🏛 | Okinawa Citizens' Maritime Protest Request Stopped Henoko Transport Process


Okinawa citizens' maritime protest request suspension Henoko transportation process

[Kyodo News, December 12th, Den] "Unnecessary input sand!" Citizens, etc. Suspended request for completion of weekly maritime opening of the sea area of ​​Nago Marine Land. The process protest activity.Before 14 pm, about 14 boats and boats on the canoe in the shadow of the citizens, etc., moved to the area of ​​the filled sea construction area.A collection of other tiles, such as a sand-based ship, a shoreline-like area, and a slogan, such as "Anti-American Army New Base".Nogo Yuu 划 Boat tangent approach limit system entry area, coast guard block.Active protests Hiromi Okimoto (9 years old, Yaese Town, Okinawa) Indignant 說: "Hope government Noh Yuuki Henoko Henoko Relocation Plan." Shima Shizuko (30 years old, Nanjo City, Okinawa) “Unnecessary vandalistic nature. Many people have hoped for it.”Hiroji Yamashiro, Chairman of the Okinawa Peace Movement Center Approximately 74 people in front of the people in front of the scholarship: "During the voting of the people in the prefecture, the people who are in the camp are in the process of voting. , Stop the process of use. ”(End) → Continue reading

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