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🏛 | Governor Ido announces retirement at the end of his term Not running for the next governor's election


Governor Ido announces retirement at the end of his term Not running for the next governor's election

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In addition, I have served as the head of the Union of Kansai Governments for five terms, aiming to correct the concentration in Tokyo, but I retired on December 5 when my term expired.

Governor Toshizo Ido of Hyogo Prefecture will not run for the next governor's election at the plenary session of the prefectural assembly on the 11th, and will retire at the end of July next year when his term expires ... → Continue reading

 Sun Television

"Sun Television" is a TV station in Kobe that celebrates its 50th anniversary with beard and glasses familiar under the trademark "Oh! Sun". People on Sun TV will deliver such things in Hyogo prefecture.

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Kansai Regional Association

Kansai Regional Association
Union of Kansai Governments
Area of ​​the Union of Kansai Governments
CountryJapanese flag Japan
OrganizationShiga prefecture flag Shiga

Kyoto Prefecture Flag Kyoto
Osaka Prefecture Flag Osaka
Hyogo prefecture flag Hyogo
Nara prefecture flag Nara
Wakayama prefecture flag Wakayama
Tottori prefecture flag Tottori
Tokushima prefecture flag Tokushima
Flag of Kyoto City.svg Kyoto City
Flag of Osaka, Osaka.svg Osaka
Flag of Sakai, Osaka.svg Sakai City

Flag of Kobe.svg Kobe City
Date of establishment2010(Heisei22 years)12/1
area34,745 km2
population22,310,310 (Heisei 17)
GDP(nominal)85 billion yen (Heisei 19Every time)
Wide Area Union ChiefYoshinobu Nisaka(Governor of Wakayama Prefecture)
Deputy Director of Wide Area UnionTakatoshi Nishiwaki(Governor of Kyoto)
Headquarters secretariat
OsakaKitaNakanoshima3 chome 51-XNUMXOsaka Prefectural International Conference Center11 floor
Office work to handle7 fields
・ Wide area disaster prevention
・ Wide area tourism and cultural promotion
・ Wide area industrial promotion
・ Wide area medical care
・ Wide area environmental conservation
・ Qualification test, license, etc.
・ Wide area staff training
外部 リンクKansai Regional Association

Kansai Regional Association(Kansai Koiki Rengo)Japan OfAdministrationOne of the mechanisms.Emergency medical careCooperation andDisaster preventionTo tackle administrative issues that transcend prefectural areas, such as, and to serve as a receiver for national local agenciesDecentralizationFor the purpose of promotingKansai8Prefecture Local government lawEstablished based on the regulations ofSpecial local government(Wide area union). Since August 2012, four ordinance-designated cities in the region have also participated.

The population of the region exceeds 2,000 million,Japan's largestLocal governmentHas become[1].


It says "create a new era from Kansai" and uses the catchphrase "Now, to the era of Kansai".[2].

EverWide area union TheLocal government lawMany are installed based on the regulations ofPrefecturesIs the first in Japan.

The initial affairs of the establishment can be started from 7 fields such as wide area disaster prevention, wide area tourism / culture promotion, and wide area industry promotion, but in the fields of integrated management of ports, integrated planning / maintenance / management of national roads / rivers, etc. Will also be expanded. Furthermore, efforts are underway to transfer authority and office work from the national government.

Aim of establishment

  • To realize a decentralized society !!
  • Creating a responsible entity responsible for the wide-area administration of the entire Kansai region !!
  • Making a saucer for the office work of a local agency in the country !!

Kansai's strengths and characteristics are not utilized[3].. To change that situation, it depends on the countryDecentralizationThe Union of Kansai Governments was established because it is necessary not only to wait for reforms but also to promote decentralization reforms independently from the standpoint of residents.[3].


2010By October 10, the establishment was voted on by the prefectural councils of all seven prefectures that participated at the time of establishment. Osaka City and Sakai City joined in April 27, and Kyoto City and Kobe City joined the designated cities in August of the same year.Government-designated cityAll of them will participate. In December 2015, Nara Prefecture participated.

The local governments (constituent groups) participating in the wide-area union are as follows.

Collaborative organization

Fukui-Mie(At the beginning of establishmentNaraM) participated in the examination stage of this wide-area union, but formal participation from the beginning of its establishment was postponed, and each prefecture as a local government (cooperation group) that requires close cooperation.GovernorTo the Wide Area Union Committeeオ ブ ザ ー バ ーAre participating as.

Participation in Nara Prefecture

NaraGeographicallyKansai areaHowever, the reasons for refraining from participating from the beginning of the establishment are that various harmful effects due to the establishment of higher-ranking local governments such as obscuring the responsibility, adjusting authority, increasing expenses, etc. are expected, and the equivalent office work is wide area. I think that it can be achieved only by enhancing cooperation, and there is a sense of distance in the administration that should be carried out close to the residents, especially in the southern part where the prefecture is making an issue.Regional promotionWas incorporated into Osaka Prefecture, which is expected to have an adverse effect onMeijiHe points out that there is a concern that disaster recovery costs have not been paid enough in the times, and that it is possible to participate later.[4].

historiccultural heritageNara prefecture, which is a treasure trove ofTourismDespite being the centerpiece of the Kansai Government, the Kansai Regional Union has decided not to participate because the prefecture has forgotten to participate.PRI can't make use of it[5].. In particular, the lack of "Nara" in tourism PR projects for the international market is a major negative factor that cannot be ignored, and the Union of Kansai Governments and Nara Prefecture are unable to measure their relationship with each other, although it is hoped that they will compromise.[5].. In addition, some Nara residents are concerned about the future adverse effects of non-participation.[6].

In response to these movements, Nara PrefectureShogo AraiGovernor of June 2015Nara Prefectural AssemblyIn his statement of belief in Japan, he expressed his intention to join the Union of Kansai Governments with the aim of strengthening the wide-area disaster prevention system in the event of a disaster and further enhancing the effects of promoting the attraction of tourists. Of the seven fields of affairs handled by the Union of Kansai Governments (see "Details of Wide Area Administration" below), Nara Prefecture will join in two fields, "Wide Area Tourism and Culture Promotion" and "Wide Area Disaster Prevention". is there[7].

The Union of Kansai Governments submitted a revised draft of the Union of Kansai Governments Wide Area Plan with the addition of Nara Prefecture to the extraordinary session of the Union of Kansai Governments in November 2015.[8], December 2015, 12 Amendment of the rules was approved by the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications, and Nara Prefecture officially joined as a member of the Union of Kansai Governments.[9].

But then in April 2016,Linear Chuo ShinkansenGovernor Arai said, "Never get along with Kyoto and the Union of Kansai Governments," over the attraction of the station, and there is still a slight distance between the two.[10].


The population of the region exceeds 2 million in 6 prefectures and 2,000 prefectures. In addition, it should be notedKyotoTo the population ofKyoto Cityof,OsakaTo the population ofOsaka-Sakai Cityof,HyogoTo the population ofKobe CityIncludes each of the populations of.

Shiga0141.5 million people
Kyoto0261.0 million people
Osaka0884.7 million people
Hyogo0552.8 million people
Nara0136.9 million people
Wakayama0096.4 million people
Tottori0057.0 million people
Tokushima0075.9 million people
Total2,206.2 million people[11]


The main source of revenue is contributions from constituent organizations. Also,Wide area unionIs not given taxation rights, so it has its own, such as "wide-area union tax".Local taxThere is no.

Heisei 23 year
  • General Account Revenue-4 Yen
  • General Account Expenditures-4 yen
Heisei 22 year
  • General Account Revenue --8309 Yen
  • General Account Expenditures --8309 Yen

Contents of wide area administration

At the beginning of the establishment, 7 fields of office work such as wide area disaster prevention, wide area tourism / cultural promotion, wide area industrial promotion, wide area medical care, wide area environmental conservation, qualification examination / license, etc. are handled.

The affairs related to these wide-area administrations are 2 prefectures, 6 prefectures and 4 members of the Union of Kansai Governments.Ordinance cityIs the target area. However, the followingLocal governmentFor, only the specific fields listed are participating.

  • Nara Prefecture: Wide area disaster prevention, wide area tourism and cultural promotion
  • Tottori Prefecture: Wide-area tourism / cultural promotion, wide-area industrial promotion, wide-area medical care
    • Of these, we have been participating in office work related to "wide-area industrial promotion" since April 2012.

Tokushima Prefecture did not participate in the affairs related to "qualification examinations, licenses, etc." at the beginning of joining, but since April 2012, it has been covered by all wide-area administrative affairs including the affairs.

Wide area disaster prevention

  • Formulation of "Kansai Wide Area Disaster Prevention Plan"
  • Strengthening mutual support system in the event of a disaster (Mutual support agreementImplementation outline creation and operation)
  • Kinki prefecture jointemergency trainingImplementation of
  • Human resource development in the field of disaster prevention
  • Consideration and implementation of joint stockpiling of relief supplies
  • Wide areaHXNUMXNXNUMX influenzaExamination and implementation of countermeasures
  • Examination and implementation of wide area disaster prevention

Wide area tourism and cultural promotion

  • Formulation of "Kansai Tourism and Culture Promotion Plan"
  • Wide area sightseeing route setting
  • Implementation of overseas tourism promotion
  • Establishment of "Kansai area limited interpreter guide (tentative name)"
  • "Licensed guide"(Nationwide) registration, etc.
  • Tourism statistics survey covering the entire Kansai region
  • Unified standards for tourist information display for the entire Kansai region

Wide area industrial promotion

  • Formulation of "Kansai Industrial Vision"
  • Cooperation in Kansai
  • Public test research instituteCooperation
  • Implementation of joint promotion and business matching
  • According to the new product procurement certification systemVenturesupport

Wide area medical care

  • Formulation of "Kansai Wide Area Emergency Medical Cooperation Plan"
  • Wide-area doctor helicopter placement and operation
  • Creating a system to enhance the wide-area emergency medical system

Wide area operation of doctor helicopter

Cooperated in multiple prefecturesDoctor helicopterThe operation of the wide-area union started before the establishment of the wide-area union, and the business is proceeding in the form of consolidating it in the wide-area union.First, in 2011, one doctor helicopter operated jointly by Kyoto, Hyogo, and Tottori prefectures was transferred to a wide-area union.In addition, one aircraft each in Osaka and Wakayama prefectures and one aircraft introduced by Tokushima prefecture, which has a wide-area medical bureau, were transferred.Furthermore, in 3, one aircraft operated jointly by Shiga and Kyoto prefectures was added.

3 prefecture doctor helicopter
Osaka doctor helicopter
  • Base hospital Osaka University Hospital
  • Model used Eurocopter EC 135
  • Operating range Osaka prefecture, northern / central Nara prefecture, northern Wakayama prefecture, Shiga prefecture,Southern Kyoto
Wakayama doctor helicopter
  • Base hospital Wakayama Medical University Hospital
  • Model used Eurocopter EC 135
  • Operating range Wakayama prefecture, southern Nara prefecture, southern Mie prefecture, part of Osaka prefecture, eastern Tokushima prefecture
Tokushima doctor helicopter
Hyogo doctor helicopter
Keiji Doctor Helicopter

Wide area environmental conservation

  • Formulation of "Kansai Wide Area Environmental Conservation Plan"
  • Greenhouse gasWide area efforts for reduction
  • Efforts to protect and manage birds and beasts across prefectures (CormorantMeasures)

Qualification test, license, etc.

Wide area staff training

  • Implementation of wide area staff training


  • Planning and coordination of policies related to the promotion of wide-area administration
    • Comprehensive coordination of wide-area plans in Kansai
    • Examination of transportation / logistics infrastructure development (Kansai wide area transportation / logistics infrastructure development plan) ⇒ For this reason, the 9th Wide Area Union Committee decided to establish a "Wide Area Infrastructure Study Group", and the Hokuriku Shinkansen Special Subcommittee was first established. ..
    • The establishment of a study group on energy is also being discussed.
    • Administrative committeeConsideration of joint office work


Wide Area Union Committee
The heads of the constituent organizations serve as members to discuss important matters such as management policies and budgets.
Chairman of the Wide Area Union Committee (Chairman of the Wide Area Union)… Yoshinobu Nisaka: Elected by mutual election of each committee member.
Vice Chairman of the Wide Area Union Committee (Vice Chairman of the Wide Area Union)… Takatoshi Nishiwaki: Nomination of wide-area union leader.
Each member in charge and secretariat in charge (the secretariat isQualification test-licenseAll names are governor / mayor names, except for the names of the committee members in charge.
Wide area disaster prevention ...Toshizo Ido(Hyogo prefecture)
Wide area disaster prevention deputy charge ...Kizo Hisamoto(Kobe City)·Shogo Arai(Nara Prefecture)
Wide-area tourism, culture, sports promotion ...Takatoshi Nishiwaki(Kyoto)
Deputy Director for Wide Area Tourism, Culture and Sports Promotion ...Daisaku Kadokawa(Kyoto City) ・ Shogo Arai (Nara Prefecture)
Industrial promotion, qualification examination, license, etc ...Yoshimura Hirofumi(Osaka prefecture)
Deputy charge for industrial promotion ...Ichiro Matsui(Osaka City) ・Hideki Nagafuji(Sakai City)
Wide area medical care ...Kamen Iizumi(Tokushima)
Wide area environmental conservation ...Crescent Taizo(Shiga Prefecture)
Wide area staff training, wide area agriculture, forestry and fisheries ...Yoshinobu Nisaka(Wakayama Prefecture)
GeoparkIn charge ...Shinji Hirai(Tottori)
Wide Area Union Secretariat
The location of the headquarters secretariat isOsaka Prefectural International Conference CenterInside.
Wide Area Union Parliament
Fixed number of 39 people (5 people each in Osaka prefecture, Hyogo prefecture, 4 people each in Shiga prefecture, Kyoto prefecture, Wakayama prefecture, 3 people each in Nara prefecture, Tokushima prefecture, Osaka city, 2 people each in Tottori prefecture, Kyoto city, Sakai city, Kobe city Man). Each is elected by the relevant member of the prefectural or city council.
The plenary session of regular and extraordinary sessions will be held in Event Hall E on the 3rd floor of the Osaka International Convention Center, where the Secretariat of the Union of Kansai Governments is located.
Wide Area Union Council
An affiliated organization of the head of the union, which is composed of regional groups, economic groups, academic experts, etc., and listens to a wide range of opinions and discusses the future image of the wide-area union.
Local Agency Countermeasures Committee
Chairman: Toshizo Ido, Vice Chairman: Takatoshi Nishiwaki.
Two weeks after the inauguration2010(22)12/16In addition, the National Agency Countermeasures Committee made a "statement of local agency reform (urgent proposal to the Regional Sovereignty Strategy Council)" to the national government.[12].


  • 2008(20)7/30: 9 prefectures (2 prefectures and 4 prefectures in Kinki)Fukui-Mie-Tokushima), 4Government-designated city(Kyoto City-Osaka-Sakai City-Kobe City) And economic groupsKansai Wide Area OrganizationThe draft skeleton of the Union of Kansai Governments is approved.
  • 2010(22)1/8 : Osaka Prefectural International Conference CenterAt the Kansai Regional Union Establishment Preparatory Subcommittee (Governor's Meeting of Related Prefectures) held in Japan, 2 prefectures and 5 prefectures (Wakayama,Osaka,Kyoto,Shiga,Hyogo,Tottori, Tokushima Prefecture) will basically agree to submit a bill regarding the establishment of the Union of Kansai Governments to each prefectural assembly.
  • 2010 year (Heisei 22 year)11/1: With the joint name of each governor of the constituent organizationsMinister of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsApply for the establishment of the Kansai Regional Union.
  • 2010 year (Heisei 22 year)12/1: Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications permits establishment,Union of Kansai Governments is established[13][14].
  • 2010 year (Heisei 22 year)12/4: The first meeting of the Union Committee was held at the Osaka Prefectural International Convention Center, and the first Union Chairman was the Governor of Hyogo Prefecture.Toshizo IdoElected. Governor of Wakayama Prefecture was appointed as the deputy head of the coalition. In addition, a local agency countermeasures committee was established to expedite the delegation of authority of local agencies.
  • 2010 year (Heisei 22 year)12/16: Requested the transfer of authority of local agencies to the Union of Kansai Governments at the National Regional Sovereignty Strategy Council.
  • 2011(23)3/13 : 3/11Occurred inTohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake) On the 13th, the Union of Kansai GovernmentsSichuan earthquakeInChugoku OfreconstructionInspired by the business[Note 1]Based on the idea of, the damage was particularly greatTohoku3 prefectures (Iwate-Miyagi-Fukushima) Decides to implement long-term reconstruction assistance[15].. Support is provided by the counterpart method (a method of deciding and sharing the partner), Iwate prefecture is Osaka prefecture and Wakayama prefecture, Miyagi prefecture is Hyogo, Tottori, Tokushima prefecture, and Fukushima prefecture is Shiga prefecture. Kyoto prefecture is in charge[16].. The Kansai Regional Union was the first in Japan to introduce pairing support, but like many local governments in Japan, the Kinki regionGovernment-designated citySome of (KamaishiOf supportOsaka[17],Sendai cityOf supportKobe City, Etc.) are also decided to be implemented by the counterpart method[15].
  • 2011 year (Heisei 23 year)3/29: To the governmentTohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake) By the disaster-stricken prefecture, promoting reconstruction mainly by the disaster-stricken prefectureWide area unionPropose consideration of establishment of[18].
  • 2011 year (Heisei 23 year)6/25 : Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentAs a response toFukuiNuclear power plants are concentrated inKansai Electric PowerRequested the conclusion of a nuclear power operation agreement as the Union of Kansai Governments. In response to this, Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. responded that it would consider the trends of the country as it had already signed a nuclear power agreement with Fukui Prefecture, which is the prefecture where it is located.
  • 2012(24)1/25: The Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications has approved the revision of the rules to add the participating fields of Tokushima and Tottori prefectures.[19].
  • 2012 year (Heisei 24 year)3/28: With the councils of the seven prefectures of the constituent organizationsOsaka City Council,Sakai City CouncilIn response to the fact that the bill to amend the Covenant was passed in all ofOsakaとSakai CityI applied to the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications to revise the rules for joining.
  • 2012 year (Heisei 24 year)4/1: Amendment of the rules to add the participating fields of Tokushima and Tottori prefectures was enforced[19].
  • 2012 year (Heisei 24 year)4/23: The amendment of the rules to add Osaka City and Sakai City to the constituent groups was permitted and enforced.[20].
  • 2012 year (Heisei 24 year)8/14: To the constituent groupsKyoto CityとKobe CityThe revision of the rules was approved and enforced by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications.[21].
  • 2015(27)12/4: To the constituent groupsNaraThe revision of the rules was approved and enforced by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications.[22].

Relationship between wide-area union and doshusei

The Union of Kansai Governments has often been in the media and prefectural councils even before its establishment.Prefectural systemAlthough it is discussed in relation to, the relationship is explained as follows in the "Kansai Wide Area Union Establishment Proposal".[23].

  • Wide-area unions coexist with prefectures, and their establishment grounds are different from those of Dao prefectures.
  • The future of Kansai's wide-area administration is what Kansai himself thinks after accumulating the activities of the Union of Kansai Governments.

Related books

  • Edited by Hiroaki Inatsugu Edited by Hiroaki Inatsugu "Collaboration between local governments resistant to large-scale disasters-reports and recommendations from the field"Waseda University Press<Waseda University Booklet <Thinking about "after the earthquake">, 2012.ISBN 978-4-657-12304-6


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