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🏛 | New university concept on the site of Toyo University Itakura Campus Former Microsoft Vice President Nishi and others


New university concept on the site of Toyo University Itakura Campus Former Microsoft Vice President, Mr. Nishi and others

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In April of this year, Mr. Nishi and Mr. Kiku, the president of Kanto Gakuin University, and Kenichi Kato, the mayor of Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture (at that time) met and set up a technical college (tentative name) on the Kanto Gakuin University campus in the city. It has been announced.

Toyo University (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) visited the Itakura Campus (Itakura Town), which announced the move outside Gunma Prefecture in April 2024, and the United States Mai ... → Continue reading

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Kenichi Kato

Kenichi Kato(Kenichi Kato,1964年5/11 -) isJapan Of政治家. beforeKanagawaMayor of Odawara(3nd term).


KanagawaOdawara cityI'm from.Graduated from private Odawara Aikoen.Odawara City Ashiko Elementary School, Odawara City Shiroyama Junior High School,Kanagawa Prefectural Odawara High Schoolgraduate.1988å¹´(Showa 63) March,Faculty of Law, Kyoto UniversityGraduation (SeminarComparative politics[1]).In the same year, got a job at a management strategy consulting company.1996å¹´(8), independent aiming for self-sufficiency.Engaged in forestry, fishery, agriculture, etc. in Odawara city[2].

2004å¹´(16) Execution on May 5Odawara citylongIn the electionIndependentEven though he runs for the current positionYoshiaki OzawaLost and lost.

2008å¹´(20) He ran for the Mayor of Odawara election, which was executed on May 5, and was elected for the first time after appealing for a change in the plan of the castle town hall (citizen hall currently under construction).[3]..The turnout is 53.93%.2012å¹´(24) Win the second term in the May election.The turnout is 5%.

2016å¹´In the Odawara mayoral election (28), no opponents appeared, and he won the third term without a vote.It was the first time in 3 years that there was no vote for the mayor of Odawara.[4].

May 2020, 2 (5nd year of Reiwa) Aiming for 17 elections for the mayor of Odawara, I ran for a recommendation from the Odawara-Ashigara Regional Union of the labor union.[5][6]However, he lost to Teruhiko Moriya, a former prefectural council recommended by the Liberal Democratic Party, by 544 votes.[7][8].

* Number of voters on the day: 159,323 Final turnout: 46.79% (compared to the previous time: + 4.92pts)

Candidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateRecommendation/support
Teruhiko Moriya53Independent新37,245 vote50.37%(Recommended)LDP
Kenichi Kato56IndependentNow36,701 vote49.63%


Citizen's hall construction problem

  • Since taking office as the mayor in 2008, he has changed from the castle town hall and appealed for the development of the citizen hall in front of the station.However, when the citizen hall was constructed, the facility could not be constructed based on the implementation design documents.Therefore, it was decided to revise the budget, etc. several times.Initially, the city budgeted 2017 million yen as a hall maintenance project in the 3667 initial budget.In addition, at the regular meeting in March, we submitted a draft ordinance to set up a fund to cover the expenses required for hall maintenance, and we will allocate 16 billion yen to be saved in the fund in the FY10 general account supplementary budget.[9]..In addition, the initial opening time was the fall of 2017, but it was changed until the fall of 2021.[10][11].
  • Regarding the loss, Saburo Sugiyama, a member of the Odawara City Regular Assembly in December 2019, stated that it was about 12 billion yen.[12].

Municipal hospital rebuilding problem

  • In the greeting at the beginning of work in 2018, he expressed his intention to clarify the policy of the Odawara Municipal Hospital rebuilding project, which should be promoted following the citizen hall project.[13]..After that, on December 2018, 12, the basic concept of redevelopment of the municipal hospital was announced with the aim of opening the new hospital by 7, and the construction site was first considered for rebuilding at the current hospital site in Kuno, the city, and the first half of next year. Although it was decided to decide[14], The Standing Committee for Welfare and Education in January 2021 remained as expected and has not yet reached a decision.[15].
  • In addition, there are criticisms that a large amount of business will be carried out without a basic plan for rebuilding a municipal hospital.[16].


  • April 2019, 4, sexual minority (LGBT(Etc.) started a "partnership system" that officially recognizes couples as partners[17].
  • Start of "Odaboshi Certification System" (tentative name)[18]
    • A local version of the "Eruboshi Certification" of the country that certifies companies with excellent efforts to improve the environment in which women can play an active role.The policy is to improve the content with the concept of "raising awareness" for one star, "active efforts" for two stars, and "formulation of plans" for three stars.
    • The city says, "If a virtuous cycle that leads to the vitality of the company is created" by instilling the system.

City scandal apology

  • Regarding the scandals caused by city officials, Mayor Kenichi Kato, who met on December 2019, 12, said, "We have been working to prevent recurrence from past scandals, but there was a lack of scrutiny. Apologized[19].


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