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Topic: JR East Japan Railway Company KDDI Detective Shinkansen Shinkansen

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JR East's permanent existence promotion Large-scale open Shinagawa station The core of the week, utilization 5th generation (XNUMXG) Mobile communication system, etc.

[Joint company December 12th Den] East Japan Railway Company (JR East) KDDI on the 16th, Tohoku-Hokkaido Shinkansen train 內 辦 辦 辦, 將 kai exhibition equipment communication line-like vehicle 實 證 test.Since then, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, and Shunri Jacobs Bogie, a place-by-place trial, and a joint movement before and after the spring of next year.Imminent Shinkansen vehicle Ueya can handicraft machine with parallel distribution Wi-Fi equipment, non-restriction system such as this next scholarship test call, Noh normal workplace one-sided work vehicle.Part of the vehicle, the progress of the change, the demand for seizure of the person in charge, and the vehicle for the purpose of exploration on the basis of the problem.From the return of the company, JR East, a large-scale open-minded Shinagawa station, the core of the week, the 15th generation (5G) of mobile communication systems, etc.New company, epidemic, epidemic enterprises, etc., each function and department concentrated, centralized, centralized, decentralized, progressing. KDDI's high-end communication technology, open-ended communication technology, and a sense of humor in the workplace, and the switching of the user's office to the public office, which is related to each individual's department.Yuji Fukasawa, President of JR East, a reporter in Tokyo. Display: "Promotion of a company that is a collaborative company with a sword." (End) → Continue reading

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