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🏛 | The second term of the town council after working as a bus driver ... Mr. Hayashi, the mayor of Ishikawa and Nakanoto, announced that he would run for the current position.


After being a bus driver, the second term of the town council ... Mr. Hayashi, the mayor of Ishikawa and Nakanoto, announced that he would run for the current position.

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The mayoral election of Nakanoto Town will be announced on March 3th next year and will be counted on the 16st.

Mr. Maya Hayashi of the town council announced that he would run for the Nakanoto mayoral election in Ishikawa prefecture due to the expiration of his term.The one who expressed his intention to run for ... → Continue reading

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"Ishikawa TV Broadcasting" (Fuji TV affiliate) news account. We will send you the latest news from Ishikawa Prefecture.

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January 3 next year

Mayor election

"Mayor election』(Choucho Senkyo) isHideo OkudabyJapan OfShort storyCollection, and its title work.


"Psychiatrist・The third product of the “Irabu series”. The following 3 works are included.

  • Owner (“All things] September 2005)
  • Ampon Mann ("All Things" April 2005 issue)
  • Charisma Business ("All Goods" July 2005 issue)
  • Mayoral elections ("All Goods" January 2006 issue)

Book 2006In 4 month文藝 春秋Published by2009In 3 monthBunshun libraryWas recorded in.

2009January,Fuji Television Network, Inc"NoitaminaIn the frameAerial swingThe series will be animated under the title. From this work, "Owner" will be animated in Episode 10.


Ichiro Irabe
Irabugeneral Hospital OfNeurologyDoctor.. 37 years old at the time of "charisma earning". Irabu General Hospital has been known as a prestigious prewar era, and it is behind the hospital.KindergartenAlso runs. The neurology is in the basement of the hospital. Fat,injectionlike. Invite the patient with a high-pitched voice, "I'm welcome." The character is similar to a 5-year-old child. I call my parents "father" and "mother", and once I withdraw and withdraw, my mother does not heal until I come outMazaconHowever, when he is threatened by "calling his mother", he immediately comes out of the room and is afraid.
Irabu Assistantnurse.. A good-looking young woman wearing a mini white coat. I know everything about Irabu.
For the first time in "Owner" decent lines appeared, in "Ampon Man"guitarHave a loan ofPunk bandYou can get a glimpse of one side of your personal life, such as saying that you started.
Mitsuo Tanabe
The "owner" hero. 78 years old. The nickname is Naveman. Chairman and CEO of "Dainippon Shimbun,"Professional baseballOwner of the team "Tokyo Great Powers". I am worried about death,coffinI'm afraid of the darkness and narrow places that remind me ofinsomniaBe bothered by. Irabu was introduced as a specialist in the department of neurology and he consulted.Medical associationI got acquainted with the father of Irabu, who is the director of the company.
Takaaki Anbo
The main character of "Ampon Man". The nickname is Ampon Man because of his small body.TodaiWhile attending school,インターネット OfHome PageLaunched a production service company, "Live Fast," and quickly grew to become an IT manager. It became famous by the turmoil of the acquisition of a professional baseball team, and the book "Is it bad to earn!"best sellerBecame. I have no habit of writing letters,hiraganaShe doesn't remember what she was like and sees a neurologist with a secretary worried about her symptoms.
Kaoru Shiraki
The "hero of charisma" hero.actress.. 44 years old Former member of the Tokyo Opera Company. I am wondering how long I can maintain my youth and good looks. I eat low calorie foods, but when I eat a greasy food that looks good around me, I have to consume it as quickly as possible before it becomes calm. His attendant Kumi is Mayumi and his bandmates.
Ryohei Miyazaki
"Mayor election" main character.Tokyo Metropolitan GovernmentStaff. 9 months ago for remote island trainingIzu PeninsulaI was sent to Senju Island, an offshore island. The term of office is two years. All the officials in the government office are once separated into two factions, and they are frustrated by the fact that they are abusing each other. A fiercely contested mayoral election is held, and both sides are pressed to become supporters. I consulted with Irabu who came to the island after suffering from poor appetite and stomach pain.

Audio book

Released on October 2011, 10, Dice Creative. The cast isTsukinekoA member of Zaza.

For the voice, the character name in Tsukineko is on the left, and the voice actor name is in the brackets on the right.

Not only the medium of CD,Otobankof"FeBe』Is delivered in. The "owner" is not included in the CD, and can be purchased and purchased only on "FeBe".

Voice-J thick (CV:Sakamaki Manabu)
Voice-Shinobu (CV:Satomi Moriya)
Voice-Satoshi (CV:Mitsuhiro Ichiki)

Ampon Man

Voice-Member of the Umibuta Theater Company (CV:Tomoyuki Terai)
Voice-Satsuki (CV:Kana Akutsu)


Voice-Julia (CV:Aya Yamamoto)
Voice-Nozomi (CV:Hiromi Igarashi)
Voice-Barbara (CV:Kuwamon Sora)
That beauty
Voice- Yuri Kato

Mayor election

Voice-Guinea (CV:Naoki Koshida)
Voice- Kenta Sasa
President Iwata
Voice- Kikumoto flat
Kobayashi Manager
Voice- Shohei Yamaguchi


Voice- Kenpei Yamamoto

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