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🏛 | Kumamoto Prefecture announces heavy rain recovery / reconstruction plan [Kumamoto]


Kumamoto Prefecture announces heavy rain recovery / reconstruction plan [Kumamoto]

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The prefecture plans to create a roadmap that summarizes specific schedules and periods in the future.

The prefecture summarized the recovery / reconstruction plan from the heavy rain in July and announced it on the XNUMXth. Based on "Green basin hydraulic control", "Dwelling ... → Continue reading

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"TV Kumamoto" (Fuji TV affiliate) news account. We will send you the latest news about Kumamoto.

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Roadmap(Roadmap Itinerary)Project ManagementIt is one of the thinking tools used in.

As an application

  • Presentation of future forecast map
  • Consensus building tool
  • Goal management tool
  • Planning table

The content varies depending on the purpose of use, but generally speaking, "after setting specific goals, list the things that must be done and the difficult things to achieve, and prioritize them. It is a book that expresses the overall picture of the rough schedule to achieve the goal in chronological order. "[1][2][3][4][5][6]May be.

Goals managed using roadmaps (what are called) vary from large to small, ranging from scientific and technological goals, political and business goals, to personal learning. ..

There are various time scales, from those dealing with long-term projects on a 10-year scale to those related to small-scale projects of about a week, and they have a multi-layered structure.[3]In general, to give a strategic-level vision, that is, to give a rough picture of the schedule shared by project members towards their goals in project management.[7][6]Often used.

What is written on the roadmap

On the roadmap,

  • "What to achieve (goal)"
  • "By when (deadline)"
  • "What is your intermediate goal?"
  • "Challenge / ChallengeCritical pathClarify
  • "How to do it"

Is described[3].

Roadmap overview, role and significance

Presentation of future forecast map, roadmap as a consensus building tool

Interest in the roadmap began to grow gradually around 1993, when the American semiconductor industry created it.After that, the National Semiconductor Technology RoadmapInternational Technology Roadmap for SemiconductorsSince it has evolved into and has achieved general success, not only management related to science and technology, which was previously considered difficult to manage goals, but also project management (especially)top downIt has come to be recognized as extremely effective in general (type project management).[6][8].

In particular, in difficult and large-scale projects such as miniaturization of semiconductor devices, in addition to semiconductor manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers such as manufacturers of equipment used for element manufacturing, material manufacturers, and inspection equipment manufacturers From the side, companies belonging to the seller, manufacturers of personal computers, mobile phones, etc., to manufacturers belonging to the customer side need strong unity in terms of development and funding, and universities and research institutes are required to carry out prior research. Need to urge[6]..In general, the interests of these organizations are not always aligned.そのため、協調体制を取るためには、明確なビジョンが必要となるTherefore, a clear vision is required to establish a cooperative system.[6]..国際半導体技術ロードマップではこのような目的(合意形成ツール)のために使われるUsed for this purpose (consensus building tool) in the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors[6][8].

In a large-scale project with an extremely large number of factors related to the achievement of goals, actions related to the creation of a "roadmap body" showing rough goals and schedules related to strategies, and actions showing specific sub-goals and tactics for achieving them Since it can be separated, top-down management in a huge project becomes possible.Furthermore, it is possible to give a guideline to the personnel related to the achievement goal.It is also effectively used as a material for presenting promises to the market, sponsors, and the general public and evaluating feasibility, and also helps to raise funds.

Roadmap as a goal management tool

("Scientific methodSee the "Experimental Planning" section of the Roadmap.Project ManagementInTarget managementUsed as a tool for.It also shows the spillover effect when the goal is achieved.

Creating a roadmap streamlines the achievement of goals, such as anticipating events that will be important turning points in the plan and preparing appropriately for them.There are certain merits as a goal management tool.

Generally, in the process of achieving a goal,

  • Evaluation of the validity of the goal itself
  • Extraction of elements required for achievement
  • Positioning of elements necessary for achievement (how the solution of the elemental problems is related to the achievement of the goal)
  • Weighting of each of the factors required to achieve (expected risks, benefits, difficulties in achieving, understanding of turning points, prioritization)
  • Evaluation items (milestones) for mid-term evaluation of progress
  • Analysis of scenario branching

Etc. in advance[2][5]Is effective.

In the process of any project, there are events that serve as evaluation items for intermediate evaluation of progress.そして、プロジェクトがAnd the projectThe scenario branches according to the results of individual endpoints as ideally progressed. Therefore,Advance risk assessment is required with awareness of scenario branching.

Analyze the branch of the scenario andCritical path,MilestoneBy knowing the branch points, it is possible to determine in what order it is best to do it, and it is also possible to prepare in advance what is needed for the route with high possibility in the scenario. You can also consider what to do if you fall into a desperate route on a conditional branch (for example, where to give up).

さ ら に,Opportunity to think in parallel with higher goals and other alternative goals with common higher goals in addition to the immediate goalsIt also has the effect of being able to grasp the candidates for "potential results" and the "signs of their appearance."

The roadmap is a rough path to the achievement of specific goals and an important turning point in the path (Milestone,flag) Is shown in a rough time series, so in the process of creating it, it is a good opportunity to think about "what kind of problem is foreseen and how much preparation is required for that problem", risk avoidance and resource allocation in advance. It will be easier to take various actions such as cautions above[6].

Roadmap as a schedule

For problems that require large-scale clerical work due to planning, such as reorganization of ministries and municipalities, it is necessary for each component to consider the matter of "what to do by when" and implement it without delay.Roadmaps are also used to show the overall deadline.

Criticism of the roadmap

On the other hand, especially in the field of research and development, which deals with high-level themes where trial and error is likely to stray, some people think that the prediction of "10 years from now" is meaningless if you think straightforwardly. is there[6]..However, even in such a case, "Individual factors make efforts to predict the future and put them together. ”There are many factors that contribute to the success of the project.It is believed that[6].

Roadmap creation and utilization flow

Utilization of the roadmap method is roughly composed of the following three stages.[5]..However, on a small roadmap, steps (2) and (3) may be performed in parallel (in some cases, all 1,2,3, XNUMX and XNUMX).

  1. Clarification of problems and purposes
  2. Creating the roadmap body
  3. Incorporating into a concrete action plan

In stage 1, when selecting the goals listed in the roadmap, analyze and organize the current problems, and extract the ones for which specific achievement means should be prioritized / desired. ..After that, we will clarify what kind of results we are aiming for.

In the second stage, the goals listed in the roadmap are reduced to more specific sub-goals, and work is done to grasp the intermediate points that are important turning points.Generally at this stage

  • Understanding important events that are the turning point of plan success or failure.
  • Divide the goals of the entire roadmap into smaller goals.
  • Plan multiple routes to achieve your goals as needed to avoid risk (andImmersion exposureEtc., competing for multiple means).
  • List concrete plans for achieving goals and small goals.
  • Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each concrete plan.
  • Various possible countermeasures Analysis of the outlook for each period, cost, personnel, etc.
  • The rough achievement process is shown in chronological order.

Etc. are required.

Roadmaps are generally used to give a strategic-level vision, that is, to give a general picture of the general schedule shared by project members towards their goals in project management.[7]Therefore, in many cases, only the second stage, that is, the point where the goal is reduced to a small goal, is performed.For example, when dealing with goals that involve an extremely large number of institutions, such as miniaturization of semiconductor elements, the goals of the entire roadmap may be divided into smaller goals, or they may be quantified and then only rough points may be mentioned. , The specific drop-in for achieving the small goal may not be clarified.

Organizations with the goal of "achieving one or more of the minor goals in the higher roadmap" set "one or more of the minor goals in the higher roadmap" as the final goal. May create a subordinate roadmap.In general, top-down plans often neglect operational issues, so stage 3 focuses specifically on operational issues.At this stage, after evaluating the created roadmap by the personnel concerned, etc., create a concrete action plan necessary to realize the small goals that you are particularly involved in, and if necessary, create a roadmap. And create a roadmap that is lower than the original roadmap.

For example, the Intel Roadmap, which describes Intel's development goals, is a roadmap that belongs to the lower level of the International Semiconductor Roadmap.

In addition, work based on the actual action plan and evaluate the degree of achievement.After an overall assessment of these situations, the original roadmap itself will be reviewed and amended as necessary.

Roadmap type

Nowadays, the road mapping method itself has been clarified to some extent as described above, and since it has come to be recognized as extremely effective in overall project management, all goals in all fields are loaded. It is the target of map creation[6]The goals set out on the roadmap range from extremely private, such as "individual learning plans," to those that relate to a very wide range of people, such as "ministry restructuring plans" or "nuclear disarmament." is there.The target period also varies from short-term periods within 1-2 weeks to those with a view to 10 years and 100 years.In addition, the specifics are also different, with the purpose of showing a rough policy (generally used for large-scale projects), showing a very detailed schedule, and incorporating it into a concrete action plan (generally). There are various things up to (used for small projects).さらに、どの程度公約が守られているか、どの程度社会に影響を与えているかも、ロードマップ次第であるIn addition, it depends on the roadmap how much promises are being kept and how much they are affecting society.[6].

In this way, since roadmaps are currently used for goal management in various fields, it is impossible to list all types, but they are roughly categorized and shown below.

Science and technology roadmap
Predict and manage goals for the progress of science and technology with a roadmap for future science and technology.
Business roadmap
Set business goals such as sales expansion and store expansion, and manage goals.
Policy roadmap
Manage goals related to policies of political organizations such as interstates, nations, local governments, political parties, and ministries.
Release roadmap
Company,Open SourceIt is also used to show the market the products that the development group plans to release in the future, including the timeline until the launch.
Learning Education Roadmap
Management by objectives related to the educational curriculum, such as employee training in private companies and educational achievement goals in schools and cram schools.
IT roadmap
Of the business roadmap, science and technology roadmap, and release roadmap,ITThe one related to is called the IT roadmap.

Technology roadmap

A roadmap for science and technology, that is, a road that predicts the progress of science and technology in the future, concretely shows the goals and priorities to be achieved, the social ripple effect when achieved, and expresses the way to achieve the goals in chronological order. The map is called a "technical roadmap" to distinguish it from other roadmaps.The technology roadmap isInternational Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors Since (ITRS), it has been actively produced mainly in the fields of science and technology and product development.

By creating a technology roadmap, it has become possible to give a certain degree of directionality to the field of research and development, which was previously considered difficult to manage goals.技術対象とする目標に関係したRelated to technical goalsresearcher,engineer,Skilled person"Achieve XX by XX years"QuotaImplicitly, it can be directed and at the same time show the general public and investors a vision and promise of "how much more and what will be possible".By creating a roadmap, you can select and concentrate in a top-down format,Research,development ofThere is also a view that the diversification of


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