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🏛 | [Avian influenza] To kill XNUMX birds at a poultry farm in Kinokawa City

Photo Countermeasures Headquarters Meeting Held at Prefectural Office South Annex

[Avian influenza] To kill XNUMX birds at a poultry farm in Kinokawa City

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At a press conference after the meeting, Governor Nisaka said, "We have done our best to keep the virus out of the poultry farm, but as a result, it has happened in Wakayama.

An outbreak of bird flu was confirmed at a poultry farm in Kinokawa City, and Wakayama Prefecture held a meeting today (XNUMX/XNUMX) at the Countermeasures Headquarters ... → Continue reading

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Press conference

Press conference(Opinion,English: press conference, news conference) means that people and groups make presentations and explanations to multiple reporters in one place.InterviewIt is a meeting to do.

Japanese press conference

Public press conference

JapanThe feature of the press conference is that the announcements made by public institutions to the press are usuallyPress clubIs to be sponsored by.

The Japan Shimbun Association said that the reason is that "a public organization that is reluctant to disclose information has come together in the form of a press club to press it open." An interview organized by the company explains that it has doubts that it will be operated unilaterally[1].

1998,TBSIn "Talking with the Prime Minister"Bill ClintonWithTown meetingBased on the success ofTetsuya Chikushi NEWS23"soTetsuya ChikushiOf the then prime ministerKeizo ObuchiI asked him to hold a town meeting in the same format as Clinton. On the other hand, Obuchi himself was enthusiastic, but he was frustrated by the opposition of the press club. After all, "Talking with the Prime Minister" will be done in the same format as before.[2].

20079/10,Japan Sumo AssociationIt is,Nippon Welfare UniversityVisiting Professor OfKunihiro SugiyamaIn contrast, at that timeYokozuna OfMorning blue dragonHe returned the interview certificate issued by the association, saying that his statement on television was criticizing the association. On the other hand, the side to which Sugiyama belongs as an alliance has repudiated that it is a brute force to pick up the interview report of the criticized person. The Japan Newspaper Association is in the position not to deny a conference hosted by a public institution. A large number of reporters belonging to the press club often participate in conferences organized by public institutions, private organizations, and individuals. For example, a press reporter belonging to the Judicial Press Club participates in a press conference held by the Japan Federation of Bar Associations at a bar association, or a press reporter belonging to the police press club participates in a press conference held by an attorney of a criminal suspect at an office. .. However, based on the following example, some reporters argue that “each press club does not actually accept anything other than press conferences hosted by the press club. There are also movements to personalize the press conference”.

Relationship between members and non-members

As a general rule, only members of the press club can participate in a press conference sponsored by each press club. You can participate if you have the approval of the secretary in advance, but the treatment of reporters and freelance writers of weekly magazines that are not members of the Japan Newspaper Association and the treatment of news media outside Japan differ depending on the way of thinking of the press club, and a press club was set up. It also depends on the attitude of the ministries, especially the policy of security of the government buildings. Therefore, if you would like to recruit attending journalists from a wide range of media, you may have a large-scale press conference at a hotel or other venue sponsored by the company rather than the announcement by the press club.

In recent years, it has become more open, and according to an article investigating whether reporters (graduate students) of a university web magazine (“Spork!” of the Graduate School of Journalism, Waseda University) can participate, It was recognized at a conference of five of the ministers. All five of these were press conferences claimed to be sponsored by the press club. The remaining 18 people were rejected by the ministry, or both the ministry and the press club, for reasons such as "I am not a professional press who earns income for the press"[3].

Free journalists and journalists who find it difficult to attend a press conference in the case of a police or public announcement are informed by journalists in the press club.[4].. In some cases, journalists belonging to the press club write articles anonymously.[5].

Types of press conferences

Press conferences that mainly announce new products, new service announcements, and corporate business strategies are classified as "marketing press conferences" * press conferences and press conferences.Press conferences in the event of corporate scandals or emergencies are classified as "emergency press conferences" and are not included.There are many presentations mainly by technical BtoC companies, and "automobiles" and "mobile phones" are famous in the industry.Presentation content is produced by companies with specialized know-how in order to carry out show-like PR, including unveiling of announced products, but unlike Europe and the United States, it is still rare in Japan.

Western press conference

The White House in the United States also has a system like a Japanese press club[6].. However, it is said that the news and figures announced at the press conference will always be verified by the individual press and the press.[6].

The roles of news correspondents and newspaper correspondents are very different from Japan in the first place.Most of the information is provided by the news agencies to newspaper publishers and TV stations, and the newspaper reporters can betray the information and collect different opinions. , A system that analyzes and verifies facts[6].


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