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🏛 | Mayor Okabe announces running for XNUMX elections Mayor Sano election in April next year


Mayor Okabe announces running for XNUMX elections Mayor Sano election in April next year

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Mayor Okabe is now 82 years old and was elected for the first time in the 2005 mayoral election due to the merger of former Sano City, Tanuma Town and Kuzu Town.

Mayor Masahide Okabe of Sano City will be voted on April XNUMXth next year at the December regular meeting of the city council on the XNUMXth when his term expires ... → Continue reading

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Kuzuu Town

Characters contained in this item"Kudzu'It is,operating system,ブ ラ ウ ザThe display varies depending on the environment such as. "Kudzu'Is the official notation"AdobeJapan1-6 CID = 7652'May differ from.

Kuzuu Town(Kuzuumachi) isTochigiSouthwest (SouthwestCheap foot) Was locatedtown.Sano CityCommuting rate is 16.2% (12 national census).1950ToNobuo NaoraDiscovered a fossil human boneKuzuu GenjinKnown for advocating as[1].

20052/28ToSano City-Aso-gunTanuma TownMerged withSano CityWas abolished because it was newly established.




  • 18894/1 - Kuzuu Town(the first),Tokiwa Village(Tokiwamura),Himuro Village(Himuromura), 1 town and 2 villages are established.
  • 19551/8 --Kuzuu Town (XNUMXst), Tokiwa Village, Himuro Village merged,Kuzuu Town(Second) will be newly established.
  • February 2005, 2-(Old) Sano CityTanuma TownMerged withSano CityIs newly established.


  • Mayor: Hiroyasu Tachikawa (when the town is closed)



high school

Junior high school

(All current Sano City)

  • Kuzuu Municipal Kuzuu Junior High School
  • Kuzuu Town Tokiwa Junior High School

primary school

(All current Sano City)

  • Kuzuu Municipal Kuzuu Elementary School
  • Kuzuu Municipal Minami Elementary School (currently Sano Municipal Kuzuu Minami Elementary School)
  • Kuzuu Municipal Aizawa Elementary School (currently Kuzuu Elementary School merged with Sano Municipal Kuzuu Elementary School)
  • Kuzuu Town Tokiwa Elementary School
  • Kuzuu Municipal Himuro Elementary School


Railway line



Sights and historic sites

Festivals and events


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