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🏛 | Sapporo City "I can't afford to see the effect" Corona infection countermeasures, one after another from the end of last month


Sapporo City "I can't afford to see the effect" Corona infection countermeasures, one after another from the end of last month

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Considering the incubation period of the virus, it usually takes about two weeks to analyze the effect of the countermeasures, but in Sapporo, the number of infected people continues to increase without waiting for this. ..

The new coronavirus infection control strengthening measures announced by Michi and Sapporo City on the 26th are intensive measures that were set until the 27th ... → Continue reading

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Incubation period

Incubation period(Senpukukikan, English: incubation period, latent period), orIncubation periodIsPathogenToinfectionThe period from when the body becomes symptomatic or until it becomes infectious. It depends on the type of pathogen.

Englishincubation period,latent periodAre both translated as the incubation period, but the two are clearly distinguished, the incubation period is the period from infection with the pathogen to the onset of symptoms, and the infected person is infectious after infection with the pathogen. The period until the pathogen is transmitted to other susceptible humans is called the incubation period. The two depend on the type of pathogen, but if the latent peirod is shorter than the incubation period (measlesEtc.), may have already infected other humans at the time of onset[1].

Example of incubation period

The description is approximate and varies from person to person (especially biological) ).

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