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Tokyo XNUMX Olympic Torch Conservation

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"Other exhibitions will be completed.

[Kyodosha December 12th Electricity] Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee Organizing Committee 15th Organizing Committee for the New Olympic Games, Postponed Olympic Games, Torch Activities 15 prefectural cities, towns and villages.Partial order of revisions, such as unsuccessful territory, high luck, security efficiency, etc.Torch Torch March 121, 47 J-Village (Naraha Town, Hirono Town) Transitive Fukushima Football.Preliminary plan for postponement of maintenance of the Kugumi Committee.Approximately 859 Manna Torch Teya Unreduced number of people, lawless affairs after postponement, occupancy of candidates for occupancy, etc.For the Japanese government, the prevention of the bee, the formation of the roadside "three dense" (sealed, dense, close-knit contact), the abandonment of the existence search, the performance of the show business, etc.In mid-February, left and right promulgation detailed routes.Before he was in Japan, he was an executive committee member of each prefecture or a promulgation officer.Yukio Nunomura, Deputy Secretary-General of the Olympic Games Committee, Tokyo Metropolitan Press Conference: “Hope Passing Holy Fire Torch Accusation National Citizens, Expected Transitive Olympic Games Assistance Completed.” A new form of infection by the members of the Olympic Torch, and a policy of guidance on epidemic prevention measures, which is announced by each prefecture's Olympic torch.Masked masks along the roadside, thoroughly disinfected the mask.Return exploration, 3 groups, 25 group for simplification, etc.The last event of the heavens, ceremonial ceremonies, consideration of the quarantine, epidemic prevention, Japanese luck, quarantine, Miyagi, Gunma, Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Miyazaki.Tokyo Olympic Torch Torch Hara Sada started March 1, this year in Fukushima, but the new Olympic Games have had a major impact on the world, and decided on the 2th of Tokyo. (End) → Continue reading

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