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🏛 | Training is about XNUMX days a year Mageshima Tour Ministry of Defense explains 


Training is about XNUMX days a year, explained by the Ministry of Defense around Mageshima 

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The mayor of Nishinoomote City, Nishinoomote City, said, "I got the impression that there are many days when there is considerable noise damage."

On the night of the XNUMXth, an executive of the Ministry of Defense became Governor Shioda over Mageshima in Kagoshima Prefecture, which is a candidate site for the relocation of US military training. → Continue reading

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Nishinoomote(Nishi no Omotenashi) isKagoshimaSouth of theOsumi Islands OfTanegashimaIn the northCity.

Once the southernmost samurai in JapanTanegashima family Ofcastle townProspered as.CurrentlyKumage branch officeIt is the political and economic center of Tanegashima and Kumage districts.



Population distribution by age in Nishinoomote City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Nishinoomote City (2005)
■Purple-Nishinoomote City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Nishinoomote City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Place name

  • Anjo
  • 安納
  • 伊関
  • 国上
  • Genna
  • Sumiyoshi
  • Nishinoomote
  • Furuta
  • Mage Island

The following is a town independent of Oaza Nishinoomote due to the establishment of the town name. The year in parentheses is the year of inauguration.


Tanegashima7st centuryUnder the influence of the Asuka Imperial Court多禰Kokushi (Shimaji) was established (702-824).In the Middle Ages, it was incorporated into a part of Shimazu-so and14st centuryToTanegashima familyBecomes the island owner.afterwards,Shimazu familyBelonged to16st centuryAt the end, the 16th island owner, Hisashi Taneshima, was replaced with 4,500 stones in Chiran due to the delay in entering Korea.Edo PeriodThrough Tanegashima was still the private territory of the Tanegashima clan.Pacific WarAt the end of the period, the possibility of the US military landing increased,1944年(Showa19 years)Special security battalionIs stationed,1945年In (20), it swelled into the Tanegashima Independent Mixed Unit (12,000 people) and was also attacked by US military aircraft.


  • 1889å¹´(22th year of Meiji)4/1 : Municipal systemWith enforcement,KumageKita Seed VillageWas launched.
  • 1926å¹´(Taisho 15) April 4: Renamed and town system enforcedNishinoomote TownBecomes
  • 1958å¹´(33)10/1 : Municipal system enforcedNishinoomoteBecome[1]..The estimated population at that time was 33,546.
  • 1959å¹´(34): After this year, the population will start to decrease (the estimated population as of October 10 of the same year is 1).


Municipal institutions, etc.

Kugami, Kaminishi, Ekijo, Shimonishi, Sumiyoshi, Izeki, Anno, Genna, Anjo, Furuta, Tateyama, and Nakawari branch offices are located, and each school district is shared. Also in charge of the school district.There is also a "women's branch", which is in charge of the entire city.[2].
  • Nishinoomote Gymnasium
  • Tanegashima Audiovisual Library
  • Tanegashima District Wide Area Office Association (Tanegashima 1 City 2 Town Office Association)
  • Appo Land (a group of multipurpose facilities built around the dam lake)

Prefecture agency

National agency

Independent administrative agency


Specialty goods


A variety of industries are available, centered on the Nishimachi and Higashimachi shopping districts in the city.

Large commercial facility



  • Tanegashima Agricultural Cooperative
    • Nishinoomote branch
    • A CorpNishinoomote store[3]
  • Tanegashima Fisheries Cooperative Headquarters

post office

  • Japan Post
  • Genna Post Office
  • Furuta Post Office
  • Nishinoomote Anno Post Office
  • Nishinoomote Sumiyoshi Post Office

Simple post office

  • Anjo Post Office
  • Iseki Post Office
  • Kamome Simple Post Office
  • Tateyama Post Office
  • Japan Post
  • Mihama Post Office


Sister city/friendship city


Education etc.

high school

Junior high school

primary school

All are public (municipal) schools.

  • Anjo Elementary School (Anjo)
  • Anno Elementary School (Anno)
  • Izeki Elementary School (Iseki)
  • Kaminishi Elementary School (Nishinoomote)
  • Kunigami Elementary School (Kunigami)
  • Genna Elementary School (Genna)
  • Shimonishi Elementary School (Nishinoomote)
  • Sumiyoshi Elementary School (Sumiyoshi)
  • Tateyama Elementary School (Anjo) * Closed
  • Furuta Elementary School (Furuta)
  • Enoki Elementary School (Nishinoomote)


  • Christ kindergarten (duck woman)
  • Nishinoomote Kindergarten (Nishinoomote)
  • Meiro Kindergarten (Nishinoomote)
  • Yojo Kindergarten (Nishinoomote)


  • Anjo Nursery School (Anjo)
  • Anno Futaba Nursery School (Anno)
  • Kugami Nursery School (Kugami)
  • Genna Nursery School (Genna)
  • Sumiyoshi Nursery School (Sumiyoshi)
  • Hibarien (Nishinoomote)
  • Furuta Nursery School (Furuta)
  • Peace Garden Nursery School (Nishinoomote)
  • Wakamiya Nursery School (Nishinoomote)


It is one of the few schools in Japan where you can get all kinds of driver's licenses.We also handle license acquisition through training camps, soMany people enroll from outside the island[Source required].Takeda TetsuyaIt is also known as a school where (singer) has obtained a license.




High-speed boat(Jet foil)ButKagoshimaandYakushima-IbusukiIt is operated to.Long time agoKagoshima Merchant ShippingとCosmo linebyDouble trackHowever, it was integrated as the Tanayakyu high-speed ship.

ferryFor more information about Kagoshima and YakushimaKuchinoerabu IslandIt operates about once a day to.

* For details, refer to the items of each operating company or the official website.


General national road

Main local road

General prefectural road


  • Yamato Bus --Operates all bus routes in Tanegashima except community buses.Lines connecting the three cities and towns of Tanegashima (Nishinoomote City --Nakatane Town --Minamitane Town)Tanegashima AirportThere is a line connecting.
  • Tanegashima/Yakushima Transportation --Operates the Nishinoomote city circulation bus "Wakasahime".Iwasaki GroupIn the past, it used to operate bus routes throughout the island as Tanegashima Transportation, but now it has withdrawn from general routes.

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

  • Gun Museum (Tanegashima Development Center)
  • Wakasa Park
  • Tetsuhama coast
  • Kishigasaki Lighthouse
  • Hidate no Mine Observatory
  • Kiorizaka Observatory
  • Tanegashima Gun Festival (August)

Celebrity from Nishinoomote


[How to use footnotes]
  1. ^ September 1958, 33 (Showa 9) Prime Minister's Office Notification No. 30 "Disposition of Town as City"
  2. ^ June 3, 6 Nishinoomote City Rule No. 29 "Rules for Nishinoomote City Fire Brigade Organization, etc."
  3. ^ Facility information(Production / living business facility) --JA Tanega Yakushima (accessed October 2013, 10)

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