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🏛 | 《All Japan Basketball》 1st Round Women's High-Tech Complete Win 8

Photo (Tokyo Haneda-Hitachi High-Tech 1st Quarter, Hitachi High-Tech Kitamura cuts with a dribble = Tokkei Security Hiratsuka General Gymnasium

《All Japan Basketball》 1st round Women's high-tech complete victory 8 strong

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W League ENEOS, aiming for eight consecutive women's championships, defeated Hitachi Kasado (Yamaguchi) 8-116 and decided to enter the top eight.

The 96th Emperor's Cup and 87th Empress's Cup All Japan Championship (sponsored by the Japan Basketball Association, Kyodo News ... → Continue reading

 Ibaraki Shimbun Cross Eye

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8 consecutive wins

Hitachi Ltd. Kasado Works

Hitachi, Ltd. Kasado Office(Hitachi Seisakusho Kasado Jigyosho)Yamaguchi Kudamatsu CityIn Higashitoyoi,Hitachi, Ltd.One of the manufacturing bases of.Railway Business Unit (In-house company) Is one of the main business basesRailway carIt is known to manufacture a lot of.


Southern part of Kudamatsu city,Kasado IslandWith a group of factories on the opposite bank of the city, there are about 9 soccer stadiums and an area of ​​520000 mXNUMX.[1]..Adjacent to the officeHitachi High TechnologiesKasado Office and Hitachi Transportation Technology Kasado Office,Hitachi Plant TechnologiesThere is a Kasado production control department, which manufactures not only commercial railway cars but also maintenance cars and maintenance equipment, and has a system in place that allows the company group to complete the equipment-related matters.

Most of the vehicles currently manufacturedMade of aluminum alloy OfElectric trainAndJRForPrivate railwayHandles a wide range of products regardless of the purposeShinkansenWe are also involved in many vehicle manufacturing for.Especially 2002Aruna Koki (currentlyAruna vehicle) Was handled by Arna when it withdrew from the railroad carHankyu Corporation,Tobu RailwayBecame a de facto saucer for the manufacture of new vehicles forKyushu passenger railway(JR Kyushu) NewElectric trainPreviously almost all vehiclesKinki VehicleCurrently, most of the new trains of Kyushu Railway Company (JR Kyushu) are concentrated in our office.A-trainWith the adoption of, manufacturing at our office has become mainstream[Note 1].Tokai passenger railway(JR Tokai),West Japan Railway CompanyWith (JR West), vehicle manufacturing has been limited to the Shinkansen since the 2000s.[Note 2].

The manufactured vehicleLeased lineThroughSanyo Main Line下 松 駅Shipped nationwide (Class A transportation).Shinkansen vehicles, vehicles for Hankyu Railway, vehicles for overseasNational Route 188-Prefectural Tokuyama Kudamatsu LineViaTokuyama Shimomatsu PortIt is shipped from Kudamatsu No. 2 Wharf, transported to a port near the depot, and transported by land from there.[2]..Not limited to this office, when rail vehicles are transported by land via public roads, it is usually done at midnight.[Note 3]However, Kudamatsu City plans Japan's first railroad vehicle Japan-China land transportation for the purpose of promoting the "town of manufacturing", and temporarily closed the road during the daytime on March 2017, 3.800 type(Class 800) One of the leading cars was transported by land, and about 1 people packed up.[3]..Also, in 2019, the Kudamatsu Chamber of Commerce and Industry planned as a project to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Kudamatsu municipal organization, and on July 7, the two leading cars of the class 14 were transported by land between Japan and China, and about 800 people packed up.[4].

1988ToOrient ExpressWhen the vehicle came to JapanTrolleyCan be driven in JapanNarrow gaugeStarting with the work of changing to the one for JR, each passenger car is on each JR lineVehicle limitTo matchRemodelWorking (main of this project)sponsorWas Hitachi).The passenger carHong KongIt is transported to Kudamatsu Port by ship from Kudamatsu and is shipped from Kudamatsu even when leaving Japan.

Long time agosteam locomotive,Electric locomotive,Diesel locomotive,Railcar,Passenger car,truck,Ordinary steel,Stainless steelIt also manufactured trains made of wood.However, the electric locomotiveIbarakiHitachinaka CityThe Mito factory was the main production factory.

Vehicles manufactured at the Kasado Plant

Ministry of Railways-National railway

1955 for India

  • Diesel locomotive
    • DD51: Also in charge of the first prototype car (DD51 1). (1962 - 1978Every time)
    • DE50: Only one prototype. ( 1970

JR Group

JR East

Tokyo Monorail

JR Tokai

JR West Japan

JR Hokkaido

JR Shikoku

JR Kyushu

Major private railway

Tokyo subway

Tobu Railway

Aruna KokiWithdrew from the production of railway line vehicles, and joined the transaction as a receiver. (Detail isAruna Koki(See)

Seibu Railway

Keio Electric Railway

Sagami Railway

Nagoya Railway

Hankyu Corporation

Aruna KokiWithdrew from the production of railway line vehicles, and joined the transaction as a receiver. (Detail isAruna Koki(See)

Keihan Electric Railway

Nankai Electric Railway

Third sector

Metropolitan New City Railway(Tsukuba Express

Toyo High Speed ​​Rail

Osaka Monorail

Public management

Sapporo City Transportation Bureau

Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation

Nagoya City Transportation Bureau

Osaka City Transportation Bureau

Kyoto City Transportation Bureau

Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau

Kagoshima City Transportation Bureau

For outside Japan

South Korea

Railway AgencyKorea Railway Corporation
Public management


Taiwan Railway Management Bureau
Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail



Argentine National Railways


  1. ^ Manufactures only 1500 series.
  2. ^ 400 seriesManufactures only some of the mass-produced preceding vehicles and the 429 type for expansion.
  3. ^ Three cars including the special vehicle E655-1.The remaining 3 carsTokyu vehicle manufacturingManufactured in.
  4. ^ Only the old 9/10/13-16 cars are manufactured.Old cars 1 to 6Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Old cars 7 and 8Kinki Vehicle, Old cars 11 and 12Japanese vehicle manufacturingManufactured in.
  5. ^ Excluding 2000s.
  6. ^ Manufactures only 1000 series W3 formation.
  7. ^ Excluding 4000s.
  8. ^ However, the bogie is manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries Rolling Stock Company (for conventional trains).305 seriesThe same).
  9. ^ Manufactures only 50 series.
  10. ^ However, 9300 series 9308F and 9000 series 9003F / 9006F / 9008F are manufactured only for the structure, and after the outfitAruna vehicleIs in charge.
  11. ^ Manufactures only N3101 formation. After the N3102 formation, Nippon Sharyo is in charge.
  12. ^ Only the first 12 formations.The remaining 110 formationsNewton Aycliffe FactoryManufactured in.

Products other than railroad vehicles


Hitachi mineThe origin of the business is the repair shop in Japan, and the main business base isIbarakiStarting withKanto regionHitachi Mine (Hitachi Mine) has a business base in Kudamatsu, Yamaguchi Prefecture, which is far from the Kanto region.Kuhara Mining Co., Ltd.) Founder and nicknamed "Mine King"Kunosuke KuharaIt comes from one big idea.

Fusanosuke, who made a fortune with the success of Kuhara Mining Co., Ltd., was drawing a big project in his hometown of Yamaguchi Prefecture.It's Yamaguchi PrefectureTsuno-gunShimomatsucho(Currently Kudamatsu City) to Tsuno DistrictTaika Village(CurrentShunan CityKushihama)Suo NadaThe coastal area was to be reclaimed to make it a major industrial area.As the book, Kuhara himselfShipbuildingWill embark on 1915(Taisho4 years)Nippon Kisen Co., Ltd.Will be launched.At the beginning of its founding, Nippon Kisen was extremely strong, "the ship we built was many times more expensive by the time it was completed, and flew like feathers."Mataji MiyamotoIt was said to be (from the book "Osaka Merchant Taiheiki").

However, on the other hand, Fusanosuke, who rapidly expanded his business beyond the shipbuilding industry,World War IIt will be a turning point in the wake of the end of.To realize the above-mentioned project 1919At the reclaimed land in Kudamatsu (Taisho 8)Nippon Kisen Kasado ShipyardStarted operation, but as early as the year after next 1921In (Taisho 10), he was independent from Fusanosuke.Namihei OdairaHitachi, Ltd., which it leads, acquired Nippon Kisen Kasado Shipyard, and Kasado became one of the manufacturing bases under Hitachi.Fusanosuke himself became the president of Kuhara Mining Co., Ltd. in 1928.Yoshisuke AyukawaHe retired from the line of management and turned into politics.

Hitachi, which had not been involved in shipbuilding, decided to use the facilities of the Kasado Shipyard as the "Kasado Factory" for the production of railroad vehicles (it is said that there was a production record of tank-type steam locomotives in 1920). 3 years later 1924It is the first large locomotive produced in Japan in 13.JNR ED15 type electric locomotive(The Kasado Factory is in charge of the mechanical part), and the history of Hitachi's rolling stock construction will begin.


Boysサ ッ カ ーDepartment and men and womenbasketballThe existence of the department is known.

Soccer club (Hitachi Kasado Soccer Club) Is as of 2014Regional leagueIsChina soccer leagueBelongs to.However, in recent years it is one category below.Yamaguchi Prefecture Soccer LeagueRepeated ascending and descending with the first part.

Both men and women play basketballAll Japan Business Team Basketball Championship-All Japan Business Team Basketball TournamentAlthough he is a regular (Chugoku region representative), he has not yet reached the top of the competition.



  1. ^ Kyushu passenger railway(JR Kyushu) new liquid typeRailcarIs almostJapanese vehicle manufacturing,Niigata TransisManufactured in.
  2. ^ Since both companies mainly use stainless steel for conventional rolling stock, there are circumstances in which orders cannot be received under the current situation where the production line is specialized for aluminum.
  3. ^ Special vehicle passage permissionBecause the conditions for permitting passage are strict and it is not possible to pass during the day when there are many general vehicles.


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