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🏛 | Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, Debate on Electricity Train Policy


Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, Commerce Line Discussion, Electrified Train Policy

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[Kyodo News, December 12th] Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry 10th Calling Face-to-face Propulsion Electric Vehicle Discussion Train Policy Assembly of Experts.Open to the public, attended the line system from commercial executives such as Toyota Motor, Honda, and Nissan Motor.Combined business situation, review aggregator execution plan.Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga October Declaration 10 將 實 Current 溫 Room Ki 體 淨 Zero emission.This is the target for the investigation of the existence of the Ministry of Vietnam, and the new vehicle, the non-renewable gasoline-powered vehicle, which is used in the mid-10s.2050% of the amount of carbon dioxide emitted in Japan.Ministry of 經 產 Passing Set target Decrease and release, each large vehicle company or necessary electrification, start-up step by step.Electric vehicle comprehensive electric vehicle (EV), electric vehicle, hybrid vehicle (HV), power supply rechargeable electric vehicle (PHV) for general use, and fuel cell vehicle (FCV) ).The largest automobile market in the world, such as China and Kaimi, has taken the initiative in collecting gasoline and other vehicles.Nihonya Hope Acclimatization The world trend of electrification, led by R & D in the research and development competition. (End) → Continue reading

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