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🏛 | Year-end jumbo lottery sale at the sales floor of XNUMX billion yen for XNUMX consecutive years (Kumamoto)


Year-end jumbo lottery sale at the sales floor of XNUMX billion yen for XNUMX consecutive years (Kumamoto)

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Many lottery fans visited the lottery counter of Mizuho Bank Kumamoto Branch in Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City, where they won 2 billion yen for the second consecutive year, and were looking for dreams.

The year-end jumbo lottery, which wins XNUMX billion yen in the first prize and the front and back prizes, has begun selling on the XNUMXth. XNUMX billion for XNUMX consecutive years ... → Continue reading

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Lottery(lottery) > 日本で「宝くじ」として売られるもの

Lottery(Takara lottery)JapanInVoucher method with winningsIssued based onLottery.

The official name is ``Cash voucher".In addition, with prize moneylotteryTo buygamblingThe common noun that refers to the general public is not "lottery" but "lottery". "Winning money", "lottery", etc.(I.e.The character "" is "" in Kanji.lottery"(Sen, lottery). "Omikuji"KanjiBecause it was not put in, it is written as "winning" by law. The notation "winning"Japan Newspaper AssociationIt is based on the "rewriting of the same sound in kanji" defined byNational Language Councilof"Rewriting with the same kanjiIs not published in.

In JapanEdo PeriodInShrine,templeFor the purpose of collecting repair costs etc.Wealth(Lottery) was issued.Also,Sino-Japanese warEnacted to raise war expensesExtraordinary fund adjustment method"Fuku ticket" and "winning ticket" have been issued based on the above.Lottery 1948ToVoucher method with winningsIt is operated for the purpose of absorbing floating purchasing power based on (Law No. 23 of 144) and thereby contributing to the procurement of local financial funds.


  • 19449 ――The basis law at that time was "Extraordinary fund adjustment methodReleased as a "lucky ticket" based on.
  • 19457/16 ――The name was changed to "Kachifuda" and it was released, but it lost the battle before the lottery in August and took the nickname of "Negative bill". The first government lottery will go on sale in October. 8st prize 10 yen.
Due to lack of supplies, supplementary prizes, cigarettes and gold cloth (純綿 OfCalico) Was touted.
  • 1946 ――The Temporary Fund Adjustment Law has been revised so that lottery tickets can be sold not only by the government but also by prefectures nationwide.
The Fukui Prefecture Reconstruction Lottery was released in December.
  • 1947 - 3/10, The 1st Tokyo Reconstruction Lottery released. 1st class 1000 yen, 2nd class 100 yen, 3rd class 10 yen. On December 12, Kogyo Bank released a 1 million yen lottery ticket.
  • 1948 --Instead of the "Temporary Fund Adjustment Law" that was abolished in March, the current basis law, the "Winning Money Attachment Law," was enacted in July.The release by government order has become a method in which banks are entrusted with business.
At the "10th Tokyo Reconstruction Lottery A" released in October, a single house appeared as a supplementary prize.
  • 1949 --From May, it will be released in Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe (so-called five major cities), and from December in the war-damaged cities designated by the Prime Minister.
  • 1950 ――Kagoshima Prefecture will start selling in February, and all prefectures will be available. In March, Himeji City was first released as a war-damaged city.
  • 19543 --The government lottery was abolished, and the lottery was changed to the national autonomous lottery that was launched in December of the same year.
  • 1959 --The face of the ticket will be unified to the current 7 x 15 cm.
  • 1964 - Japan Lottery AssociationWas launched.
  • 1968 ――In the 12th National Autonomous Lottery released in December, the first prize will reach 76 million yen.
  • 1974 ――It is a trust bankBank of Japan Daiichi BankAnd integration,Daiichi Kangyo BankBecomes
  • 1974 --Okinawa Prefecture participated from the National Autonomous Lottery in January and the West Japan Lottery in February.Lottery tickets will be sold regularly anywhere in the country.
  • 197612/21 --Crowds flooded the jumbo lottery counter at the end of the year in various places.パ ニ ッ クAnd,FukuokaとAndThen it develops into a turmoil that causes death.
  • 1977 --In light of the turmoil of the previous year, a reservation system was introduced for jumbo lottery (special lottery) using official round-trip postcards (until 1995).
  • 1979 --The 8st National Autonomous Lottery released in August is nicknamed "Summer Jumbo Lottery", and the 151th National Autonomous Lottery released in November is nicknamed "Year-end Jumbo Lottery", and the special lottery is officially called "Jumbo Lottery". Will be.
  • 1980 --Lottery "Lady LuckThe first student debuted.
  • 1982 - OCRWith the introduction of the "winning number automatic collation machine" that has a number reading function, the opening lottery format will be unified.Combined lottery sales of general lottery and instant lottery.
  • 1983 --Start distributing jumbo lottery reservation tickets at the sales floor.
  • 1984 --Instant lottery sales start.
  • 1985 --The basis law, "Winning money"Attached"Voucher method" is "winning money"付The title will be changed to "Voucher Law".
  • 1987 ――The first prize will reach 1 million yen. (6000st class: 1 times regulation first application)
  • 1989 ――The total amount of prizes for the 1st prize and the front and back prizes reaches 1 million yen.
  • 1994 --"Numbers" released.
  • 1996 --Abolition of reservation system, first prize will reach 1 million yen.
  • 1999 ――Launch of "Mini Lotto", the first prize will reach 1 million yen.
  • 2000 --"Lotto 6" is released, and the highest winning amount of 4 million yen will be issued in the same year.
  • 2008 --Launch of "Million Dream" limited to 1 million yen for 100st prize and 1000 for 2nd prize for 1 yen.
  • 2010 ――Launched "1 million summer" ("1000 million summer" in 600) limited to 1000 pieces of 2011 million yen for 2000st prize.
  • 2011 --Renamed "Million Dream" to "Million".The refund rate for Dream Jumbo and Year-end Jumbo will be 49-50% from this year.
  • 2012 -"Great East Japan EarthquakeThe first prize in the "Reconstruction Lottery" will be 1 million yen. With the revision of the Voucher Law with Winning Money in April, the maximum amount of winning money has increased from 3 million times to 4 million times the face value, and the first prize in the "Summer Jumbo Lottery", which is the first application, will be the first prize. It reaches 100 million yen. Released "Dream 250" limited to 1 yen for 1st prize.
  • 2013 --"Lotto 7" released. The first prize will reach a record high of 1 million yen. In the lottery held on May 8, there were 5 winners (17 of them).KagawaKanonji"Year-end jumbo mini" will be on sale from November 11nd (from the lottery counter). The first prize is 22 million yen.In the "Year-end Jumbo Lottery" released at the same time, the first prize will reach 1 million yen.
  • 2014 --In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the release of the National Autonomous Lottery, the "4th Anniversary of the National Autonomous Lottery Release" will be released from April 22nd.The special prize is 60 yen for the 60th anniversary. "Dream Jumbo Mini" will be released from May 60th. The first prize is 5 million yen. "Summer Jumbo Mini" will be released from July 14th. The first prize is 1 million yen.
  • 2015 --In the jumbo lottery, the highest prize money for Dream Jumbo and Summer Jumbo will be 1 million yen for the first prize and 5 million yen for the front and back prizes.In addition, the highest prize money for Green and Autumn was 7 million yen for Green and 1 million yen for the front and back prizes, and 4 million yen for Autumn and 6 million yen for the front and back prizes.To commemorate the 1th anniversary of the release, "Lottery 3th Anniversary Lottery" will be released from April 5nd.The special prize is 70 yen for the 4th anniversary. Released "Dream Jumbo Mini" which was raised to 22 million yen from May 70th.Also, from July 70th, the "Summer Jumbo Mini", which has been raised to 70 million yen, will be released. From November 5th, the year-end jumbo will be on sale with a probability of 13/1 million and a total of 7000 million yen for the first prize and 7 billion yen for the front and back prizes, the highest ever.
  • 2016 --Scratch "New Year Jumbo Clutch Stream Match" with the highest prize of 5000 million yen will be released from January 1st. "One Piece Scratch" will be on sale from April 1st. "Rugby World Cup 4 Sponsorship Lottery" will be on sale from April 1th. The highest prize for a 4 yen lottery is 20 million yen, and the total prizes are 2019 million yen. "Tokyo 200 Tournament Sponsorship Lottery" will be on sale from August 1th.The prize amount is 3 million yen for the first prize and around 5, and 8 million yen for the second prize. From October 17th, "2020 Yen Scratch" and "2020st Class 1 Yen Scratch" will be on sale.Also, this year, in jumbo lottery and ordinary lottery, there is a one-hundredth chance of winning 2 yen or 200 yen. From November 2th, "Year-end Jumbo Mini" and "Year-end Jumbo Petit" will be on sale. The first prize is 2020 million yen for the mini and 10 million yen for the petite.
  • 2017 --A 5000 yen scratch with a prize of 300 million yen will be on sale from January 1st. "Green Jumbo Mini" will be released from February 1nd. The first prize is 2 million yen. "Ultraman Scratch" will be on sale from April 22st. "Bingo 1" will be released from April 5000rd. "Local Autonomy Law 4th Anniversary Lottery" will be on sale from April 1th. Released "Dream Jumbo Mini" which was raised to 4 million yen from May 3th. From July 5th, "Summer Jumbo Petit" will be released in addition to "Summer Jumbo Mini". The first prize is 4 million yen for the mini and 19 million yen for the petite. "Tokyo 70 Tournament Sponsorship Lottery" will be on sale from August 5th. "Dragon Ball Scratch" will be on sale from October 10th. From October 1th, "Halloween Jumbo" and "Halloween Jumbo Mini" will be released at the same time instead of "Autumn Jumbo".A 1 yen scratch with the highest prize money of 7 million yen will be released from December 18th.
  • 2018 --From January 1st, "Valentine Jumbo" and "Valentine Jumbo Mini" will be released at the same time instead of "Green Jumbo" and "Green Jumbo Mini". "Wan Nyan Scratch" will be on sale from April 31st. "Child-rearing support lottery" will be on sale from April 4th. Internet sales on the official website will start from October 1th[1].
  • 2020 --From April 4th, "Kisekae Ku-chan", the first lottery ticket exclusively for the Internet, will be released. Sold for 5 yen per unit. There are 1st to 100rd grade, and 1rd grade is 3 yen in principle. The upper limit of the lottery per unit is 3 million yen.The first lottery date is April 100th[2].

Lottery method

The current lottery is roughly divided into three types: "open lottery", "sealed lottery (scratch)", and "number selection type lottery".

Opening lottery

Opening lotteryIs that you buy a ticket with a unique number printed on it for a certain amount of money (1 to 100 yen per ticket), and if the numbers match in a lottery at a later date, you can get a prize of 500 yen up to hundreds of millions of yen. Lottery that you can receive. 1945More on sale, 1959Size unification, 1982After unifying the standards with the introduction of the "winning number automatic collation machine", it continues to the present. Jumbo lotteryEtc. is this method, and the term "lottery" simply refers to this method of lottery.

There are the following classifications depending on the sales source and sales area.In addition, if the seller is not listed, all in the sales areaPrefectures-Government-designated cityIs the publisher.There are some exceptions, such as the summer jumbo lottery (for the purpose of promoting municipalities, government-designated cities are not the distributors).

  • National Autonomous Lottery-Sold Nationwide
  • Block Lottery-Sold by block, divided by region

Opening lottery number

開封くじの番号は、組と番号に分かれ、番号は100000番を一番低い数字とし、199999番までの10万通を一組として取り扱われる。組は、01組から開始されるが、くじの種類、当せん本数の関係などから、上限は特に決まっていない(全国自治宝くじや一部地方くじにおいては100を超える組番が付与される事もある)。ただし、ジャンボくじは伝統的に一ユニット(ユニット制については後述)につき1000万枚(1988年以前のグリーンジャンボと2015年以降の年末ジャンボでは2000万枚)とされていることから、01組から100組(1988年以前のグリーンジャンボと2015年以降の年末ジャンボでは01組から200組)[3]The group numbers up to are numbered.It was the sixth year-end jumbo in 2000 that one unit was issued with 2017 million copies.

Unit system

The unit system is a method mainly used for jumbo lottery, and it is a method to increase the number of tickets that can be sold by increasing the number of lottery tickets composed of a specific number group as one block (unit). Is.As a result, it has become possible to release additional new lottery tickets depending on the sales situation in some cases without strictly estimating the number of sheets in demand.It is used only in a general opening lottery, and the unit number is displayed in the form of "unit xx" at the upper part of the group number of the number printing section.

As a unique lottery using the unit system, a sheet lottery (multiple lottery tickets are printed vertically or horizontally and the border is perforated. The seller sells the lottery separately even if it is sold as a sheet. In (may be), if the numbers on the two sheets are the same (unit 2 on the top, unit 1 on the bottom, etc.) and purchase on the sheet, the amount of money when winning is purely doubled (that is, both are won). ), Etc.

Enclosed lottery

Enclosed lotteryIs, it hits the face of the ticket in advance, is covered with a silver cover with the detachment printed, and is sold for 1 yen (200 yen depending on the time) per sheet, after purchasecoinA lottery ticket where you can see the result by scraping the cover. 1984Released by "Instant lotteryWas called, but 2001From "scratchThe name "instant lottery" has begun to be used, and now the name "instant lottery" has disappeared.

Classification by sales source / sales area is the same as for opening lottery.

Currently not done, but commonly known as "Triangle lotteryA lottery ticket in the form of "" existed shortly after the war and is classified into this method.A square ticket with hits and misses printed in advance was folded diagonally and glued, and by breaking the seal, the winner could be found on the spot.The triangular lottery as a lottery is 1946から 1949It was on sale for 3 years.This is the triangle-shaped lottery that you sometimes see on fairs.

Coexistence type of open lottery and sealed lottery

A type called "Double Chance Lottery" was released for a period of time, in which a lottery of a not-so-high prize amount was first drawn with a sealed lottery, and then a higher grade was drawn by the number of the opened part printed on all the lottery.However, 1997It was released in January and is not currently on sale.By the way, the current scratch draws the prize amount with the sealed lottery, and then the number of the fun lottery on September 1 is drawn by the number of the opened part printed on all the lottery, so the scratch is effectively this The type.

Number-selection lottery

Number-selection lotteryIs a ticket that specifies an arbitrary combination of numbers according to certain rules for a certain amount of money (basic 1 yen per unit), and if the numbers match in a lottery held later, the maximum is 200 million yen (up to 8 million yen) A lottery ticket that allows you to receive a prize of 2017 billion yen after February 2.As a gambling or game with a similar systemKeno,bingoThere is.

Numbers 3
There is a method of selecting a 3-digit number and a method of selecting the last 2 digits excluding the hundreds digit.
Numbers 4
This is a method of selecting a 4-digit number.
Mini lotto
A method of selecting 1 numbers from 31 to 5.
Lotto 6
A method of selecting 1 numbers from 43 to 6.
Lotto 7
A method of selecting 1 numbers from 37 to 7.Only this is 1 yen per unit.
Bingo 5
A method of selecting 3 numbers in total, 9 from 5 numbers for each of the 1 squares, 8 vertical and XNUMX horizontal, excluding the central "FREE" square.

The sales source and sales area are not divided, and there is only one type of national autonomous lottery.

Event lottery

The release classification is the same as the general lottery, and at national event venues (many expositions), it will be sold only within the venue.Event lotteryThere is.In the case of event lottery, the first prize is 1 yen in most cases (Tsukuba Science Expo(There are some exceptions such as the Numbers lottery held in), even if the 1st prize is won, it is one of the features that you can pay on the spot at the counter in the venue.

Refund rate

It is stipulated that the total amount or price of the winning item on the lottery ticket must not exceed the amount equivalent to 5% of the total sales amount plus the additional money.What is an additional money, for example?Lotto 6Incarry-overMost lottery refund rates (because it is a hit)Deduction rate) Can be considered to be 50% or less.The deduction rate for 2008 (Heisei 20) is 45.7% for the lottery.Public competition(Local horse racing,Boat racing,Bicycle race,Auto race) 74.8%,Soccer lottery49.6%[4].

However, in public competitionRefundIsTemporary incomeThe lottery (and soccer lottery) winnings are tax exempt, whereas they are taxable.Therefore, the actual return rate of public competition will be 58.5%.[4].

Incidentally,Overseas lotteryHas a higher refund rate (and prize money) than Japan (some in Europe and the United States have a substantial return rate of over 50%)[4]), But it is illegal to sell and profit from overseas lottery tickets in Japan (Later).

Winning probability

Take the year-end jumbo of 2012 as an example

  • 1st class 4 million yen 1000/1 million
  • Front and back prize 1 million yen 500/1 million
  • 2nd class 3000 million yen 1000/3 million
  • 3nd class 100 million yen 10/1 million
  • Mismatch Award, 4th prize 10 yen 1000/1099 million
  • 5th grade 3000 yen 100/1
  • 6th grade 300 yen 10/1

As shown in the above, the probability of winning a large amount is low, and the probability of winning the first prize is 1 in 1000 million, but this is the probability when only one is obtained, and the winning is just a coincidence. The winning probability itself is just a mathematical probability[5].


Outsourced bank

Creation of a lottery ticket, sale, sale, payment or delivery of a lottery itemPrefecturesGovernorOr in a specific cityMayorBut,bankOtherCabinet OrderDetermined byFinancial institutionUpon application, the affairs will be outsourced to this.Usually nationwidePrefecturesとGovernment-designated cityHowever, a lottery council corresponding to the above categories was organized, and the council was formed in the name of the prefectural governor or mayor.bankEtc. are outsourced.

The outsourced banks, etc. are oldBank of JapanThe right to issue premium bonds has been granted since the timesMizuho Bank(Former Mizuho Bank ←Daiichi Kangyo Bank←Bank of Japan) However, with many years of know-how, it has been undertaken almost exclusively until now.

The only exception is 1997ToHiroshima cityOutsourced lottery issuance business to be released byHiroshima BankReceived a case[6]And 1999から 2001UntilKobe CityからKobe LuminarieConsignment of donation lottery issuance businessMinato BankWas receiving[7],Great East Japan EarthquakeAlso served as reconstruction support 2012Green Jumbo Lottery Business with Mizuho BankXNUMX BankJointly entrusted by[8]There is.

Purchase restrictions under 20 years old

otherPublic gambling(Public competition OfVoting ticket,Sports promotion lottery= toto), unlikeThere is no legal age limit for purchasing lottery tickets and receiving winningsHowever, when under 20 years old receives it, it is paid to the guardian.[9]Also, for fixed deposits of some financial institutions and sales promotion of various products.SweepstakesAs a result, lottery tickets may be presented, mainly jumbo lottery tickets.

Mizuho Bank's "Mizuho ATM Lottery Service" limits the sales target to "Please refrain from using under the age of 20."Similarly, the online sales of number selection type lottery tickets conducted by Mizuho Bank, Rakuten Bank, Japan Net Bank, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking CorporationOver 20 years oldIt is limited to.

Furthermore, from Wednesday, March 2020, 3, we will also purchase "One Piece Scratch".Over 20 years oldIt became.[10]


The actual lottery ticket can be found at banks (Mizuho Bank, etc.)Downtown-station-Shopping centerIt will be sold at the lottery counter set up in.In addition to the lottery counterCigarette shop-Liquor store-supermarketIt is also sold at shops such as service corners and station shops.

In areas where there is no lottery counter, such as mountainous areas and depopulated areas,post office(Only for the opening lottery of the "National Autonomous Lottery", in principle, one municipality without a private sales floor (However, even if a private sales floor is created in the new municipality due to the merger of municipalities, there is no sales office in the municipality before the merger. In that case, it may be possible to handle it as before), so it will be handled by one station) (Before privatization, it will be the postal savings counter, and after privatization, it will be the postal counter).

As for the number selection type (Numbers, Lotto), the ticketing terminal and the host computer must be connected online, so the sales floors that can be sold are limited (they can hardly be purchased at the simple box type lottery sales floor). ).In addition, some banks, including Mizuho BankATMThere is a place where you can buy a number selection type lottery.In addition, Internet banking subscribers of Mizuho Bank, Rakuten Bank, Japan Net Bank, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation can purchase number-selective lottery tickets on the Internet.

There are many people who carry the money and try to purchase from the sales floor where the high-priced lottery is available.The sales floor side often appeals the past "results" with a sticker, etc., but the winning probability is the same regardless of the sales floor, and the probability is the same for both serial numbers and roses.Since the popular sales floor has a large number of sales, it can be said that there is a possibility that many winning tickets will be sold.

The sales floor where the jumbo lottery was won in the past is the lottery net[11]And lottery winning counter.com[12]It is published in.However, not all high-priced winning sales floors are covered, so it should be used as a reference only.

Mail orderPurchase byLaterreference.


All lottery draws are open to the public[13]..Therefore, anyone can visit the venue as long as admission is not restricted due to physical reasons such as congestion.Also, be sure to attend the lotteryLawyerWitnesses such as the staff of the local government, Mizuho Bank, etc. will be selected and will be seated in the center of the front of the lottery machine, and will be introduced at the start of the lottery.

Jumbo lottery lotteryTakarazuka Grand TheaterBasically, it is held using a large-scale performance venue in an urban area such asTV relayIt may be done.In addition, after the lottery, it is common to invite famous entertainers to perform a song show.[14]In addition, since you can enjoy a famous entertainer's song show with no admission fee, the lottery rate for viewing applications is often high in the jumbo lottery lottery (this is also a lottery using postcards in principle). The 2020 Tokyo 2020 sponsorship jumbo lotteryNew Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19)Due to the influence of the fashion, it became a non-audience lottery.

Block lottery is a branch of major Mizuho Bank[15]In addition to being held at the "Lottery Dream Hall" (located in Tokyo and Osaka), a public lottery may be held in the form of a program organized by a local broadcasting station (a show of entertainers will be organized after the lottery). (Most of the time, a postcard will be drawn in advance).

As a general rule, the number selection type lottery lottery will be held at the "Lottery Dream Hall" in Chuo-ku, Tokyo (sometimes held irregularly for a week at the "Osaka Lottery Dream Hall" in Naniwa-ku, Osaka). Is from 1:18 (JST).Currently, the schedule is set so that the lottery or "Bingo 45" and "Numbers" will be drawn at the same time, so the lottery will first draw the lottery or Bingo 5, and then rotate the stage 5 degrees. And draw numbers[16], (In the case of Tokyo).

Opening lottery and number lottery

The lottery for opening lotteryElectric windmill type lottery machineを利用して行われる。モーターのついた風車には、0から9(6桁番号のうちの上2桁は1台で10から19)までの数字が各1個、等面積に割り当てられており、風車をモーターで回転させた後に、適当な時間を置いて矢を放ち(1等・2等の抽せんでは演奏が流れ終わったのと同時に矢を放つ)、風車を停止させ、矢の刺さっている数字が当せん番号となる仕組みである。

There are three types of lottery machines depending on the venue.

  • Large (for jumbo lottery. Equipped with a display on the windmill. The display shows not only numbers but also Ku-chan's animation displayed while the windmill is rotating and the word "set complete" indicating that the arrow is ready to fire. The lottery machine itself is decorated and equipped with full-color LEDs and digital signage for production.)
  • Medium size (usually used for lottery TV broadcasts. Red on the windmillsegmentEquipped with a display.There is one each, except for two pairs, 2th place and 1th place. )
  • Small size (used by Numbers and others. It is a desktop size and does not have a function to display numbers. The lottery dream hall in Tokyo is equipped with a light bulb for production.)

The line between the numbers is blocked by a metal rod to prevent the arrow from sticking on the line.If the arrow does not stick (the arrow cannot be fired, or even if it can be fired, it hits the metal rod and falls), or if the arrow sticks, the arrow falls before the goddess of luck or the moderator confirms (before reading the number). In that case, only the lottery machine will be redone.There is a rule that if the same group / number appears in the second and subsequent lottery of the same grade, the latter will be redone.In addition, if the number of groups is "2" or "00" that has not been released in the lottery of group numbers, how many groups of winning numbers will be explained at the start of the lottery (example: If the number of groups drawn in the lottery sold from 000 to 01 is "100", the number of the winning group will be "00").The motor that rotates the wind turbine is devised so that the power supply is temporarily cut off at random and the wind turbine does not rotate at a completely constant speed (cannot aim).

Lottery for Mini Lotto, Lotto 6 and Lotto 7

Of the number selection type national autonomy lottery, for the lottery of "Mini Lotto", "Lotto 6" and "Lotto 7",Electric stirring centrifugal type drawing machineIs used.The nickname of this lottery machine is "Yume Lotto-kun".By throwing a lottery ball with a number on the rotating acrylic plate and rotating the plate at high speedCentrifugal forceA lottery ball that rotates on the side of the wall is extracted from a specific part on the side of the wall to determine the winning number.

As for the order of lottery, first all the numbers are drawn.The remaining lottery ball is dropped on the rotating plate one step below, and the bonus number is drawn.

Bingo 5 lottery

Of the number selection type national autonomy lottery, "Bingo 5" lottery,Electric centrifugal force type lottery machineIs used[17]..This is smaller than the lottery drawing machine and does not have a stirring function before drawing.Eight of these lottery machines are arranged in the same shape as the lottery, each of the five target lottery balls is thrown in, and eight machines are operated at the same time and the winning numbers are extracted.

Main number formats to be drawn (opening lottery)

Completely specified group number
A lottery that specifies a specific face of the ticket itself.It is typically used in the 1st prize of the jumbo lottery.
Example: 27 pairs 135790
Specify the last digit of the group
It is used when winning in units of 10 from the entire sales number.It is used in the second prize of large-scale national lottery.
Example: Last digit of 4 sets 135790 (In this case, the set can be 14 sets, 24 sets, or of course 04 sets)
Full number specification
A lottery to specify the number. It is typically used when drawing 1st prize 100nd prize with a block lottery of 1 million yen.
Example: No. 135790 common to each group
Specify the last n digits
It is used when drawing only the number of lower digits and producing a large number of winnings.Usually, it is used for grades of 10 yen or less as prize money.
Example: Common to each group Last 3 digits 790

If the same number is drawn for all grades, the lottery will be redone in principle.If the same number is drawn for some grades, it will be a duplicate win and you can receive the total prize money of each grade.In this case, the upper limit of 100 million times is not applied.If there are duplicate winnings, in the winning number table distributed to the sales floor for collation, the characters "Be careful of duplicate winnings" and the duplicated numbers are shaded.In addition, the total amount including the overlapping portion is described in the winning amount portion (example: 20,300 yen).

However, among the number selection type national autonomy lottery, "Mini Lotto", "Lotto 6", "Lotto 7", and "Bingo 5" are based on how many numbers match in the first place (Bingo 5 is the first place). No duplicate wins are allowed (one of the highest grades wins) because of the lottery (based on how many lines are formed).

Payment of winnings

In addition to Mizuho Bank's main branch, if you win, you can receive the lottery ticket at the lottery counter (sell lottery tickets) if it is less than 1 yen (5 yen at the counter where the "5 yen mark" is posted). In the case of a post office that sells, only the national lottery tickets sold at that post office. In the case of the number selection type, you can also receive the winnings at the sales floor where the number selection type is sold).

If it is over 1 yen, enter your name and address in the designated fields on the ticket, and if it is over 50 yen, enter it.IdentificationIf you exceed 100 million yen, you will need a seal (described later).In addition, you can receive up to 100 million yen on the same day, and if it exceeds that, it will take several days to receive it due to the procedure.

In addition, if you purchase a number selection type lottery ticket represented by Lotto 6 at an ATM at a designated bank account, the winning amount will be, in principle, the next business day after the lottery date (eg, in the case of Thursday lottery numbers and Lotto 6, the next week). Transfer to the designated account on Monday, but if there are no holidays in between), transfer to the bank account at the time of purchase (IdentificationBecause has already been done).

As a general rule, the number selection type lottery winnings purchased from Mizuho Bank, Rakuten Bank, Japan Net Bank, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation will be on the business day following the lottery day (eg Thursday lottery numbers and lottery). In the case of 6, the money will be transferred to the bank account at the time of purchase (because identity verification has already been performed) on the following Monday when the money is transferred to the designated account, but there are no holidays in between.

According to the provisions of Article 12 of the Voucher Law with Winning MoneyIf you do not receive the winnings from the lottery lottery date (actually, the payment start date a few days later) to the day before one year later (or the next business day if the day is a bank holiday)PrescriptionWill prevent you from receiving the lottery.

For those who win a large amount of 1,000 million yen or more, the book "Books to read from [the day]] Is distributed.

Regarding the payment request for winning itemsThere are no legal restrictionsTherefore, even if the lottery ticket is transferred (gifted) by a prize, etc., anyone under the age of 20 can make a payment request as long as it wins.However, identity verification documents are required to receive prizes of 50 yen or more, and parents under the age of 20 will be paid.[18]

In addition, "" which came into effect in March 2008Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds (Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds)If you receive a prize of more than 10 yen in cash, you will need to confirm your identity with a photo (driver's license, passport, basic resident register card with face photo, personal number card (individual number notification card). It may be necessary to submit a residence card, various welfare notebooks) and fill out the prescribed documents.

Lottery and tax

According to the provisions of Article 13 of the Voucher Law with Winning MoneyLottery winnings are tax exemptIs stipulated.Thereforeincome taxIs not imposed,Final returnNo need.

From the statement "There is no income tax on the winnings" displayed on the lotteryResident taxIt may be misunderstood that it will takeResident tax is levied only on income subject to income taxTherefore, there is no residence tax on the lottery.

On the contrary, tax is appliedWhen the prize money is given to relatives, etc. for 110 million yen or more per yearAnd in this caseGift taxIs taxed.

Changes in the upper limit of winnings

The winning amount per winning lottery is according to the provisions of Article 5, Paragraph 2 of the Voucher Law with Winning Money.principleAs20 times the face valueWas the upper limit. At the end of 1987 jumbo lottery, a prize of 300 million yen was set, which is the upper limit for a 6000 yen lottery ticket.In addition, in the jumbo lottery at the end of 1989, by setting 2000 million yen for the first prize before and after, a prize of "1 million yen for the first prize and front and back prizes combined" was set.

1996 "Great Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeIn the "Reconstruction Support Lottery", a lottery ticket of 500 yen per piece was released for the first time, and a prize of 1 million yen was set as the first prize.In the past, lottery tickets for 500 yen each have been released only a few times, including this one.

In 1998, Article 5, Paragraph 2 of the Lottery Certificate Law was amended to set the lottery.exceptionAs,Minister of Home Affairs(CurrentMinister of Internal Affairs and Communications) Designated lottery per winning lottery100 times the face valueIt is now possible to set a lottery ticket up to.The first to receive this designation was the 1999 Dream Jumbo Lottery, where the first prize was 300 million yen for 2 yen per ticket.

All of the products that were released after that and whose first prize amount exceeded 20 times the face value were all designated by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications (including the former Minister of Home Affairs; the same shall apply hereinafter).For example, in 2005Great Chuetsu Earthquake in Niigata PrefectureThe "Reconstruction Lottery" was 1 million yen, the same as the "Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Reconstruction Support Lottery" mentioned above, but it was sold for 200 yen per piece under the designation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications. In the 2012 Green Jumbo Lottery (Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Assistance Green Jumbo Lottery, 300 yen per ticket), the first prize was set at the time's maximum amount of 3 million yen for the first time.

100 yen lottery(As the name suggests, it is sold for 100 yen each and is often an opening lottery for block lottery.) 20064/26The lottery ticket designated by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications was released for the first time, and a prize of 3000 million yen was set.

In April 2012, Article 4, Paragraph 5 of the Lottery Certificate Law was amended, and the upper limit of the lottery was increased.50 times the face value, The upper limit of lottery tickets designated by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications is250 times the face valueWas pulled up to. The first prize of 2012 million yen was set for the 4 summer jumbo lottery, the highest amount of 2013 million yen was set for the 5 year-end jumbo lottery, and the first prize of 2015 million yen for the 7 year-end jumbo lottery. The front and back prizes were raised to 1 million yen each.

Theoretically, the lottery ticket designated by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications is limited to 300 million yen for a 7 yen ticket and 5000 billion yen for a 500 yen ticket.

Upper limit of winnings in number selection type lottery

According to the provisions of Article 5, Paragraph 2 of the Lottery Voucher Law, among those that have been designated as exceptions by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications regarding the upper limit of the lottery, "additional lottery vouchers" (so-called "Vouchers with Lottery"carry-overFor lottery tickets with "",Exception exceptionAs, only when there is an additional money ("carryover"), per winning lottery ticket500 times the face valueYou can set the winning lottery.

The lottery tickets that fall under the "additive winning voucher" are lottery 6 and lottery 7.At the time of the birth of Lotto 6, the sale price was 1 yen per unit, and at that time the upper limit was 200 million times the face value at normal times and 100 million times at carryover, so if there is no carryover, the upper limit Is set at 200 million yen, and if there is a carryover, the upper limit is set at 2 million yen.The upper limit stipulated in the basis law has been raised, but the upper limit for Lotto 4 is 6 million yen with carry.For Loto 6, one unit is as high as 7 yen, and there is an upper limit of 1 million yen without carry and 300 billion yen with carry (but 4 million times the sale price (10 million times with carry). Has not been reached).


Lottery Day / Fun Award (Repechage)

9/2Is "ku (9)" and "ji (2)"Lottery dayIt is said that.This is done for so-called "lost lottery" where there is no money winning in the lottery that reached the lottery date from September 9st of the previous year to August 1st of the current year, and basically 8-digit numbers are used. One lottery is drawn and the winning number is determined as the last 31 digits (by the way, a windmill type lottery machine is used).In the past, two grades were prepared, and one 4-digit number was drawn in addition to the last 4 digits. From 4 to 6, a PR program about the lottery was televised on this day (mainly).NTV), A lottery for the "Fun Award" was held during the broadcast.

In addition, since "I wish for zero statute of limitations" at this event, "Lottery fans are encouraged to always check the regular winnings by reviewing the lottery ticket number at hand again. The meaning of "please" is also included.

In recent scratch lottery where the lottery date of this ticket does not exist in the first place, the number of years to be drawn is stated on the face of the ticket.In addition, "event lottery" and "number selection type national autonomy lottery", in which serial numbers from 100000 to 199999 are not printed, are not eligible.In the past, the number part of the "double chance lottery" was also removed, but since the sealed part can be separated by perforations, the opened (number) part and the sealed part are independent lottery. Considering that, it is a reasonable treatment.

Winning ticketSimple registered mailIf you send it to the address specified by etc. (not available at the lottery counter or Mizuho Bank), a prize catalog will be sent to you, so select the desired prize on the application postcard and return it.Prizes will be sent about 3 weeks after the postcard is returned.

Handling of profits

The proceeds of the lottery, which is the balance after deducting the prize payment and the administrative expenses, will be the income of the prefecture of the seller and the ordinance-designated city.

All the amount sold in the ordinance-designated city is in the ordinance-designated city (with some exceptions such as summer jumbo lottery), and the amount sold in other cities, wards, towns and villages (some such as summer jumbo is sold in the ordinance-designated city). The amount will be paid to the prefecture to which the city, ward, town or village belongs (for example, the number selection type lottery sold at the sales offices in Yokohama, Kawasaki, Sagamihara City is the summer jumbo in Yokohama, Kawasaki, Sagamihara City. Will be profitable in Kanagawa Prefecture).The use of profits is stipulated by law, and it is mainly used as a substitute for taxes to finance so-called "box" maintenance, but recently, there are cases where it is used to finance so-called "contents" businesses such as welfare for the elderly. is there.In addition, it is distributed from prefectures to each municipality as a "municipal promotion subsidy" according to the sales performance and financial status of each municipality (excluding cities designated by government ordinance in principle).

Due to the above circumstances, some municipalities regularly advertise lottery tickets in public relations magazines, and when it comes to jumbo lottery, "○○ jumbo lottery is in the city (in the ward, in the town, in the village). In some cases, the catchphrase "Let's buy at" is posted.This is especially for cities, towns and villages near ordinance-designated cities, because the sales of the sales in the ordinance-designated cities do not go into their pockets except for some, so residents buy lottery tickets at the sales floors of other municipalities. It seems that it is from the desire to suppress doing.

Lottery sales in 2008 were 1 billion yen[19]The breakdown was 45.7% for winnings, 14.2% for expenses, and 40.1% for local government revenues.Of these, from expensesJapan Lottery Association・ Autonomous General Center 2Public interest corporationFrom the proceeds of local governments to the National Municipal Promotion AssociationLocal Government Internationalization Association-General Incorporated Foundation Regional Creation-Local government satellite communication organizationBusiness funds have been contributed to the four public interest corporations.All 4 former deputy directors of these 6 public interest corporations are formerly under the jurisdictionMinistry of Home Affairs,Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsfromdictateHas been revealed to be[20].

Mail order

In addition to going to the sales floor to purchase lottery tickets, you can purchase lottery tickets in the following ways.

Mail order of jumbo lottery

Jumbo lottery tickets can be purchased by sending the lottery ticket price, reply envelope, and purchase application to Mizuho Bank (Jumbo Lottery Mail Order Section).The price is cashOrdinary exchange-Fixed amount money orderIn addition, you can also use the winning lottery ticket. Children under the age of 20 cannot purchase.Please note that the deadline is set fairly early.

Lottery lucky line

At Mizuho Bank over 20 years oldOrdinary depositIf you have an account, you can apply for the "Lottery Lucky Line" on the Internet.mobile phone・ You can buy lottery tickets by phone.In addition to the jumbo lottery, you can purchase national lottery, block lottery, and rainbow lottery sold at your place of residence.With this service, the original lottery ticket is not sent, but instead a schedule with the set and number printed is mailed, and the purchase price is automatically deducted from the account.If the amount is 1 yen or more, it will be automatically transferred to the account within 5 business days from the payment start date, and if it is less than 1 yen, it will be automatically transferred to the account four times a year for 3 months.A shipping fee of 4 yen will be deducted when sending the purchase details and the lottery details.

Internet sales on the official lottery website

From October 2018, 10, online sales on the official lottery website began.All lottery tickets except Scratch and Bingo 24 can be purchased and the purchase price iscredit card[23]orDoCoMo payment,auPayment will be made by simple settlement[1][24][25].

Image character

Lottery goddess of luck

We are entrusted with office work from prefectures and ordinance-designated citiesMizuho BankThen, with the main purpose of promoting the lottery, the image girl "Lottery Goddess of LuckIs adopted.

Established in 1964 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the lottery launchMiss lotteryIs its predecessor (before this, six Miss Lottery tickets were selected in a newspaper open call for participants in June 1946, and in 6, an actress as an image girl for advertising posters.Sachiko MitsumotoHave been appointed).After that, "Miss Dream" was set in 1966, and it became a two-person system. In 2, the name was unified to Miss Lottery, and from 1975 it became the current "Goddess of Luck".

Goddess of good luck of all time
  • 1980 (first generation) ...Ritsuko Nemoto(Ritsuko Nemoto at that time) and others
  • 1999 (20's) ... Chiaki Abe, Masae Ando, ​​Nobuko Sakagami, etc. 
  • 2000 (21st generation) ... Yu Ishibashi and others
  • 2001 (22s) ...Akiko SugimotoOther
  • 2002 (23s) ...Chihiro KogaOther
  • 2003 (24s) ...Madoka Otake, Chie Kaneko, Chiga Suzuki, Mai Nakata, Mio Harada, Momoe Miyamoto
  • 2004 (25s) ... Yoshiko Ikuta, Kana Inoue, Yumiko Kataoka, Ruri Sasaki, Yukari Shimotori, Hiromi Nishino
  • 2005 (26s) ...Chiaki Sato, Yuko Chiba,Eri Tomura, Miyaguni Reiko,Narumi Motooka, Sachi Moriya
  • 2006 (27s) ... Kaori Uezuma, Tomoe Kobayashi, Nozomi Tanaka, Norie Terasaki, Nanae Nakayama, Shoko Hosoda
  • 2007 (28s) ... Rihaya Sugimoto,Madoka Nishijima, Morita Sakuya, Nakajima Midori, Matsumoto Arata, Fukutomi Kiyoka
  • 2008 (29s) ... Eri Yasui, Kusa Sato, Shiho Yoneya,Emi Saido, Wakako Ozawa, Yusuke Fujimoto
  • 2009 (30's) ... Erica Imai,Yume Okazaki, Akari Uemura, Yuka Kurihara[28], Rina Nagahisa, Chiaki Yoshimura
  • 2010 (31st generation) ... Mari Okada, Akina Kimura, Risa Niimura, Mai Bansho, Maiko Yamada, Megumi Yoshino[29]
  • 2011 (32s) ... Sayoko Ueno, Reiko Sato, Asami Sawa, Ayaka Shimizu, Hitomi Takeda, Sayaka Yamamoto[30]
  • 2012 (33s) ... Yu Araki, Kaoruko Inao, Mayuka Nakatani, Aimi Murakami, Kumiko Wakai
  • 2013 (34s) ... Yumi Ishikawa, Mirai Ishitani,Unomi Tomi, Hiromi Kawaso, Kana Taguchi, Sayuri Tanaka
  • 2014 (35s) ​​... Fumima Arai, Yoshiko Terawaki, Ayami Tochimura,Sakurako Niwaki, Fukube Ryoko, Murakami Ryoko
  • 2015 (36s) ... Kana Kashiwada ,, Chiaki Nishiwaki,Chiaki Hara[26], Chiaki Hayashi, Wakana Yoshinuma
  • 2016 (37s) ... Aya Inohara, Yuri Takayama[31], Tatsuya Airi, Haraguchi Yu, Hirate Shiho, Watanabe Rika
  • 2017 (38s) ...Kiho Ueno, Arisa Kurihara, Yuki Someoka,Tamari Mizutani, Momoko Yamada[32], Minami Houda
  • 2018 (39s) ... Maho Yabuki, Satoshi Hirata, Saho Hsinchu, Marika Kera,Haruka Kusano, Mai Kato[33], Moe Ito
  • 2019 (40s) ... Hinako Iimoto, Riho Kawahara, Aya Kondo, Mika Taniyama, Ai Hayakawa,Masayo Horii, Airi Wada
  • 2020 (41st generation) ... Shio Oshima, Erika Okada, Yuka Kobayashi, Erena Takahashi, Maori Tanicha, Mami Nitta, Ayaka Fujiura


Jumbo lottery
Normal lottery
Bingo 5
Social Contribution CM
  • April 2017-April 4: Jun Kaname

Others (limited to the original)

  • A whale"Ku-chan" (Summary)
  • Issenman(Mini Loto) → April 2005-March 4
  • Susie and Mark (Numbers) → April 2006-March 4
  • Squirreof"Kezris"(scratch)
  • Beckoning cat"Kujimaru" and "Lotti" ("Chance Center" operated by Nihonhan Co., Ltd.)

Lottery commercial / campaign song

  • Treasure song (lyrics:Ko Fujiura, Composition:Yuji Koseki,song:Matsubara Misao・, Announced in 1946)
  • Hogaraka (announced in 1946)
  • Hanabusa Musume (Lyrics: (), Composition :, Song:Takeyama Itsuro-Toshi Matsuda, Announced in 1946)
  • Baseball fortune song (lyrics: Kazuhiko Kubozumi, composition: Ushiho Motoda, announced in 1946)
  • Fuku Fuku Bushi (Lyrics: Kazuhiko Kubozumi, Composition:Haseo Sugiyama, Announced in 1946)
  • If you win a million yen (lyrics :, composition :, announced in 1947)  
  • Let's buy a dream (lyrics :, composition:Hayao Isao, Song :, announced in 1948)
  • Lottery song (lyrics:Katsumi Watanabe, Composition :, Song:Miyuki Kagajo, Announced in 1963)
  • Lottery Ondo (Lyrics:Okamoto Toshio, Composition:Kanae Wada,song:Chiyoko Shimakura, Announced in 1967)
  • Goodbye (final) (lyrics :, composition: Mitsutoshi Katayama)
  • Dream On-Chasing a Dream (Lyrics:Ogura-Kaori Inoue, Composition: Kei Ogura, announced in 1985)
  • Cute shops in your city (composition: Kei Ogura, song: Kei Ogura → Arza (Mamiko Funakoshi&Eriko Funakoshi), Announced in 2005)
  • Maneki Neko no Uta (Lyrics: Mike Nekoya, Composition: Shingo Saito, Arrangement: Takeo Kato, Song: Love Dream (renamed Alza), announced in 2005)
  • Let's buy here (composition :, song:Teruko Hino)
  • As if there is a blue sky (composition: Yoshitaka Ichinose)
  • Life Deluxe (Lyrics: Taka ☆ Lab, Composition: Yusuke Kato, Song: Yumezo Nishida (Toshiyuki Nishida), Announced in 2007)

Balance with criminal law

In Japan, the lottery itselfCriminal lawAccording to Article 187Lottery sinIt is also illegal to buy overseas lottery tickets by mail order or request because it is stipulated as a crime.The only lottery sold domesticallyVoucher method with winningsSince there is a ground law based on the above, illegality is blocked because it falls under Article 35 of the Criminal Code (acts by law or legitimate business are not punished).


Related item


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