🏛 | Suddenly appearing in Utah, USA Is the "giant monolith" the work of aliens? ??

Photo published Monolith (Reuters) with a length of about XNUMX meters

Suddenly appearing in Utah, USA Is the "giant monolith" the work of aliens? ??

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According to the Kyushu Agricultural Administration Bureau, the amount of water infiltrated into the ground was settled at 1 tons per day in the "test flooding" that was carried out last year by storing water in the dam, but 2000 After the operation from the month, the permeation amount is 4 to 1 tons per day, which is much higher than expected.

A "monolith" has appeared in the desert area of ​​southern Utah, USA!On the XNUMXth of this month, Utah's wildlife authorities announced a helicopter ... → Continue reading

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