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🏛 | Mayor Nakagawa of Takarazuka City announces retirement Policy not to run for mayoral election next spring


Mayor Nakagawa of Takarazuka City announces retirement Policy not to run for mayoral election next spring

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At the plenary session of the city council of Takarazuka City held on the 8th, Mayor Tomoko Nakagawa did not run for the mayoral election to be held in April next year due to the expiration of his term, and announced his intention to retire for the third term only.

Mayor Tomoko Nakagawa of Takarazuka City, who is currently in the third term, has announced that he will not run for mayoral election next spring. Opened on the 3th ... → Continue reading

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"Sun Television" is a TV station in Kobe that celebrates its 50th anniversary with beard and glasses familiar under the trademark "Oh! Sun". People on Sun TV will deliver such things in Hyogo prefecture.

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Characters contained in this item"塚'It is,operating system,ブ ラ ウ ザThe display varies depending on the environment such as. "塚'Is the official notation"U + FA10.svg'May differ from.

Takarazuka(Takarazuka) isHyogoSoutheast (Between Hanshin) Located inCity.Hanshin Kita Prefectural BureauJurisdiction. From the countrySpecial city at the time of enforcementIt is specified in. Takarazuka City's "mound" uses the new font "mound" in the national and Hyogo prefectures, but the city uses "mound", which has one more stroke.[1].


Hankyu Hanshin Toho GroupFounder ofKobayashi IchizoWorked onTakarazuka RevueIs the home ofTakarazuka Grand TheaterIt is famous nationwide as "the city of opera". manga artist·Osamu TezukaIs also known as the town where he spent his youth. In the past, it was managed by Hankyu RailwayTakarazuka Family LandIs one of the origins of Toho moviesTakarazuka Eiga SeisakushoIt had a strong image as a cultural base of Hankyu Toho. Hankyu Railway managementTakarazuka Family Land 20034/7(Astro boyClosed on (birthday)Takarazuka Garden FieldsAfter (closing), it is now reborn as a commercial facility, tower condominium, elementary school, etc. Currently Incheon,SakasegawaIt is a residential city between Hanshin, which has a quiet high-class residential area such as Hibarigaoka.

Located in the northern part of Hanshin-ma, in the westMt. RokkosanSurrounded by the Nagao mountain range in the north, the centerMukogawaIs flowing. KansaiAs a hot spring resort1913Continued from (Taisho 2)Takarazuka Sightseeing Fireworks FestivalIt is also famous as a high-class residential area.

At one point, a merger plan was raised with Itami City, Kawanishi City, and Inagawa Town, but it is currently frozen.




Mukogawa,Sakasegawa, Incheon,Kojingawa,Hazuka River


Mount Iwahara(573m), (552m), (514m), (489m),Mt. Iwakura(488m),中山(478m), (457m)


When the city system came into effect, there were about 4 people,Osaka・ KobeBed townResidential land development has progressed, and there are currently about 23 people.

Looking at the population increase / decrease from the previous census from the 22 census, the population increased by 2.60% to 225,587, and the rate of increase / decrease was 41th out of 5 municipalities in the prefecture and 49th out of 7 administrative districts.

Population distribution by age in Takarazuka City and the whole country (2005)Takarazuka City's population distribution by age and gender (2005)
■Purple-Takarazuka City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Takarazuka City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Adjacent municipalities/administrative districts

Kawanishi City (ManshūjiAround)EnclaveIt exists in the city as.

OsakaThe commuting rate to Japan is 22.5% (22 census).


Origin of place name

The "mound" in Takarazuka is a "filled tomb ("Old tomb) ”. Takarazuka is literally the name of an ancient burial mound, but there are many ancient burial mounds in Takarazuka, and there are various theories about the ancient burial mound called Takarazuka, and the location is not specified.Edo PeriodThe place name of "Takarazuka" was used for. (See below)

  1. Former Kawamo Village There is an old burial mound called Takarazuka on the river side, and the neighboring Nitta (currently Gotenyama) was also called Takarazuka.[2].1672 OfInspectionIn the record, of Kawakami villageFine printTakarazuka Higashi, Takarazuka Minami, and Takarazuka Kita are listed as.
  2. Takarazuka MountainHosenji Temple[*1]In the land (currently Miyamachi)Shingo EmpressIs the mother ofHigh-priced himegamiThere is an old burial mound enshrining (Takanuka Hime no Mikoto), and this high-priced mound (Takanukatsuka) has been transferred to Takarazuka.
  3. There was a mound in the former Maiya village (currently Maiya), and it was called Takarazuka because I was always happy when I picked up things with this mound.[3].
  4. There was an old burial mound called Takarazuka in the former Ryogen village Isoshi (currently Hobai).

The name of Takarazuka, which has been around for a long time, isMeijiAfter becoming the name of the hot spring or the name of the station1951It was first adopted as the name of a municipality in (Showa 26).



中 世

The early modern period

After the Meiji era

After World War II

Successive mayors

代NameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
First generationKyuemon Tanaka1954/5/81956/5/14
2-4 generationsTanaka Akinori1956/6/101968/6/9
5 feeShunzo Kita1968/6/101970/12/23Died during his term
6-10 generationsNobuo Tomokin1971/2/71991/2/6
11-13 generationsTaiichiro Shoji1991/2/72003/3/13
14 feeKan Watanabe2003/4/242006/3/6Resignation
15 feeYoshihide Sakagami2006/4/92009/2/27Resignation[6]
16-18 generationsTomoko Nakagawa2009/4/19Incumbent

* Successive mayors[7]



  • Tomoko Nakagawa (3rd term)
  • Term: April 2021, 4





Takarazuka City Council

  • Constant: 26 people (195930 people2007Has become the current number. )
  • Term: March 2019, 4-March 30, 2023
  • Chair: Tadashi Nakano
  • Vice-Chair: Kotaro Tomikawa
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsRepresentative name (◎ is representative)
Takarazuka Shinseikai7◎ Hiroyuki Okawa, Kotaro Tomikawa, Aki Asaya, Kayoko Ishikura, Masashi Iwasa, Shota Kazehaya, Kensaburo Kuwahara
KomeitoLegislature4◎ Kazuaki Ehara, Tadashi Nakano, Kazue Fujioka, Koji Miyake
Citizen Net Takarazuka4◎ Sanae Teramoto, Jun Kawaguchi, Satoko Kitano, Daishiro Tanaka
Japan Communist PartyTakarazuka City Council members4◎ Tonaki Masakatsu, Tanaka Ko, Tabuchi Shizuko, Yokota Masanori
Nippon Ishin no Kai Takarazuka City Council3◎ Mitsutaka Ikeda, Satoshi Iba, Anna Muramatsu
Social DemocratsParliamentary Assembly2◎ Misao Kajikawa, Tankiko Oshima
Reiwa Safety Association2◎ Teruaki Kitayama, Keiko Yamamoto

(As of May 2020, 4)[8]

Hyogo Prefectural Assembly

  • Constituency: Takarazuka City Constituency
  • Number of people: 3 people
  • Term: March 2019, 6-March 11, 2023[9]
  • Voting Date: July 2019, 4
  • Number of voters on the day: 190,871
  • Voting rate: 35.92%
Candidate nameCommentageParty nameOld and newNumber of votes obtained
Yasuhito MoriwakiThis66LDPNow15,756 vote
Keiko NerikiThis56Japan Communist PartyNow12,123 vote
Takashi KadoThis52Japan Restoration PartyNow11,747 vote
Yoshiharu Ifukudrop46Independent新11,058 vote
Yusuke Nakayamadrop32Constitutional Democratic Party新9,279 vote
Taho Okanodrop65Local political party Takarazukayuan5,157 vote
Kuniaki Tanakadrop46A party protecting the people from NHK新2,447 vote

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Hyogo Prefecture 6th Ward(Takarazuka City,Itami City,Kawanishi City)Masaki OgushiLDP3Constituency
Shu SakuraiConstitutional Democratic Party1Proportional revival

Sister cities/partner cities





Designated financial institution: From July 21Ikeda Senshu Bank-Mitsubishi UFJ Bank-Sumitomo Mitsui Banking CorporationI had a rotation system with 3 lines[10], Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ declined the designated financial institution in 2019, and now two banks, The Senshu Ikeda Bank (July to June of the following year) and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (July to June of the following year) It is a rotation system by[11].


Specialty goods



primary school

Junior high school

high school

1953From (Showa 28)2009Until (21) in public high school entrance examsComprehensive selectionWas being carried out.

Special school

Various schools

Vocational school


Main cultural facilities

Main hospital

Main commercial facilities

Broadcast media


  • post office : Takarazuka Post OfficeThere are 22 stations centered on (Ohama). The Takarazuka Toshi Post Office is located in Hoshinoso, and is famous as an auspicious post office where treasure and Kotobuki overlap.
  • Takarazuka City Library: There are four locations, the Central Library (Kiyoaragami), the West Library (Kobayashi), the Nakayamadai Branch, and the Yamamoto Minami Branch, and they have the mobile library Sumire.
  • public facility:Takarazuka City Sports Center(Obama),Takarazuka City Takarazuka Nature House(Oharano)
  • Public hall: There are three locations: Central Public Hall (Isoshi), East Public Hall (Yamamoto), and West Public Hall (Kobayashi).
  • Waste disposal: The Takarazuka City Waste Policy Division disposes of waste at the Clean Center (Obama).
  • Municipalcemetery : CrematoriumThere is Nagaoyama Cemetery and Takarazuka Sumire Tomb Garden.


The railway network and bus network are maintained mainly in the southern part of the city where the city area spreads.


Representative of the citystationAs a central role,Takarazuka StationIs. 2 companies 3 routes (West Japan Railway (JR West)Fukuchiyama Line,Hankyu CorporationTakarazuka Main Line-Imazu Line) Is using this station.

From Takarazuka Station, which is the representative station of the city, to OsakaUmedaThe train route to the direction is the Hankyu Takarazuka Main Line (Kawanishi Noseguchi-Ishibashi Osaka Universityvia,Express-Semi-express-ordinaryOsaka UmedaTo), Hankyu Imazu Line (ToDoor god-Hankyu Kobe Main LineTsukaguchiVia, Semi Express Osaka Umeda), JR Fukuchiyama Line (Itami-Amagasakivia,Tandou Rapid / Rapid·Local trainOsakaThere are three routes (to).

Highway national road

General national road

Main prefectural road

General prefectural road



In the neighboring cityItami CityToOsaka International AirportIt is a transportation base for air users throughout the Kansai region, including Takarazuka City. Takarazuka City is also a coalition of local governments for Osaka International Airport.Osaka International Airport Area City CouncilIt is a member of (10 city cooperatives). From Takarazuka CityTrain-bus-Automobile[*5]You can easily access Osaka International Airport in a short time.

In the past, Takarazuka City departs and arrives at Osaka International Airport, just like other local governments of the 10 municipalities.aircraft OfnoiseHowever, the noise problem was greatly improved by the technological innovation of the aircraft. In the past, a part of Takarazuka City was included in the noise prevention measures area set by the government,20093/6With this, the entire area of ​​Takarazuka City has been dedesignated, and the noise problem in the city has been resolved, at least from the perspective of national administration.[12].. However, Takarazuka City is still monitoring the achievement status of noise standards in detail in anticipation of further improvement in noise. Also,wind speedPerformed when a strong southeasterly wind of 5 m / s or more blowsReverse landing flight(At Osaka International AirportRunwayAlthough the frequency of operation using 14R / 14L is extremely low, when it is implemented, the aircraft will be on the northwest side of the airport (operation).Amagasaki~Nishinomiya~ Takarazuka City ~Kawanishi CityCourse) to the airport at low altitudelandingFly towards and make louder noise than usual in the area below the course[*6].. Since Takarazuka City is relatively affected by noise from reverse landing flights, the city is also investigating trends in reverse landing flights at Osaka International Airport.[12].


Sightseeing spot

Accommodation and hot springs

Historic Sites/Religious Facilities




Festivals and events



Honorary citizen

Special Honorary Citizen

Special citizen

Works set in Takarazuka City

There are many works based on the Takarazuka Revue and Takarazuka Music School, and they are often used as locations.


Essays and essays





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注 釈

  1. ^ "Hosenji Engicho" (1596) is the oldest record of Takarazuka's name. The monument in the precincts says, "High-priced Hibiki Shrine, June XNUMX, Yang Water Dragon, XNUMX years old."
  2. ^ The section of Nishinomiya City on this line is sandwiched between Takarazuka City.
  3. ^ Located on the city border with Kawanishi City. The registered address is Takarazuka City.
  4. ^ The place name of "Matsugaoka" itself is a place name that straddles Takarazuka City and Kawanishi City.
  5. ^ Public transportThen,Hankyu Takarazuka Main LineとOsaka MonorailCombined use,Fukuchiyama LineとItami City BusCombined use,Hankyu busThe use of (direct flights) can be mentioned.AutomobileWhen using,National Route 176Is the main route connecting the city and Osaka International Airport.
  6. ^ Therefore, at Osaka International Airport, runways 32L and 32R are usually used for operation. At this time,take offThe aircraft passes through the area on the northwest side of the airport, but in order to reduce noise damage, it quickly raises its altitude and flies away.


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Tourism / Culture


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