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🏛 | [Avian influenza] Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Miyauchi promises support to Governor Nisaka

Photo Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Miyauchi (back) meeting with Governor Nisaka (front) (December XNUMX, Wakayama Prefectural Government Governor's Office)

[Avian influenza] Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Miyauchi promises support to Governor Nisaka

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Governor Nisaka urges Deputy Minister Miyauchi not only to provide human and physical support, but also to call on the people from the national government to prevent human infections even if they eat chicken meat and eggs in order to prevent reputational damage. Did.

Hideki Miyauchi (Miyauchi ...) following the outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza yesterday (XNUMXth) at a poultry farm in Kinokawa City. → Continue reading

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Harmful rumor

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Harmful rumorWhat is (Fuhyohigai)?ReputationByEconomicIdamageTo receive[1].. In a narrow sense, "Media damageIs also part of this.

In Japan, especially after 2011, when it comes to reputational damage.Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentDue toFukushimaIn many cases, it refers to an event in which the product of production cannot be sold.


Basically,rumorAmong them, it is a name used to call the damage or a series of events when it is thought that the damage was caused by the spread of rumors that did not convey the facts and accurate information accurately.The term "rumor damage" may be used deceptively for events that do not meet the above definition, and this section outlines all events reported as rumors damage.


2000 year 6 month,Industrial wasteWith processing and melting facilitiesNaoshima TownThe "Rubbish Damage Countermeasures Ordinance" was established. If a business that runs a business in the town suffers economic damage due to rumors, it is said that rumors against damage to rumors will be paid within the scope of the damage. 2011,Fair Trade CommissionHowever, due to the Great East Japan Earthquake,Antitrust lawRelated events) and some of the reputation damageSubcontract ActDealt with on the basis of[2].. Also,Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryIn the medical device field study group,Product Liability LawAt the same time, there is a case studied as one of the risks and costs for manufacturers.[3].


In Japan, the word "rumor damage" has come into common use.Nakhodka Heavy Oil Spill AccidentSince the beginning of the latter half of the 1990s when such problems occurred.Naoya SekiyaIs the first appearance of the minutes of the Diet,1956Held in the House of Councilors in MarchSoneHe argues for an indirect damage caused by the "rumor of bikini tuna"[4].

Cabinet Office OfAtomic Energy CommissionServed as an expert memberChubu UniversityProfessor'sKunihiko TakedaIt is,Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentFor example,NHKHas repeatedly reported that the government commented that "this level of radiation is all right" and that the announcer himself said it was "safe" as well as the government comment. Furthermore, from the sea of ​​Fukushima Prefecture, the regulated value of 1250 timesRadioactive OfIodineOnly the comment of NISA that "there is no immediate health effect" is detected[5][6].. From these cases, reputational damage is caused by not transmitting correct information.” The reason for this is that if the information is incomplete, it becomes more uneasy due to the nature of human beings and they will take prudent action when trying to protect their own safety. And it is said that it is "normal human social activity" that occurs when information is insufficient even for the trend that makes rumor damage bad, and it is necessary to "provide accurate information" to eliminate rumor damage Preaching[7].

Not trueFalse rumorIf there is a problem with the product or service, or if you decide not to buy based on correct information, it is not a reputational damage.

In that regard, Tomoyuki Isoyama on May 2011, 05Contemporary business"It is not "rumor damage" that consumers do not buy. It is because the government cannot trust that panic is scarier than health damage," he said.

Cases of rumor damage

Before 1983


  • Red pepper lotus rootByFood poisoningAn incident occurred, 36 people got poisoned, 11 of them died.The cause of the food poisoning was the sloppy hygiene management of Sanko Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of mustard lotus root that caused the food poisoning, but due to the daily reports, even the manufacturer of mustard lotus root, which had nothing to do with it, was damaged by rumors, and was forced to suspend or close down the business. The whole Karashi lotus root industry was greatly affected.


  • Toyota Trading CaseHave similar names due toToyota Tsusho(Toyota group) and the same name Toyota Shoji (Yamaguchi Ofpaperdistributor.It is derived from the surname of the founder and has nothing to do with the Toyota Group).
    • The founder of Toyota Shoji, which caused the incident in the first place, to make the illusion that it is the Toyota Group.Kazuo NaganoWas intentionally named.




  • 1993 US uproarUrgently at the request of the Japanese side (old rice, old rice)輸入 officialThai riceAbout "smell and bad" "A mouse Ofcorpsewas discovered, such asBiased coveragewas emphasized.The public and private sectors were affected by harmful rumors and became an international issue.




  • Nakhodka Heavy Oil Spill AccidentBySea of ​​JapanThe coastal ocean was extensively polluted. This allowscrabThe season was approachingKaga,Wakasa,Kitakinki,San'inReservations were canceled one after another at each tourist spot.Since crabs live on the seabed, they were hardly damaged by heavy oil, and some of them were caught before the accident, some were frozen stocks, and some were directly shipped from other production areas, so it is believed that they were unrelated to the accident.Fishery cooperativeAlthough the ryokan and ryokan unions actively publicized the safety of the area, they were unable to escape rumors and the number of tourists visiting the area plummeted to less than half of the average year.
  • Television Animation,Pokemon OfBroadcasting accidentIspolygon shockThere has occurred.This actuallyPikachuDespite the fact that the light emitted by thepolygonAfter being damaged by rumors, it almost disappeared from Pokemon works.[11].


  • February 2"News station"But,DioxinThe high-concentration detection case was reported as "many detected from leafy vegetables", and incorrect data and image images that could lead to misunderstanding were flowed,TokorozawaProductionSpinachな どVegetablesprices have plummeted.


  • American terrorist attacksDue to the influence of, the person who canceled the trip to Okinawa is until the end of 13,School Trip17 people, 5 ordinary travelers, 22 people in total[12].. EspeciallySchool TripThe most frequent cancellations ofMinistry of educationAre all prefectures as of September 9Board of educationsent toOverseasIt was triggered by a notice stating that students should stay away from U.S. military facilities on school excursions.some who received thisBoard of educationstates that when forwarding information to local public schools,American baseThere is South Korea,OkinawaDue to the addition of the information "Be especially careful about school excursions to[13].. On October 10, the tourism industry group who received this situation protested to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's Elementary and Secondary Education Bureau. A notification was issued to recommend considering Okinawa as a proxy for[14].



  • bird-fluSuspected to be infected withchicken-Chicken eggsWere distributed to Kyoto, Shiga, and Osaka prefectures, and chicken sales declined despite no health problems.
  • Niigata Chuetsu EarthquakeBySado IslandThe number of tourists has drastically decreased due to the flood of travel cancellations in areas where the damage was minor.


  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,CaliforniaWomanFast foodshop"Wendy'sThe media reports overheated, saying that "there were human fingers in it." As a result of the investigation, it was found that this woman had filed similar lawsuits against other stores in the past, and that this case was also caused by mixing the finger of an acquaintance lost in an industrial accident. The woman was arrested, but "Wendy's" suffered an economic loss of about $250 million due to rumors.





Rumor damage caused by the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station accident

Occurred on January 3Great East Japan EarthquakeStarted fromFukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentRefugees are required to undergo radioactivity testing due to[16]Refused to take a taxi[17],BullyingEncounter[18]such cases occur.similarlyIndustrial productsThere is also reputational damage to[19][20]In addition, fear of exposureTrackThere have been cases where drivers did not try to enter the disaster area (unrelated to the nuclear accident), and as a result, relief supplies did not reach the victims.[21]In addition, the anguish of residents and care center employees who have suffered from harmful rumorsNews programIn some cases, it became clearer and was broadcast.[22].. FurthermorecropsThere are also claims that there was reputational damage to[23].

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day As a speaker at the “Fukushima, Towards the Environment Beyond” dialogue forum held inThe University of Tokyo Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information StudiesAssociate professor OfHiroshi KainumaSaid, "The reasoning and words that cause rumors, such things are called rumors."Minister of the Environment OfShinjiro KoizumiAt the same time, he said, "I should not be a rumor perpetrator."[24].. September 2021, 9Asahi ShimbunHas published an article discussing the terms "rumor perpetrator" and "rumor perpetrator".[25].

Spanish cucumber

Mainly in northern Germany in MayEnterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli infection caseOn May 5th,HamburgAccording to the city authorities, the source of infection isSpainProductioncucumberWas subsequently announced that it was not due to cucumber[26].. Against reputation damage caused by thisJose Luis Rodriguez ZapatelloThe Spanish Prime Minister and others are willing to claim damages[27],Germany'sAngela MerkelThe prime ministerEUsaid they would provide financial support[28].






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