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🏛 | Fuwa-chan, "Stop it, you" from a popular artist I get angry when I touch my stomach. Taiiku Okazaki is a book ...


Fuwa-chan, a popular artist "Stop it, you" I get angry when I touch my stomach. Taiiku Okazaki is a book ...

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As a photographer and conversation partner, Mr. Shusei Nagasaki, who is familiar with Fuwa-chan YouTube, also spelled out in the summary column, "I'm glad that Taiiku Okazaki was a really good person, although the face of the real Buddha has happened up to three times." This episode.

On the 25th, YouTuber entertainer Fuwa-chan will release her sub-YouTube channel "Fuwa-chan FLIX" ... → Continue reading


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Okazaki physical education

Okazaki physical education(Physical education 1989(XNUMX)7/3 -) isJapan OfMale singer-songwriter.Solo projectAlso used as the name of[3].. My real name isRyo Satoshi Oka(Akitoshi Oka).Affiliation officeSony Music Artists, The record company to which you belongSME Records(Sony Music Entertainment).officialFan clubIs "Wallets. "


From birth to music activity

  • HyogoNishinomiyaBorn in 1992KyotoUji cityMove to.
  • Around the first grade of elementary schoolピ ア ノI was learning, but I was forced to quit in just three months because the teacher I was learning was devoting myself to job hunting.However, my mother loves musicQueenBecause I was chasing after, when I was in the 5th grade of elementary schooldeep PurpleI grew up in an environment surrounded by music, such as listening to music.
  • I borrowed it from a friend when I was in the first year of junior high schoolEminemI was shocked to hear the CD.He began to be interested in music when he was in the second year of junior high school, and spent most of his pocket money on buying CDs.Around this timeSUM 41I was fascinated by.At the same time, Nintendo DS "Great ensemble! Band BrothersStart composing.
  • Kyoto Prefectural Nanyo High SchoolDuring that time, he joined the tennis club, and when he was in the second grade, he remained in the top four at the Kyoto Prefectural Public High School Tournament.By mail order around the same timeFender JapanI bought a guitar for 4 yen,Barre chordIs not held down and is frustrated once.
  • Doshisha UniversityAfter enrolling, he started his musical activities in earnest, such as forming a band.At a musical instrument store I visited to buy a bassCubase 5buy.This became the sprout of later activities.Band "Aisin Gioro NurhaciAfter the dissolution, the unit "Vatsyayana Kama SutraI was active in ", but it did not lead to my debut.Also, since 2009Nico Nico DougaAtVocalo P"Sitokia PAlso started the activity.
  • After graduating from university in 2012, he once got a job at a general company but retired without giving up his dream of music.Music solo project "Okazaki physical educationWas started.Local supermarket (Many generations While working part-time at the Uji Hinojiri store), he was engaged in music activities such as releasing CDs independently produced and appearing at live performances and festivals.
  • 2014, The live performance that was appearing as an amateurSony musicIt caught the eye of the people concerned (currently the manager) and made a training contract with Sony Music.





  • November 1, 9rd album "SAITAMAWas released.
  • On January 1, the song "Hino Municipal Nanaomidori Elementary School Chorus"Note of the heartReleased as a distribution-only single.It will be the new ending theme song for the TV anime "Pokemon Sun & Moon".
  • On June 6th, the performance at Saitama Super Arena succeeded in attracting 9 people.Also, on February 1, 8000Osaka Prefectural GymnasiumAnnounced that they will perform a one-man live at.[5]
  • On June 6th, the major debut single "Fake Fur" of the penguins puppet "Tekkun", who is a friend on stage, was released only at the live venue.I was in charge of producing.[6]In addition, he won the 1st place on the Oricon Daily Single Chart on the same day.[7]
  • August 8, NHK General "This will not cost you money!』In the third episode, appeared as a sales member, Magaki.[8]
  • On October 10, the first video work "Okazaki Physical Education One-Man Concert" BASIN TECHNO "@ Saitama Super Arena" was released.[9]
  • I haven't belonged to the agency for a long time since my debut on December 12th,Sony Music ArtistsIt was revealed that he belonged to.


  • "My own music style"Basin techno"BASIN TECHNO" translated into English is used for the hoodie to be worn on his own album and live.Birthplace of OkazakiKyoto basinIt was named after.Regarding this, Okazaki said, "The musicality is closer to J-POP and techno pop, but the word techno is cool, but I get angry when I say techno, so I named it" basin techno "and made the tea muddy. "The basin techno style is to change or add a little to the same song so that you can enjoy it no matter how many times you watch it. If you neglect it, it's not basin techno. There are mountains, there are basins, there are mountains. If there is no change, it will be just flat techno. "[10]He says.
  • Growing up in a single-mother family[11]. AlsoOne childBecause of that, my parents said, "I want you to get a hard job. If you can't make a major debut in four years, give up."For that reason, he has been saying, "I will make a major debut by the summer of 4 years old" since the indie era. 20165I achieved that goal at (26 years and 10 months).
  • I was thinking of doing an activity under the name "Okazaki", but my mother, "Okazaki", who was in the MC business because the pun was bad.stage nameAnd changed the stage name to "Okazaki Physical Education"[12]..The mother gave her stage name "Okazaki" because there were two people with the surname Okazaki.In addition, he once complained on the paper of anan that "Okazaki is not a surname, but one word" Okazaki physical education ", so there is no need for a space between Okazaki and physical education."[13].
  • In addition, the goal set from the beginning of the activity was "By the age of 30.Saitama Super ArenaThere is a one-man live at.It is said that he was impressed by the fact that an unknown amateur excited the audience when he went to an event there when he was a college student.This goal is left as "Kotodama" even at live performances and festivals, and in fact 20196It will be realized at (29 years 11 months)[14].
  • After making his major debut, he lived in his parents'house in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture for a while, and made music and recorded at his parents' house.I used to use my mother's used stockings for Mike's windshield to save money. He announced that he left his parents' house in August 2019 and started living alone in Tokyo.
  • Producing Okazaki's music video under the name of "Sushi-kun"Bad T-shirt shopKoyamatakuya on vocal guitarUji Municipal Uji Junior High SchoolI'm a junior.However, I had no acquaintance when I was in school (I wasn't in school at the same time because of the difference in the third grade), and Okazaki showed interest when he saw Koyama's independently produced animation "Sushi-kun", which triggered the exchange.[15].
  • PerformanceMouthThat is"explainConfessed with the lyrics, and later on the TV program "Music Station』When he performed the same song, he performed lip-synching.However, in one-man live performances, they often perform live songs, and the number of people who actually sing when they appear on TV is increasing (CDTV"Emotional pixels",Music Station"Narutal Lips"Such).
  • Music production software for compositionCubaseIs used throughout the entire process and is the sellerSteinbergI have been interviewed by[16].
  • My favorite artist isElectric grooveAnd the stage nameIshino table tennisI attached it consciously[17]..After major debut, on July 2016, 7 in TokyoLIQUIDROOMAppeared as the opening act of Denki Groove's live "LIQUIDROOM 12th ANNIVERSARY" at Denki Groove, and played a competition with them.[18]
  • Hoshino Gen, Fukase (SEKAI NO OWARI),Kyary Pamyu Pamyu,Hyadain,Kawane EonAre making positive comments[19].
  • myselfTwitterPosted in "Recipes"The story of reading in English" has recorded 22 retweets.[20].. Then in June 2017Toyota"C-HSelf-covered with a radio commercial.The song "Natural Lips"Is born based on this story.
  • I could play multiple instruments such as piano, guitar, bass and drums, but I couldn't play any instruments until I graduated from high school.
  • Nico Nico DougaAre active inGame commentaryA fan of the group "Men of Naples"[21], I personally apply for viewer gifts[22].
  • 2018 years,NHK OfContinuous tv novel"ManpukuMakes his debut as an actor.MONKEY MAJIKAfter co-starring with Maynard Plant and Blaise Plant in this drama, he produced a collaboration song "International Student".
  • Since many of the music I play has a strong element of material, I have avoided making live DVDs because I fear that packaging will reduce the freshness, but in 2019, I will be the first video work `` Okazaki Physical Education I decided to release the one-man concert "BASIN TECHNO" @ Saitama Super Arena "as the second chapter of Taiiku Okazaki.


Original album

Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon
Highest rank
First Press Limited Edition (CD+DVD)Normal edition (CD)
1st 20165/18BASIN TECHNOSECL-1879 ~ SECL-1880SECL-18819 bit
2nd 20176/14XXLSECL-2170 ~ SECL-2171SECL-21722 bit
3rd 20191/9SAITAMASECL2370 ~ 2371SECL-23725 bit

Compilation album

Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon
Highest rank
First Press Limited Edition (CD+DVD)Normal edition (CD)
1st 20184/25OT WORKSSECL-2282 ~ SECL-2283SECL-228418 bit
2nd 202012/23「劇場版ポケットモンスター ココ」テーマソング集SECL-2580 ~ SECL-25811SECL-2582-

Digital single

Release datetitlespecificationCollection work
1st 20167/15Break! (Okazaki Physical Education ÷ JINRO name)Digital downloadOT WORKS
2nd 201712/1emblem
3rd 20182/8Jariboy Jarigirl
4th 201810/7Your adventure-
5th2019/1/25Note of the heart(Okazaki Physical Education x Hino City Nanaomidori Elementary School Chorus)-
6th2019/5/15Good sickness tonight (Okazaki Physical Education ÷ JINRO name)YouTube-
7th2019/12/12Merry Merry Christmas NightDigital download-

CD single

Release datetitlespecificationStandard product numberOriconFirst recording album
Okazaki physical education
1st 201612/7sea ​​breezeCD +DVDSECL-2085 ~ 2086(Limited edition limited edition)42 bitOT WORKS
"Satoshi with Pikachu (Rika Matsumoto-Otani Ikue) / Under the name of "Okazaki Physical Education"
2nd 20174/12Arora !! / PoseCD +DVDSECL-2135 ~ 2137(First edition limited edition)18 bitOT WORKS
CDSECL-2138(Normal Edition)
In the name of "Tekkun"
3rd2019/6/9Faux FurCDSEC7-7(Limited release at live venue)1 bit-

Collaboration single

Release datetitlespecificationStandard product numberRemarks
1st 202010/28CDVickeblankaCollaboration single with.The lyrics are Okazaki Taiiku, and the composition and arrangement is Vickeblanka.

Indie production board

Release datetitlespecificationRemarksrecorded music
1st 2012Greatest Hits


CDCurrently out of print1. I will not rock you
2. Okazaki physical education
3. High School Notalin
4. Lonely
5. Headquarters
6. Caribbean.com
7. Fat Man Requiem
8. Teenager

・ Deinonychus

・ Hip taker
Unknown up to the 22nd song below

2nd 2012Hello alarm of love1.Okazaki hyper gymnastic






7.腑抜けとドンファン(R&B mix)


3rd 2012Phantom youth1. One shot one kill
2. Zip me hard
3. Battlen Pits
4. Mantis
5. EX Kyun ☆ Kyun Fromheru
6. Adventure book
7. Vinyl balloon dancing in the autumn sky
8. Daruma ~ DARUMA ~
9. Sorry guys but this is shit
10. Pizza Coke Rahmen
11. The weakest ghost this winter
12. The sky of Yamatoyama Castle
13. Demon Kirin
4th 2013Visit the basin hero1. Okazaki dynamic entry
2. Kusamuranotra
4. Everyone is so (more or less ver.)
5. Land surfer
6. Manny chain
7. Devil's Babysitter feat.Skateboarderz
8. abarabone
9. Remember feat.KUZUNO
10. Neverland
11. Don't you armor
5th 2013FICTIONAL ZODIAC1. Human Effect
3. Kamogawa equidistant
4. Spetsnaz
5. Not a legend
6. Knifehand feat. Chassan THE Vitamin
7. Private life
8. Nipponia Nippon
9. NEOCORTEX feat Kuzuno
10. Okazaki ultra athletics
11. Spacecraft Chicken Tatsuta
12. Eclair
2. Body
3. Unexpected feat. Kuzuno (the PARTYS)
4. Black Star feat. Kensuke Tanaka (THE Rock Ministers)
5. Deinonychus Requiem
6. Inversion method
7. Yamatoyama Castle Sky feat. Insomnia-chan (the PARTYS)
8. Family structure
7th 20163/26MEASUREStreaming1.MEASURE

2. Beyond the rainbow

3. Same

4. Really fucking

5. You

6. Persistent


8. Beyond the rainbow (instrumental)

9.OVER THE RAINBOW (instrumental)


Song titleTie-upYears
Break!Dew "JINROCM song 2016
sea ​​breezeFuji Television Network, IncSeries animeKnitting a boat"Opening theme song
PauseTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Series animePokemon Sun & Moon"Ending theme song
Emotional pixelsTBSsystem"COUNT DOWN TVApril / May 2017 Opening Theme 2017
CoroCoro Comic 40th Anniversary SongShogakukan "Colo comic40th Anniversary Song
MOMOTARO songSuntory"Pepsi Cola'YouTubePromotional song
emblemタ カ ラ ト ミ ー"TransformersOfficial song
Song to eat Papico after taking a bathEzaki Glico"PapicoCM song
Jariboy JarigirlTV Tokyo anime "Pocket Monster Sun & Moon" ending theme song 2018
Yumemizaki ★ WrapNHK E Tele "Genius TV-kun YOU"Insert song
Rock-paper-scissorsFuji Television Network, Inc"Mezamashi TVMezamashi Rock-paper-scissors theme song
Seasonal feeling ☆ Gotochi!NHK comprehensiveSeasonal feeling ☆ Gotochi!"Theme song
Your adventureTV Tokyo anime "Pocket Monster Sun & Moon" opening theme song
Until the generation of grandchildrenNHK E Tele Anime "Ahare! Masterpiece"Ending theme song
Let's Study CitizenNHK E-Tele "Active 10 Public" theme song
Note of the heartTV Tokyo anime "Pocket Monster Sun & Moon" ending theme song 2019
EclairTheme song for the short film "If you turn FamilyMart, my house"[23]
Good sickness tonightDew "JINROCM song
Merry Merry Christmas NightHollywood movie "Jumanji / Next LevelJapanese dubbed version theme song[24]
Nini NiniNHK General Drama"I like light source Mr. Mr.Theme song 2020
掟の歌 featuring vocal SiNRiN(岡崎体育&SiM)
ココ featuring vocal Beverly
Show Window
森のハミング featuring vocal 東京都日野市立七生緑小学校合唱団
ふしぎなふしぎな生きもの featuring vocal トータス松本
ただいまとおかえり featuring vocal 木村カエラ
Anime movieMovie version Pokemon Coco"Theme song



TV drama

Television Animation

Variety etc.



Video work



Participating works and music provided

Release dateArtistsSongCollection work
~ 2014
the PARTYS"cycle"
THE Rock Ministers"Good evening, this is THE Rock Ministers"
4Bad T-shirt shop"I want to keep a cat (Okazaki Physical Education Remix)""It's not that dangerous"
6/18Dramatic Alaska"Redial feat. Okazaki Physical Education ~ BASIN TECHNO ver. ~""The beginning of the world"
7/4Nanday Doshite"Come to see me at the first train ~ Okazaki Physical Education" BASIN TECHNO "MIX ~""Music here 8"
7/8Dramatic Alaska"Unreasonable Unreasonable feat. Okazaki Physical Education ~ BASIN TECHNO ver. ~""Anchorage City Pop"
10/29Bad T-shirt shop"Atsumare! Party Peapo (Okazaki Physical Education Remix)""Piano rock band"
2/3I was born! (I was born x Okazaki physical education)"Sukatan""Sukatan"
7/2Bad T-shirt shop"Tank-top of the world (Okazaki Physical Education Remix)""Popcorn party"
7/3Love is suborn"BABY is a devil (Okazaki physical education Remix)""RIKAKO"
8/3Kayoko Yoshizawa"Yurikago feat. Okazaki Physical Education""Kayoko Yoshizawa and beautiful people"
11/16Private Ebisu Junior High School"sudden death"""Medium spicy" ~ Exciting best in shrimp ~'
4/5Bad T-shirt shop"Yabami (Okazaki Physical Education Remix)""Animal Tour'
6/28Kanjani Eight"Evil""jam'
9/6Motohiro Hata"Scale (Okazaki Physical Education Remix)""Uroko-Okazaki Physical Education Remix- -Single"
9/20Bad T-shirt shop"Happy Wedding Mae Song (Okazaki Physical Education Remix)""Pineapple Senpai'
3/7Mao Abe"Immorality (Arranged by Okazaki Physical Education)""YOU"
5/16Bad T-shirt shop"Oni POP Geki Catchy Strongest Hyper Ultra Music (Okazaki Physical Education Remix)""Genki Ippai'
9/19Bad T-shirt shop"KOKYAKU Satisfaction No. 1 (Okazaki Physical Education Remix)""I'm very happy'
3/6MONKEY MAJIK(MONKEY MAJIK x Okazaki Physical Education)"International students""COLLABORATED'
3/13Private Ebisu Junior High School"Family Complex""MUSiC'
7/10Bad T-shirt shop"Yuchaku Night (Okazaki Physical Education remix)""Spanish secret'
3/25Keita"Tokyo Night Fighter feat. Okazaki Physical Education""InK"
Hajimeshacho"A certain song on YouTuber"
10 month 28 day (planned)Vickeblanka(Vickeblanka VS Okazaki Physical Education)"Kakashi HOUR NIGHT"""

one man live

20165/27Single performanceOkazaki physical education one-man live
"Republic of Fucking Warota"

The first Tokyo one-man live.

2016/6/5Single performanceOkazaki physical education one-man live
"Baliukel Empire"

The first Osaka one-man live.

2016/6/17Single performanceOkazaki physical education one-man live
"Bali Twink Kingdom"

Nara one-man live, which is positioned as his own home ground.This is an additional performance that was decided when the tickets for the Osaka performance mentioned above were sold out.

20172 July-3 SeptemberConcert tourJINRO presents
Okazaki physical education one-man tour
"A relatively ferocious zebra"

Height DewThesponsorThe first live tour of Taiiku Okazaki.It was held only in Higashi-Meihan, and additional performances were set up only in Osaka and Tokyo.It was also the first sponsored tour.

May 2017-June 10, 9Concert tourJINRO presents
Okazaki physical education one-man tour
"Kimiiro Heart II"

The second live tour in 2017.The first Hokkaido performance was held, and additional performances were set up only for the Tokyo performance.Like the previous tour, the sponsor has HiteJinro.

20183 July-25 SeptemberConcert tourJINRO presents
Okazaki physical education one-man tour
"Adhesion! Chase the mysterious mentalist RYOMA!"

The first Miyagi / Fukuoka performance was incorporated, and only the Tokyo performance was held in 2 days.Like the previous tour and the previous tour, the sponsor has HiteJinro.

2018August 11- 20193/21[Note 1]Concert tourJINRO presents
Okazaki Gymnasium Hall One-Man Tour

The first hall tour.The first one-man live in his hometown Kyoto is also included. The Osaka performance scheduled for January 1 was canceled due to poor physical condition.After that, an additional performance in Osaka was announced at the Tokyo performance on January 18th.Now the tour is also sponsored by HiteJinro.

2019/6/9Single performanceJINRO presents
Okazaki physical education one-man concert

The first arena performance.The sponsor has HiteJinro.

2020/2/11Single performanceOkazaki physical education one-man live

Unsourced songs


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注 釈

  1. ^ Initially scheduled until January 1th
  2. ^ Initially scheduled for 1 performances at 7 venues due to cancellation of 7 performance


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