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🏛 | Establishment of regulations to promote electric vehicles in the world and Prime Minister Suga

Photo Introducing the declaration of carbon neutrality in XNUMX and appealing that "we will build a system and regulations to maximize the introduction of electric vehicles, etc. with the aim of reducing carbon dioxide emissions from automobiles to zero." did

Building regulations to promote electric vehicles in the world and Prime Minister Suga

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As a concrete example of support, Prime Minister Suga (1) is very thin, light and efficient, and can be installed on walls, etc. "Next-generation photovoltaic power generation technology" (2) Recovers carbon dioxide and reuses it as building materials and fuel (3) This fund accelerates the practical application of advanced technologies such as technology for producing and distributing hydrogen on a large scale at low cost and using it as energy for airplanes, and low-cost and ultra-high efficiency storage battery technology. I introduced it to let you.

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga greeted the Prime Minister at the opening ceremony of the GEA (Global Environmental Action Conference) International Conference XNUMX held in Tokyo on the XNUMXth. → Continue reading

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Power generation technology

Prime Minister Kan

Prime Minister Kan,Prime Minister Kan

  • Naoto Kan - JapanThe 94thPrime Minister..菅総理(かんそうり)と略されるAbbreviated as Prime Minister Suga
  • Yoshii Kan --The 99th Prime Minister of Japan.Abbreviated as Prime Minister Suga.


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