura 2021
  1. ^ Conducted until August 1972, 8, remaining gamesAota NoboruGo MiyazakiIs acting on your behalf.
  2. ^ Conducted until August 1981, 9, remaining gamesToshihide YamaneIs acting on your behalf.
  3. ^ Conducted until August 2002, 9, remaining gamesKuroe TooruIs acting on your behalf.
  4. ^ Conducted until August 2009, 5, remaining gamesTomio TashiroIs acting on your behalf.

Successive owners

Permanent number

Of the teamPermanent numberIs as follows.

  • None
    • Since 1997 when Maruha was in business,100ThePermanent numberAsMultiple celebrities who contribute to the teamWas given to 2012Joined in the training draft first placeKinta ImaiWorn by.

Semi-permanent missing number

  • 18 : Daisuke Miura
    • Of the Yokohama Ocean Whales era 1992から 2016A pitcher who played an active part in Yokohama. The team has retired since 1998[Note 51] "Urban number 18" that Miura continued to wearThe number given to the player who should be the symbol of the team while leading the team in terms of both play and behavior.(Commonly known as "Yokohama number]) "Yokohama number" will be absent until a suitable successor appears, and if a suitable player appears, it will be decided after consultation with Miura and the baseball team.[135]..Currently, it was worn by Miura, who became the team's pitcher coach (second army coach in 2019) from 2020, but the numbers were reversed when he became the first army coach in 2020 off.81Changed to.
  • 25 : Yoshitomo Tsutsuka
    • 3rd year with professional 2012から 2019Until[Note 52] wear. Same year offMLBWhen challengingLeave him empty until he comes back. No other player can wear it while active"(Representative of Mihara baseball team) will be treated as a semi-permanent missing number[136].

Sawamura Eiji Prize Winners


At the DeNA baseball team,Japan Professional Baseball MeetupTotal membership requirements2000 hits·total200 wins·total250 savesPlayers who have achieved either of the above are recognized as contributors to the team. As of 2020, seven people have been honored, and the relief praising the achievements is the handrail at the top of the right wing outfield seat at Yokohama Stadium ( 2012Or later. Before that, it was installed on the upper part of the right wing fence where the ribbon vision is currently installed).

As of 2020, the award recipients with reliefs are as follows.

Uniform numberPlayer nameDefensive positionPlayer historyReason for recognitionTotal results
25Makoto MatsubaraFirst baseman
  • Ocean (1962-1980)
  • 巨人 (1981)
2000 hits achieved2095 hits
27Masashi Hiramatsupitcher
  • Ocean (1967-1984)
200 wins201 wins
10Tokuhiro KomadaFirst baseman
  • Giant (1981-1993)
  • Yokohama (1994-2000)
2000 hits achieved2006 hits
22Kazuhiro Sasakipitcher
  • Ocean and Yokohama (1990-1999)
  • SEA (2000 - 2003)
  • Yokohama (2004-2005)
Achieve 250 saves381 saves[Note 53]
5Takuro Ishiishortstop
  • Ocean and Yokohama (1989-2008)
  • Hiroshima (2009 - 2012)
2000 hits achieved2432 hits
3Alex RamirezLeft hand2017 hits[Note 54]
99Norihiro Nakamurathird baseman2106 hits[Note 55]

*Enter in the order of achievement. The uniform number is only when the conditions are met and the total result corresponds to the reason for the award.

Major successive team songs and support songs

  • Hot stars(Baseball song)
    Made in 1993 when the team name was changed to "Yokohama Bay Stars". The main vocal is a singer from Yokohama.Naoki Takao, Composition, Noriyuki Asakura (Asakura Noriyuki), lyrics by Ginshiro Akiya.
    It is the closest station to the Yokohama StadiumKannai StationSo, JR is from June 2011, 6[Note 56], Yokohama Municipal Subway from April 2012, 4, respectivelyDeparture melodyIs used as. Minatomirai LineNihonodori StationWas used from April 2013, 4 to March 2, 2019.
    In 2012 when it became DeNA Baystars, the team name part of the lyrics was changed from “Yokohama Baystars” to “DeNA Baystars”, and Kiyoshi Nakahata and below 5 players (Daisuke Miura, A. Ramirez, Noriaki Morimoto, Kentaro Takasaki, Ishikawa) (Yuhiro) announced "The Hot Stars, 2012 Version" in which the vocal was in charge. The tune has become very different from the previous one. Even when the Baystars score and win, the cheering party will play the trumpet, but the lyrics at this time remain the same as the "Yokohama Baystars."
    In the new version of 2014, Nakahata, Miura, Kaneshiro, Kubo, Swing,Bardilis, Ishikawa, Kurobane, Mishima participated. The lines that Ramirez called adlib in the previous version are inherited as the Spanish call by Blanco and Bardilis.
    Since 2015, new versions are being produced almost every year.
    • 2015-Director Nakahata, Noriharu Yamazaki, Lopez, Kajitani, Kurobane, Yamaguchi, Miura, Tsutsuka,Moscoso, Bardirith[137]
      2016-Director A. Ramirez, Yamaguchi, Miura, Ishikawa, Kajitani, Tsutsuka, Yasuaki Yamazaki, Minei[138]
      2017-Director A. Ramirez, Tsutsuka, Ishida, Yasuaki Yamazaki, Imanaga, Kuramoto, Tobashira, Kuwahara[139]
  • Brightness of victory (support song)
  • Yokohama Baystars team theme (official theme.instrumentalSong)
    Made to commemorate the 1998 victory. It was used as a background music when Yokohama's starter players were announced mainly in Yokohama-sponsored games, but since it became Yokohama DeNA, it seems that it has not been used in one-armed starter announcements. In addition, at the time of the start of the battle for the second army, it was used as before.
  • Brave gene
    2013Lyrics written in MarchMori Yukinojo, CompositionHotei TorayasuCheer song produced by. 50 DeNA fans selected by lottery participated in the recording of this support song. 20193/29Is the closest station to Yokohama StadiumNihonodori StationUsed in the departure melody of[140].


Ocean and Yokohama Ocean era
Yokohama era
Shonan Sealex
  • Young Kings (official song)
  • Searex Horizon (Official theme. Instrumental song)

Main campsite

Successive opening pitcher

年度Opening pitcherVictoryScoreOpponent
1950Rentaro Imanishi2-0National railway
1951Hirono Takano4-2Nagoya
1952Hirono Takano4-2Hanshin
1953Koichi Eda1-1Nagoya
1954Masato Gondo9-2Hanshin
1955Masato Gondo2-8Hiroshima
1956Takashi Eda2-11Chunichi
1957Masahiko Oishi0-4Hiroshima
1958Masahiko Oishi6-7Hanshin
1959Takashi Suzuki1-3Chunichi
1960Yu Koda3-4Chunichi
1961Akiyama Noboru8-7Hiroshima
1962Gentaro Shimada1-3National railway
1963Makoto Inagawa1-4Hiroshima
1964Makoto Inagawa7-4Chunichi
1965Makoto Inagawa1-0National railway
1966Akiyama Noboru6-3巨人
1967Chika Morinaka3-2Chunichi
1968Chika Morinaka8-5巨人
1969Hiraoka Ichiro1-0Hanshin
1970Masashi Hiramatsu2-3Hiroshima
1971Masashi Hiramatsu1-2Yakult
1972Ritsuo Yamashita3-6Hiroshima
1973Masashi Hiramatsu3-1Hanshin
1974Masashi Hiramatsu1-2Hanshin
1975Masashi Hiramatsu8-4巨人
1976Masashi Hiramatsu0-1Chunichi
1977Hidetake Watanabe15-7Hiroshima
1978Masashi Hiramatsu3-1Chunichi
1979Masashi Hiramatsu9-0Yakult
1980Masashi Hiramatsu4-3巨人
1981Akio Saito1-2巨人
1982Akio Saito3-2Hanshin
1983Kazuhiko Endo2-5巨人
1984Kazuhiko Endo3-9Yakult
1985Kazuhiko Endo12-6巨人
1986Kazuhiko Endo8-7Hanshin
1987Kazuhiko Endo5-1Hiroshima
1988Missing light rule2-1Chunichi
1989Akio Saito4-3Chunichi
1990Hiroaki Nakayama5-5Chunichi
1991Hiroaki Nakayama4-3Hanshin
1992Hiroki Nomura4-6Chunichi
1993Working Katsuya2-5巨人
1994Working Katsuya4-3Chunichi
1995Hiroki Nomura0-4Hiroshima
1996Yuki Morita1-2Yakult
1997Yuki Morita2-3Chunichi
1999Daisuke Miura5-10Yakult
2001Satoru Komiyama4-6Yakult
2002Daisuke Miura1-2Hiroshima
2003Yuji Yoshimi4-2Hanshin
2004Daisuke Miura1-3Yakult
2005Daisuke Miura0-4Chunichi
2006Daisuke Miura2-12巨人
2007Daisuke Miura2-3巨人
2008Hayato Terahara2-4Hanshin
2009Daisuke Miura1-4Chunichi
2011Shogo Yamamoto5-4Chunichi
2012Kentaro Takasaki5-5Hanshin
2013Shugo Fujii4-3Chunichi
2014Kazuki Mishima1-9Yakult
2015Kubo Yasutomo2-3巨人
2016Shoichi Ino2-1Hiroshima
2017Kendai Ishida2-9Yakult
2018Kendai Ishida3-7Yakult
2019Shota Imanaga8-1Chunichi
2020Shota Imanaga1-5Hiroshima

Main episode

Arakawa Incident

Shonan train color uniform

A uniform used in the 1974-1977 season. Since I used orange for home and green for hats and visitors,Shonan trainIt was called the "Shonan train color (Shonan color)" because of the color scheme that makes it look like it is.

The reason for adopting this uniform wasYamashita DaisukeIs a member of. The ocean at that timeShizuoka Prefecture Kusanagi General Athletic Field Hardball Baseball FieldThere was a connection with Shizuoka Prefecture, such as camping in Japan. Yamashita from Shizuoka Prefecture joined in the first place in the draft, so the head coachAkiyama Noboru"Isn't it possible to make a uniform made from mandarin oranges and tea (a specialty of Shizuoka)?"Kenbu ChubuChubu also acknowledged that "it will lead to a better image as a food company". As a result, a uniform using orange and green was completed. The specific design isAuckland AthleticsIt is based on the uniform of that time.

2001 and 2005 rankings

SE LeagueThen. 2000Previously, the ranking was decided in order of winning percentage,[Note 58], 2001Adopted a method to determine the ranking in order of the number of wins[Note 59].

2001, Yokohama 69 wins 67 losses 4 draws,HiroshimaFinished each season with 68 wins, 65 losses and 7 draws. The win rates are Yokohama 507 and Hiroshima 511, and Hiroshima was the top place in the ranking method until the previous year, but as mentioned above, this year's ranking was determined by the number of wins, so the number of wins Yokohama, which surpassed Hiroshima, came in 3rd place and entered the A class for the fifth consecutive year.

However, in this ranking method, the teams who played the game early in the middle of the season tended to be in the top position, and it was difficult to understand the actual situation. Returned[Note 60].

2005Even though there was a situation where the winning percentage ranking and the number of winning rankings differ, this time it was a rule to decide the ranking in order of winning percentage,YakultYokohama with fewer wins than69 wins70 losses, 7 divisions, Yakult71 winsWith 73 losses and 2 divisions, the winning rate exceeded Yakult (Yokohama's winning rate was .496, Yakult's winning rate was .493), and Yokohama was third and Yakult was fourth.

In the league, 2002Since then, the ranking has been determined in the order of winning percentages up to the present.

Held at a local stadium

In the Ocean era, in addition to Shimonoseki, the first base of the island, Kusanagi stadium, which used to have spring camps,Hokkaido,Tohoku regionFrom the latter half of the 1980s, in Kanagawa prefectureHiratsuka Stadium (Batting Palace Aiishi Stadium Hiratsuka),Sagamihara Stadium (XNUMXth Sagamihara Stadium)And in northern KantoUtsunomiya Kiyohara Stadium,Hitachinaka Municipal StadiumBut it has been held.

2016After that, hold a local eventNiigata Prefectural Toriya Nogata Park Baseball FieldIt has been reduced to only one game at (HARD OFF ECO Stadium Niigata), and local holdings in protected areas such as Okinawa, Hiratsuka and Sagamihara are also suspended in Kanagawa prefecture. In 1, in addition to Niigata, as mentioned above,Tokyo Olympics/ParalympicIt was planned to be held at Tokyo Dome and ZOZO Marine Stadium due to the fact that Yokohama Stadium can not be used.[143].

Official match in Okinawa

Of the Yokohama era 2010Complete renovation was completed in the same year for two days, June 6 and June 29.Naha Municipal Ouyama Baseball Stadium(Okinawa Cellular Stadium Naha)Tokyo Yakult SwallowsHeld two consecutive battles. Of the Ocean Whales era 1975On May 5 and May 17, at the prefectural Obuyama baseball stadium (at that time) before reconstructionHiroshima Toyo CarpHosted two consecutive games,OkinawaIt was the first professional baseball game in 35 years since this match. Also, these two games are the official games of the professional baseball team in Okinawa.[Note 61] Was the first night game ever (starting at 19:XNUMX). After that at the stadium 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015In Yokohama/Yokohama DeNA sponsored two official games each year, and at least one game was held each year.

2013 TheHanshin TigersHeld an official game at the stadium, so no Okinawa expedition was held, but in 2014巨人を帯同し、2年ぶりに沖縄遠征を実施した。ただ、7月8日と7月9日の2連戦(平年より30分早い18時30分試合開始)での開催を予定していた。しかし、7月8日の試合については26 Typhoon No. 8Has announced that it will be held in the afternoon of the previous day (7th), considering that it is difficult to hold the game because there is a danger of hitting Okinawa with the maximum power and it is safe for the audience. did[144]. Also due to this effect, I was originally planning to participate in the Okinawa expeditionYurieski GuglielIt was also found that he declined to participate due to fear of the typhoon swaying the plane. Gugliel says he has been diagnosed with airplane phobia and has forgotten to participate in the Okinawa expedition in consultation with the team.[145].

In addition, the official game in Okinawa after 2016, which withdrew from the match hosted by Baystars,Pacific LeagueThe teams are running around and hosting the match.

Relationship with Niigata

HARD OFF ECO Stadium NiigataHas been hosting matches every season since its opening in 2009. After the parent company was replaced by DeNA, the owner of MinamibaNiigataSince he was originally from Japan, he will hold a Saturday/Sunday event that is expected to attract more customers and a match against giants, and will be accompanied by Nippon Ham in 2016 for the first time in the stadium.Sep-pa Exchange BattleConsideration for Niigata is great, such as playing one game.

As mentioned earlier, since 2016 the number of regional events has been reduced, and although we withdrew from the official military games held in Okinawa, Hiratsuka, Sagamihara, etc. in Kanagawa Prefecture, only one game is held in Niigata every weekday. Is only continuing. However, in 1, due to the above reasons, we planned three consecutive games in Niigata including Saturday and Sunday.[143], Both were changed to be held at Yokohama Stadium[132].

Other events related to Niigata are also held and the relationship continues.

  • Team official fan clubB ☆ Spirit NiigataFounding of[146]
  • Presenting baseball caps with the 5th anniversary logo to baseball boys in Niigata Prefecture[147]
  • "Umasagi Niigata" DAY in Hamaster Bay Garden[148]

Revival of Shimonoseki

At the Shimonoseki stadium (now Ovision Stadium) in Shimonoseki City, which is the first base 2007Since the end of the official game has been stopped, the city is playing a central role in the "Shimonoseki Professional Baseball Bid Execution Committee" in order to realize the revival of the official game in the future.[149] As a starting point 2019As a commemorative game to celebrate the 70th anniversary of our team,Hiroshima Toyo CarpWithOpen battleThe same year as the baseball team's first match day3/10Decided to hold a day game on.

However, the opening game was canceled due to the rain just before the match started, and the memorial match at Shimonoseki ended in a phantom. In this match, the first uniform worn by the JNR Swallows match on March 1950, 3 was also planned to be reprinted by the players (this reprinted uniform is3/21It was worn again at the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters match held at Yokohama Stadium). We are working to hold an official game in the future[150] But, 2020Is the official game startTokyo OlympicsDue to the relationship, the open race will be announced in December 2019.[151] Then it is not planned.

Hot! Tickets

In the 2012 races from May 5st to 1th, 6, "Full refund!? Hot! Tickets" were sold for 5 yen/1 seats only. Depending on the audience's satisfaction, this ticket will be refunded up to 4000 yen, which is half the price if you win or draw if you do not like the match, and 50 yen if you lose. When the team lost the game on May 2000, the first day of this project, everyone requested a refund. The amount of money returned was 4000%, but more than half of the people asked for a refund even in the winning game.[152], Of the sales of 5 million yen in 100 games, nearly 47 yen was refunded. The result was shocked at the time by director Kiyoshi Nakahata, saying, "If you lose awfully, you just have to play the best and just repay the money!" Asked not to implement[153].

なお、2012年度のレギュラーシーズン最終戦(10月8日・広島戦)において、「新・熱いぜ!チケット」が企画・発売された。これは、内野SS席ペアチケット(通常2人分で1万1000円)に2000円分(1人1000円)を追加で負担すれば、2016年度までにDeNAがレギュラーシーズンで2位以上の成績を収め、Climax seriesIf you secured the (CS) control right, you would have the right to watch it in the reserved seat in the infield, but during this period you will not be able to advance to CS, or even if you advance to regular season It was a plan to use the additional burden for promotion of amateur baseball in Kanagawa prefecture if the third party could not get the jurisdiction or if the CS was abolished and the right expired.[154].. In fact, the third place in 2016 is the highest ranking in the regular season within the period, and since DeNA was unable to host CS, the watching right was not established and the entire amount was the donation for the promotion of baseball in Kanagawa prefecture. Became[155].. Following the second place in the regular season in 2019 and securing CS's control, the team revived the rights specially, and 2 groups of ticket purchasers 50 people on October 100 of the same year Invited to the CS First Stage First Match[156].


Meiji University

1956ToMeiji UniversityからAkiyama Noboru,Atsushi Doi,Yasuhiro Iwaoka,Hiroshige Kuroki,Mitsutoshi Okiyama5 people joined. It is extremely rare for players from the same school to join the same team as many as five at the same time.Meiji UniversityIt was called and attracted attention.

Super Cartrio

Machine gun batting

The Great Genie of Hama

Quattro K

Yokohama Ocean Bank

In the 1980s, Yokohama was the main business area for Yokohama Ocean Whales.Yokohama BankAnd existed at that timeTaiyo Kobe Bank(CurrentSumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation)"Yokohama Ocean Bank"Was called[157][158].. This was a long-standing slump at the time, and it was ridiculed by comparing the number of wins and losses and the win rate to deposits and loans, as it continued to distribute victory to other baseball teams every year, and this disgraceful name was established over time. I got it. In particular, giant fans were supporting the team with the slogan "If you want to save money, Yokohama Ocean Bank."[159]In addition, not only when fans of teams other than giants mock the ocean and ocean fans, but also ocean fans also use it with self-ridice, especially when there are consecutive losses and there are many opportunities for exposure on TV Frequently used in the mass media during seasons when the match results were extremely poor[Note 62][158].. In addition, recently, this name is sometimes used in the Hanshin War, which is also incompatible.[Note 63].. On the other hand, he said that he was sometimes ridiculed as "The Ocean Kobe Bank" as a particularly weak baseball team in the S League, together with Hanshin.[158].. There are also cases where people are ridiculed as "**bank" when losing giants continue (for example, the headline called "Nakahata Bank" in 2014 from the name of the director at that time)[160]).

After the team name was changed to Yokohama Baystars in 1993,Yokohama BankAlthough there are many cases called "[161]Although there was actually no direct relationship between the team and the bank, the Bank of Yokohama was the first to sponsor the "YOKOHAMA STAR☆NIGHT 2014 8st" held in August 2014.[162].. Detail isBank of Yokohama#Otherchecking ...


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

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